The North Briton, XLVI: Numbers Complete, Volumen3

printed in the year, 1772

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Página 194 - On the other side up rose Belial, in act more graceful and humane; A fairer person lost not Heaven; he seemed For dignity composed and high exploit: But all was false and hollow; though his tongue Dropt manna, and could make the worse appear The better reason, to perplex and dash Maturest counsels: for his thoughts were low; To vice industrious, but to nobler deeds Timorous and slothful: yet he...
Página 134 - I declare, my lord, that the conscious pride of virtue makes me look down with contempt on a man who could be guilty of this baseness ; who could in, the lobby declare that I must be supported, and in the house on the same day desert and revile me ; yet I will on every occasion do justice to the minister.
Página 51 - Dun, and bring him before me, or one other of thejuftices of his Majefty's court of King's Bench, if taken in or near the cities of London or Weftminfter, otherwife before fome juftice of the peace living near the place where he fhall be herewith taken : to the...
Página 188 - ... when it was revived ; it is not our fault if there are not any errors upon the record, nor is it in our power to create any if there are none; we are bound by our oath and in our consciences, to give such a judgment as the law will warrant, and as our...
Página 82 - Aspersions upon both Houses of Parliament, and the most audacious Defiance of the Authority of the whole Legislature; and most manifestly tending to alienate the Affections of the People from His Majesty, to withdraw them from their Obedience to the Laws of the Realm, and to excite them to traitorous Insurrections against His Majesty's Government.
Página 171 - I never gave one to the moft intimate friend. Government, after the affair of the North Briton, bribed one of my fervants to rob me of the copy, which was produced in the Houfe of Peers, and afterwards before this honourable court. The nation was juftly offended, but not with me, for it was evident that I had not been guilty of the leaft offence to the public.
Página 132 - Pitt had, no doubt, his views in even feeding me with flattery from time to time ; on occasions too where candour and indulgence were all I could claim. He may remember the compliments he paid me on two certain poems in the year 1754. " If I were to take the declarations made by himself and the late Mr.
Página 45 - ... when he was defired to call again at one o'clock, which he did accordingly ; and feven o'clock was then the hour appointed. In the interim, Mr. Wilkes had got feveral of his friends, gentlemen of diftinction, about him. At the above hour the man came, and was ufhered into the parlour, where he waited a fhort time, and was informed that Mr.
Página 52 - D 2 towards towards the faid John Wilkes ; and hereof fail not at your peril. Given under my hand and feal this eighth day of December, 1763. To Richard Elfton my TipftafF, and to all chief and petty conftables, headboroughs, tythingmen, and all others whom thefe may concern.
Página 37 - Wilkes, faid the thing was too well known by feveral people, who came up almoft direftly, and. then went away. Mr. Wilkes was carried home, but would not tell any circumftance of the cafe, 'till he found it fo much known. He only faid to the furgeon, &c. that it was an affair of honour. The day following Mr.

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