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let the critic answer himself, and the public gather the inference that if he is right in the one case, he is also right in the others; so he republishes the remarks, and in silent sarcasm appends the following extracts from Hamerton's articles in the Fine Arts Quaterly:

Corot is one of the most celebrated landscape artists in France. The first impression of an Englishman on looking at his works is that they are the sketches of an amateur; it is difficult at first sight to consider them the serious performances of an artist. I understand Corot now, and think his reputation, if not well deserved, at least easily accounted for."

"If landscape can be satisfactorily painted without either drawing or colour, Daubigny is the man to do it.”

“The truth is that Edouard Frere, the Bonheurs, and many others are to the full as realistic as Courbet, but they produce beautiful pictures. It is difficult to speak of Courbet without losing patience."

On the dicta of the leaders of the classical school in France,* their countrymen rejected

Preface to

*“He therefore who would maintain the cause of contemporary excellence against that of elder time must have almost every class of men arrayed against him.”

“It should always be remembered that any given generation has just the same chance of producing some individual mind of first rate calibre, as any of its predecessors; and that if such a mind should arise, the chances are that with the assistance of experience and example, it would in its particular and chosen path do greater things than had been before done.”

"In pure perfection of technique, colouring, and composition PLATE XLIV. – Early Morning in Holland. J. H. Weissenbruch.


are not

sources of

Delacroix, Millet, Corot, and Manet. Con- “The men

who dare stable met with similar lack of appreciation

admire in England, and a painting of Whistler's was things in

advance of hissed when exhibited in London. In every the rest of age there are the same kind of people claim- the world ing authority in art matters, who are on the common.” side of tradition and a past phase of art. Time J. F. Millet

Sensier's alone is the true arbiter, and the final opinion Life. of the public will be right.

In comparing a painter of to-day with artists “He has of other times, it must be remembered that in conceived

meanly of many ways the art of painting improves as the reeach generation passes. It is not a lost art, man, who like the manufacture of Limoges enamel, or believes that the stained glass of the Middle Ages, or the of produc

tion is past." coloured porcelain of China. On the con

“Essay on trary, each new school has given its quota of Art."

Emerson. knowledge and discovery. Constable, Turner, Corot, and Manet have added to the living ideas of the world. In a recent lecture, George

“Parathe art that has already been achieved may be imitated, but never graphs surpassed. Modern Art must strike out from the old and assert from the its individual right to live. The new is not revealed to those Studio of a whose eyes are fastened in worship upon the old. The artist of Recluse.” to-day must work with his face turned toward the dawn, stead- Albert P. fastly believing that his dream will come true before the setting Ryder, of the sun."

A. N. A.

the best age


Clausen, A. R. A., said: “Turner was the first to paint colour in the shadows as well as in the light”; and “though from some of the work of the modern impressionists we might turn with more respect to the older painters, still something has been gained, and we could not go

back again to brown shadows and degraded “Pictorial tones.” And Mr. Poore writes: “Masterful Compo

composition of many figures has never been surpassed in certain examples of the old masters; but in the case of portrait composition of two figures, it is worthy of note how far beyond

the older are the later masters; or in the group“We have ing of landscape elements, or in the arrangewait until,

ment of figures or animals in landscape, how with the a finer sense in such arrangement has come to mark of the gods upon

art.” So it gradually comes about that the him, there equipment and knowledge of the modern artist

are greater than ever before. again the

Granting that each be possessed of the true chosen, who

artistic temperament, a great artist of to-day tinue what

should be able to express the thoughts that

inspire him more fully and completely than O'Clock.” one of two centuries ago. And we may truly Whistler.

say that men of genius have appeared in recent

then but to


among us

shall con

has gone

before." "Ten

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