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Wonderful Sea MONSTER described. great things which are in the ocean, and pearance about an English mile and an concealed from our eyes, or only present half in circumference, (lume say more, ed to our view for a few minutes, is the but I chuse the least for greater certainty) kraken. This creature is the largest and looks at first like a number of fmall iso moft surprizing of all the animal creation, Jands, surrounded with something that and consequently well deserves such an floats and fiuctuates like sea-weeds. Here account as the nature of the thing, ac and there a larger rifing is observed like cording to the Creator's wise ordinance, A sand-banks, on which various kinds of will admit of. Such I mall give at pre small fishes are seen continually leaping fent. and perhaps much greater light in about till they roll off into the water This subject may be reserved for pusterity, from the sides of it ; at last several bright a:cording to the words of the son of Si points or horns appear, which grow thick: rach, “ Who hath seen him, that he er and thicker the higlier they rise above might tell us? and who can magnify him the surface of the water, and sometimes as he is? There are yet hid greater things they stand up as high and as large as the than these be, for we have seen but a few maits of middle-fized vetsels. of his works." Ecclus, chap. xliii. ver. B It seems these are the creature's arms, 31, 32.

and, it is said, if they were to lay hold Our fishermen unanimonly affirm, and of the largest man of war, they would without the least variation in their ac pull it down to the bottom. After this counts, that when they row out several monster has been on the surface of the miles to sea, particularly in the hot sum water a thort time, it begins slowly to mer days, and by their filuation (which fink again, and then the danger is as they know by taking a view of certain great as before ; because the motion of points of land) expect to find 80 or 100 chis linking causes fuch a swell in the sea, fathoms water, it often happens that they and such an eddy or whirlpool, that it do not find above 20 or 30, and some draws every thing down with it. times less. At these places they generally As this enormous sea-animal in all profind the greatest plenty of fish, especially bability may be reckoned of the polype, cod and ling. Their lines they say are no or of the fta:-6/h kind, it feems that the fooner out than they may draw them up parts which are seen riling at its pleasure, with the hooks all full of fith ; by this and are called arms, are properly the tena they judge that the kraken is at the bot tacula, or feeling inftruments, called horns tom. They say this creature causes those D as well as arms. With these they move unnatural (hallows mentioned above, and themselves, and likewise gather in their prevents their founding. These the fiher

food. men are always glad to find, looking up Besides these, for this last purpose the on them as a means of their taking abun. great Creator has also given this creature dance of fish. There are sometimes 20 a strong and peculiar scent, which it can boats or more got together, and throwing emit at ccriain times, and by means of out their lines at a moderate distance from which it beguiles and draws other fish to each other ; and the only thing they then E come in heaps about it. This animal has have to observe is, whether the depth another Atrange property, known by the continues the same, which they know by experience of a great many old bilhermen. their lines, or whether it grows shallower They observe, that for some months the by their seeming to have less water. If kraken or krabben is contipually eating, this last be the case, they find that the and in other months he always voids his kraken is raising himself nearer the sur. excrements. During this evacuation thie face, and then it is not time for them to surface of the water is coloured with the stay any longer ; they immediately leave


excrement, and appears quite thick and off filhing, take to their oars, and get turbid. This muddiness is said to be fo away as fast as they can,

When they very agreeable to the smell or taste of have reached the usual depth of the place, other fishes, or to both, that they gather and find themselves out of danger, they together from all parts to it, and keep for die upon their oars, and in a few minutes that purpose dire&ly over the kraken : after they see this enormous monster come He then opens his arms or horns, reizes up to the surface of the water ; he there and (wallows his welcome guests, and niows himself sufficiently, though his converts them, after the due time, by di. whole body does not appear, which in all G gestion, into a bait for other filh of the likelihood ng luman eye ever beheld (ex same kind.' I relate what is affirmed by cepting the young of this species, which many ; but I cannot give ro certain affu. shall afterwards be spoken of ;) its task rances of this particular, as I can of the or upper part, which seems to be in ap existence of this fur ng creaturez cho' Appendix, 1755.



I am,

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624 Operation of MeRCURY accounted for. App:
I do not find any thing in it absolutely fome surprize to many of my acquaint-
contrary to nature. As we can hardly ance ; for their fatisfa&tion I detire you
expect an opportunity to examine this will publith the following short memoir,
enormous sea animal alive, I am the more and Tubjoin the case of the learned Dr.
concerned that nobody embraced that op Cheshire's son, which you will find in the
portunity which, according to the follow. 11th page of his Gouty Man's Compa-
ing account, once did, and perhaps never nion.
more may offer, of seeing it entire when A

Your constant reader, &c.
dead. The Rev. Mr. Friis, confftorial
affeffor, minister of Bodoen in Nordland,


W chanical principles to prove the and vicar of the college for promoting Christian knowledge, gave me at the lat activity of quickliver in the human fater end of last year, when he was at Ber bric, cannot be surprised at the extragen, this relation ; which I deliver again ordinary disease of the Neapolitan woon his credit.

man, being subdued by repeated doses In the year 1680 a krake (perhaps a of argerit. viv. as crude mercury is to the young and careless one) came into the B blood and every juice fecreted from it, as water that runs between the rocks and one is to thirteen, so that a particle of cliffs in the parish of Alstahoug. though mercury conveyed into the blood is able the general custom of that creature is to by its momentum to diffolve and destroy keep always several leagues from land, any viscidity contained in the human mais and therefore of course they must die of blood and juices, secreted from it in there. It happened that its extended the above proportion, and therefore an long arms, or antennæ, which this crea. ounce of crude mercury will attenuate 13 cure seems to use like the foail, in turning counces of viscid blood. The case referred about, caught hold of fome crees standing to is as follows: The doctor's son, at Guildnear the water, which might easily have ford in Surroy, had for some time been been torn up by the roots ; but beside under the care of Dr. Burton of Windsor, this, as it was found afterwards, he en and by his advice had at different times tangled himself in some openings or clefts taken eight ounces of quicksilver, two or in the rock, and therein Auck so fast, and three days preceeding the 28th of April, hung so unfortunately, that he could not 1744: On which day the doctor arrived at work himself out, but perished and puri D blister to his back, which had in the next

Guildford, and that night ordered a large trified on the spot. The carcase, which was a long while decaying, and filled morning done its duty, on the taking off great part of that narrow channel, made it the blister an infinite number of the meralmost impaffable by its intolerable stench. curial globules adhered, some in, and The kraken has never been known to

others on the skin, from whence it is do any great harm, except they have tak very apparent that the unlimited activity en away the lives of those who confe of quicksilver, conveys itself into the finest quently could not bring the tidings. I

veffels of the body, which by its momenhave never heard but one instance menti. E tum is capable of diluting a viscid mass of oned, which happened a few years ago

blood and juices, as well in arthritic as near Fridrichstad, in the diocese of Ag.

other cases, gerhuus. They say that two tilhermen accidentally, and to their great surprize,

From ibe CHESTER COURANT, Dec. 9. fell into such a spot on the water as has On a late moft terrible Calamity. been before described, full of a thick flime, almost like a morass. They immediately

Ele quoque in fatis reminiscitur, effore tempus, Atrove to get out of this place, but they F

Quo mare, quo tellus, &c. &c. &c. had not time to turn quick enough to

Ov, MET, save themselves from one of the kraken's

Discite justitiam moniti, et non temnere divos. horns, which crushed the head of the boat


HAT dire destructions have fo saved their lives on the wreck, tho' the

lately fallin [gulph'd weather was as calm as posible ; for On golden Tagus' shores, and deep inthese monsters never appear at other times. That city fair, erft Ulyffippo nam'd,

Lisbona fince, of Lufitanian climes
To tbe AUTHOR of tbe LONDON G The proud metropolis !-Like Tyre of old,

For commerce fam'd ; * her merchants

wares went out,


Forth from the seas, enriching kings reOME particulars of the operation of And feeding nations in far diftant lands, mercury, in your

care of the cure of As Tyrus also, now he's broken up, a hard kin (see p. 369.) liaving given

And * EZER, Co, 27, V. 33. 34.


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serveth ;

WH all the day,


625 And to each idle, and continent become, What tho' good men should for a while be Astoundment strange, and sudden huge pallive?

(holds them, dismay,


Peace within cheers, and Providence upSunk are the structures where the cowled Till the storm ceases, when a light begins to Batten'din Rothfulease;and thore,immur'd

Shoot thro' the darkness. Where cloister'd vestals, useless, and unseen, Grant, that in this life merit is neglected, Dragz'd on their days ; those likewise, And a good man feels what a bad deare no more,

[all, that Where inquisitions rul'd with iron rods, Yet may our next ftate make amends for Fell, and remorseless, yet there judges stern

Here is unequal, Who doom'd to fire, themselves are lost in Then let us trust fill to the great preserver, flames.

(whelm'd, Him, that all nature has at his discretion,
What mansions, and what families o'er. And, when our troubles are the wont of
Scarcely the regal scap'd ! By falling arch, all, can
Cruth'd in his fight, th' Iberian legate dy'd.

Ev'n to the last rave.
Let Britain's realm, and her Augusta

(the priests

With humble forrowing mourn t, and let

HAT is my crime? O God! why
Between the porches and the altars weep,
Turning with fafts, and penitence sincere,


Dost thou retard my iteps and hedge my To heaven and earth's Supreme ; who

Wly all the night, when balmy sleep stays from us

wou'd clore There vifitations, elsewhere fadly felt.

(oppose ?

These wakeful eyes, doft thou their reft
Still now to vengeance is Jehovah's arm,

Healthy, Lon a rolling pillow lie !
Mild, and long-suff'ring tow'rds poor tin-
ful duit,

Change fides, but ftillrelief and reft will fly;

Thy scourging hand lies heavy on my heart, Him justice moves, but mercymost delights.

Which throbs, and throbs, with an incer. Now!--now refeá, Onatal soil! for whom

fant (mart. My bosom glows with tender filial love ;

The foui unconscious can herself survey, Thou,-whore foundation-rocks and lowe

Then why thy host plac'd in this dread ers are lav'd

array? By Deva's lately-agitated food ;


I ne'er blafphem'd that awful name of Had not forbearing clemency divine

Nor sacrific'd to any scheme of mine : Then interpos'd, thy domes might straight

Frailties and dips I own, alas ! too many, have failin

[been absorbid

But of th' unpardonable kind, -not any : Wreck'd with tremendous Mocks, and

Oh! then recalthyfhafrs, thywrath fuspend, Deep in the yawning gulph, whose clofing

Will the omnific, with a speck contend ? jaws,


Which like an atom in the solar beam, Would soon have leal'd them in the vaft

Is ross'd by jarring winds to each extreme, Yet,-spare us heav'n ! and turn away

Nor quietude obtains, till downward, thy wrath,


[blown. Juftly deserv’d; and grant that, touch'd, we

It centers in the womb, from whence'twas With contrite hearts, regard these judg.

But if affliction moderates the mind, ments dire.

Purges our dross, and makes the man reTRUST in God: A Lyric Ode. In Imita. fign'd tion of tbe ancient Sapbic Ode.

If 'tis the lot of all the fons of God, -Non, si male nunc, et olim

I acquiesce, and humbly kiss the rod.

Sic erit.

E, who, with strong faith, places his


Garden or a fruitful field
On the kind parent of a whole creation,


To me no nourishment can yield :
Must be compos'd, and, when he meets Yet, give me but a proper soil,
a danger,

I thrive with little care or toil.
Firm as a mountain, A moist and dirty soil is good ;
For the supreme and universal agent For excrement's my proper food.
Will the best means chuse for a safe pro But, what you'll say is pretty strange,

[to doubt his Oft, while I grow, my place I change, Nor, tho' diftress comes, have we cause And in all rearons and all weathers

Pow'r t'relieve us. My body, strength and vigour gathers; Pain, care and toil fall as a lot to mortals; Till, when my lize and shape's compleat, But refignation qualifies the trial ;

For use and service I am mete. Hope the draught sweetens, be it' e'er fo 1 sometimes to dress my master ; bitter,

And sometimes mix and make up plaister. And to go down hard, 4 K 2

Saddles • Rov. Cb, 2. V, 17.

+ Goel, Cb. 2. V. 15, 17.


H, dependence



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626 POETICAL ESSA Y S. App Saddles nor shoes without my aid Taught to seraphick Atrains to shape the Could neither be well kept nor made.


(Behn! Of house and goods I take due care, Like Madan, Leapor, Montague, and And fineft Nipslops prepare.

These with the nobleft join'd the cupelut I now and then a fishing go,


(the lyre. Or to a liair an object Ihow.

With Cowley, Pope, and Dryden, strung At other times I kill a dog,

Rouse then for name, each nothful 10411 Or down your throat I flip incog.

and belle, In short I furnish hats and rings,

And wake to extasy the vocal shell.
And twenty other diff'rent things. Parnafsus lotes more than half its pride.

To find my name you need not strain, Unless bright females grace his flow'ry tide;
For in these lines you read it plain. In vain the laurel binds Apollo's brow,


Unless the mufes at his altar bow.
A SONG. Inspired by a. Gallon of Claret. HORACE, Book II, ODE VIII.
ALK not of Pieria's fountain,

Ulla si juris tibi pejerari, &c.
Phoebus, or the tuneful nine ;
Hang the Heliconian fountain,

1. Give me rivers running wine.'

IF be Fill the bowl ; O, fill it higher,

Attended with some penalty i And the nobleft vefrel pierce ;

If rotten tootlı, or greyish hair, Bacchus only can inspire ;

Should once Barine's charms impair ; Bacchus is the god of verse.

I then would own some pow'rs above,

And pay due reverence to Jove.
IR Roger wasill, his case was quite bad, Bat tho' more cruel to her (wains,

With higher hand Barine reigns, Lord Madam, says John, the doctor call'in, Her beauties muluply the more, *Tisa Mame not to do it, to neglect it's a fin:

And add to those the had before ; The doctor was callid, he determin'd his The youth more raptur'd homage pay, case,

[sat in his face:

And to behold her crowd the way. Felt his pulse, and then swore, that death

3. There's nought to be done ; with bills I'll Her scornful airs, diffenting frown, not swell

[did well.

Serve but her fondert with to crown ; His account ; lo departed. The patient She laughis to hear the angry pray'rs,

Of those her heavenly form ensnares ; In Justice to the ingenious Authar of the Epy.

Triumphs more largely g'er the plain, LOGUL, in cur Mag of December, p.592, And adds to her enamout'd train, we inertibe following Correction and additional Lines, whico be bas faucured us witb. The Sylvan nymphs, the queen of love, ELL heav'n be prais'd, it

With smiles her vidories app:ove,

And Cupid tharp'ning ev'ry dart,
Thanks to the bar, the pulpit and the stage; On some poor bleeding captive's heart i.
But not to th' army--that's not worth á Allifts the fair with all his skill,


And gives her all his pow'rs to kill. The captains go too much to Covent-Gar

5. Spoil many a girl,—but feldom make a Rejected (wains Aill haunt the door, mother,

And chink of liberty no more ; They foil us one way,--but (snakes a box

Repeated menaces are vain, of pills) we have them t'other. They still love on, and clasp their clain ;

The riling youth her beauty own, Verses occafioned by reading an excellent Mif And for Barine ligh alone. cellany lately published, entitled, Poems by

6. eminent Ladies.

With envious fears the mother's pine,
THILE other females flaunt at ball

Least you their daughters Mould outihine ;

The anxious father fears his son, Or at the toilet waste the live-long day,

Should by her beauties be undone ;
Some few hehold, (who Nudy'd real grace,

And jealous fears embitter life,
Nor thoug'it all merit center'd in a face) To every young and blooming wise.
To lib'ral arts and nobler cares relign'd,
Adorn'd the soul, and cloach'd the female

ADDITIONS 10 December. mind.

Norwich. D'ROM the 25th of DeceniO! that ye too, gay daughters of brocade,

ber, 1754, to the 25th of Were thus in sense as well as tiik array'd; December, 2755, were born, males 574,


Linc g. W is a peopling age;

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