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his son Richard at a school under an able Ar Extract from tbe Memoirs of the Life master of his own principles, where our and Wrilings of tbat Learned Physician, young gentleman made lo quick a prothe late Dr. R, MEAD, prefixed to a ficiency, that at 17 years of age he was Werk of his, jul published in English, in fent to Utrecht, to be further instructed tiled, Medica Sacra; or, a Commentary in liberal knowledge, by the celebrated on the most remarkable Diseases men Grævius, with whom he continued three tioned in the HOLY SCRIPTURES.

A years. After this he removed to Leyden, UR learned and ce where he attended Dr. Herman's botani.

lebrated physici cal le&tures, and was initiated into the an was descended theory and practice of phyfick, by the

from a distinguin eminent Dr. Pitcairn, then prüfefior of 0 ed family in Buck phyfick in chat university, who roon dir

inghamthire, and covered our young nudent's affiduity and born at Stepney, natural capacity, which commenced a August 2, 1673. friendihip and correspondence between His father, Mr. B them, that lasted during their joint lives.

Matthew Mead, From thence he travelled into Italy, was held in great esteem as a divine a and as he passed through Padua, he, on mong the presbyterians, and was pos August 27, 1695, took the degree of felfed, during their usurped power, of the doctor in philosophy and medicine in living of Stepney ; from whence he was that university, after which he visited tjeđed the second year after the restora Rome, Naples, &c. with much greater tion of king Charles II. Nevertheless, advantage than our travellers usually do; thom he had fifteen children, of whom c and returning home about the middle of our Richard was the seventh, he found the year 1696, he settled at Steprey, means with a moderate fortune, to give where, cho' but 23 years of age, he prethem a compleat education. To this fently came into great repute by his sucpurpose he kept a tutor in his house to cess in practice. inftru& them, and they were taught

In 1702, our young doctor exhibited Latin rather by pra&ice than by rules.

to the publick, a manifest evidence of In 1683, Mr. Mead, (the father) was his capacity for, as well as application accused of being concerned in some de

to medical researches, in his treatise inLigns againt the court, and knowing that D titled, A mechanical account of pijoms; an at such a time he could not rely upon

abstract of which was theuglie de ervillig his innocence, he chose for his security

a place in the Philosophical Transactions, à retreat to Holland; having first placed No. 283, for January and February, 1703.


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January, 1755

Frontispiece to Vol.34.


bort, l'alhar Sc.

Oh' Liberty do thou inspire our souls,
lind make our lwas in thy poforprim happy;
Orour Deathe Gloriou, in thiy just defeno.


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Multum in Parvo. Printed for R 1Baldwin at the Rofe in Pater Horierkow..

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