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The Plan of an Englifh I)i&tionary - -
Preface to the Englifh Di&tionary - * ;
Propofals for printing the Dramatick Works of Villiam. ... --.
Shake/}eare, printcd in the year 1756 - $ . - -

Preface to Shake/peare, publifhed in the year 1768 '*' 239. -"

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on M;un - - - - 364

Preliminary Difcourfe to thc London Chronicle, January 1,

1757 - - - -

Introdu&tion to the World Difplayed - . -
Thc Preface to the Preceptor: containing a General:.
P]am of Education - - - *;

Prcface to Rolt's Dictionary - - - 4

Preface to the Tranflation of Father Lobo's Voyage to -

Abiffinia - - - -, .. 4^ t.

An Effay on Epitaphs - - -




Numb. 34. Saturday, March 3, 1753.

Has tot ies opt at a exegit gloria pœnas. Ju v.

Such fate pursues the votaries of praise.


SIR, Fleet-prison, Feb. 24.

TO a benevolent dispofition, every state of lise will afford some opportunities of contributing to the welfare of mankind. Opulence and splendor are enabled to dispel the cloud of adversity, to dry up the tears of the widow and the orphan, and to increase the selicity of all around them: their example will animate virtue, and retard the progress of vice. And even indigence and obscurity, though without power to conser happiness, may at least prevent misery, and apprize thofe who are blinded by their passions that they are on the brink of irremediable calamity. Vol. IX. B Pleased,

Pleased, therefore, with the thought of recovering others from that folly which has embittered my own days* I have presumed to address the Adventurer from the dreary mansions of wretchedness and despair, of which the gates are so wondersully constructed, as to fly open for the reception of strangers, though they are impervious as a rock of adamant to such as are within them:

—— Fae!Us dtfctnfus Averni;

No fies ataue dies patet aeri janua Ditis:

Sed rrjtcare gradum, fuperasqut tvadert ad auras,

Hoc ofsis hie labor eft. VlRC.

The gates of hell are open night and day;
Smooth the descent, and easy is the way:
But to return and view the cheerful skies;
In this the tasle and mighty labour lies. • Drydes'.

Sufser me to acquaint you, Sir, that I have glittered at the ball, and sparkled in the circle; that I have had the happiness to be the unknown favourite of an unknown lady at the masquerade, have been the delight of tables of the first fashion, and the envy of my brother beaux; and to descend a little lower, it is, I believe, still remembered, that Messrs. Velours And csE/pagne stand indebted for a great part of their present influence at Guildhall, to the elegance of my shape, and the graceful freedom of my carriage.

Std qu4t prtetlara el pnspera tauti,

Ut rebus Itetis par Jit mtnjura tnalerum' Jvr.

Sec the wild purchase of the bold and vain,
Where every. bltse it bought with equal pain!

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