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8 He closely sits in villages ;

He slays the innocent •
Against the poor that pass him by

His cruel eyes are bent.
9 He, lion-like, lurks in his den ;

He waits the poor to take;
And when he draws him in his net,

His prey he doth him make. 10 Himself he humbleth very low,

He croucheth down withal,
That so a multitude of

May by his strong ones fall,
11 He thus hath said within his heart,

The Lord hath quite forgot ;
He hides his countenance, and he

For ever sees it not.
12 O Lord, do thou arise; O God,

Lift up thine hand on high:
Put not the meek afflicted ones

Out of thy memory.
13 Why is it that the wicked man

Thus doth the Lord despise ?
Because that God will it require

He in his heart denies. 14 Thou hast it seen; for their mischief

And spite thou wilt repay:
The poor commits himself to thee;

Thou art the orphan's stay.
15 The arm break of the wicked man,

And of the evil one;
Do thou seek out his wickedness,

Until thou findest none.
16 The Lord is king through ages all,

Ev'n to eternity;
The heathen people from his land

Are perish'd utterly.

17 O Lord, of those that humble are

Thou the desire didst hear; Thou wilt prepare their heart, and thou

To hear wist bend thine ear; 18 To judge the fatherless, and those

That are oppressed sore: That man, that is but sprung of earth, ,

May them oppress no more.


SEE the illustration of Psalm lxxv.

Messiah's foes against him rise ;

But he defies them all,
And fearless to his mountain flies,

From whence he sees them fall :
For his foundation stands secure,

The righteousness of God ;
While they the fiercest strokes endure

Of God's avenging rod.
IN the Lord do put my trust;

How is it then that ye
Say to my soul, Flee, as a bird,

Unto your mountain high ?
2 For, lo, the wicked bend their bow,

Their shafts on string they fit, That those who upright are in heart

They privily may hit. 3 If the foundations be destroy'd,

What hath the righteous done ? 4 God in his holy temple is,

In heaven is his throne : His eyes do see, his eyelids try 5 Men's sons. The just be proves : But his soul hates the wicked man,

And him that vi’lence loves.


6 Snares, fire and brimstone, furious storms,

On sinners he shall rain :
This, as the portion of their cup,

Doth unto them pertain.
7 Because the Lord most righteous doth

In righteousness delight;
And with a pleasant countenance

Beholdeth the upright.


This Psalm, like the last, abundantly plain of itself, needs no particular illustration ; only the judicious reader will consult the marginal references.

The Prince Messiah intercedes

For his own elect faithful race ;
But prays to quash the impious deeds

of all the scorners of his grace:
Though hypocrites may reign a while,

Advanc'd to fame by this world's god ;
The Lord at length shall judge the vile,

And smite them with his iron rod.


ELP, Lord, because the godly man

Doth daily fade away;
And from among the sons of men

The faithful do decay.
2 Unto his neighbour ev'ry one

Doth utter vanity :
They with a double heart do speak,

And lips of flattery.
3 God shall cut off all flatt'ring lips,

Tongues that speak proudly thus, 4 We'll with our tongue prevail, our lips

Are ours : whose lord o'er us?

5 For poor oppress'd, and for the sighs

Of needy, rise will I,
Saith God, and him in safety set

From such as him defy. 6 The words of God are words most pure;

They be like silver try'd
In earthen furnace, seven times

That hath been purify'd. 7 Lord, thou shalt them preserve and keep

For ever from this race. 8 On each side walk the wicked, when

Vile men are high in place.


CONSULT the text and the parallels.
Messiah, mourning heavily,

Compressed with the grievous load
Of our transferr'd iniquity,

Pours out his heart before his God ;
He pleads the glory of his name,

How sullied would the same appear,
If th' enemy should work his shame

Then sings of God's salvation dear. 1 How long wilt thou forget me, Lord ?

Shall it for ever be ?
O how long shall it be that thou

Wilt hide thy face from me?
2 How long take counsel in my soul,

Still sad in heart, shall I?
How long exalted over me

Shall be mine enemy?
30 Lord my God, consider well,

And answer to me make :

Mine eyes enlighten, lest the sleep

Of death me overtake :
4 Lest that mine enemy should say,

Against him I prevailid;
And those that trouble me rejoice,

When I am mov'd and fail'd. 5 But I have all my confidence

Thy mercy set upon ;
My heart within me shall rejoice

In thy salvation.
6 I will unto the Lord my God

Sing praises cheerfully,
Because he hath his bounty shown

To me abundantly.


CONSULT the text and parallels.
The sons of men, gone all astray
From God the Lord, have lost the way
That leads to peace and happiness,
And turn'd to those of foolishness :
Except they shall repent, they die
In sin, and perish utterly ;
But those who in Messiah trust,
Shall shine for ever with the just.

not a God, the fool Doth in his heart conclude: They are corrupt, their works are vile ;

Not one of them doth good. 2 Upon men's sons the Lord from heav'n

Did cast his eyes abroad, To see if any understood,

And did seek after God,


THAT there is

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