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tually subdued by their Lord, nor shall they all in fact be put under him, until the time of the restoration of all things, when the last enemy, death, shall be destroyed, and death and hell shall be cast into the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; when the kingdom shall be delivered up to the Father, and God shall be all in all.

Messiah, bless'd for evermore,
Ye sons of God, exalt, adore ;
Ascribe to him the glory due ;
For he the kingdom won for you :
Behold, his Godhead stands confest,
Of all his Father's pow'r possest:
Let heav'n, and earth, and seas, and all,

Under his feet subjected fall.

excellent in all the earth,

Lord, our Lord, is thy name!
Who hast thy glory far advanc'd

Above the starry frame.
*2 From infants' and from sucklings' mouth

Thou didest strength ordain,
For thy foes cause, that so thou might'st

Th' avenging foe restrain.
3 When I look up unto the heav'ns,

Which thine own fingers framd,
Unto the moon, and to the stars,

Which were by thee ordain'd ;
4 Then


I, What is man, that he
Remember'd is by thee?
Or what the son of man, that thou
So kind to him should'st be?

: 5 For thou a little lower hast

Him than the angels made;
With glory and with dignity

Thou crowned hast his head,
6 Of thy hands' works thou mad'st him lord,

All under's feet didst lay;

7 All sheep and oxen, yea, and beasts

That in the field do stray ; 8 Fowls of the air, fish of the sea,

All that pass through the same. 9 How excellent in all the earth,

Lord, our Lord, is thy name !

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To justify the interpretation of this Psalm, as spoken in the person of the Messiah, according to the paraphrase, * the reader will do well to consider the text; and so let him judge, if it would not be absurd to interpret it otherwise. But, if that does not satisfy him, let him consult the parallels, particularly Psalms xxxv. and lvii.

Exalted to his Father's throne,

And reigning by his pow'r,
Messiah, who the kingdom won,

Shall Antichrist devour :
Nor man, nor spirit shall escape,

Against him who rebel ;
For Antichrist, in ev'ry shape,

Must be consigned to hell.
1 LORD, thee I'll praise with

all my heart; Thy wonders all proclaim. 2 In thee, most High, I'll greatly joy,

And sing unto thy name. 3 When back my foes were turn'd, they fell,

And perish'd at thy sight: 4 For thou maintain dst my right and cause ;

On throne sat'st judging right. 5 The heathen thou rebuked hast,

The wicked overthrown;

See Note, page 94.,

Thou hast put out their names, that they

may never more be known.
60 en my! now destructions have

An end perpetual:
Thou cities raz'd, perish'd with them

Is their memorial.
7 God shall endure for aye; he doth

For judgment set his throne; 8 In righteousness to judge the world,

Justice to give each one. 9 God also will

a refuge be
For those that are oppress'd ;
A refuge will he be in times

Of trouble to distress'd,
10 And they that know thy name, in theç

Their confidence will place :
For thou hast not forsaken them

That truly seek thy face.
11 O sing ye praises to the Lord

That dwells in Sion hill;
And all the nations among
His deeds record


12 When he enquireth after blood,

He then rememb’reth them :
The humble folk he not forgets
That call

13 Lord, pity me; behold the grief

Which I from foes sustain ;
Ev'n thou, who from the gates of death

dost raise me up again ;
14 Thát I, in Sion's daughter's gates,

May all thy praise advance ;
And that I may rejoice always

In thy deliverance.
15 The heathen are sunk in the pit

Which they themselves prepar'd ;

his name.

And in the net which they have hid

Their own feet fast are snar'd.
16 The Lord is by the judgment known

Which he himself hath wrought:
The sinners' hands do make the snares

Wherewith themselves are caught. 17 They who are wicked into hell

Each one shall turned be ;
And all the nations that forget

To seek the Lord most high. 18 For they that needy are shall not

Forgotten be alway;
The expectation of the poor

Shall not be lost for ay.
19 Arise, Lord, let not inan prevail ;

Judge heathen in thy sight: 20 That they may know themselves but men,

The nations, Lord, affright.


CONCERNING this Psalm, nothing more needs be said, but that it is evidently a continuation of the last; with this further evidence of its meaning, that it begins in terms precisely parallel with the xxiid Psalm, and issues, like it, in the perfect victory, and eternal reign, of the Messiah with his saints, contrasted with the final and fearful overthrow of all the powers of antichristian darkness; which shall be completely accomplished only at the resurrection of the just, and the restoration of all things, when death and hell shall be cast into the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, and the mediatorial kingdom delivered up to the Father, that God

may be all in all,

Messiah, suffering for a while,

And sore beset with woes,
Repels the pow'r, the pride, the guile,

Of all his spiteful foes ;
But, raised by the Lord, on high,

His King for evermore,
Gives all his friends, eternally,

Aloft with him to soar.

HEREFORE is it that thou, O Lord,

Dost stand from us afar ?
And wherefore hidest thou thyself

When times so troubl’ous are ? 2 The wicked in his loftiness

Doth persecute the poor :
In these devices they have fram d

Let them be taken sure.
3 The wicked of his heart's desire

Doth talk with boasting great ;
He blesseth him that's covetous,

Whom yet the Lord doth hate.
4 The wicked, through his pride of face,

On God he doth not call;
And in the counsels of his heart

The Lord is not at all.
5 His ways they always grievous are;

Thy judgments from his sight
Removed are; at all his foes

He puffeth with despight.
6 Within his heart he thus hath said,

I shall not moved be;
And no adversity at all

Shall ever come to me,
7 His mouth with cursing, fraud, deceit,

Is fill'd abundantly ;
And underneath his tongue there is

Mischief and vanity.

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