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THE YOUNG QUAKER. [act 111. Spa. And now, sir, only give your orders, and it is done; for I want for nothing but a pinch of snuff.

[Takes out Chronicle's box. Chr. Here's an impudent son of Lady Rounceval, if he was not your servant

Lady R. My servant! Isn't he your's, Mr. Chronicle?
Chr. Mine -Oh, no-he's not mine.
Amb. [Aside.] I must disown the scoundrel !
Lady R. Why, he brought me a letter from you to-day.
Chr. Oh, no; he brought me a message from you,

indeed. Ara. Oh, lord ! here's a discovery, I fear.

Chr. This is some thief! Who are you, sirrah? and who brought you here?

Spa. Sir, I am very well known to the ladies. [Aside.]
Oddso! I'm in a fine humour for giving the token!

Chr. Who do you belong to?
Amb. Oh, he's very drunk; let him withdraw.
Chr. Ay, ay! Get out! get out!

Spa. No, I won't leave the room ! And now I recollect, I have business here; I must take care of Mr. Sadboy, as he desired me. [Staggering to Sadboy.] Oh, gracious! he's getting drunk; I must take him away!

Chr. Come out, you drunken wretch!

Spa. [Dragging Sadboy.] Ay, come out, you drunken wretch !

Chr. Quit the room !

Spa. Be quiet! leave him to me. Sir, you had best leave the room-you are very far gone !-you know you asked a hint!

[Pulls him. Young S. Avoid i Spa. I can't avoid it; you must come out!

Young S. I shall be dragged out in earnest! Harkee, Spatterdash-you mistake. It was Mr. Chronicle desired you to take care he didn't drink too much.

Spa. Ay! what?-Now I recollect, so it was !
Young S. Only see the condition he's in!

Spa. Oh, scandalous! He must have drunk a great deal; but I'll get him off. [Pulling Chronicle, L.] Come !

Chr. What now?
Spa. Out you go!
Chr. What is the villain at?

Spa. Ah, I'm a villain now; but you'll thank me for this when you are sober in the morning.

Chr. Let me go,
Spa. If I let you go, you'll fall. [They all laugh.]-


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Van Dipembeck, .................... Mr. Wilson.
Van Dunderman,


Mr. Davies. Quintin Matsys,

Mr. Farren. Jacob,

Mr. QUICK. Otho,

Mr. Edwin. Dort,

Mr. FEARON. Waiter,


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Scene, Antwerp.

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37 There, there! they are all laughing at you. Why will you stay and expose yourself?

Chr. Help! help! What, will nobody help me ?
Spa. An't I helping you?
Chr. Help, ladies and gentlemen! dear ladies !

Spa. Ladies! Oh, now he's amorous ! Ay, ay, it's all in
vain ; out you go!
[Drags Chronicle off, L.-the rest exeunt R., laughing.
SCENE II.-A Room at Mrs. Millefleur's.

Enter Mrs. MILLEPLEUR, R. Mrs. M. Yes, I must give these gentlemen warning.Captain Ambush is tolerably regular for a gentleman and an officer, but there's no bearing his companion, the young Quaker: such hours and doings in a house would tire the patience of fifty Quakers. Oh, here he comes, and I will give him it soundly, that's what I will!

Enter Young SADBOY, L. Young S. Ha, ha, ha! poor Spatterdash, how drunk !I set him to warn me of the pit, and he tumbles into it himself! Egad I Ambush has got a fine house there. He must turn the broker out. Ha! Mrs. Millefleur! Thou wilt soon lose thy captain ;-but one comfort, I'll lodge with you, nobody knows how long.

Mrs. M. Yes, sir, but I know how short.

Young S. [Calling off.] Hallo, Lounge! Goliah ! yoicks ! my beagles !

Mrs. M. Lord, sir! do you think you are in a wood ?
Young S. True; I should not hallo till I'm out of the wood.
Mrs. M. Then get out of this as soon as you please, sir.

Young S. Did the man bring my masquerade dress from Tavistock Street ? I'll go to the Pantheon in the character of Alexander, my old Sysigambis !

Mrs. M. None of your gamebitches, sir! I don't understand your nicknames, and I won't take them, nor you shan't tear down my house in this manner ! I'll not bear such usage from ever a Quaker that ever wore a head !

Young S. That ever wore a hat, you mean. Hallo! yoicks! my brace of beagles ! [Exit, R. :-Knocking, L.

Mrs. M. Oh, my poor unfortunate door! how it is banged about from morning till night!

Sha. (l. c.) Never mind ; I'll go up to her I must see,


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pritrý na ivi
the wine, (goes to a door, knocks) land!

Enter Dort from the House.
Dort. (careless and disrespectful) What's to
matter now, malter Dipembeck ?


THE YOUNG QUAKER. [ACT III. her. Oh, here she comes ! Oh, Mrs. Millefleur, I knew i you vas at home.

Mrs. M. (c.) What, you are come up from Plymouth! Welcome to town, Mr. Shadrach!

Sha. How do you do, Mrs. Millefleur? Is all your lodgings full ?

Mrs. M. Why, no, I can't say full.
Sha. 'Cause I vant apartments for a young lady.
Mrs. M. A young lady !
Sha. Oh, a very modest one, though.

Mrs. M. Because you know, Mr. Shadrach, how nice and particular I am about who I take into my house.

sha. 'Pon my vord, as I'm honest an man, 'tis a young lady of reputation.

Mrs. M. Oh, very well. Sha. But I hope you have no gentlemen in your house. Mrs. M. No, none. (Aside.] I need not mention Captain Ambush and the young Quaker, as I am determined they shall go.

Young Sadboy. [Singing withoul, R.] “And a hunting we will go, &c."

Sha. Bless me, what's dat?
Mrs. M. Oh, it's only the maid.
Young S. [Singing without, R.] “And a hunting we
will go."

Sha. Vat! does your maid go a hunting ?

Mrs. M. Maid !--Oh, I fancy that's the foolish young Quaker who comes here sometimes.

Sha. De lodgings won't do; dey are not de ting.—Oh, here is de lady.

Enter DINAH, L.
Mrs. M. A very pretty, modest looking-body, truly.-
Ma'am, you are welcome!

Dinah. I thank thee, friend.

Sha. No, no; I tell you de lodgings are not de tingdey won't do.

Mrs. M. But they are, I tell you; only come and look at them. We must beg your pardon for a moment, madam.

Sha. No, no, de lady must not stay here, because

Mrs. M. Perhaps, ma'am, you wish to view the apart. ments ?

Dinah. As it pleaseth thee.
Sha. Well, let's see. Stop! do you stay here, miss.
Mrs. M. What! still afraid of the Quaker?

Vai Var Alb Qu Jac Orl Do WE

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