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1755. PROMOTIONS. Alt. in the List of Parl. 93

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. Alterations in obe Lift of Parliament. From tbe LONDON GAZETTE.

the room of William Lyttelton pro

on T. James's, Jan. 9. His majesty has moted.

Bishop's Cattle, Walter Waring, Esq; Hardy, Esq; to be governor of New

Barnaby Backwell dead. York, in the room of Sir Danvers Or.

Cambridge, Charles Sloane Cadogan, borne, Bart. deceased.

Esq;-----lord Montfort, His majesty has been pleased to appoint

Chichefter, Commodore Keppel, Henry Osborne, Esq; to be vice-admiral earl of Albemarle. of the red.

Elgin, &c. Andrew Mitchell, Esq; Thomas Griffin, Esq; and Sir Edward

William Grant promoted. Hawke, vice-admiral of the white,

Hamphire, Marquifs of Winchester, Charles Knowles, Esq; Hon. John duke of Bolton. Forbes, and Hon. Edward Boscawen, Litchfield, Henry Vernon, Esq;vice-admirals of the blue,

earl Gower. Charles Watson, and Temple West,

Ludlow, Edward Herbert, Esq; Esqrs, rear-admirals of the red.

Richard Herbert, deceased. George Pococke, Esq; and the Hon.

Wareham, Henry Drax, Esq; and capt. George Townshend, rear-admirals of the

Augustus Pitt. white.

Savage Mostyn, Esq; rear-admiral of [Tbe Bankrupts in our next. ) the blue.

Whitehall, Feb. 14. The king has been PLAYS and ENTERTAINMENTS afled at pleased to appoint Matthew lord Ducie,

borb THEATRES. to be lieutenant of the county and city of

DRURY-LANE. Gloucester, and the city of Bristol, and also curtos rotulorum of the county of Feb. J. Barbarossa. Gloucester ; constable of the castle of 3. The Fairies, a new English Opera. St. Brianells, in the forest of Dean, keeper 4. Barbarossa. of the deer and woods in the said forest, 5. Twelfth Night,

Proteus. and vice-admiral of the county of Glou. 6. The Fairies. çester.

7. Romeo and Juliet, Funeral Procession. Feb. 15. The king has been pleased to 8. Provoked Wite,

Proteus. grant unto Edward Winnington, of Stan 10. The Fairies, the compuser's night. ford-Court, in Worcester Mire, Esq; and 11. Barbarofa. to Charles Sheffield, of Normanby, in 13. The Fairies. Lincolnshire, Esq; and their heirs male, 15. Barbarossa, the dignity of a baronet of Great Bri 17. The Fairies. tain ; as also to Horatio Mann, Esq; re 18. As you like it,

Proteus, fident at Florence, and his heirs male, 20. The Fairies, the composer's night. and in derault of such issue, to his bro. 22. Measure for Measure, Proteus, ther Galfridus Mann, Efq; and his hcirs 24. The Fairies. male,

25. Creusa,

Lerbe. From the otber PAPERS.

27. Measure for Measure, Proteus. Right Hon. lord Anson, chosen a governor of the Charterhouse, in the room

COVENT-GARDEN. of the late earl Gower.- John Glanville,

Feb. 1. Miser, Orp eus and Eurydicc. Esq; knighted by his majesty.-Eardney 3. Recruiting Officer,

Dildo, Wilmot, Erq; appointed one of the judzes 4. Dipressed Mother,

Ditto. of the court of King's-bench, in the 5. Suspicious Husband,

Ditto. room of judge Wright, who resigned, and 6. Committee,

Ditto. also received the honour of knighthood. 7. Cato,

Dicio. Henry Hall, Esq; attorney-general of 8. Love for Love,

Dirto. Chester, in the room of John Williams, 10. She wou'd and she wou'd not, D ito. Efq; a Welch judge, in the room of Ri 11. Rehearsal,

Dicro. chard Carter, Esq; deceased.-Sir Eardley 13. Way of the World,

Ditto. Wilmot, Mr. Martin, Mr. Hewett, and 15. Love for love,

Ditto. Mr. Davy, called to the degree of fer 17. Provok'd Husband,

Dirro. jeants at law.--Sackville Fox, Esq; con 18. Henry V.

Ditto. fituted genealogist of the order of the 20. Mourning Bride,

Dirto. "Bath. - Mr. Johnson, author of the New

Diito. English Di&tionary, created M. A. by the ,34, Earl of Flex,

Dirto. aniversity of Oxford,

25. Rehearsal,
27. Earl of Ellex,


22: Ditto),




· FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1755. CON ONSTANTINOPLE, Jan. 3. On the over all France, has at laft been taken in

22d of last month the mufti be his castle by 300 men of the king's own girt the new sultan Orman 111, with the regiment of loot, and carried to Poiêtiers [cymetar of the empire, which ceremony goal loaded with irons. The king is go. holds here the place of the coronation in ing to appoint a commission to try him. other countries. Upon this occalion 1500 This monster torned away his wife some purses were distributed to the janizarjes years ago, and became the terrour of Poi. by order of his sublime highness; and he Neither woman nor maid durft aphas begun his government by shutting op pear in his neighbourhood. Having one the taverns, and enjoining that precept day loft á caule in one of the king's courts, of the Alcoran which prohibits the drink. he caused the wher, and the man who ing of wine, to be lirictly observed on came to intimate the sentence to him, to pain of severe chastisement. He has as be burnt alive." Some days after having yet made no change in the adminstration drawn fix of his creditors into his calle, of affairs, having continued the prime where he had shut himself up with several v.zir, the mufti, and the aga of the jani. of his crew, he ordered some of his peozaries in their respective employments; ple to drag them into a pond tied to the and ministers are forthwith to be sent to tails of horses, and afterwards fastened the courts of Vienna, Russia, and Po. them to fakes, near a great fire, where land, to notify his accession to the throne, three expired, and the other three died a

The S:ates of Holland and Wen-Frize. few days after. Thirty of the Marshalland have published a placart against the sea guards, who were sent to apprehend marriages of Protestants with Papists ; him, having belet his castle, he barricada the preamble of which is as follows : ed the doors, and fired on them from the

"s' Whereas we have nothing more at garret windows, killing the commanding heart than the conservation and increase officer and five others. After which he of the true reformed religion, and being made his escape, and left the kingdom ; willing, as far as lies in our power, to but absurdly imagining that his crimes provide against its receiving any damage ; were forgot, he lately returned. yet with grief we are informed, that it is Paris, Jan, 20. We hear that M. Maclooked upon as a matter quite indifferent namara, Lieut. Gen. of the king's naval for persons born in the Reformed religion forces, has been rent for to court, and is to marry with those who profess the Ro appointed to command the squadron actumin religion ; which gives room to ap ally equipping at Breft and Rochefort prehend, that in process of time, people that he is to hoist his flag on board of the weil grow

ore indifferent about re Formidable, of so guns, and is to have ligion : Th. reover, such matches oc three chefs d'escadre under him, viz, cafion not only abundance of quarrels and Count Dubois de la Motte, M. Perrier de disputes between the contradling parties, Salvert, and M. de Montlonet. This as also between their children and their squadron, 'tis pretended, will confiit of families ; but are likewise attended with fix thips of the line, five frigates, and ten this and other bad confequences, that transports of five, eight, and ten guns. fome bring up in the Romih religion the The number of troops to be embarked is children born of such marriages ; besides set at 3000 ; but nothing can be pofitivewhich it often happens, that, through !y asserted as to numbers of men and the follicitations of their Roman Catho

thips. fick parents or relations, the husbands or The last letters from Genoa mention the wives forsake, to the great scandal of their having received intimation that the every one, the true Reformed religion, in Aulic council of the empire had resolved order to embrace that of Rome."

to notify again to them, that if they did Paris, Jan. 13. The gth of this month not quickly do justice to St. Remo and being the day on which the parliament Campo Freddo, on the subject of their had appointed to deliberate upon the grievances, his Imperial majesty would king's answer in relation to the bitnop of take meatures, for which the Republick Troyes, after his majesty's counsel had might blame herself, if the did not like given an account of the refusal of the sa them ; and that in answer to this menace craments in that diocese, the first pref their minister at Vienna had been ordered dent declared, that the king bad no intent to declare, that the Republic would en. • tion to hinder the parliament from prore deavour to maintain the rights which the culing tije ecclesiasticks of the second or derives from her independency and love. der, but that his majesty had reserved to reignty, without departing from the rehimfeif what concerned the bithops. gard the had for the head of the empire,

Paris, Jan, 17. The marquis de Plu and the decisions of his council. martin, whose cxecrable crimes are known


The Monthly Catalogue for February, 1755.

1. . 6d.

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20. An Efray on the medical Education DIVINITY and CỘNTROVERSY.

of Children, pr. 55. Field. 1HP Antichristian Opera; or Mass

21. The Art of Drawing and Painting in Water-Colours, pr. 15.

Keith. Keith,

22. The Ligature preferable to Agaric. 2. A View of the principal Deisticalo By H. Baker, pr. 6d. Griffiths, Writers. Vol. II." By J. Leland, D. D.

MISCELLANEOUS. pr. 6s. in boards. Dod.

23. An Eay on the Life, &c. of Dr. ng. A View of Lord Bolingbroke's Phi J." Swift. By D. Swift, Esq; with a lofophy, Letter 111:* pr. 25. Knapton. Sketch of the Life of Dr. Swift, written (See p. 72.)

by himself, pr. 55. 6d. bound. Bathurst 4. A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Jones, in- (See p: 53.7 Answer to his Sermon, pr. 6d. Cooper. 24. The grand Quellion debated after

5. Four. Letters concerning the Study the dialogistick Manner of Lucian, pr. 1s. of the Hebrew Scriptures, pr. 1S.

Wi Kingman. thers.

25. Queries proposed to Count Zinzen6. A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Jones, dost, pr. 6d. Robinson. pr. zd. Lewis.

26. The Journal of a Voyage to Lii7. An Essay on the Prophecies of the bon. By H. Fielding, Esq; pr. 38. Mile New Testament. By J. Greenhill, A. M. lar. (See p. 55.) pr. 15. 6d. Crowder.

27. The Cambridge Phædrus, pr. 8. A Vindication of the Power of 15. 6d. Dod. States to prolibio clandestine Marriages. 28. An Essay upon a neeping Cupid. By J. Tunítail, D. D. pr. 13. Rivington. By J. Nixon, A. M. pr. is. Manby.

9. Practical Comment on the 107th, 29. Faction unmark'd. Hodges. 'Prálm.: By W. komaine, M. A. pr. ** 30. A Letter to the Author of the De28, 6d. Worral.

fence of Exeter College, pr. 1$. Bald10. A Reply to Dr. Sharp's Review win. and Detence of his Differtations. By J. 3h. Some material Remarks 'concernBate, A. M. pr. 25.


ing Great-Britain, France, and Spain, 11, An Essay to promote Religion. By

Corbett, É. Cobden, D.D. pr. 1s. . Baldwin. 32. Remaks on the Rev. Dr. Steb.

12. Theron and Aspalio : A Series of bing's Power of States 10 annul MarriDialogues and Letters on the most impor. ages, pr. 6d. Knapton. tant Subjects. By J. Hervey, A. M. In 33. Mulæum Muadiarum, five Cato3 Vols. Svo. pr. 185. In 3

Vols. small

logus Nummorum, &c. 18.6d. Baker. 8vo. pr. 95. Rivington. (See p. 51.).

34. A Vindication tiv

le Power of 13. A Paraphrafe and Notes upon the Society to annul the varriages of MiEpistle to the Hebrews, with Remarks » nors. By J. Sayer, Ef1; pr. is. Miliar. on Bolingbroke. By A. A. Sykes, D. D. 35. A Letter from a Minister of the pr. 65. sewed. Knapton.

Moravian Church, pr. 6d. Robinson. 14. An Efray towards an Answer to a

36. The parliamentary or conftitutional Book entitled, An Emay on Spirit. By History of England, from the Battle of T. M'Donnell, D. D, pr. 3$. , Payne. . Kareby to the bcheading the King. Vol..

XIV, to XVIII, inclusive, pr. 6s. each. PHYSICK and SCIENCE.

Sandby: 15. Medical, chirurgical and anatomi

37. The Principles of Libertya - By K. *cal Cares and Observations. By L. Hris Seagrave, pr. 6d. Dillyn ter, M. D. with Copper-Plates illustrat 38. A Supplement to the candid Naring the respe:?ive Cases, and a Preface. rative of the Rifc.and Progress of the By P. Shaw, M. D. One Vol. 4to. pr. Moravians, By H. Rimius, pr. 29. 6d. 218. Hitch, Baldwin, &c.

Linde. 16. The Practice of Phylck. By J. 39. The general Hiftory and State of Shebbeare, M. D. In 2 Vo's, pr. 1cs. Europe, Part lll. By M. Voltaire, pr. Hodges.

25. 61. rewed. Nourse. 17. An Essay on Insurance, By N. 40. The Tuner, Letter IV. pr. 60, Magens. Two Vols. 4to. pr. 275. Ba Cooper, ker.

41. The Inveftigator, No. 322., pr. 18. The mathematical Repository. IS, 6d. Millar. Vol. 111. By ). Dodion, F. R. S. pr. 42. The Imperial Russian. Miseellany, 45. Nourse.

Cooper. 19; An Account of an Attemp o ar 43. Cistar's Commentaries, with an certain the Longitude af Sea, By Z, English Translation. Dy J. Towers, Williams, pr. as. Bouquet,

M. A. pr. 45. Hitch.


[The ren of the books in our nex..] i

pr. 13.



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Prices Of STOCKS for each Day in FEBRUARY, BILLS of MORTALITY, &c.

BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Seafg and $p: 3p. CentofS. S. An:13 p. Cent. Ind. Bonds(B.çir. p. Wind at Weather | BILL & Of Mortality from
STOCK. STOCK. STOCK. Annu.old C. B. An. B. Annu. 1751. Ind. Ann. præm. 11. S. d. Deal. London,

Jan. 28. to Feb. 18.
39 130 175
102 ; 100

31. 153 o 12

6 N, by E. cloudy 311 130

Christ. 175

103 TO'L 1751


99 31. 18s O 12 6

N. W.

Femal. 465 $ 958
1 130
175 114

100 1

99 31. 185 o 12 6 S. W. clou, rain


N.W.byn. clou, rain

Femal. 800
100 100 99

31. 175 O 12 6 N. W. frost Died under 2 Years old 734

w. by N. frost Between 2 and 5 - 124

100 99. 31. 115 0 12 6 N. E. front

s and 10 - 47 129 174

99 99 I 31. 105 o 12 6. w. by N. frost snow

10 and 20

53 99

99 99 98 21. 175 o 12 6 W. S. W. hard front

20 and 30 114 172

99 99 100 98 97 97 7 6 S. E. hard front

30 and 40 151 Sunday

S. by E. hard thaw

40 and 50

173 101 127

99 98 }

99 98 97 7 6 N. E. by E. thaw

50 and 60

11 128 į


31. os 7 6 W. thaw

bo and 70
12. 129 175
too i 99

99 31. os O15

W. frost clear

70 and so

77 13 130 176

100 $ 100 1

99 1
21. 18 o 15
o N.W.byN. frost rain

14 129 174 1

21., 18s 0.17
N. W. cloudy

go and 100 6
151 129 176

99 ୨୨ 31. Os o 17

6 N. cloudy 16 Sunday

clou. rain 17 130 175

12 Too Å 101 100

1532 31. Is

o 17 6W, N. W

Within the Walls 145
18 130 075

99 gl. is O 17

6 S. W. cloudy Without the Walls 373 19 130 176 112


ON. N. W. cloudy In Mid. and Surrey 650 20 ijo 175 112

100 99 31. IS

6 N. frost snow

City & Sub, Weft. 364
21 130
112 3


Tiroft snow

N, E. 21 130

21. 18 1 6 E, N, E. troft snow

1532 23 Sunday

E. by N. roft now Weekly Feb. 4


100 %
97 31. os
6 E. N. E. frost


102 }
99 31. 25

18 -
N. E. clou, wind

261 130

101 102 1

100 99 31. 35 6 E. N. E. clou. cold

Wheaten Peck Loaf is. 70.
(Pease 235. to 245. per Q.

Tarts 235. to 245. per 2
Mark lane Exchange. Bating toke. Ruang. Farnara. Henley, Guldford. Birmingham.


Abingdon. Wheat 228.00255.6119 071. oon load ozi. 175 load 61. 153 load 971. 128 load 071. oss load 4s 61 to 4s 1od 8. 1os. to gl. 325.60.1d. -91. gs. to 101. buiload. Barley 128 to 148 61. 138 to 15 97 153 to 19 gr 143 10 16 qr 145 to 1790

2544 to 2j6d 168. to 173, 6d.

16s. 10 175. Oats is toʻ13s 6d. 135 to 1t 5d 15 to 17 155 to 165

135 to 18 ood 128 to 1460 Is gd to 25 od izs. od. (Ó 155. od. p.q. 135. 62.10 150. oort Beans 155 to ios od. ( 198 to 23 od 1193 to 23 205 to 21S 198 to 2% ood | 245 to 26 35 20 to 39 40 / 18s, 6d, to 195. 18s, od, to 19s, od.

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tiny Bill.

Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For MARCH, 1755

To be Continued. (Price Six. Pence each month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantiry, iban any Monthly Book of the same Price.) I. Account of Appius the new Tragedy. XXIII. Infcription on Cornwall's Monument. JI. Method to replenish Filh Ponds.

XXIV, Ofour Corn and Salt Provision Trade, III. The King's Message.

XXV. Geometrical Questions and Solutions. IV. Address of the House of Lords.

XXVI, Account of the Sleeping Cupid. V. A Description of PEMBROKESHIRE. XXVII. Masquerades innocent. VI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po XXVIII. Letter from Oxford to the Coun

litical C L U B, &c. continued : Contain tess of Pomfret. ing the SPEECHES of C. Popilius Lænas XXIX. POETRY. Horace and Lydia ; Stella and C. Confidius on the East-India Mu to Swift ; on Miss Betsy Long; the Sur.

prize ; Narcissa ; on Miss W-s of Bire VII. The World, of People Born and Un. mingham; Prologue and Epilogue to Apborn.

pius ; on the Academy for Painting, &c. VIIL.Plan for the Reformation of the Statutes. on Solitude ; Verses on the King's MesIX. Holy Offices badly supplied.

sage, &c, a Song set to Musick, a new X. Of the Petrification of Shells and Fofils. Minuet, Epitaph, Epigram, &c. &c. XI. Account oí a Petrifying Spring.

XXX. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : XII. Dr. Hales of the Newgate Sickness. Advices from America ; State of the BriXIII. Of Gravitation and its Effects.

tish Herring Fishery ; Acts paffed; Aflizes, XIV. Views of the French in America.

Seffions at the Old Bailey ; Proclamation; XV. Speech of Governor Morris.

Lists of Ships in Commission, and of the XVI. Reflections on Ancient and Modern French Navy, Fires, Executions, &c. &c. Tragedy.

XXXI. Promotions ; Marriages and Births; XVII. Remarks on the Tragedy of Barbarossa. Deaths ; Bankrupts. XVIII. Sample of the Centaur.

XXXII. Prices of Stocks for each Day, XIX. Caveat to Britain.

XXXIII. Monthly Bill of Mortality. XX. Fine Soliloquy, in the Coun'ry. XXXIV. Plays acted at the Theatres. XXI. Of Love Charms and Spells.

XXXV. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. XXU. Vulgar Portents and Prognosticks. XXXVI. A Catalogue of Books. With a new and corre& MAP of the County of RADNOR, and a fine View of Capt. CORNWALL’s MONUMENT, beautifully engraved on Copper.

MULTUM IN P ARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at the Role in Pater-Noiler-Row; Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any single Month to compleat Sets.

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