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Satan to his final perdition, the recall of all the unsanctified dead before the great white throne for their final sentence, and the complete and everlasting erasure of all sin, all death, and all curse from the face of the earth.

Then comes the Eternal State, in immediate succession to the thousand years. It begins with the completion of the new heavens and earth, the coming of the heavenly Jerusalem into its place, and the final establishment of Christ and his glorified ones in their everlasting doininion over the redeemed world and its populations. Thenceforward everything proceeds in undisturbed and everaugmenting blessedness, world without end.

Such, in brief, is the Course of Time, and the progress and outcome of the great administrations of our God, as set forth in his Word, mapped out in the foreshowings beheld and recorded by the aged Apostle John,—the outline sketch of God's revealed Plan of Grace, Judgment, and Redemption, sought to be traced and exhibited in detail in these Lectures.

And now, earnestly praying the Divine Blessing upon what has been written, and upon all who read the same, the author devoutly commits the results of his labors to the care and direction of that good and wise Providence which has enabled him to complete the work, and to the serious attention of all who take pleasure in learning about what must shortly come to pass.


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