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f Alveritoke in Hamplhire, and Chaplain to the Royal

Hospital at Greenwich.

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with MAPS and GENEALOGICAL TABLES, the HEADS of the KINGS, the Sovereign ENS, and fore of the most Illustrious Princes of the Royal Family, engraven by ERTUE ; and the MONUMENTS of the KINGS, with their Epitaphs and Infcriptions ;

On Seventy-Seven Folio COPPER PLATES. o Twenty Three Small Historical Copper Plates at the Beginning of the Several Books

LIS Number contains part of the Reign of King James I.

15 Work will be contained in Four Hundred and Twenty Sheets, beautifully prioted,

les che Maps, Genealogical Tables, Heads and Monuments of the Kings.

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بدل (۹




Of the State of the

Antediluvian WORLD:

Wherein is set forth
I. The Inconsistency of the Imagination of Pre-Adamites.
II. From the concise Account that Mofes gives us of the

Pofterity of Adam and Eve, we may easily conclude, that
there were Multitudes of their Pofterity on the Earth when

Cain flew Abel.
III. From his succeeding Accounts may be observed that the

World was pretty well Peopled even in the Days of Adam.
IV. How decay'd Religion was revived by Seth.
V.That it was continued in the Patriarchs in the Line to Noah.
VI. How the Degeneracy from Religion spread, and of the

Antediluvian Giants, and of the Sons of God marrying the

Daughters of Men, &c.
VII. The Goodness of God in putting a Stop, by an univer-

fal Deluge, to those monstrous Violences that universal
Wickednesses had occasioned.

To which is added,
A SHORT DISCOURSE upon the Preaching of Christ to the Spirits

in Prison, which were sometimes disobedient in the Days of

Noah, &c.
The Preface, containing Directions how the Historical Parts of

the Scriptures ought to be looked upon ; and that that Part of the
Scriptures, which contains Laws and Precepts, has not been
fo capable of Corruptions by Transcribers, and how to judge of

Corruptions by Commentators, &c.
All which being carefully observed, will make the Sacred

Writings appear in their truest Luftre.

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Author of the Philosophical Meditations, Philosophical Dissertations,

Survey of the Six Days Works of the Creation, &c.

'I O N D ON: Printed for W. REEVE, at SHAKESPEAR'S Head near Serjeant's.

Inn-Gete in Fleet Street. 1748.

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