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welded together in the different provinces, '1240–1302. the German element having secured the su- 31266–1337.

2 1260-1320. preme power; but the new nations absorbed all that was best of the Roman civilization, and were preparing themselves for the fuller

Since writlife that awaited them and for the successes ing this a

visit to Siena and discoveries of modern times in science and Florence and the arts.

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clearly that The springtime of the revival came in the more painting with Cimabue,' Duccio, and Giotto,' held about

recent views and in literature with Dante and Petrarch. these Artists Painting in the Renaissance took the place rect ones. that sculpture did among the Greeks, and Cimabue

and Duccio the latter was subordinate to the former, for follow painting was better adapted to express the Byzantine

traditions. emotional feeling and the religious ideas of To Giotto

belongs the the time, and to depict the incidents in the honour of lives of the Apostles and the Saints that were being the required for use in the decoration of the modern churches. Yet even it could not do for the painting.

For he first Christian religion what sculpture had done painted figfor Paganism, because the gradual return to and lifelike the joyfulness of nature and the portrayal of and put

atmosphere beautiful human forms brought in a feeling into his of sensuousness which was opposed to the pictures.

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