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liberty ;' to reverence it, to love it, and to obey it; not with terror, as slaves trembling for fear of damnation, nor with mercenary considerations, as hirelings working for the wages of eternal life, but with the pure, generous affections of love, gratitude, and joy, before the Lord their Saviour, who hath redeemed them, not only from the curse of the law, but also from all such unhallowed and dispiriting meditations concerning it; constrained by bis love to hate evil, and to give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness; while, with holy heart-subduing awe, astonished and amazed at such sovereign, distinguishing mercy, manifested towards themselves, they behold the terrors of the Lord falling dreadful upon all the fearful and unbelieving, and overwhelming them with eternal perdition—So shall it fare with all those whom death, in an evil hour, shall surprise without faith, and so without Christ, - without God,

without hope in the world.-Lise chaff they shall be driven away, in the judgment, and burnt with everlasting fire ; whereas those, who are in union with Christ by the faith of his resurrection, shall, like the palm-tree, flourish evermore: because he liveth, who is the Lord their Righteousness, from whom their fruit is found, they shall live also, and live with God. Upon the whole, it may be observed, that the same distinct line of interpretation runs visibly, like a beam of light, through the otherways utterly impenetrable darkness and obscurity of all the prophetic writinge, but most eminently through the whole book of Psalms ; dispelling the clouds of erroneous representation, and clearly discovering the glory of God, as it shines, and ever shone, in the face of Jesus; and darting, into every wise and understanding heart, the instructions and consolations of the Holy Ghost. See particularly, among many others, these following Psalms, viz. iii. iv. v. xv. xvi. xvii. xviii. xxiv. xxv. xxvi. xxxv. xl. &c. but especially the exix. throughout-All of which, as shall be shown in the

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proper place, belong to the same class, and must, of consequence, be opened by the same key.

Th' eternal perfect blessedness

Of David's Lord and Son,
Whose everlasting righteousn-SS

For us the blessing won,
Let all the churches sweetly sing! .

And chaunt aloud their joy !
The LORD, EMMANUEL, is our King ;

He'll death and hell destroy.
THAT man hath perfect blessedness

Who walketh not astray
In counsel of ungodly men,

Nor stands in sinners' way,
Nor sitteth in the scorner's chair ;
2. But placeth his delight
Upon God's law, and meditates

"On his law day and night. 3 He shall be like a tree that

Near planted by a river,
Which in his season yields his fruit,

And his leaf fadeth never :
And all he doth shall prosper well.

The wicked are not so ;
But like they are unto the chaff,,

Which wind drives to and fro.
5 In judgment therefore shall not stand

Such as ungodly are ;
Nor in th' assembly of the just
Shall wicked men appear;

r 6 For why? The way of godly men

Unto the Lord is known:
Whereas the way of wicked men
Shall quite be overthrown.

PSALM II. This Psalm stands in the front of a large catalogue of parallel ones, all evidently supposing, or expressly, as here, declaring and ascertaining, according to Rom. i. 4. the divine, eternal Sonship, character, and office of Jesus Christ, the King of glory, in his mediatorial kingdom of grace and truth; the blessedness of his faithful subjects; and the utter destruction of all his enemies, the unbelievers, who will not have him to reign over them, Luke xix. 14. Acts iv. 25. and xiii. 33. Heb. i. 5. and v. 5.

Among many others, wherein the expression is various, but the sense undeniably the same, the following Psalms are parallel with this, and set beyond all possibility of controversy with regard to their subject; as any one, who will be determined by the Holy Ghost's public and infallible interpretation in the New Testament, may clearly perceive by reading them over, and consulting the marginal references as he goes along; viz. the two next, xvi. xviii. xx. xxi. xxii. xxiv. xxix. xlv. xlyi. xlvii. xlviii. 1. lx. Ixi. lxiii. lxviii. lxxii. lxxxix. xci. xciii. xcvi. xcvii. xcviii. xcix. cviii. cx. cxlv. and cxlix.

Messiah rais'd again from death,

Declar'd the Son of GOD.
Kiss ye the Son prevent his wrath

Or feel his iron rod :
For those the Saviour who despise,
*. And his salvation scorn,
Exild for ever from the skies,

Must mourn in hell forlorn. 1 W VHY rage the heathen ? and vain things

Why do the people mind ?
2 Kings of the earth do set themselves,

And princes are combind,
To plot against the Lord, and his

Anointed, saying thus,

3 Let us asunder break their bands,

And cast their cords from us. 4 He that in heaven sits shall laugh;

The Lord shall scorn them all. 5 Then shall he speak to them in wrath,

In rage he vex them shall.
6 Yet, not withstanding, I have him

To be my King appointed ;
And over Sion, my holy hill,

I have him King anointed.
7 The sure decree I will declare;

The Lord hath said to me,
Thou art mine only Son; this day

I have begotten thee.
8 Ask of me, and for heritage

The heathen I'll make thine ; And, for possession, I to thee

Will give earth's utmost line.
9 Thou shalt, as with a weighty rod

Of iron, break them all;
And, as a potter's sherd, thou shalt

Them dash in pieces small. 10 Now, therefore, kings, be wise; be taught,

Ye judges of the earth : 11 Serve God in fear, and see that

ye Join trembling with your

mirth. 12 Kiss ye the Son, lest in his ire

Y e perish from the way,
If once his wrath begin to burn :

Bless'd all that on him stay.

PSALM III. The last Psalm, as was already observed in the illustration thereof, perfectly ascertains the meaning

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of this and the following one--Both whereof are remarkably similar, in spirit and expression, to Psalm xxvii.—The attentive reader, who enters into these views, will find abundance of pleasure and profit, by tracing out and discovering the innumerable, and surprising parallels, that run through the whole divine effusions of the one Spirit breathing in the Psalms, and prophecying of all the then future things, now past, and accomplished in Messiah our King. Blessed are they who are honoured to look within the veil, and to behold his glory.

Clap, clap your hands, exult, and sing

Ye saints, for evermore!
For death's bereaved of his sting,

And hell's dominion's o'er :
Messiah, coping with his foes,

O’ercame by prayer and pow'r :
He laid him down, he slept, he rose ;

But death did them devour.
10 LORD, how are my foes increas do le?

Against me many rise. 2 Many say of my soul, For him

In God no succour lies. 3.Yet thou my shield and glory art,

Th’ uplifter of mine head. 4 I cried, and, from his holy hill,..

The Lord me answer made. 5 I laid me down and slept, I wak’d;

For God sustained me. 6 I will not fear though thousands ten

Set round against me be.
7 Arise, O Lord; save me, my God;

For thou my foes hast stroke
All on the cheek-bone, and the teeth

Of wicked men hast broke.
8 Salvation doth appertain
to. Unto the Lord alone :

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