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"Oh! let me then fall down beneath thy feet, "And weep my gratitude for ever there; "Give me your drops, ye soft descending rains, "Give me your streams, ye never ceasing springs, "That my sad eyes may still supply my duty, "And feed an everlasting flood of sorrow.

"Sh. Waste not thy feeble spirits I have long "Beheld, unknown, thy mourning and repentance; "Therefore my heart has set aside the past, "And holds thee white, as unoffending innocence : "Therefore in spite of cruel Gloster's rage, "Soon as my friend had broke my prison doors, "I flew to thy assistance." Let us haste, Now while occasion seems to smile upon us, Forsake this place of shame, and find a shelter. J. Sh. What shall I say to you? But I obey

Sh. Lean on my arm→→→→→→

7. Sh. Alas! I'm wond'rous faint:

But that's not strange, I have not eat these three


Sh. Oh, merciless! "Look here, my love, I've brought thee

"Some rich conserves

"J. Sh. How can you be so good?

"But you were ever thus. I well remember "With what fond care, what diligence of love, "Yo avish'd out your wealth to buy me plea


66 Preventing every wish: have you forgot

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"The costly string of pearl you brought me home,
"And ty'd about my neck?- How could I leave

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"Sh. Taste some of this, or this

"J. Sh. You're strangely alter'd"Say, gentle Belmour, is he not? How pale "Your visage is become? Your eyes are hollow; "Nay, you are wrinkled too-Alas, the day! "My wretchedness has cost you many a tear, "And many a bitter pang, since last we parted. "Sh. No more of that-Thou talk'st, but do'st not eat.

"J. Sh. My feeble jaws forget their common office,

"My tasteless tongue cleaves to the clammy roof, "And now a gen'ral loathing grows upon me." Oh! I am sick at heart!

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Sh. Thou murd'rous sorrow!

Wo't thou still drink her blood, pursue her still!
Must she then die! Oh, my poor penitent!
Speak peace to thy sad heart: she hears me not;
Grief masters ev'ry sense-" help me to hold her”-

Enter CATESBY, with a guard.

Cat. Seize on 'em both, as traitors to the state-
Bel. What means this violence?

[Guards lay hold on Shore and Belmour.

Cat. Have we not found you,

In scorn of the protector's strict command,

Assisting this base woman, and abetting

Her infamy?

Sh. Infamy on thy head!

Thou tool of power, thou pander to authority!
I tell thee, knave, thou know'st of none so virtuous,
And she that bore thee was an Athiop to her.
Cat. You'll answer this at full-Away with 'em.
Sh. Is charity grown treason to your court?
What honest man would live beneath such rulers ?
I am content that we should die together

Cat. Convey the men to prison; but for her, Leave her to hunt her fortune as she may.

J. Sh. I will not part with him—for me !for me!

Oh! must he die for me!

[Following him as he is carried off-She falls. Sh. Inhuman villains! [Breaks from the guards. Stand off! The agonies of death are on her She pulls, she gripes me hard with her cold hand. 7. Sh. Was this blow wanting to compleat my


Oh! let him go, ye ministers of terror.
He shall offend no more, for I will die,
And yield obedience to your cruel master.
Tarry a little, but a little longer,

And take my last breath with you.

Sh. Oh, my love!

"Why have I liv'd to see this bitter moment, "This grief by far surpassing all my former ?"

Why dost thou fix thy dying eyes upon me,
With such an earnest, such a piteous look,
As if thy heart were full of some sad meaning
Thou could'st not speak ?-

J. Sh. Forgive me!-but forgive me! Sh. Be witness for me, ye celestial host, Such mercy and such pardon as my soul Accords to thee, and begs of Heav'n to shew thee; May such befall me at my latest hour,

And make my portion blest or curs'd for ever.

7. Sh. Then all is well, and I shall sleep in peace'Tis very dark, and I have lost you nowWas there not something I would have bequeath'd you?

But I have nothing left me to bestow,

Nothing but one sad sigh. Oh! mercy, Heav'n!


Bel. There fled the soul,

And left her load of misery behind.

Sh. Oh, my heart's treasure! Is this pale sad visage

All that remains of thee? "Are these dead eyes "The light that cheer'd my soul?" Oh, heavy hour! But I will fix my trembling lips to thine,

'Till I am cold and senseless quite, as thou art. What, must we part, then?-will you [To the guards taking him away. Fare thee well[Kissing her. Now execute your tyrant's will, and lead me To bonds, or death, 'tis equally indifferent.

Bel. Let those, who view this sad example, know, What fate attends the broken marriage vow; And teach their children, in succeeding times, No common vengeance waits upon these crimes, When such severe repentance could not save From want, from shame, and an untimely grave. [Exeunt omnes.

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