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Threat'ning Comets, when by Night they rise,
Shoot fanguin Streams, and fadden all the Skies.

Dryd. Virg.
He, like a Comet, burn'a,
That fires the Length of Ophiwens huge
In th’Artick Sky, and from his horrid Hair
Shakes Pestilence and War.

Portending Blood, like blazing Star,
The Beacon of approaching War.

Hung be the Heav'ns with Black, yield Day to Night.
Comets, importing Change to Times and States,
Brandilh your golden Tresses in the Skies,
And with them scourge the bad revolted Stars,
That have consented unto Henry's Death. Shak. 1. Her. 6.

When Beggars dye, there are no Comets feen, (Shak.Jul.ces. The Heav'os themselves blaze forth the Death of Princes,

Compassion proper to Mankind appears,
Which Nature witness'd when she lent us Tears.
Of tender Sentiments we only give
Those Proofs.: To weep is our Prerogative!
To fhew by pitying Looks and melting Eyes,
How with a fuff'ring Friend we sympathize.
Who can all Sense of others Ills escape,
Is but a Brute at best in human Shape.
This natural Piety did first refine
Our Wit, and rais'd our Thoughts to Things divine :
This proves our Spirit of the Gods Descent,
While that of Beasts is prone and downward bent :
To them, but Earth-born Life they did dispense }
To us, for mutual Aid, celestial Senfe.


He had been long tow'rds Mathematicks,
Opticks, Philosophy, and Staticks,
Magick, Horoscopy, Astrology,
And was old Dog at Physiology.
But as a Dog that turns the Spit,
Bestirs himself, and plies his Feet
To climb the Wheel, but all in vain,
His own Weight brings him down again ;
And still he's in the self-fame Place,
Where at his setting-out he was :
So in the Circle of the Arts,
Did he advance his nat'ral Parts:
Till falling back still for Retreat,
He fell to juggle, cant and cheat.

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For as those Fowls that live in Water
Are never wet, he did but smatter.
Whate'er he labour'd to appear,
His Understanding still was clear.
He'ad read Dee's Prefaces before
The Devil and Euclid o'er and o'er.
He with the Moon was more familiar,
Than e'er was Almanack-well-willer:
Her Secrets understood so clear,
That some believ'd he had been there :
Knew when she was in ficceft Mood
For cutting Corns and letting Blood;
When for anointing Scabs or Itches,
Or to the Bum applying Leeches;
When Sows and Bitches may be spay'd,
And in what Sign best Cider's made;
Whether the Wane be, or Increase,
Best to set Garlick or low Peafe.
He made an Instrument to know,
If the Moon shine at Full or no,
That would, afsoon as e'er the shone, ftrait,
Whether 'twere Day or Night, demonstrate :
Tell what her D'ameter t'an Inch is,
And prove she is not made of Green Cheese.
It would demonstrate that the Man in
The Moon's a Sea Mediterranean:
And that it is no Dog nor Bitch,
That stands behind him at his Breech;
But a huge Caspian Sea or Lake,
With Arms, which Men for Legs mistake:
How large a Gulf his Tail composes,
And what a goodly Bay his Nofe is ;
How many German Leagues by th'Scale,
Cape Snout's from Promontory Tail.
He made a Planetary Gin,
Which Rats would run their own Heads in;
And come on purpose to be taken,
Without th’Expence of Cheese or Bacon.
With Lute-ftrings he would counterfeit
Maggots that crawl on Difh of Meat.
Quote Moles and Spots in any Place
O'th'Body, by the Index Face.
Dete& loft Maidenheads by sneezing,
Or breaking Wind of Dames, or pissing.
Cure Warts and Corns with Application
Of Med'cines to ch'Imagination.
Fright Agues into Dogs, and scare
With Rhimes the Tooth-ach and Catarrh.


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He knew whatever's to be known;
But, much more than he knew, would own. Hud,

Severe Decrees may keep our Tongues in awe,
But to our Thoughts what Edi&t can give Law?
Ev’n you your self to your own Breast shall tell
Your Crimes, and your own Conscience be your Hell.

What Bus'ness has my Conscience with a Crown?
She sinks in Pleasures, and in Bowls will drown.
If Mirth should fail I'll busy her with Cares;
Silence her clam'rous Voice with louder, Wars:
Trumpets and Drums fhall fright her from the Throne,
As founding Cymbals aid the lab'ring Moon.

Repell’d by those, more eager she will grow,
Spring back more strongly like a Scythian Bow:
Amidst your Train this unseen Judge will wait,
Examine how you came by all your State;
Upbraid your impious Pomp, and in your Ear
Will hollow Rebel, Traitor, Murtherer.
Your ill-gor Pow'r wan Looks and Care shall bring,
Known but by Discontent to be a King:
Of Crouds afraid, yet anxious when alone,
You'll fit, and brood your Sorrows on a Throne. Dryd. Aurex.

Nature has made Man's Breast no Windores
To publish what he does within Doors;
Nor what dark Secrets there inhabit,
Unless his own rash Folly blab it:
And a large Conscience is all one,
And signifies the same with none.

The Conscience is the Test of ev'ry Mind ;
Seek not thy self without thy self to find. Dryd. Pres.

My ugly Guilt flies in my conscious Face,
And I am vanquish'd, flain with Bosom-War. Lee Mithrid.

Lead me where my own Thoughts themselves may lose me ; Where I may doze out what I've left of Life, Forget my self, and this Day's Guilt. Cruel Remembrance, how thall I appease thee! Otw. Ven. Pers.

Conscience, the foolish Pride of doing well!, Dryd. Ind. Emp. ! Conscience, that of all Phyfick works the last! Dr. Pal. Arc. The Conscience of a People is their Pow'r. Dryd. D. of Guise.

Conscience is a Word that Cowards use, Deviz'd at first to keep the strong in awe.

Shak. Rich. 3.

O the curst Fate of all Conspiracies !
They move on many Springs, if one but fail,



The reftiff Machine stops.

Dryd. Den Seb. O Conspiracy ! Sham'st thou to shew thy dang'rous Brow by Night, When Evils are most free? O then by Day Where wilt thou find a Cavern dark enough To mask thy monstrous Visage ? Seek for none; Hide it in Smiles and Affability: For if thou put thy native Semblance on, Not Erebus it self were dim enough To hide thee from Prevention.

Shak. Jul. Caf.
CONSTANCY. See Inconstancy, and Protestations of

Conftant as Courage to the Brave in Battle ;
Constant as Martyrs burning for their Gods.

There's no such thing as Constancy we call;
Faith ties not Hearts, 'tis Inclination all.
Some Wit deform'd, or Beauty much decay'd,
First Constancy in Love a Virtue made:
From Friendship they that Land-mark did remove,
And falsely plac'd it on the Bounds of Love. Dryd. Cong. of Grøn.

The World's a Scene of Changes, and to be
Conftant, in Nature were Inconftancy;
For't were to break the Laws her self has made.
Our Subftances themselves do fleet and fade:
The most fix'd Being still does move and fly
Swift as the Wings of Time 'tis meafur'd by.
T'imagine then that Love should never cease,
Love, which is but the Ornament of these,
Were quite as senseless as to wonder why
Beauty and Colour stay not when

we die.

Content is Wealth, the Riches of the Mind;
And happy he who can thac Treasure find :
But the base Miser starves amidst his Store,
Broods on his Gold, and griping still at more,

(Tale Sits fadly pining, and believes he's poor. Dryd. Wife of Bark's.

Content alone can all their Wrongs redress,
Content, that other Name for Happiness.
'Tis equalif our Fortunes fhould augment,
And tretch themselves to the same valt Extent,
With our Desires ; or those Desires abate,
Shrink and contract themselves to fit our State.
Th’unhappy Man, Slave to his wild Desire,
By feeding it, foments the raging Fire:
His Gains augment bis unextinguish's Thirst,
With Plenty poor, and with Abundance curft.

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Sour Discontent that quarrels with our Fate,
May give fresh Smart, but not the old abate :
Th’uneasy Passion's disingenious Wit,
The Ill reveals, but hides the Benefit.

Secure and free from Bus'ness of the State,
And more secure of what the Vulgar prate;
Here I enjoy my private Thoughts, nor care
What Rot for Sheep the Southern Winds prepare:
Survey the neighb'ring Fields, and not repine
When I behold a larger Crop than mine.
To see a Beggar's Brat in Riches flow,
Adds not a Wrinkle to my even Brow.

Dryd. Porf

. He laugh'd at all the Vulgar's Cares and Fears, At their vain Triumphs, and their vainer Tears: An equal Temper in his Mind he found, When Fortune flatter'd him, and when the frown'd. Dryd. Fuv.

Since all great Souls still make their own Content, We to our felves may all our Wilhes grant ; For nothing coveting, we nothing want. Dryd. Ind. Emp.

They cannot want who wish not to have more; Who ever said an Anchoret was poor? Dryd. Ser. Love

Forgive the Gods the rest, and stand confin'd To Health of Body and Content of Mind; A Soul that can securely Death defy, And count it Nature's Privilege to die; Serene and manly, harden'd to sustain The Load of Life, and exercis'd in Pain ; Guildless of Hate, and Proof against Desire ; That all things weighs, and nothing can admire. Dryd. Juv.

Rest we contented with our present State; 'Tis anxious to enquire of future Fate.

Dryd. K. Arth. Be fatisfy'd and pleas'd with what thou art ; A& chearfully and well th'allotted Part : Enjoy the present Hour, be chankful for the past, And neither fear nor wilh th’Approaches of the last. Cowl. Mart.

CORPS. A Lump of senseless Clay! The Leavings of a Soul. Dryd.

All pale he lies, and looks a lovely Flow'r, (all for Love.
New cropt by Virgin-Hands to dress the Bow'r :
Unfaded yet, but yet unfed below:
No more to Mother Earth or che green Stem fall owe. Dryd.

The bearded Produ& of the golden Year.

Dryd. Virg.
As when a suddain Storm of Hail and Rain
Beats to the Ground the yet unbearded Grain ;
Think not the Hopes of Harvest are destroy'd
On the flac Field and on the naked Void :


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