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33 He made my feet swift as the hind's,

Set me on my high places. 34 Mine hands to war he taught, mine arms.

Brake bows of steel in pieces. 35 The shield of thy salvation

Thou didst on me bestow :
Thy right hand held me up, and great

Thy kindness made me grow.
36 And in my way my steps thou hast

Enlarged under me,
That I go safely, and my

feet Are kept from sliding free. 37 Mine en’mies I pursued have,

And did them overtake;
Nor did I turn again till I

An end of them did make.
38 I wounded them, they could not rise ;

They at my feet did fall. 39 Thou girdest me with strength for war;

My foes thou brought'st down all : 40 And thou hast giv'n to me the neeks

Of all mine enemies ;
That I might them destroy and slay,

Who did against me rise.
41 They cried out, but there was none

That would or could them save ;
Yea, they did cry unto the Lord,

But he no answer gave.
42 Then did I beat them small as dust,

Before the wind that flies;
And I did cast them out like dirt

Upon the street that lies. 43 Thou mad'st me free from people's strife,

And heathen's head to be :
A people whom I have not known

Shall service do to me.

44 At hearing they shall me obey,

To me they shall submit. 45 Strangers for fear shall fade away,

Who in close places sit. 46 God lives, bless'd be my Rock; the God


my health praised be. 47 God doth avenge me, and subdues

The people under me.
48 He saves me from mine enemies ;

Yea, thou hast lifted me

and from the man
Of vi'lence set me free.
49 Therefore to thee will I give thanks

The heathen folk among;
And to thy name, O Lord, I will

Sing praises in a song.
50 He great deliv’rance gives his king;

He mercy doth extend
To David, his anointed one,

And his seed without end.


PSALM XIX. To a person entering into the New Testament view of the Psalms, this one will appear perfectly plain, according to what is attempted in the para. phrase, * as exactly parallel to Psalm xcvii, with all those of the same spirit and expression, wherein the Godhead and glory of the Son of God, the universal Lord and King over all, are described by the Holy Ghost as declared from heaven; and filling the whole earth, not with regard to creation and providence; (which operations of his also are abundantly described elsewhere); but, with regard to the manifestation of the everlasting gospel, and of the character and glory of God, shining in the face of Jesus, as held forth in

* See Note, page 94.

the light of the apostolic testimony. As the apostle Paul has actually interpreted this Psalm, Rom. x. 18. -So that the matter is for ever decided with those, who will be determined by the account given by the Holy Spirit of inspiration himself. As to the strong poetical colourings used in this Psalm, drawn from the grandest objects in the world, the heavens, the sun, and the glory of warriors, &c. according to those times and places, they are the very mother-tongue. so to speak, of all the prophets. From the Ilth verse, and downward to the end, the form of the discourse begins naturally to slide into the first person. - And that Messiah is the

will appear

mani. fest to him who considers the meaning of the parallels quoted in the margin; * as the same shall be demonstrated in the proper places.

Like fire descending down from heav'ri,

And rushing like a mighty wind,
The Holy Ghost, the Saviour giv'n,

Announc'd his glory to mankind:
From day to day, from night to night,

Th' apostles all his glory telt ;
His glory shines o'er all, like light,

And all his saints in glory dwell. 1

heav'ns God's glory do declares.

The skies his hand-works preach : 2 Day utters speech to day, and night in

To night doth knowledge teach. 3 There is no speech nor tongue to which

Their voice doth not extend : 4 Their line is gone thro' all the earth,

Their words to the world's end, In them he set the sun a tent; 5 Who, bridegroom-like, forth goes From's chamber, as a strong man doth To run his race rejoice. * Prose Psalms of the Bible.

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6 From heav'n's end is his going forth,

Circling to the end again;
And there is nothing from his heat

That hidden doth remain.
7 God's law is perfect, and converts

The soul in sin that lies : God's testimony is most sure,

And makes the simple wise.
8 The statutes of the Lord are right,

And do rejoice the heart:
The Lord's command is pure, and doth

Light to the eyes impart.
9 Unspotted is the fear of God,

And doth endure for ever :
The judgments of the Lord are true

And righteous altogether. 10 They more than gold, yea, much fine gold,

To be desired are :
Than honey, honey from the comb

That droppeth, sweeter far.
11 Moreover, they thy servant warn

How he his life should frame:
A great reward provided is

For them that keep the same. 12 Who can his errors understand ?

O cleanse thou me within
13 From secret faults. Thy servant keep

From all presumptuous sin:
And do no suffer them to have

Dominion over me:
Then, righteous and innocent,

I from much sin shall be. 14 The words which from my mouth proceed,

The thoughts 'sent from my heart,
Accept, O Lord, for thou my strength

Redeemer art.


PSALM XX. .' This Psalm, it is allowed on all hands, is spoken in the person of the church, glorying in, and sympathising with, her King in the day of his calamity; while she breathes forth, at the same time, her fervent hope-inspired desires for his deliverance from all his troubles.—That not David, but his Lord, is the King, is certain from the last words of the Psalm, Save, Lord : let the King hear us when we call.'

To clothe his saints around with praise,

And raise them glorious by his fall,
In mercy, to support their ways,

Lo, Jesus fights their battles all
They, glorying in the Lord their King,

And sympathising with him too,
The travail of his spirit sing,

And plead for him the vict'ry due.
TEHOVAH hear thee in the day

When trouble he doth send :
And let the name of Jacob's God

Thee from all ill defend.
20 let him help send from above,

Out of his sanctuary :
From Sion, his own holy hill,

Let him give strength to thee. 3 Let him remember all thy gifts,

Accept thy sacrifice : 4 Grant thee thine heart's wish, and fulfil

Thy thoughts and counsel wise. 5 In thy salvation we will joy ;

In our God's name we will
Display our banners: and the Lord

Thy prayers all fulfil.
6 Now know I God his king doth save :

He from his holy heav'n
Will hear him, with the saving strength

By his own right hand giv’n.

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