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Rogerson and Tuxford, 1849

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Página 388 - Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air...
Página 269 - The year 1685 was not accounted sickly ; yet in the year 1685 more than one in twentythree of the inhabitants of the capital died.* At present only one inhabitant of the capital in forty dies annually. The difference in salubrity between the London of the nineteenth century and the London of the seventeenth century is very far greater than the difference between London in an ordinary year and London in a year of cholera.
Página 36 - The toast was drunk with three times three and one cheer more. Mr. EVAN DAVIES said, on behalf of the Committee of the Wenlock Farmers...
Página 119 - That this distinction does not appear to be supported by any Bound reason ; and your Committee are of opinion that the tenant's privilege of removal, with respect "to fixtures, set up for trading purposes, should be extended to those erected for agricultural objects.
Página 47 - Lawn said he had great pleasure in proposing a vote of thanks to the President for his interesting address.
Página 267 - The remuneration of workmen employed in manufactures has always been higher than that of the tillers of the soil. In the year 1680, a member of the House of Commons remarked that the high wages paid in this country made it impossible for our textures to maintain a competition with the produce of the Indian looms. An English mechanic, he said, instead of slaving like a native of Bengal for a piece of copper, exacted a shilling a day.
Página 267 - For so miserable a recompense were the producers of wealth compelled to toil, rising early and lying down late, while the master clothier, eating, sleeping, and idling, became rich by their exertions.
Página 35 - First come the patriotic toasts : the Queen, the Prince of Wales, and the other members of the Royal Family ; the army and navy, the Houses of Parliament.
Página 268 - At Norwich, the chief seat of the clothing trade, a little creature of six years old was thought fit for labour. Several writers of that time, and among them some who were considered as eminently benevolent, mention, with exultation, the fact that in that single city boys and girls of very tender age created wealth exceeding what was necessary for their own subsistence by twelve thousand pounds a year...
Página 267 - Sixpence a day was now all that could be earned by hard labour at the loom. If the poor complained that they could not live on such a pittance, they were told that they were free to take it or leave it.

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