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Poetical Essays in M ARCH, 1755.
The story may ( for ought I know) be true : Yesoul-bright few! ye heav'nly-favour'd
But bere no tale improbable will do.-

wise !
Wbat ratber perish by untimely fale,

Ye Chesterfields ! ye Lytteltons, arise !
Tban smile upon a prinicely magistrate ! The Æra's come when your approving
So rajb be could not reign anceber year ;,

So ricb, she might have had ten ebousand clear? Shall make the sons of liberty rejoice ;
And tben what wile Plebeian would decline Eternal wreaths shall grace your deathless
A matib witbibe decemvir's concubine 2 -

How (frys a critick) quit ber faithful lover, And unborn ages thus transmit your fame:
Yourg, bandjime, brave, for fucb a wicked These were the great who lov'd their

native ine,

smile." For one-(a'housand other faults combining) “ Encourag'd genius, and made science That now was 20 obe vale of years de Oh, fan in other minds your patriot zeal ! chinirg

Inspirit senates with the warmth you feel!
So iben, bad Appius been but five and twenty, And glory foon with emulation fir'd,
Tbe maid perhaps would not bave prov'd so Shall dignify th' admirers to th' admir'd;

Britannia thine in more refulgent charms,
Icilius zow'd indeed, and promis'd well : And reign victoriously in arts as arms.
But riivre was be wben bis Virginia fell ?

He sporld bave fureen'd from death bis blooming

Or, dy'd, -like a true Lover,---by ber Ade.
Virginia's death be never could survive ;

APPY the man, whom heav'n ordains
But that he was,- in duty,—bound to live..
He liv'd then, io disolve bis country's chain ;

And on his own paternal plains

A flock to feed.
Avenge bis mistress, and make love again.

for the grim old fire, with frenzy wild,
Io be the butcher of bis only child !-

He ne'er, by wild ambition led,
True, 'twas the virgin daughter's choice to die,

Sweats in the dusty field of war;
Rather than bear to live in infamy.-

Nor seeks the paths of same to tread,
This must be Roman, English, or romance :

Which dang'rous are.
Sucb virtue would not be believ'd in France.


But under some green tree reclin'd,
On the intended Academy for the Encourage Close by a fountain's flow'ry fide,

ment of Genius, and tbe Establisoment of To carve upon the tender rind,
Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, &c.

Is all his pride.
witb ibe Arts depending.

Sweet Rosalinda's pleasing name
OUBTFUL too long, or sway'd by
rev'rend zeal,


On ev'ry neighb'ring tree is found;
While the lur'd eye has huth'd the heart's

And with sweet Rosalinda's fame
Have Britons, for inherent merit known,

The woods resound.
Encourag'd alien worth, and damn'd their


Bleft, that in innocence and love,
In vain desert glows bright within its sphere

Estrang'd to envy, care and strife,
The beam of fair indulgence thines not

With folid pleasures can improve here;

Each hour of life.

A foreign taste degrades the British-
Oh! Shame-to honour realms whose

May this propitious lot be mine ;
faith ye fcorn!


Retir'd thus let me spend my days, Shall this neglect, this death of arts at

So Thall my songs, ye pow'rs divine,
Shall incense rise to science but at Rome ;

Your bounty praise.
Shall genius perith in its infant state,

Shall this continue ?--answer me ye great! Occasioned by Mr.M-n’s reviving bis Oratory,
Sown by th'industrious hind, the gene.

after baving been declard a Bankrupt. rous grair,

(rain, Warm'd by the sun, and foster'd by the Expands, with plenteous aspect, o'er the Broke for a good round sum ; land,

[hand. Again he broke,---and Gripus now
And tenti ld increase swells the pearant's

Is worth at least a plumb.
Thus nature plants within the human

Cou'd orators by breaking thrive,
The seeds of genius and the love of art; This wou'd, indeed be clever ;
But vain ! un eis the fun of greatness shine; Nor had the dúllett man alive
Then, like herself, th' effect results divine, Been still as dull as ever,

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Monthly Chronologer.

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Hiladelphia, Jan. 2. Five days ago

we received certain intelligence, that Р

a body of near 6000 of the best troops of France, relected and sent over

upon this particular fervice, are just arrived at the lower fort upon the Ohio, and are employed, even in this rigorous season, in fortifying that country. In September last, the French men of war that brought them over, were feen not far from the entrance of the river St. Laurence, into which we are now certain they went, and landed at Quebec. After a Mort stay in that city, they were seen by our Indian traders paifing the lakes Ofwego and Erie, in a piodigious number of battoes ; of which the several governors received notice, tho' we did not then conje&lure that it was an armament from Old France.

TUESDAY, Feb. 25. The chancellor, lord high steward, and two representatives of the university of Oxford, waited on the countess dowager of Pomfret, with a letter of thank , under the university seal, for her intended noble benefaction, of the Pomf:et collection of antique statues, buils, and other marbles, to that university. (See p. 131.)

The house of Thomas Chambers, Esq; at Studley, in Warwickshire, with all the furniture, was consumed by fire.

SATURDAY, March 1. A furar baker's houle naar the Blue Boar Inn, in Holborn, was consumed by fire.

TUESDAY, 4. A house was consumed by fire in Oxford Road,

Ended the sessions at the Old-Bailey, when William Burk, for robbing Mr. Manby on Tower-hill; John Burion, for breaking the dwelling house of John Hall, in Warwick-lane, and stealing a'quantity of goods ; Edward Haines, for itealing goods from a warehouse, and Thomas King, for stealing a Glver tankard from an house in the Old Artillery -ground, received sentence of death ; thirty-seven to be transported for seven years, one for 14 years, and one to be branded.

Stephen M.Donald, Jolin Berry, James Egan, and James Salmon, four thieftakers, were tried as accesaries before the fact, in procuring the said James Salmon to be robbed by Peter Kelley and John Ellis, in the county of Kent (for which they were both convicted last allizes ac Maidstone) with intere in get the reward on their conviduon. After a

March, 1755:

trial of near nine hours, the jury found them guilty at common law, but returned a verdict special, upon the two particular statutes on which they were indicted. These wretches have received 17201. from the Treasury, for penions taken by, and condemned on their evi. dence, at the Old-Bailey only, and they have ensnared, there and elsewhere, upwards of 70 men, &c.

SATURDAY, 8. Was held a general court of the Free British Fishery, when Mr. Alderman Bethell, the president, acquainted the pro. prietors with the favourable reception wlich the Hon. house of commons had given to the society's petition ; and the resolutions of that Hon. house were read. A very worthy member of the council then gave them an account of the fituation of their affairs, and very piainly tewed, that the errors hitherto fallen into were very remediable, the loftes hi- , therto sustained retrievable, and that by the bleling of Providence this roble un. dertaking might yet be made a great national advantage, as well as prove beneficial to the proprietors, who, in general, without private views, have embarked a very large sum of money to carry on so defirable and publick an undertaking. Upon which it was agreed, with great alacrity, to carry on this commercial design with spirit and application, and in pursuance thereof a call of five per cent. was voted, 10 be paid in two months. The thanks of the proprietors were very justly voted to the prefident, vice-president, and gentlemen of the council, for the attention they had given to the society's afiairs in general, and in particular for their endeavours to carry into execution the fisiety's petition to tlie Hon. house of commons.

TUESDAY, II. The term for the bounty to seamen, (see p. 89.) being expired, a new proclamation was issued for continuing the bounties of 31. and cos. till the last day of March, and for granting the like bounty to seamen, wlio entered on or before Feb. 6. latt, with thote that since entered, and for continuing the rewards for discovery of concealed seamen. Allo promising 20s. to such able-bodied landmen, as have entered ince the 23d of January, or Thall enter before the last of March,

FRIDAY, 14. At a court of common council, Mr. Thomas Beach was elected coroner for the city of London, &c. in the room of Ms. King, deceased, Mr. George Crew


138 The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER, March was the other candidate, and the nunc they met with a storm, which did them bers were,

Come damage. For Mr. Beach, For Mr. Grew.

WEDNESDAY, 26. Aldermen

Aldermen 6 Both houses of parliament waited on Commoners 115 Commoners 92 his majesty with their addresses. (See p.

103.) The commons address was much 127


the same in substance with the lords.

At Winchester aflizes, three persons Mr. William Husey was at the same were capitally convicted, one of them, a court, chofen city follicitor, by a majority woman, for murder : At Hertford, 6, of 16, against Mr. Henshaw.

two of them for a murder committed. Mr. Henry Wentworth was discharged three years since : At Northampton, 2, from his contrad for being (word-bearer but afterwards reprieved : At Aylesbury, of this city, upon his petition, setting 2, Davis the tallowchandler, for robbing forth, that it was become inconvenient the mail, and another for the highway, for him to comply with it.

who was reprieved: At Oxford, 7, four MONDAY, 17.

of whom were reprieved. Six were ca. The eight following malefactors were pitally convicted at Salisbury, three at executed at Tyburn, pursuant to their Worcester, five at Chelmsford, four of fentence, viz. John Preston, John Dyson, whom were reprieved, two at HuntingJoieph Gill, William Burk, Edward Deo don ; but at Dorchester none : At Lan. larand, Thomas Trevis, Edward Haynes, caster, 1, for the murder of his wife : At and John Burton. The surgeons got four Cambridge, 1: At Huntingdon, I : At of their bodies.

Nottingham, i, who was reprieved : At Burk behaved remarkably decent, and Exeter, 3: At Scafford, 5, who were redeclared, that Gill and limielf committed prieved : At Shrewsbury, I, who was the robbery for which one Robins is now reprieved, and at Rochester, 4. under sentence of death, whose execution was respited for three weeks, as was

A LIST of SHIPS in Commision,

March 13, 1755. that of John Moody for 10 days, and the other four malefadors were ordered for Ships Names. Captains. Guns transportation,

Royal George, Roger Martin,

100 THURSDAY, 20.


Lord Harry Poulet, 90 His majesty went to the house of peers,

St. George,

John Storr, go and gave the royal aflent to bill, for


Charles Saunders, 90 vesting Montague-house in trustees, and

Ramillies, Francis Holborn,

go enabling them to convey it to the trustees

Prince George,

G. Bridges Rodney, go of the British Museum for a general repo. Torbay,

Charles Colby, 74 fitory ; for preventing the holding of any Culloden, Henry Ward,

74 market in the High-Street in the Borough Monarch, Henry Harrison, 74 of Southwark ; for establiming a ferry Terrible, Philip Durell,

74 across the Thames from Ratcliff to Ro Buckingham, Michael Everit, 70 therhithe ; for enlightening the freets, Yarmouth, Harry Norris,

70 &c. of St. Bartholomew the Great, in Nassau,

George Cockburn, 70 the city of London ; for enlightening the Somerset, Francis Geary,

70 Streets, establishing a watch, &c. in the Fougeux, John Douglass,

70 city of Bristol ; for enlightening the Mars,

John Amhurst,

70 streets, &c. at Leeds, in York/hire ; for Vanguard,

Hon. John Byron, 70 allowing further time for the enrollment Captain,

Charles Catford,

70 of deeds and wills made by Papifts ; for Grafton,

Charles Holmes,

70 diffolving the marriage of Richard Mor

Elizabeth, John Montague, 70 gan, Esq; and Anne Hall, and to enable Ipswich, Richard Tyrrel, 70 him to marry again ; and to a great Orford,

Lord Northesk, 70 number of other private bills.

Chichester, John Brett, 70 Was held a general court of the gover Northumberland, Lord Colvil,

70 nors and company of the Bank of Eng Edinburgh, Thomas Sianhope, 70 land, when a dividend of 24 per cent, Lancaster, Hon. J. Hamilton, 66 was declared for the half year ending the Dunkirk, Hon. Richard Howe, 60


Saltrin Willet, 5th of next month.

60 MONDAY, 24:


Robert Man, 60 Arrived an express at the Admiralty, Nottingham, Samuel Marshall, 60 brought by the Gibraltar, advising, that Kingston,

William Parry, 60 commodore Keppel was arrived at Vir Weymouth, Thomas Hanway, 60 ginia with the Norwich and the Centu. York,

Hugli Piggot,

60 rion ; but five days before their arrival




20 20

Feb. 25. Jo for Cardigantice.

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- 20

1755. MARRIAGES, BIRTHS, &c. 139 Ships Names.

Captains. Guns, bell, Devon, Efq; to Miss Phoebe Coke, Litchfield, Charles Stevens, 50

with a fortune of 40,000l. Winchester, Edward Le Crass, 50 20. Rt. Hon. the card of Fingall, to Newcastle, William Holbourn, 50

Miss Woolascott, only daughter and heir Medway, Peter Dennis, 60

of William Wociascots, of Woolivampton, Denance, Thomas Andrews, 60 in Berks, Esq;

Thirty-eight ships.- In all 2652 Rev. John Abbot, D. D. to Miss Farr, Ambuscade, Joshua Rowley, 40

of Bishopsgate-street. Lyme, Samuel Falkner,

27. Robert Goldsborough, Esq; to Miss Winchelsea, Francis Drake,

Sally Yerbury, with a fortune of goool. Arundel,


Feb. 19. Lady of the Rt. Hon. lord Blandford, Richard Watkins, visc. Malpas, delivered of a daughter. Beģdes Noops, yatches, &c.

March 4. Rt. Hon. lady Caroline Fox, Ships under orders for fitting.

of a son. Ships Names. Guns. Ships Names, Guns. 15. Rt. Hon. countess of Rute, of a Royal Sovereign, 100 Hampton Court, 70

fon, Bedford, 70 Monmouth, 70

22. Lady of Sir William Beauchamp Sterling Castle, 70 Greenwich, 60 Proclor, Bart. of a son. Swiftsure, 70 Rochester,


DEATHS. Prince Frederick, 70 Falmouth, 5o

OHN Lloyd, E?q; member Eflex,

70 Stare of tbe Royal Navy of France, as it

26. John King, Esq; coroner for the food in January laft,

city of London, and one of the coroners

for Middlesex. Sixty.four men uf war.

Mrs. Leithullier, wife of William 7 of 80 Guns 28 of 64 Guns

Leithullier, Eiq; and daughter of Wale 13 74 8 50

late Sir John Tash.

27. William Eliot, of Trebarso, in Twenty-eight frigates, viz.

Cornwall, Esq; 2 of 46 Guns 3 of 26 Guns 44

Lady Cope, wife of Sir Jonathan Cope, 6 24

of Oxfordihire, Bart. I-40 4

28. Mrs. Nunnely, punter of the St. 36 2 -- 16

James's Evening-Port and Read's Jour. 34

nal, set on foot by her father, who, and 6 30

his family fince, have paid 40,cool, stamp Besides fix frigates on the stocks at Roch

duty, íor those papers. fort, viz. One of 54 guns, and five of

Thomas Samuel Mynnull, of Charlton
In all 98 ships and frigates.

Hall, in Lancathire, Esq;

March 1, George Paul, LL. D. his maMarch 2. FRANCIS Jodrell, of Twem jesty's advocate general, vicar general to

the archbishop of Canterbury, commilMiss Peploe, daughter of the late bishop sary of that diocese, and of the royal juof Chester,

risdiction of St. Katherine, official of 6. George Tasburgh, of Bodney, in the archdeaconry of St. Alban's, and reNorfolk, Esq; to the Hon. Miss Theresa

gister of the faculties in Doctors Commons. Gage, fiiter to lord viscount Gage.

2. Arthur Shepherd, Esq; deputy re10. John Harris, Esq; member for AM

cretary of the excise near 50 years, and burton, Devon, to the Hon. Miss Conway, many years rouge dragon pursuivant at Sister to the earl of Hertford,

aris, Right Hon. lord Semple, to Miss Jenny 3. William Payne, Esq; poftefred of a Dunlop, only daughter of Hugh Dunlop, large estate in Northampton hire. of Bishopston, Esq;

Thomas Vaughan, Esq; one of the 17. Leigh, Ef7; to the Rt. Hon. chief clerks to the treasurer of the Navy. lady Catherine Bridges, eldest daughter 7. Right Rev. Dr. Thomas Wilson, to the duke of Chandos.

bishop of Sodor and Man, in the 93d 18. Frank Schutz, Esq; second son to year of his age, and the 58th of his conthe Hon. col. Schutz, to Miss Susan Ba secration. con, daughter of the late Sir Edmund 9. John Burton, Erq; in the commif. Bacon, Bart.

fion of the peace for Yorkshire, formerly Jeremiah Smith, Erq; to Miss Kitty a captain in the aimy. Jervis.

Francis Kenton, Esq; alderman of Sa. Thomas Bridges, of Hedley, in Surry, lisbury. Esq; to Miss Jackson, with a fortune of Lady Anne Stewart, fister to the card 10,000l.

of Galloway. 19. Peregrine Godfrey, of Stoke-Dam




S 2


140 PROMOTIONS, Ecclesiastical and Civil. March

13. Edward Bayley, M. D. of Havant, Mangey, deceased. - Mr. Adams, to the in Hampshire.

rectory of Counde, in Shropihire.-Erafo Francis Manning, Esq; formerly resi mus Saunders, D. D, to the vicarage of dent at Bern.

Wantage, in Berks, by the dean and Rev. Dr. Mangey, golden prebend of canons of Windlor. - A dispensation Durham, and rector of St. Mildred, in passed the seals, to enable Thomas Bread-freet.

Pickering, M. A to hold the rectory 14. Lady of Sir Richard Adams, one of Soutlichurch, together with the viof the barons of the Exchequer.

vicarage of Northweald, in Etrex, worth 15. Miss Stoughton, aged 24, youngest zool. per ann. To Zachary Suger, M. A, daughter of Stoughton, Erg; of to hold the rectory of Barnolhy, in LinWarwick, accidentally burnt to death. colnshire, with the rectory of Hotham, in 16. Rr. Hon. Edward Southwell, Esq; Yorkfire, worth 2701. per ann.

-Το principal secretary of state for Ireland, Thomas Rocke, M. A. to hold the recand representative for Bristol in the three tory of Bitterley, in the county of Salop, last parliaments.

with the vicarage of Denbury, in Wor21. Rev. Mr. Young, rector of Wick cestershire, worth 300l. per ann. - To ham and Eastchurch, in Kent.

Samuel Howe, M. A. to hold the rectories 22. The only son of Lewis Charles West and South Hanningfield, in Essex, Montolicu, Esq;

worth 270l. per ann. 23. Hon, lady Willmonfon.

24. Reliet of Sir Felix Feaft, some PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. time sheriff of London,

From the LONDON GAZETTE. Prince George, of Hefie Cassel, gene T. James's, March 11. William Henry, ral in chief of the Herrian troops, and lieutenant field-marshal of the empire. Barrington, were sworn of the privy

M: Peter Bryan, of Tynan, in the council, and took their seats at the board county of Tyrone, in Ireland, aged 117,

accordingly, of breeding tecth; he read the smallest print, without spectacles, to the last.

From the cther PAPER S. 25. John Edwards, Esq; aged 86, who Lord George Beauclerk, William Herferved bravely 54 years in the army. bert, lord John Murray, earl of Loudon,

Maurice Bocland, earl of Panmure, lord ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

George Sackville, earl of Ancram, Hugh From :be LONDON GAZETTE. Warburton, William Shirley, Sir Wile Hitehall, March 25. The king has liam Pepperell, duke of Bedrord, Cuth

bert Ellison, duke of Ancasier, duke of archdeacon and chapter of Llandaff, em Kingfon, marquis of Granby, earl of powering them to elect a bishop of that Cholmondeley, earl of Hallifax, lord visc. fee, and a letter recommending Richard Falmouth, earl of Harcourt, earl of Newcome, D. D. to their choice.

Powis, lord Edgecumbe, earl of Sand.

wich, earl of Home, and lord visc. PeFrom the orber PAPERS.

teríham, promoted to the rank of majors. Richard Crouch, M. A. presented to general of his majefty's forces.--Earl of the vicarage of St. Clement's, in Corn Rochfort, appointed groom of the stole wall.-Mr. Jefferies, to Ringland vica to his majesty, in the room of the late rage, in Norfolk, by the bishop of Ely.- earl of Albemarle.--Lord Aberdour, ron Henry Gower, B. A. to the rectory and to the earl of Morton, appoinied a lord parish church of St. Mary, in the Ine of of police in Scotland, in the room of the Ely.--Samuel Langley, B. A. to the rec earl of Leven, deceased. - Duke of Ha. tory of Langton-Peverel, in Sussex. Ri milton created a knight of the Thistle.chard Hawkins, B. L. to the rectory and Richard Stonehewer, Elq; appointed hirparish church of Newton, in Shropthire, toriographer to his majesty, in the room worth 12ol. per ann. - - Thomas Harfide, of Mr. Phillips, deceased. — Alderman M. A. to the vicarage of Scarton, in Lin Porter, chosen colonel of the white regicolnshire. -- Mr. Smith, to the living of ment of the city nilitia, in the room of ThiNleton, in Rutlandshire, by George Sir George Champion, deceased. --- Mr. Brudenell, Erq; -- Mr. Christopher Hil Sharpe, and Mr. Webb, jun. chosen lurdyard, to the vicarage of North Kelsey, geons !o St. Bartholomew's hospital, in in Lincolnshire. - Thomas Lane, B. A. the room of Mr. Freke, and Mr. Webb, to the vicarage of Broadwater, in Lin sen. who reigned, and Mr. Young, to coin (hire, worth 1201. per ann.-Rev. Dr. fucceed the later as surgeon to the Lock Warburton, instituted into a golden pre hospital at Kingland.

Robert Clive, bend of Durham, in the room of Dr. Erg; member for St, Michael's, appointed



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