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1955. The Monthly Catalogue for Auguft, 1755. 399 cruizers upon the coasts of Spain for the ing up, drawn up a memorial relating to protection of their trade ; and there the present religious disputes in that kingcruizers have made free with some of the dom, which was signed by all of them, little barks carrying provisions from Te. except fix prelates, and was to have been fuan to Gibraltar, under pretence of the presented to the king ; but when the car. cargo's being the property of the Moors. dinal de Rochefoucault, their president, The reizing of Mandrin in the territory waited on the king to know when his of Savoy had also like to have involved majesty would be attended for that purthem in a rupture with the king of Sar. pore, all the answer he received was, that dinia, for tlie ambassadors at the respec they ought to conform to his declaration tive courts were thereupon recalled ; but of the ad of Sept. which he had charged this affair has been fince accommodated, his parliament to see duly executed. The on condition that the French court thall bishops not being satisfied with this anfend fone person of diftindion upon a swer, the cardinal, at their desire, waited folemn ambassy to Turin to excuse this again on the king with their complaints infult, and make good all the damage against the parliament, particularly for that was thereby done in the dutchy of their grossly abufing the power intrusted Savoy.

to them by his majesty, to which he only The late assembly of the clergy of answered, that he would talk to the firit France had, it seems, before their break president about that matter. The Monthly Catalogue for August, 1755.

16. Epitre de M. Voltaire, pr. 6d. DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY.

HE Siudent and Pastor. By J. 11. Observations on the English Let.

Malon, A.M. pr. 2s. Buckland. ters. By S. Rudd, M. D. pr. is. Davey. 2. A Scale of first Principles, religious 18. Policy and Justice, an Ellay, pre and moral. By C. Fieming, pr. 6d. Crowder. Noon.

19. A Letter to the Author of rome PHYSICK and SCIENCE.

Confiderations on the Act to prevent 3. An Introduction to the Italian Lan clandestine Marriages. Cooper. guage. By G. Barretti. In ; Vol. 8vo.

20. The Ordinary of Newgate's Ac. pr. 65. Millar.

count, pr. 60, Griffiths. 4. The Concise Practical Measurer, pr. el. A Proposal concerning disemper'd IS, 6d. Piers.

Cattle. By M. Fleming, M. D. pr. 18. 5. Reflections on now and painful La Bladon. bours, and other Subjects in Midwifry. 22. A faithful Narrative of the preBy G. Wates, M. D. pr. is. 60.. Keith. tended Gunpowder Plot, at the Hay

6. The Printer's Grammar. By 1. market. By Mr. Lockinan, Smith. În i Vol. 8vo. pr. gs. Cooper. G. Woodfall.

7. Philosophical Transactions, for the 23. The 16th and last Volume of Rol. Year 1754. Vol. XLVIII. Part 11. In lin's Roman History, pr. 55. Kaap450, pr. 125. in Sheets. Davis. (See

24. The Laugher; or, the Art of Jeft8. De affectibus Animi & Morbis inde

ing, pr. 15. 64. Reeve. oriundis, à G. Baker, M. B. Whiston.

25. Marriage in Society stated. By J. 9. A compleat Body of Húsbandry, Tunstall, D. D. pr. is. Rivington. pr. 6d. cach Number. Osborne.

26. The World, No 139. 10. A Treatise on the three Medicinal 27. The Connoisseur, No 83. Mineral Waters at Llandrindod.

28. The Monitor, or British Freeholder, D. W. Linden, M. D. pr. 6s. Owen. No 1, 2, 3, to be continued wcekly, pr.

11. The Method and plain Process for 2d. Scott. making Pot-Aih. By T. Stephens, pr.

SERMONS. Is. 60. Griffiths,

29. A Sermon preached at St. Mary's, MISCELLANEOUS.

in Oxsord, June 22, 1755. By W. Sharpe, 12. The compleat Letter Writer, pr. D. D. pr. 6d. Rivington. Crowder,

30. Two Sermons by the Rev. Mr. 13. Authentick Memoirs of Lewis Cooke, of Leeds, pr. is. Longden. Mandrin, pr. is. Cooper.

31. The Necessity of the Spirits Help 14. The Monthly Reviewers review'd. in Prayer. By J. Stevens, pr. 6d: Keith. By an Antigallican, pr. 6d. Sandby. 32. The Methods of promoting Edifi.

15. Lettres de Louis XIV. aux Princes cation by Publick Institutions. By J. de l'Europe, par M. Morelly. In 2 Vols. Fordyce, pr. 6d. Wilson. 12010. Croider.


pr. 6d.


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Buried Alphes

, 909 ? Femal. 807_1716

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BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea' 3 and 1p-13 p. Cent. S. S. Aw.3 p. Cont. Ind. Bonds B.Cir. p. Wind at Weather Bills of Mortality from
STOCK. STOCK. STOCK. Annu.oid C. B. An. B. Annu.

Ind. Ann.
præm. 1. s. d.

Deal. London. July 22. to Aug. 26. 30 123

94 93 92

91 i


34 1234


6 W,

Femal. 657} 1339 94 93 92

il. 125 3 7 6 N. W. rain 95 94 94 93 92 92 il. 125 3 7 6 w. Sunday

N. W. rain Died under 2 Years old 720
95 94 93 92

92 il. 145 3 10 N. W. rain Between 2 and

S 166

92 il. 155 13 10 o W. S, W. rain

5 and 10 49
104 6
95 94 ) 94

92 il. 158 13 10


10 and 20

52 95 94

92 ul. 165 3 10
N. E. rain

20 and 30 ICO

il. 165 3 10 N. E. cloudy

3a and 40 9 123

167 } 104 95 93 93

92 il. 165 3 10


40 and 50

160 10 Sunday

warm rain

131 95 93 93 92 92 1 92

il. 16s 3 10
N. fair rain

il. 165 3 10
N. clou. rain

70 and 80 80

Il. 16s 3 12 6 S. E.

28 14

94 } 93


il. 175 13 13
6 E. fair, rain

go and 100
93 92 9!

il. 1753 12
6 N. E. fair

1716 166 104 94

93 93 91 91 * il, 178 315

N. rain

Within the Walls 123 171 Sunday

N. clou. fair

Without the Walls 376 18

94 93 93 92

il. 1753 15

S. W. rain

In Mid. and Surry 865 19

94 93 93 92

o W. S. W. il, 175 3 15


City & Sub. Wert. 347
94 92
92 93

il. 185 13 15

o' S. S. W. 166


il, 18s 3 15

oS, W.bys. cloudy
122 }


Weekly July 29
90 1l. 183 3 15 W. S. W.

1 22
1031 94 92


il, 18s 3 15 S W.

Aug. 5 fair wind

--- 265 24 Sunday

S. W: cloudy

392 25

93 92 92 91

il. 1953 15
W. milling

26. 122
165 1


26 9T 90

il. 175 13 15 90


fair rain
27 122 165 &
93 91 92 90

oW. N. W. fair

23 122



il. 175 3 15

O N. by E. cloudy Wheaten Peck Loaf 15. 7d. 29

93 92 4 92 91

11. 18s 3 17 6 N. W. rain Peale 235. to 245. per Q. Mark lane Exchange. Baung Loke. Reading Farnham. Henley. Guildford, Birmingham.


Wheat 235.to25s.6dq 6l. 19, bad 071. 19s load 361. 173 load 071. 153 load 071.053 load 4s 64 60 45 rod 03. 1os. to gl. 125.6d, 1d. -9!. 93. to ici, 6d. load.
Barley 128 to 145 od 139 to 15 qr 158 to 18 qr las to 15 ar 145 to 1590 145 to 16 9:25 40 to 256d 16s, to 175. 60.

16s. to 175.
Oats i 15 to 13s ód.

13$ to 14 0d 145 to 16 145 to 153 13s (o 18 od 128 to 14 60 rsgd to ‘2$ od 135. od. 10 155. od. p.9. 135. 6d. to 15$. ocd. Beans 1gs to 16s od. | 195 to 23 od 1gs to 23 205 to 213 258 0 23 ood| 243 to 26 3$ 2d to 38 471 | Ss. 6d. to jos.

18. od. to,p. KLOTTERY TICKETS Aug bo gli 828 0..--13. Siittod. - 34. g!. aas, 6d.--23. yli 12. od.-26. gl. iis. 64.

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Price of corni

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Or, GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer. For SEPTEMBER,

1755 To be Continued. (Price Six. Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, than any Monthly Book of ibe fame Price.) I. Remarks on the Ohio Battle,

XXIV. Broad Wheels ; Bristol Watch. II. M- Conduet.

XXV. Resolutions about the African Com III. Maxims for Patriots.

pany. IV. Conduct of a War,

XXVI. POETRY. Ode on his Majesty's V. Quacks exploded.

Return ; on Patriotism ; the Molly BuwVI. List of Flag Officers.

er, with moral Notes from the Ancien's ; VII. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Po Cupid Triumphant, in answer to Bacchus

litical C L U B, &c. continued : Contain Triumphant; to Capt. Farquhar, recruiting the SPEECHES of Mamilius O&avius ing, with his Answer ; a Song set to Muand Sp. Cassius, on the Right of Copy fic and Miss Murray's Minuet. holders to vote at Elections.

XXVII. Cure for Disorders of the Stomach. VIII. Observations on Grafting.


King arrives ; City Address and Answer; X. Castration of Filh.

Treaty with Russia ; Discoveries ; Success XI. Picture of a drinking Woman.

of the Herring Fishery ; Disputes deterXII. Defence of Mr. Hervey.

mined in Ireland ; Tumuli opened in ScotXIII, Former and present Ladies of Fashion. land ; Advices from America ; Captures XIV, Account of Higgs's Effay.

on both Sides ; Parliament prorogued ; XV, Meditation among the Books.

Sessions at the Old Bailey, Execution ; XVI. Behaviour of Seamen.

Murder, Storms, Fires ; no Toll taken XVII. Account of the British America.

at Bartholomew Fair, Bristol Address, &c. XVIII. Bermudas settled,

XXIX. Promotions ; Marriages and Births; XIX. The Law's delay.

Deaths ; Bankrupts. XX. Anneley's Cafe.

XXX. Plays acted at the Theatres. XXI. French Officer's Speech.

XXII. Methods to secure the Indians.

XXXII. A Catalogue of Books.
XXIII. A SUMMARY of the most important XXXIII, Prices of Stocks for each Day.

Affairs of last Seffion of Parliament. XXXIV. Monthly Bill of Mortality. With a new and correct Map of the five great Lakes, part of Pensylvania, New-York, Canada, Hudson's-Bay Territories, &c. which completes the large Map of NORTH-AMERICA.

MULT U M IN PARV 0. LONDON : Printed for R. BALDWIN, at the Rose in Pater-Nofter-Row; Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Time, neatly Bound, or

Stitch'd, or any fingle Month to compleat Sets.

C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.

Ex Pun Becerra CN to Fort Du Quelle




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403 Remarks on the engagement there ibid. Bravery of the Americans

404 Mistakes of Gen. Braddock

ibid. Maxims for patriats

* 405 How a war ihould be conducted 406 Views of the French ministry ibid. D'Escherney on the stone, account of 407 Quackery displayed

408 Lilt of fag officers of the feet ibid. The Jouanal of a Learned and Political CLUB, &c. continued

409--419 SPEECH of Mamilius O&tavius, on the right of copyholders to vote at elections

409-415 When and how county elections were introduced

410 National assemblies of the Germans 411 Copyholders formerly flaves ibid. But now liberi & legales homines 412 Difficulties in admitting them to vote 413 And how they may by removed 414 SPZECH of Sp. Caffius, on the same subject

415-419 Saxon armies, how composed And in what manner they divided the kingdom

ibid. Mischiefs of admitting copyholders votes

417 Nature of a copyholder's claim to a vote

418 Observations on grafting

419 Several manners of grafting And how performed

ibid. Methods of grafting fruit trees 421 Remark on the sex of holly

422 Method to castrate fith

ibid. Urefulness of the operation

423 Picture of a drinking woman 424 And miseries of her family

ibid. Defence of Mr. Hervey

425 Satisfaction given for our fins Parallel between former and present ladies of fashion

427 Old English country life

428 Account of Higgs's essay

ibid. Meditation among the books

429 Enormous load of law

ibid. Farrago of authors

430 On the behaviour of seamen ibid. Notable speech of an admiral 431 Account of the plantations continued ibid. Fertility of Bermudas

432 Distress of the colony in Virginia ibid. And resolution to desert the country 433

Bermudas settled

434 Prodigious lump of ambergrease found

ibid. Pocahontas marries and arrives in Eng. land

435 She dies

ibid, The law's delay complained of Reflections on Mr. Annelley's case 437 French officer's speech to an Indian with

remarks A SUMMARY of the most important af

fairs in the last session of parliament concluded

439-443 Way !o remove the prejudice against broad wheels

440 Nightly watch for Bristol retiled

441 King's mellage and answer to an address

442 Resolutions about the African company

443 POETRY. Robin Hood, a song, set to music

444 Miss Murray's minuet

445 Ode on his majesty's return

443 On patriotism

445 The mossy bower, with notes. 446, 7 Cupid triumphant

448 To Capt. Farquhar, recruiting at Shrews. bury

ibid. Capt. Farquhar's answer

ibid, Cure for disorders of the stomach

452 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGIR 449 Treaty with Ruffia

450 Tumuli opened in Scotland 450, 451 Disputes in Ireland determined 451 Advices from America

ibid. Captures on both fides

450 Parliament prorogued

449 Murder, fires, storms City address and king's answer

449 Bristol address

452 No toll at Bartholomew fair

450 Success of the herring fishery ibid, Discoveries

ibid. Seffions at the Old Bailey, execution 449 Marriages and births

453 Deaths

ibid, Ecclefiaftical preferments

453 Promotions civil and military ibid. Persons declared bankrupts

ibid. Play3 acted at the theatres


454 A catalogue of books

455 Prices of stocks and grain ; wind, wea

ther Monthly bill of mortality


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ibid, 420

ibid. 450


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As tbe affair of the Oxfordshire election is determined, we hope ibe aulbor of the letter from Bicester, will consider that it is neither proper nor safe for us to insert it.

Norwitblanding our adding cigbe page, this monib, to our usual quantity, we bave been obliged 10 defer many pieces botb in prose arid verfe ; which shall be inserted in rbe order of time We recived ibom,




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and ravishing free-born fubjef?s from the To the AUTHOR of the LONDON arms of their wives and children ; and MAGAZINE,

such the result of the wisdom of our

m--conductors," As little will I de. SIR,

termine about the truth of wha: he afferts, Lately perused A Letter that a certain quaker, from bye ended to the People of Eng purposes, was at the bottom of the con. land, on the present Si. A trivance of Gen Braddock's expedition ; tuation and Conduct of but ihat it was useless and unnecessary i National Affairs, in think he has demonstrated, and that the which the author has taking of Niagara must have given us Du endeavoured to thew Quesne without a blow, because all rup

that vice and venality pies for that place are necessitated to pars have ever been the firft sources of nati by Niagara, and the communication be. onal decline and ruin, and that the com ing cut off, it must roon have been abanmon people in no nation have ever been doned by the French. I wish the characthe cause of their own corruption ; but B ter he bestows upon B--k, of heat, im. that it has always taken its scource from petuofity and arrogance, be not too juft; the polluted fountain of the great, and but he has paid for his mistakes with thence run muddy, thro' the multitude his life, and - de mortuis nil, risi borum. below. After settling this point, he ar However, Sir, as I am well acquainted raigns our m---y of folly and absurdity with warfare in America, if you will inin sending Mr. Bosiawen with a fieer enly sert the modest reniaiks from a late Gan of 11 thips of the line and one frigate to zecteer, on the fatal expedition above oppose a much stronger Squadron, owing C mentioned, you will oblige several of to their ignorance and want of intelli your military friends, and amongst others, gence of the number of the enemy,

Your constant reader,
which it was no hard matter to procure ;
and occafioned them to fend Mr. Hola
burne with fix mips of the line and one

Some Remarks on the late Engagement, near frigate 19 days after Mr. Boscawen, and

Fort du Quesne, on ibe Minongahela jo after the railing of the French feet,

River, in NOR TH-AMERICA. (See thereby exposing them both to fall a fa

p. 394.)
crifice to the enemy, had M Namara D
not returned to Europe. Whether what

PRST, it is obvious, that the disorder к

and precipitate retreat of the regihe says is conclusive I will not determine; ments of Sir Peter Halket and Col. Dun. but sure the following paragraph is too bar were the immediate effect of a parick, severe and unguarded : " We have cau. excited by their being surprized, and fired tioned and not chastised the French upon in Aank by the French Indians that have sent a brave admiral, brave officers, lay in ambush in the woods." brave failors, and 17 line of battle Tips Secondly, that the chief leader only on a useless parade to Nova Scotia, at an can be regarded as the first cause this immense expence, to take two French


unfortunate deseat, wlio was guilty of a men of war and to lose one of our own. Thameful neglect in not previously searchWe have been the witnesses to the landing ing the woods and thickets, by small their troops in America, and not prevent flanking parties of our Indians : This ed their expedition. Such is the conclu neglect is more surprising, fnce this ne. fion of all the boasted lecrecy, dispatch, cellary caution is a point of duty that is September, 1755.

Ege 2



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