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pr. 58. Millar.

The Monthly Catalogue for January, 1755. 47
DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. 27. Remarks on the Importance of the

Whale Fishery, pr. is. Cooper.

with Notes and Explications on the 28. Tables for Silver, pr. 28. Scott. Old and New Testament, in Folio, No 5, 29. Irelaud in Tears, pr. 1S. Cooper, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, pr, 3d, each. Baldwin. 30. Reflections on the ancient Alpha

2. A Differtation on Enthusiasm. By bet and Language of Palmyra, pr. 25. 6d. T. Geen, M. A. pr. 25. 6d. Oliver. Millar.

3. Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Try 31. Pasquin at Oxford, pr. is. Cooper. pho the Jew. By H. Brown, M, A. in 32. The Principles of French Grammar, 2 Vuls. pr. . Rivington.

abridged. By M. Reftout. Nourse. 4. An historical Differtation on the 33. Folly predominant, pr. is. CarBooks of the New Teftament. In 8vo. penter.

34. A Letter concerning the Watch 5. The great Love and Tenderness of Plot at Oxford, pr. 4d. Meres. God to his Creature Man, pr. 4s. Crowder. 35. The Adventures of Alexander the MISCELLANEOUS.

Corrector. Part III. pr. Is. Author. 6. An Epistle from Tully in the Shades

NATURAL HISTORY, &c. to M-I-n, pr. 6d. Cooper.

36. Xenophontis Oratio de Agesilao 7. M-l-n's Answer to Tully, pr. 6d. Rege ; Hiero live de Regno, &c. Græce Davey.

& Lat. Recensuit B. Simpson, A. M. 8. Witty Sayings of Father Andrew, pr. 55. Hawkins, pr. 6d. Baldivin.

37. Dr. Stack's Translation of Medica 9. Free Thoughts and bold Truths, Sacra. By R. Mead, M. D. To which pr. 6d. Cooper.

is prefixed Memoiis of the Life and Writ10. The Trial of Elizabeth Canning ings of the learned Author, pr. 45. 60. for wilful and corrupt Perjury, pr. 6s. Brindley. (See p. 3.) Clarke.

Poetry and ENTERTAINMENT. 11. The remarkable Life and Actions 38. Coriolanus ; or the Roman Maof W. S. Efq; pr. 6d. Crowder,

tron, pr. 18. 6d. Millar. 12. Great-Britain's Poverty and Dir. 39. The Courtier and Patriot, pr. 64. tres exempliryed, pr. 6d.

G. Woodfall. 13. A proper Reply to the Defence of

40. Immortality; or the Consolation the Rector and Fellows of Exeter-Col of Human Life. A Monody, pr. IS. lege. By G. Huddesford, D. D. pr. 60, Dodíley. Rivington.

41. Select Epigrams of Martial trans14. Political Observations on the 'Cha lated and imitated. By W. Hay, Esq; racters of the Roman Emperors, No. 1. pr. 35. Dodney. pr. 6d. Swan.

42. The Justice of the Supreme Being: 15. Informations and other Papers re A Poem. By G. Bally, M. A. pr. 68. lating to the treasonable Papers found at Dodd. Oxford, pr. js. Rivington.

43. Poems moral and divine, pr, 15. 16. An historical Account of the rights Scott. of Elections in Great-Britain. By Mr. Carew, pr. il. 145. Nourse.

SERMONS, 17. The Censor, pr. 6d. Lowndes. 44. A Sermon at the Opening of Bishops,

13. Greek Particles translated into Eng. gate Church, Nov. 24, 1754. By T. Jones, lith, in alphabetical Order, pr. 18. Keith, M. A. pr. 6d. Robinson.

19. The Game of All-Fours, as it was 45. Concio ad Clerum in Synodo Pro. played at Oxford, pr. 61. Raym

vinciali Cant. provinciae ad D. Pauli, 20. Man; a new weekly Paper, pr. 2d. Nov. 15, 1754. Habita a Carolo Plumpa cach, Robinton.

tree, s. T. P. pr. 6d. Beecroft. 21. The Retrospector ; pr. 2d. each. 46. A Sermon before the Sons of the No 1, &c. and the lait. Payne.

Clergy at St. Paul's, May 9, 1754. By 22. The Friend, No. ). pr. 2d. Crowa J. Bucler, L. L. D. pr. 6d.' Tonron. der.

47. Two Discourses before the Univer23. The Conduct of

College fity of Oxford, against Lord Bolingbroke. considered, pr. 6d. Corbett,

By W. Parker, B. D. pr. is.

Baldwin. 24. An historical and critical Account 48. A Sermon preached at the Conseof the Life and Writings of James I. By cration of St. George's Chapel in the Pa. W. Harris, pr. 48. Fenner.

rith of Portfea, near Portsmouth, Sept. 17, 25. EiTays moral and miscellaneous.

1754. By P. Barton, L. L. D. pr. 6d. By the Rev. Dr. Fortescue, pr. 4s. Bald. Sandby. win.

49. Two Sermons on the divine Instie 26. Remarks on the Rev. Mr. Kenne tution of Marriage. By M. Merrick, di's Scripture Chronology, pr. 6d. Davis, I. L. B. pr. us, Baldwin,


Males 77%} 1485

21 133



51. 68 5l. 65


104 $





? Femal. 1177 } 2388








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51. 3$

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PRICES of STOCKS for each Day in JANUARY, BILLS of MORTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea 3 and {p.f3p.Cent.[S. S. An.f3 p. Cencz Ind. Bonds B.Cir. pif Wind at Weather | Bills of 'Mortality from STOCK.STOCK. STOCK Annu.oid Ann, new C. B. An. B. Annu. 1751. Ind. Ann.] præm. 11, S, d. Deal. London. Dec. 24. to Jan. 28. 133 104 1

102 102 1 103 $ 3

N. E. (now rain


6 E. N. E. cold rain
3 133

2 N. E. rain snow

Buried 104

5l. 55

6 N. W. clou.ín. fr. Sunday

N. froit snow Died under 2 Years old

734 104

cold thaw Between 2 and

206 104

6 clou. cold

5 and 10 66 $ 133

104 102

6 N, E. clou. cold

10 and 20


6 9 133 117 104

N. W. fair cold.

20 and 30

10 133

6 W. N. W. clou, cold

30 and 40

1 132 ) 184 1


40 and 50 263 12 Sunday Wrnow rain

50 and 60 210

102 1

S. W. frost snow

60 and 70 -- 176

104 1

I 5 o W.N. W. frost snow

70 and 80 123 19 132

104 104 102

0 N. by E. hard frost

80 and 90

69 16


6 N. W: hard frost

90 and 100

5 17 132 179


6 N. W. thaw
102 104

clo, warm

Within the Walls 19 Sunday

W. S. W.

cloudy Without the Walls 590

6 S. E.

clo. warm In Mid. and Surrey 1093

6 S, S. W.

cold rain

City & Sub, Weit. 480

S. W.

frost 23 132 1


6. S. S. W. hard frost

S. W.


Weekly Dec. 31 481 25

103 104

51. 55 6. N. N, W. front

Jan. '7. 26, Sunday

N. E.

14 505
27 130 175

100 41. 28

6 N. E.

28 129 $



31. 155 o 12 6 N. N E. frost


29 130 175
107 9100

31. 155 0 12 6 N. by E. thaw

Wheaten Peck Loaf is. 7d.

Pcafe 235. to 245. per Q.
Mark lane Exchange. Basingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Birmingham.


Abingdon. Wheat 255.0dq 081. ros load 081. ois load 071. ous load |081. oos load 07h. 10load +561 to 45 cod 8. 105. to gl. 125.60.1d. Jogl. gs. to sol. 6d. load. Barley 135 to 145 6d. 178 to 19 qr 218 to 20 gr 185 to 21 qr 1,175 to 2090 20s to do qr 2s 4d to 2s6d 165. ta 173. 64.

16s. to 175.. Oats iis to 135 6d. 148 to 16 6d 185 to 19 135 to 153 139 to 16 001 128 to 1560 1590 to 28 od 135. od. to 155. od. p.9. 135. 6d. to 158. ood. Beans 165 to 185 64, 238 to 25 od 228 to 26 223 to 255 | 228 to 24 ood | 285 to 30 35 20 to 3840 | 18s, 64. to 193.

185 od. to igs.od.,



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tiny Bill.

Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For FEBRUARY, 1755

To be Continued. (Price Six Pence each Montb.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, sban any Monthly Book of tbe lame Price.) 1. Extract from Theron and Afpalio.

XXII. Sir Isaac Newton's admirers reproved. JI. French Policy in America.

XXIII. The Life of Sir Richard Steelc, Kat, III. Extract from a Sermon of Dean Swift. XXIV. Lunar Eclipse, with a Type. IV. Story of K.William and the E.of Porrland. XXV, Sulden Revolution in Algiers. V. Affecting Picture of the Cattle-Distemper. XXVI. POETRY. A new Song, fet to Mu. VI, Account of Fielding's Voyage.

fick ; a new Country. Dance ; Ode on the VII. Delcription of Radnorshire.

Powers of Eloquence ; Love for Love ; VIII. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po Cupid's Arrow; on a Diamond Buckle to

litical CLUB, &c. continued : Contain the Breeches behind ; Verses life in a ing the SPLECHES of A. Bæculonius Grotto, with the Answer ; Prologue to and C. Cæcilius, on the Eart-India Mu. the Fairies ; Strephon to Laura ; on the

Death of the Rev. Mr. Kiniber, &c. &c. IX. A modern Sect of Philosophers.

XXVII. Cornewall's Murument defcribed, X. Character of Sporus, &c.

with the Inscription. XI. Negotiations of Count d'Estrades. XXVIII. Mr. Craiesteyn's Will. XII. Charles I. ruined by France.

XXIX. Tlie MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : XIII. The Secret of Fire-eating.

Catile in culated ; Sheriffs appointed ; XIV. Strange Frolicks of Bucks and Bloods. Ruffian Ambassador's Ball; Proclamatia XV, Our Wants and Defires distinguished. on for Seamen, &c. Indigo raited, AdXVI. View of Lord Bolingbroke's Philofo. vices from the East Indies ; Coal Fever in phy.

Newgate; Fires, &c. &c. XVII. Description of a new Sea Telescope, XXX. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; with a Cut.

XVIII, Account of a new Sect of Evites. XXXI. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
XIX. Mischiefs of Card-playing.

XXXII. Monthly Bill of Mortality.
XX. Receipt to make Dauphiny Soup.


XXXIV. A Catalogue of Bunks. With a new and accurate MAP of RADNORSHIRE, and a fine HEAD of Sir

RICHARD STEELE, Knt. both neatly engraved.

MUL T U M I N PARV 0. L'ONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at the Rofe in Pater-Noller-Row; of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any single Month to complear Sets.

prepare Rice.




time of peace


C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.
- XTRACT From Hervey's Theron and Strong arguments against him bid.

51 Description of a new lea telescope, with a
Kefections on reading

75 Wonders discovered by the telescope 52 Account of a new sect of Evites

76 French policy in America ibid. How to be eatabluned

ibid. Story of K. Williain and the E. of Port Mischiefs of card.playing


Game of whift iniquitous

Extract from a fermon of dean Swift ibid. Receipt to make Dauphiny roup 78
Attecting picture of the cartie diftemper 54 Vindication of the essay on Sporus ibid.''
Account of Fielding's journal

55 Receipt ¢¢ prepare rice for a number of Reflcctions on tic inhumanity of mankind persons

19 ibid, Account of M. Bouebe's famous project Description of RADNORSHIRI. 56

icid. The Journal of a learned and political Panegyrists of Sir Isaac Newton upacCLUB, &c. continued

57-63 quainted with his true excellencies 80 Debate on the East-India mutiny bill con The life of Sir Richard Steele, Kot. with tinued

ibid. his head curiously engraved ibid. Sreeck Of A. Bæculonius, against the bill His writings and character

S1 57 Entertain, so bergars

ibid. Military power safer under i he prerogative Lunar eclipse calculated

82 than under an act of parliament ibid. A mathematical question

ibid. The king cannot establith martial law in Type of the lunar ecliple

83 58 Revolution in sliers

ibid. How it is exercised in America ibid. POETRY. A new fong set to musick 84 Danger of making a precedent of this na A new country dance ture

59 Ode on the powers of eloquence ib.d. Remarkable speech of M. Dupleix ibid. Love for love

86 Traders and foldiers cannot agree ibid. Cupid's arrow

ibid. New laws only to be made wlien neces On a gentleman's diamond buckle behind sary бо his breeches

ibid. SPEECH of C. Cæcilius in favour of the Verles lett in a grotto at Richmond, and bil ibid. answer

ibid. Meaning of prerogative 61 Prologue to the Faisies

87 Necetlity of a law io atlit it

Strephon to Laura

ibid, ' State of attirs in the East-Indies 62 To his royal highness the prince of Martial law necelry in an army ibid.

ibid. hillory, Riengihens the afTertion 63 An epifle to Harmonia

88 That it was exercised in the reigns of The British Tul y

ilid. Chiarics and James II.

ibid. 'On the death of the Rev. and learned Mr. Account of a lucern fuct of philosophers Ifaa: Kimber


The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIÁ 89 Sory of an adept at Venice ibid. Cattle inoculated, and method of perruined persons tire rema kably well 65 forming it

ibid, Vice heit reproved characteristically ibid. List of the theriffs for 1755

ibid. Charadier of Spurus 66 Rullian anbasador's ball

ibid. Reply to it ibid. Indigo culiivaitd

ibid. Negotiations of count D'Entrades 67 Advices from adinirals Watson and loIncriçues of cardinal Richlieu ibid. coche

со Charies 1. ruired by France, with reflec Corno all's monument described, will

68 the infcription le fecret of fire cating 69 Craiefteyn's lait will

ibid. Frolicks of Bucks and Boods 70 Dreadful fires

89, 90 Stories to that porpore

ibid. Marriages and births Modern frolichs amongst ladies


92 Our wanis and delires not properly dil Ecclefiaftical preferments

ibid. tingurihed

ibid. Promocións, Aleiai, in the list of parl. 94 innocent poverty preierable to anxious Plays, &c. acted at the Theates itid. wealth 72 FOREIGN AFFAIRS

94 View of lord Bolingbroke's philosophy A catalogue of bool's

95 ibid. Prives of stocks and grain ; wind, wtaHis method of writing


And in ouliitencies

Monthly bill of morrality

ibid. Werturm, thanks to our ingenious correfponderis, for five al excellent prices received, ne bichave Love bein obliged to omit for want of room; but youll ba;-vertid in mur itexi, particulari; she' pacco ercised by F. P. und ib: curious twikemariçal quefiion of wr'B. wbicho lijz samne iea bulle as nie nowy teuzi il copies of verfuse




ibid. 91

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happens, that in reading all, they digest Extract from the Rev. Mr. HERVEY's none. They taste fome empty and trantient THERON and ASPASIO.

amusement, but collect nu folid or lasting

advantage, Their minds are somewhat To give our Readers a Specimen of bis elegant like those capacious looking-glasses, which

Performance, we jhail oblige iben with an we have seen exposed in the most frequent. extral from the 61b Dialogue, by whicb ed and populous ftreets of London. They they will judge of the riutkor's Srile and Munec. Whefe Dialogues certainly abound a receive all manner of thadowy images,

bur no substantial impression. A thousand with many friking brauties, peculiar 10 ibis figures pass through them, not one abides polne and pious Writer. THERON and

in them. ASPASIO are supposed to hove entered

Our books replied Alpafio, as well as the Study of ibe jormer, which is firft de our friends, should rather be relea? than fcribed.

For my part, I would delire CHIMNEY-piece of grey no more than two or three of the most

marble, with plain, but correct and masterly writers in any fcience. bold and protuherant B These a perfon of moderate capacity may mouldings, formed a very be able to comprehend ; ani! not comprehandsome appearance.

hend only, but enrich bis memory with In various liule niches, the choicest sentiments, and take the were fixed elegant hurts; rubiance of their works his own. - He

and on the several in will by repetition and familiar converse, terstices, bung beutiful prints; repre enter into their fpirit, and acquire their senting many of the mort eininently

While a ramler in reading, learned men, who were the ornaments c does lictle more than gratify his fancy, and bleilings, both of ancient and mo without refining his taste or amending 115 dein tines. The thelves, all around, heart. were accommodated, not encumbered Upon this Afpasio turned himself ; and with books. Aspaho, running over the espied, in one corner of the apartment, letierid backs, obierved a collection of the the celestial and terrestrial glches; in anomost valuable authors, in history and ther, a larze reflecting telescope ; and on natural philofophy, in poetry and divinity. the top of a burve, one or two of the best You will ealily perceive, said Theron, microscopes.

D that I am somewhat singular in furnishing Thele intruments, resumed Theron, my study, as well as in ornamenting the have opened an inexhaustible fund of avenue. My books are not for thew, the finest entertainments. They have but use; and claim a regard, rather on furnired us with new eyes; and brought account of their worth, than their num.

up, I may venture !o say, a new world ber.-An immense multitude of volumes, into our view. They give us a light of I have always thought, is more likely to worders, that may seem incredible to the embarrass the attention, than to improve incurious vuliar, and were utterly un. the undersanding. A huge library seems E known to the most inquifitive fages of to resemble a perplexing labyrinth ; and an iquity. They charm the eye with a often bewilders the mind, instead of lead. diiplay of inimitable beauties, where 'no. ing it expeditiously to the acquisition of thing worthy of notice was expe&ed. truth.

They throw the mind irlo a pleasing trani. When people are eager to peruse a pore of admirarion ;cand Liam rhi meanmultiplici:y of writings, it frequentiy eit, loweit objects, raise the mon amaie

February, 1755.


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