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1755. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. 627 females 567. In all 1145. Decreased in most furrounded by them ; upon which the births 16.

they were obliged to ruth through them Buried, males 656, females. 685. In as well as they could, firing their pieces, all 1381. Increased in the burials 41. and receiving their fire: And, while thus

Glowfon, near the river Wye. in the retreating, the Indians gained ground, county of Hereford, Dec. 23. Last Thurs shot lieutenant March, and cook and day night, about nine o'clock, we were wounded some others; but a ferjeant with alarmed by a terrible shock of an earth. fix mien coming from a copse cf wood, quake, attended with a great rumbling topt their purlois, so that the rest of noise ; and our fright was such, that we our men gained the dyke, and secured thought the world was at an end. About their retreat. a quarter of a mile from hence, it funk All this time it was impoffible for raan acre and a half of land into the river

jor Fry to come to their atristance, on acWye, swallowing up all the trees and count of the rapidity of the river, being every thing that grew thereon,

driven by the current three quarters of a At Antigua, they had, on November 1, mile below the intended landing-place ; a small shock of an earthquake, as also but landing the reft of his men as soon as at Barbadoes, at both which places the he pollibly could, he drew up the wilole sea ebb'd and fiow'd in a surprising man body, and made a stand : Upon this the ner. At Boston, in New England, they enemy likewise drew up in a body, bem had a fhock of near two minutes con. lides the dykes, being lined with Indians, tinuance, which did some damage to the and parties (supposed to be upwards of buildings, but no lives were lost.

300) scouting in the woods ; but they Bolton, Oct. 8. By letters from the were not inclined to engage our forces in camp before Fore Cuinberland, in Nova. an open manner, tho' with such a num. Scotia, of the Sih pall, we have advice, ber they might have done almost as they that on the 28th of August, major Frý, pleafed. At high water the two armed with several others and 200 mnen, em veflels got in as near the thores as they barked on board the loop York, capt. fafely could, and covering each of the Cobb, and the schooner Warren, capt. franks, fent their boats to take our men Adams, and the same evening landed at on board ; the vessels, during the embar. Chippondie, a village eight leagues up the kation, firing their cannon, and keeping river, having instructions to bring off the rebels off. Several of the enemy all the inhabitants, and set fire to the were killed, but how many is uncertain ; houses. - Upon their first landing they 253 houses and barns, besides the massa marched with an advance and wo flank

house, have been burnt. guards to the village, but found all the Philadelphia, Oct. 9. By a vefsel from inhabitants were fled, except twenty five North Carolina we have advice, that the women and children, who were taken Cherokee tribe of Indians, encouraged by prisoners. The next morning they let a large bounty for every scalp of the ené rire to the buildings, and burnt down 181 my, granted by the province of South houses and barns, with all the hay, grain, Carolina, had, to the number of 7600, &c. therein. After this they proceeded to engaged to march against the French, the mass-house, which, with what was and the Indians in their interest, on the therein, was burnt to athes. Then putting Ohio ; and that, as a farther encouragethe prisoners on board one of the transa ment towards the expedition, the go. ports, they embarked again. The next vernment of North Carolina liad made a morning two of the officers, with fixty prelent to them of 300 fteers. two men, were ordered to Pircondiack ; and having landed within fight of the

MARRIAGES and BIRTAS. armed vessels, they found the boufes en Dec. 26. IGHT . of tirely evacuated ; and by the first of September they laid the buildings in alhes for Miss Hamilton. fifteen miles in length on the northerly 27, Hon. John Spencer, Erg; to Miss side of the river, and about fix on the Poyntz. other sideand when they came in fight 31. Edward Atkyns, Esq; to Miss ef a mass-house, they discovered foot Wright, of Oxford, tracks lately made, and soon after per Dec. 23. Lady of the Hon. Mr. Fitz ceived a smoak. The mass-house being patrick, was delivered of a lon ciore to a thick wood, they pofted proper guards, and as they were preparing to

DEATHS, fire the house, a fignal-gun was fired by Dec. 10.

OHN Hay, Esq; eldest son the enemy, and before the guards, and

of eliclate lord Walian Hay, the few men with them, could repair to of Newhall, in Scotland.. The main body, they found themselves al.

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RCrawfurd, was married to

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Ndon preferment.

628 Deaths, Promotions, General Bill, &c. App.

22. William Foley, of Prestwood, Esq; The king has been pleafed to appoint bailiff of Droitwich, in Worcestershire. Edward Lloyd, Esq; to be secretary to

26. James Winter, of Deptford, Esq; his majesty's forces in North-Britain, in aged 93:

the room of Thomas Sherwin, Efq; 29. Biffe Richards, Esq; member for War-Office, Dec. 24. Lord viscount Hindon, Wilts.

Barrington, secretary at war, has ap30. Mrs. Talmash, mother of Mr.

pointed Thomas Sherwin, Efq; first clerk George Talmash, an eminent attorney, in the war-office, to be his deputy, in the of Clerkenwell.

room of Edward Lloyd, Esq; who has


The king has been pleased to promote EV. Mr. Carrington was presented

the following gentlemen to be lieutenantto the vicarages of Sporle and Lit.

colonels and majors to the new regiments, tle Palgrave, in Norfolk, by Eton-college. viż. lieutenant-colonels. Majors, John PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.

Mompeflon, Thomas Buck, Alex, Mac.

kay, George Crawford, Mark Renton, HITEHALL, Dec. 27. The John Donaldson, Peter Parr, Thomas

Wilkinson, Byam Crump, and William the following gentlemen to be colonels of

Augustus Pitt.-Majors, Capts. Desbrisay, the regiments of foot to be forthwith rais

Furye, Hugh Morgan, William Arnott, ed in his majesty's service, James Aber Wilkinson, Proby, Doyne, Townsend, crombie, Robert Napier, Hedworth Lamb Feyrac, and How. ton, William Whitmore, John Campbell, Cha. Perry, Esq; lord Charles Manners, Alteration in the Lift of Parliament. John Arabin, Robert Anftruther, Charles

TORWICH, Lord Hobart re-elect. Montagu, Esqrs.Bennet Noel, Esq; to be licut, col. to the second reg. of footguards, and to take rank as colonel of

A General BILL of all ebe Cbrifenings and foot. Julius Cæfar, Esq; first major, and

Burials in London, from Dec. 10, 1754, to take rank as colonel of foot. William

to Dec. 16, 1755. Alcourt, Esq; second major, and to take rank as colonel of foot.-John Lowrie, Chrifned

Buried Esq; first major to the third regiment of


7773 Males 10779 foot-guards, and to take rank as colonel Females


Females 11138 of foot.-And Andrew Robinson, Erq; second major, and to take ránk as colonel


21917 of foot.

The king has been pleased, upon a fur. Decrcafed in the Burials this Year 779. render made by John Cowper, D. D. of Died under 2 Years of Age 7803 the office of the execution of the laws Between 1 and

5 and statutes concerning bankrupts, to

5 and 10

612 grant the said office unto the said Dr. John

10 and 20

577 Cowper, and John Yorke, of Lincoln's.

20 and 30

1651 Inn, Esq;

30 and 40

2087 The king has been pleased, upon a sur

40 and 50

1234 render made by John Yorke, of Lincoln's

so and 60 Inn, Esq; of the office of chafewax in

60 and 70

1433 chancery, to grant the said office to Ah

70 and 80

1018 ley Cowper, Esq;

go and go

504 The king has been pleased to grant to

go and too

77 the earl of Sandwich, the earl of Chol A Hundred and One 1. A Hundred and mondeley, and Wellbore Ellis, Erq; the office of vice-treasurer of Ireland,

The Monthly Catalogue for December, 1755.

4. Six Differtations on different Subi
LETTER to a Bishop concern jects. By J. Jortin, D. D. pr. 45. 6d.
ing the Divine Legation of Moses, Whiston,

5. An Exposition of the sith Chapter 2. A Dialogue on the Soul, pr. is. of the Revelations, pr. 6d. Lewis. Cooper.

6. Discourses touching the Antiquity 3: An Effay towards an English Ver of the Hebrew Tongue, and Character. fion of the Book of Job. By T. Heath, By T. Sharpe, D. D. Knapton. Esq; pr. 5s. Baker.

7. We havn received from Petersham, Hants, Mr. Fibn Silvester's ingenious answer to a nae vigation question in November, wbich shall be inserted next moneb.



Seven 1.



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1755. The Monthly Catalogue for December, 1755.

2. The Universality of the Love of 34. The History of Barboroso and PolGod. By J. Bedre, pr. 6d. Hinde. lyana, pr. 35. Crowder.

8. Letters on Baptism between the 35. The Accomplish'd Rake, pr. 3s, Bishop of Clogher and Sir William Penn, Stephens. pr. is. Baldwin.

36. The Nowiad, pr. 6d. Cooper. 9. The Apology of the Rev. Mr. Wal 37. The Devil upon Crutches in Engton, for pot observing the 30th of Ja land, pr. is, 6d. P. Hodges. nuary, pr. 1s. Payne.

38. Memoirs of the Count Du Beauval, 10. Observations on several important

pr. 38. Crowder. Points of Faith and Practice in the 39. Trial of Francis Delap, Esq; at Church of England. By J. Strong, pr. Jamaica, pr. is. Kinnerley. 25. 6d. Kinnersley,

40. Poems, Moral and Divine, pr. 2$. 11. An Enquiry after Philosophy and 6d. Rivington. Theology. Innys.

41. Lotteries and Rags, a Song, pr. 12. The Validity of Lay-Baptism. By zd. Walsh. J. Moody, pr. 15. Withers.

42. A Sea Piece, pr. 6d. Dodney. 13. A brief Effay on Faith, Hope, and 43. The Vifitation, pr. 6d. Corbert, Charity, pr. 60. Noon.

44. An Epifle from Mr. T. Cibber to 14. A Paraphrase on the Epistles. By Mr. Garrick, pr. 6d. Griffiths. J. Spooner, pr. 48. Dilly.

45. The Country Coquet, pr. 18. Major. 15. Free and Candid Confiderations on 46. The Vocal Companion, pr. 18. 6d. the Points of Difference between the Crowder. Church of England and Diffenters. By 47. The Works of Horace, in Prose. A. Bourne, pr. 1$. Robinson,

By C. Smart, M. A. In 2 Vols. pr. 58. 16. Some Mistakes in Johnson's Faith Newberry. of God's Elect re&tified. By J. Brine, 48. Poems. By J. Duncombe, M. A, pr. 6d. Ward,


PHYSICK and SCIENCE. 17. An Ode to the Marquis of Har. 49. An Introduction to a Treatise on tington. By S. Boyce, pr. is. Reeve. Conic Sections. By A. Campbell, pr. 1$.

18. The Mirror. By C. Arnold, pr. Nourse. is. Cooper.

50. Oeconomia Naturæ in Morbis acu19. A select Collection of original Love tis & Chronicis Glandularum. Auctore Letters, pr. 18. Hooper.

R. Ruffell, M. D. pr. 45. Rivington. 20. The History of Lavinia Rawlins. 51. A Mechanical Account and Expli. In 2 Vols. pr. 6s. Owen.

cation of the Hysteric Passion. By c. In Epiftle Dr. Thompson. By Perry, M.D. pr. 45. Shuckburgh. Mr. Whitehead, pr. 13. Owen. (See 52. A Series of Dissertations on some p. 591.)

elegant and very valuable Anglo-Saxon 22. A Letter to a Friend, and Verses Remains. By S. Pegge, M. A. pr. 25. on reading Montfaucon, pr. is. Baldwin. 6d. Whiston. 23. Ode Sur la Mort, pr. 6d. Wilson,

MISCELLANEOUS. 24. A Collection of new English Songs. 53. The Art of Drawing in PerspecBy Mr. Holcombe, pr. 55. Author. tive, pr. Is. Keith.

25. Hymns and Spiritual Songs. By 54. A Second Letter to the People of E. Trivett, pr. is, 6d. Keith.

England, on Subsidies, Sublidiary Armies, 26. The Psalm Singer's Pocket Com &c. pr. 1. Scott. panion. By M. Davenport, pr. 2s. 6d. 55. The present State of the Arts in Crowder.

England. By M. Roquet, pr. 28. Nourse. 27. A Dialogue between a Poet and his 56. A Letter to a friend in the CounFriend, pr. 60, Carpenter,

try, pr. 18. Raymond. 28. Memoirs of an Oxford Scholar, 57: Demofthenis Orationes de Repub

lica duodecem. Ed. G, Allen, A. M. In 29. The Orphan of China: A new 2 Vols. 8vo. Bathurst. Tragedy, pr. is. 6d. Baldwin.

58. Three Letters concerning Systema30. Lydia ; or Filial Piety. A Novel,

tic Tafte, pr. is. Henderson. Vol. III. and IV. pr. gs. in Boards, or 59.

The Dancers damn'd, pr. 6d. 68. Bound. Scott.

Griffiths, 31. The Wife, pr. 35. Gardner,

60. London proteaed, pr. 15. Legg. 32. The History of Charlotte Villars, 61. A Letter to a noble Lord, concernpr. 35. Crowder.

ing the running of Goods from France, 33. The Tell-Tale ; or Anecdotes ex pr. is. Jones. pressive of the Characters of Perions emi 62. Ohrervations on the late and prenent for Rank, Learning, Wit, or Hu rent Conduct of the French in America. mour, In z Vols. 18vo, pr. 45. Baldwin, By W. Clarke, M, D, pr, is. Clarke.


pr. 35. Reeve.


630 The Monthly Catalogue for Decenaber, 1755.

63. A philosophical and practical Essay 91. Reflections on the present State of
on the Gold and Silver Mines of Mexico Affairs at Home and Abroad, pr. 15.
and Peru, pr. 15. 60. Scott.

64. G. Martinii, M.D. in B. Euftachis 92. A Letter from a Clergyman in Lon-
Tabula, anatomicas Commentaria. Cuin don, on the Earthquake, pr. 60. Griffiths.
Pref. A. Monro, pr. 6s. Millar.

93. Quintilian's Institutes of Eloquence.
65. On the Delicacy of Friendship, pr. Trandated by W. Guthrie, Efq; In :
18. Cooper.

Vols. pr. 125.

66. A Conftituent's Answer to the Re. 94. The inportant Question concerning
fections of a Member of Parliament, pr. Invasions, &c. pr. is.

as. Robinson.

95. Cicero's seleđ Orations, transated
67. An earneft Addrefs to both Houses, into Englith, pr. 6s. Keith.
on the present Posture of Affairs, pr. 1$. 96. The Progress of the French in their

Views of universal Monarchy, pr. 18.
68. An authentick Account of the Owen.
Earthquakes at Lisbon, pr. 6d. Payne. 97. Réflections on the Welfare and Pro-
(See po 560.)

sperity of Great-Britain, pr. is. Crowder.
69. The Analysis of the French and 98. The Edinburgh Review, pr. 15.
English Languages. By J. Elphiniton. Wilcox.
In 2 Vols. 12mo, pr. 6s. Newbery. 99. Two Letters on the State of Affairs

70. Secret History relating to the in America, pr. 15. Payne.
Times, pr. 6d. Kinnersey.

100. The perfe& King, pr. 25. Cooper.
71. A particular Account of the Earth 101. The History of the War of 1741.
quake at Lilhon, pr. is. Lege.

By M. Voltaire. Nourse.
72. An old Remedy revived, pr. 60, 102. French Encroachments exposed,

pr. is. Keith.
73. A genuine Letter to Mr. J. Fowke,

on the Earthquake, pr. 4d. Collyer. 103. Thirteen Sermons on various Oc.

74. The Necessity of a War, pr. 60. cafions. By J. Owen, D. D. pr. 25.

75. A brief History of the Kings of 104. A Sermon at the primary Vista.
England, pr. 15. Hunt.

tion of the Bishop of St. David's. By G.
76. Apothecaries vindicated from the Holcombe, A. M. pr. 6d. Owen.
Charge of Ignorance, pr. 6d. Scott. 105. A Sermon at the annual Meeting

77. Serious Thoughts on the Earth. of the three Choirs at Worcefter. By R.
quake at Lifhon. Trye.

Eden, D. D. pr. 13. Sandby.
78. An Answer to the second Letter 106. A Sermon on the late Earthquakes,
on Subsidies, pr. is. Robinson.

By W. Romaine, pr. 61. Wichers.
79. Thoughts upon Thinking. By J. 107. Thirteen Sermons on several Sub.
Richardson, pr. 18. 6d. Millar,

jects. By N. Balt, pr. 48. Buckland.
80. The History oi' the Inquisition at 108. Two Sernions on the Death of
Goa. By M. Dellon, pr. 1$. Baldwin. Mr. J. Greenwood. By J. Hardley, pr.

81. The Chain of Fate, or publick Spi. 6d. Keith.
rit preferred to private Interest, pr. 15. 109. A Sermon preached in the Catho

dral of Rochester. By T. Harris, M. A.
82. An Address to the Inhabitants of

pr. 1s. Cooper,
Great-Britain on the Earthquake, pr. 60. 110. Several Discourses preached at the

Temple Church. By T. Sheriock, D. D.
83. The Critical Spelling Book. By S. Vol. the Third, pr. 58.

Lowe, pr. 28. 6d. Henry and Cave.

11. A Sermon against loocoracion. By
84. The Opposition, pr. 6d. Cooper. J. Greenhill, A. M pr. 15. Crowder.

85. Remarks on Mr. Bradbury's State 112. Two Dicuries on ile Perfeco.
of his Case. By J. Taylor, pr. 6d. Rin tions of the Proicians in France. Lg

T. Gibbons, PT. 1$. Puckland.
86. A Letter from a Portugueze Officer 113. A Sermon before the University
on the Earthquake, pr. 6:1. Cooper,

of Oxford, at St. Mary's, July 31, 1755.
87. A philofophical Discourse on Earth By W. Parker, D.D. pr. 6d.' Baldvin.
quakes, pr. Is. Cooper.

114. A Charge delivered at the Ordin
88. An Historical Account of Earth nation of Mr. Hewson, &c. B; H. Vor.
quakes, pr. is. Bouquett.

thington, M. A. pr. 6d. Grithrhs.
89. An Answer to a Pamphlet call'd, A 115. A Sermon hefore the Presidents
Letter to the People, pr. 1$. Cooper. and Governors of the Small Pox Hofpl-

90. A Charge delivered to the Grand tal, April 4, 1755. By W. Warburtoo,
Jury at Scarborough. By C. Robinson, D, D, pr. bd, H. Woodfall,
Esq; pr. is. Robinson,


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80, 119


INDEX to the Debates in the Political Club,

to the Essays, PoliticKS, Domestick and Foreign
OCCURRENCES, &c. 1755.

Ancients, our obligations to them 378, 379
BERNETHY's sermons recom Angeloni's letters, extracts from 147, 221

535 Animals, fondness for, satirized 490, 491
Accadians, who

359 Anneney, Mr. remarks on his care 437

41, 225 Annual produce of the publick revenue 5
Acts i, 18, illustrated

224, Note.
Anion, lord, visils Portsmouth

Acts passed

138, 186, 193
Antiquity at Bath

Aas, about the wheels and forfeited eftates, Appetite over indulged, tends to misery
substance of
297, 298

Address, to Britons 377. To the Royal Appius, account of the new tragedy of 99


Built on the same story as Vir-
Addremes of the lords 1c3, 51, 587.


Commons 138, 512. City 449, 452

Arachne and Meliffa, characters of

Addreiling his majesty, dehate on 513- Archbold, Mr. his declaration 225

521, 501-569, 601-609 Archimedes, of his burning speculum 482
Adept at Venice, Hory of

64 Ariftccratical party in Holland, intrigues
Adil Shah, fate of


Admiral, speech of one
431 Art, of writing history

Advencurer, remarks on

Arts, poliie, encouraged 166. To im-
Adventures of an exposed infant 534 pole on the fuperftitious

Advice, to Britons 261. Excellent 278 Alper, L. Trebonius, his speech on the
Advices, new and extraordinary ones 510 management of the lottery 209-213
Ebutius, T. his speech on addressing 519 Allizes

138, 187; 347, 393
521 Atamaka, his artifices

Affectation and pedantry censured 279 Athenisos, noble law of

Affecting complaint

Alkins, baron, of freeholders 366, 367
Afghans, cruelties of

572 Atlantick ocean, chart of, account of it
African company, commissioners of 347.

Resolutions about

443 Aiticus, Pomponius, his speech on addreft.
Agriculture, improvements in 175

ing his majesty

Air, foul, from ventilation, not noxious Authors, farrago of 430. Methodical mad-

Alcide and Lys taken


Algiers, revolution in 83. Treaty with ACON': rebellion, in Virginia 538

254 ing

Alliance between church and state defended Balet des Ardens, sad catastroplie of 130

Ballad writing, remarks on

Alterations in the lift parliament 93, Bank, general courts of 138, 450. Go-

141, 190, 253: Sce new members in vernors and directors of, chosen 185.
the Index of Names.

Transfer days there, and at the E. India
Ambalsadors, lift of
462 and $. Sea houses

Ambergicale, large lump of

434 Babarotia, account of the tragedy of 28-
Amb wyna, earthquake at


31. Extracts from 28, 29. Truth of
America, French policy in 52. Views in the story on which it is founded 31. Re.
Bad fituation of ariaira in 121. marks on the tragedy

121, 170
How to be retrieved ibid. French forces Barony, legal definicion of
arrive in 137, Preparations to receive Bartholomew fair, toll of abolished

them 300. Account of the Bricich plan. Bareness of prostituting holy orders 234
tations in 307-312, 355-358, 431 Bath, antiquicy discovered at

433, 483---486, 536-538, 534, 585, Bay Verte, tort oi, described

620-622. Enquiry into the state of Beich, Mr. elected coroner of London 137
recommended 520. French defeared in Beaulay, river ot, dry

544~-;46. Sad state of

594 Beausejour, caken 349. Terms of the ca-
American governors, list of

462 piculacion 350. Defcribed 359
Americans subjected to the mutiny.a& 382. Beetles, of the nature and produce of 4:9
Bravery of

404 Bergrap, horrid accident so called 225
Amethyst orines in Irelard

394 Berkley, Sir Wm. bus loyalty
Ancient and modern tragedy, reflecti 1999 Bermudas, discovery of 438, 434

121 Bent company characted
Appendix, 1755:








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