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TO W. H.

HAT makes a friend ? The heart that glows

With changeless love in Arctic snows,
Nor fails to cheer 'mid desert sand ?
This plainer speaks than clasp of hand:
Hands may be firmly clasped by foes.

How quickly liking often grows,

Before the speech we understand! By gleam of eye one often knows

What makes a friend.

A thing far frailer than a rose

Turns sudden strong as iron band :

The world again is newly planned;
Upon the soul there comes repose;
But, ah, no words can quite disclose

What makes a friend !

-Volney Streamer.

F words came as ready as ideas,

and ideas as feelings, I could say ten hundred kind things. You know not my supreme happiness at having one on earth whom I can call friend.

-Charles Lamb.

Press of J. J. Little & Co.

Astor Place, New York

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