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FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1755. Sept. ANOVER, August 22. As it is ahout the end of July it failed from Ca.

foreseen that France will not leave diz, and arrived at Breft the third instant, her disputes with England to the decision having picked up one of our small men of the naval forces of the two crowns, of war, the Blandford, in its voyage expresses have been sent to the several home. And from Canada they have an courts that are bound to furnith troops account, that their squadron with the for the service of Great- Britain, to keep troops on board was arrived there ; and them in constant readiness to march that it is computed they have now 23,000 wherever their presence may be judged effective men at that place, including necessary.

their garrisons. But the most important Hanover, August 26. It is reported, article relaxing to a war in Europe is what that a certain power hath obtained per follows. mission to form magazines in some parts Venice, xy?ugust 25. We learn from of Westphalia, in consequence of very Constantinojile, that Osmyn JI1, has rea great advantages which will thereby accrue called the late deposed vizier, Ali-Pacha. to the prince to whom those places be Hekim Oglou, and given him orders to long : But we can scarce give credit to affemble an army of 50,000 men, comthele reports.

posed of troops that may be depended Hague, Sept. s. The elecior of Co. upon. When this army is compleated, logne is arrived at Venice, under the title we shall know with some degree of cerof the count de Werth : The count de tainty what the views of his sublime Guebriant, the French ambaffador, ac highness are. companies him.

In the mean time his mort Chriftian Since his departure it is known, that majesty seems to have got a vidory over he has consented to the erecting of ma the obstinacy of his ecclefiafticks, for gazines for the French in Westphalia, so from Paris we hear, that it hath been rethat the reason of his journey is no longer folved hy a great majority, in the general a secret,

allembly of the clergy, that the rejecting And by the last advices we are told, the Bull Unigenitus is not a just cause for that the British minister at this elector's refusing the sacraments to any personi court, has been ordered to retire without And that the finews of war may not be taking leave.

wanting, his majesty has granted a new By the same advices we are told, that lease to his farmers general, for which the count d'Aubeterre, envoy extraor they are to pay him 110 millions of livres, dinary from France, hath made a decla. which is seven millions a year more than ration to the ministry of Vienna, im the last ; and they have engaged to ad. porting, “ That the warlike deligns with vance liim on the first of next month the which the king his master is charged, are sum of 60 millions, at 41. per cent. fufficiently confused by his great modera. Madrid, August 19. As the taking rion, of which all Europe hath manifold of the two men of war by the English proofs ; that his majetty is persuaded this in America has given occafion to several groundless charge hath given as much in reflections, from the confideration that dignation to their imperial majesties as to war was not declared, and that the difhimself; that he is firmly resolved to pre ferences between the crowns of France serve to Christendom that tranquillity and England related only to the continent which it enjoys thro' his fidelity in reli of America, Sir Benjamin Keene has, in giously observing the treaty of Aix-la. answer thereto, offered the following Chapelle ; but that if his Britannick ma confiderations : That it was well jesty's allies take part in the war which is known that the French fleet carried kindled in America, by furnishing suc troops, ammunition, and every thing necours to the Englith, his majesty will be cefTary for defending the territories which authorised to consider and treat them as had been by the French unjustly taken principals in it." And that France hath poffeffion of, and of which the English caused the same declaration to be made to claim the property : That the rules of other courts.

feli-defence authorize people to render In pursuance of these declarations we fruitless every attempt that may tend to hnd by all accounts from France, that prejudice them : That only this right had they are making great preparations for a been made use of in taking the two land war in Europe, but we hear very French men of war, and that the distinc. little of their preparations for a sea war ; tion of place must be interpreted in favour tho' they have had the good luck to get of the English, seeing the two thips were their squadron safe home, which was fup taken upon the coast of the cuuntries posed to be blocked up at Cadiz, by our where the contest arore." Iquadron under admiral Hawke ; for


FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1755. 455 Genoa, Aug. 12. Ever since we heard Naples, Aug. 12. The whole city juftly of hoftilities in America' between the resounds with the praises of the marquis French and English we have been upon de Fogliani, the new viceroy of Sicily, for the Qui-vive. The tin, lead, falt-petre, the following act of frict justice. The sugar, &c. that were in the warehouses prince of Ventimiglia - refused to pay to a are bought up. It is reported, that some merchant of Palermo a just debt of a 1000 new fortification will be added to this city, ducats, The mercbant complained to the to the gulph of Spezzia, and that of Va. viceroy, who ordered the prince to pay the do. The workmen make all possible haste money. Accordingly he sent for the mer. to finish the new fort of San Remo. chant and paid him. As he was coming Eut the worst omen of all is, that the away, the servants asked him for some graarms of England, placed over the consul's tification in such a manner that he deter-. door, have received the same insult which mined to give them nothing, upon which was given in the last century to those of they ftruck him ; going back to complain France, and which was avenged by the to their master, he would not so much as famous bombardment we underwent in hear him, but ordered him to be thrown 1684. That is to say, they were found out of the window; and he was so much in the morning of the 7th instant covered bruised that he lived but a few days. The with human ordure. The English consul viceroy caused the prince's palace to be complained to the senate, and some sur surrounded by a detachment of soldiers, pected persons were immediately taken whom the prince not at thro'the windows into custody, and a reward of 400 pistoles and killed seven. Whereupon the viceroy offered to any that would discover the au ordered the house to be set fire to ; upon thors of this infult, which cannot go un which the prince and his servants furrenpunished; but it is generally thought they dered, and in 24 hours he was tried and will not be found out, as it is supposed beheaded ; some of his servants were hang-, they were set on by a certain powerful ed, and the rest sent to the gallica, party which is impatient to see this republick engaged in new broils.

pr. is.

The Monthly Catalogue for September, 1755.

I. N enigmatical Question relating

13. An Effay on the Gout. By N. to Things sacred and divine. By Robinson, M. D. pr. 2s. 60. sewed. RoJ. Johnson, pr. is. Keith.

binson. 2. A free and necessary Enquiry con 14. A practical Essay on the Cure of cerning the Liturgy of the Church of venereal, scorbutick, arthritick, leprous, England, pr. is. 6d.

scrophulous, and cancerous Disorders. By 3. Christian Piety freed from the many J. Higgs, pr. is. Baldwin. (See p. 4:8.) Delusions of modern Enthufiafts, pr, 3d. ENTERTAINMENT and POETRY. Oliver.

15. Tom Browne's compleat Jester, 4. The second part of a Reply to Dr.

Henderson. Sharp's Review and Defence of his Diller 16. The Portrait of Vanity and Folly, tation on the Scripture Meaning of Be or the Coxcomb diffected, pr. 6d. Grin, rith.' By J. Bate, A. M. Withers.


17. A Sermon occasioned by the Death 5. Two Letters to the Autliors of the of the Rev. Mr. J. Morris. By J. BurMonthly w, pr. 6d. Noon.

roughs, pr. 6d. Whiston. 6. Naked Truth, pr. 60. Price.

18. A Sermon on the Death of the 7. An Epistle to Mr. Voltaire, upon Rev. Mr. J. Read. By G. Benson, D. D. his Arrival at his Eftate near the Lake of

Nocn. Geneva, pr. 15. Dodsey.

19. A Sermon preached at Gloucester, 8. A Letter from a Member of Parlia Aug. 14, 1755, at the Opening of the ment to a Duke, pr. 6d. Comper,

Infirmary. By G. Talbot, pr. 6d. Dodfley. 9. The Connoisseur. By Mr. Town,

A Sermon before the provincial to be continued on Thursdays, No 84, 5, grand Master, and general Communica6, 7, pr, 2d. each. Baldwin.

tion of free and accepted Masons, at Phi10. The World, No 140, 1, 2, 3, pr. ladelphia, Jan. 24, 1755. By W. Smith, 2d. each. Dodney.

A. M. pr. 6d. Griffiths. 11. The Monitor, No 4, 5, 6, 7, pr. 21. A Sermon. By J. Wesley, pr. zdo 2d. each. Scott. (See p. 405.)

Robinson, 12. A Letter to the People of England 22. A Sermon preached at Durham, at on the present Situation and Conduct of the Allizes held there, July 24, 1755. national Affairs, pr, 18.

Scott. (See p. By W. Forster, M, A. pr. 6d. Innys. 403.)


pr, 6d.


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PRICES of s roUKS for each Day in S E PT EMBER, BILLS of MORTALITY, &c.

BANK INDIA (South Sea South Sea South Sea 3 and {p:3p. Cent. S. S. An.13p.Cent. Ind. Bonds B.Cir. Pil Wind at Ö STOCK. STOCK. STOCK. Annu.oid, Č. B. An. B. Annu.

Weather BILLS of Mortality from 1751. ind. Ann. præm. I. sd.

Deal. 30, 122

London. Aug, 26. to Sept. 23. 92 92 g

il. 198 3 17 6W, N. W. rain

Males 5901

N, W. rain

Femal. 586

92 92 91 91

0 E. N. E. rain

Males 686


S. W. rain

? Femal. 768 1454 94

93 92 91

S. W.

rain clou. Died under 2 Years old 580


21. Os 4

N. W. clou, rain Between 2 and

5 - 133
91 w clou, rain

sand 10 4.0
92 92
91 90 90

6 W. N. W.

10 and 207! Sunday


N. W. rain 93

6 W. N. W. rain

30 and 40


92 91 91 90

6 S. W. rain 1221

40 and 50 - 734 93

92 91

6 W, N. W. fair rain

so and 60

109 93 92 92 91

4 6 W. S. W fair

4 6 W. N, W. fair rain

70 and 80
94 92 92 3 ga

51 911 6 W, N. W. fair

8o and 14, Sunday

90 27
N. W. fair

go and 100 - 6
92 % 92

+ 6 W. S, W., fair clou.

4 2 6W. S. W. fair

14 54
17 123

Within the Walls
94 92

93 92

4 6 E. N. E. fair


Without the Walls 325
104 94


14 6 W.

fair 19

In Mid. and Surry 675 104 94 92 93 $ 92

14 6 E. N. E. fair

City & Sub, Weft. 345 95 93 & 93

21, 25 4 5

N. E. rain 21 Sunday

E, N, E, rain

95 93 } 93


Weekly Scpt. 2 377
166 1

93 93
5 E. by N. fair

9 345 24)

95 93 94 93 93 5 ON, E. bye.



21. 35 4 5 E. N. E cloudy


N. N. E. fair rain

95 93
93 93

N. E.


Wheaten Peck Loaf 18. 8d. 28 Sunday

N. E. rain

Pease 238. to 245. per Q.
95 93

S. cloudy Tares 23s. to 24.5. per Q.
Mark lane -xchange. Basingiloke. Reading
Farnha na. Henley. Guildford. Birmingliam.


Wheat 238.00 255.6dq 061. ros luad 1971. 19, load | 261. 17, load 071. 155 load 071. oss load 1860 10 45 rod 08. 103. to gl. 12s.6d.ld. ogl. gs. to rol. 6d. load.
Barley 125 to 145 od. ( 135 to 15 ar 158 10 1 ar 45 to 15 or 155 to 18:11 145 to 16 9:23 46 1028 6d 16s. to 17s, 6d.

163, to 173. Oats ris to 135 od. Izs to 1401 145 to 16 45 to 15$ 139 to 18 cod | 125 to 14 6d 1890 to 25 od 135. od. to 155. od. p.q. 135. 6d. to 158. ood. Beans 15$ro 16s od. 1 199 10 23 78 11961013 0 TO 215 218 10 23 ood| 245 to 26 35 20 to 3840 | 18. 6d. to 198.

185. od. to 198. od. p. a. LOTTIRY SICKETS, Sapke 3. yio 170. od.-10. gl. 135, 6d.-11. jol, os. od.-13. gl. 165. 60.-18. gl. 188. od.-26. gl. 145. od,

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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer

For OCTOBER;" * 1755.

To be continueri. Price Six Pence each Morini
Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in 207\/ly, than any Monthly Book of the fame Price.)
I. New Theory of Light and Colours.

XXV. Alhance of Church and State defended,
Il Nature and Produce of Beetles.

XXVI. Authors methodical Madmen.
III. Of the Perspiration of Vegetables. XXVII. Method of Fowling in Norway.
IV. List of the French Navy.

XXVIII. Fondness for Animals facirized.
V. - of our Ministers abroad.

XXIX, POETRY. To the D-kc de M--X;
American Governors.

Boasting Mule ; True Concord ; Song on
VII. - the Commisioners of Trade, &c. Miss Isabella; on a Lady's Picture ; Pray.
VIII. Mathemagical Questions and Solutions. er to Venus ; on Lady T__'s Chinese
IX. Utility of Broad-Wheels,

House ; True-Blue, a Song ; Ode to the X. Life of Sir John Suckling.

17ch of August ; Sonnet ; Chit-Chat; XI. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po wrote in Forbes's Works ; the dying Go.

litical CLUB, &c. continued : Contain neral; the Lover's Invitation; Epigrams;
ing the SPEECHES of Pofthumus Co Fair Delia, a Song ler to Mutick, and a
* minius, and Manius Valerius on the vot. new Country-Dance,
ing of Copyhoiders as Elections.

XII. Of the War, Subsidies and Taxes. Transactions of our Sea Forces and Ad.
XIII. of Insuring Foreign Ships.

vices from America ; Warlike PreparatiXIV, Of Knowledge and Ignorance.

ons ; Couri Martial ; Irith Modal; AcXV. Character of Cramwell and his Club. count of the Cherokees ; Letrer from Sir XVI. Terms in Carving.

Alexander Coming ; Seftions at the Old-
XVII. Strictures on the English Language. Bailey, Fires, &c. &c. &c.
XVIII. Difress of a suffering Family. XXXI. Proniotions; Marriages and Eirths;
XIX. Matlock Bath defcribed.

XX. Letter from Conftantinople.

XXXII. Plays acted at the Theatres,
XXI. Large Calculus in a Mare.

XXII. Of Archimedes's burning Speculum. XXXIV. A Catalogue of Books,
XXIII. Account of the British America. XXIV, Prices of Stocks for each Day.
XXIV. A dreadful Malacre.

XXXVI. Monthly Bill of Mortality.
With a Head of Sir Jul!N SUCKLING ; a Prospect of NATIOCE-RAT#, and a View of the
Method of FOWLING, in Norway, curious; engraved on Copper.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, at the Rofe in Pater-Noller-Row;
Of whom may be had, conplaat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Time, neatly Bcund, or

Stitch'd, or any lingie Month to compleat Sets.

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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.
New theory of light and colours 459 A dreadful massacre

485 Revenged on the Indians

ibid. Of the perspiration of vegetables

Virginia and Somer island companies difAn authentick list of the French navy 461 solved Lift of his majesty's ministers abroad 462 Alliance between church and state de-the American governors ibid. fended

ibid. the commissioners of trade, &c.ibid. Authors methodical madmen 487 Mathematical questions and solution ibid. Refle&ion of the Stoicks

ibid. 464 Methods of fowling in Norway Utility of broad wheels demonftrated 463 Dreadful dangers attending them 489 Life of Sir John Suckling 464 Dexterity of the fowlers

ibid. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Political Visit to Mrs. Penelope Doat's nursery 490

CLUB, &c. continued 465-472 Fondness for animals satirized ibid. SPEECH of Pofthumius Cominius on the And set in a ridiculous light

491 voting of copyholders at elections 465 Extraordinary card metlage

ibid. - 468 Poltry. Fair Delia, a song set to musick The time improper to discuss the question 465 Mr. Tapner's jigg

493 And the method for determining it

466 To the d-ke de M--x on his departure Agreeing to the motion would be unjust

ibid. 467 The boafting mule

ibid. Danger of making the office of heriff True concord

ibid. more difficult 468 Song on Miss Isabella

ibid, SPEECH of Manius Valerius, in answer Epigram on a lady's picture to the foregoing ibid. Prayer to Venus

ibid. The question miftaken

469 Epigram on lady T-m's house ibid. Which may be decided by aas of parlia True-blue, a long

ibid, ment ibid. Ode to the 17th of August

ibid. Which exclude all copyholders from vo Sonnet in Shakespear imitated 495 ting

470 Chit-chat, by Mr. Hackett ibid. A late election makes a decision of the Character of the late Q. Mary

ibid. question necessary

471 Wrote in a blank leaf of Forbes's works No copyholder equally independent with

496 a freehoider

472 On reading certain contemplations, &c. War and taxes considered ibid.

ibid, Incomium on an ancient senator 473

On Sherlock's discourses

ibid. Present state of insurances ibid. On the defeat on the Ohio

ibid. Insurance of foreign ships pernicious 474 The lover's invitation

ibid. Ignorance may be rational


The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR 497 Universal knowledge not desirable ibid. Transactions of our rea forces ibid. Humorous account of a bon vivant 476 Court-martial at Portsmouth ibid. Character of Cramwell and his club 477 Sessions at the Old-Bailey

ibid, Strictures on the terms used in carving ibid. Warlike preparations

ibid. Our language unintelligible

Irish medal

498 Complicated distress of a suffering family Advices from America

ibid, 479 Account of the Cherokees

ibid. Matlock bath described

Letter from Sir Alex. Cuming, with a Account of the late earthquake at Con further account of the Cherokees 499 ftantinople ibid. Marriages and births

500 Fate of the city of Sivas 481 Deaths

ibida Large calculus found in a mare ibid. Ecclefiaftical preferments

501 Of the burning the fleet of Marcellus 482 Promotions civil and military ibid. By Archemedes's burning speculum ibid. Persons declared bankrupts

502 Father Kircher's experiment thereon ibid. Plays, &c. acted at the theatres

ibid. And problem


503 Account of the plantations continued ibid. Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, weaVirgicians opprefied by James I. 484 ther

504 Good regulations in the colony ibid. Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. Mr. A. B. of Ongar, fall be obliged; the mathematical pieces lately received shall be inserted in due time, and the advice of Villum followed. Tbe orber poem from our old correspordent R. D. is ready to be returned, for as it has been sent to anotber Collection, we cannot infers

Tbo' 15 picces of poetry this month are originals, we are fill in arrear to many kind correspondents, who shall be gratified in their turns, and may eafily perceive our firiet impariialing by the ibru last montbs : Irdecdibeir produElions do bonour to our Magazine.

A D V E R T I SEM E N T. All Sorts of ALMANAC KS for the Year 1756, will be published

together at STATIONERS-HALL, on Tuesday, November 18, 1755.


it in ours.

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