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5T;. secundum.
SU7. Sicnti.
S. Senatus.
SC. Senatus Consultum.
ST. (Sentea) Sententia.
SV. Si ve.
SN. Sine.
SN. A. Senatoria Aucto-
S. (St.) Sunt.
S9. (d.) Sed.
SA. Sententia. -
S. F. Satisfecit, vel Sacri
SFT. Satisfactum.
SS sectis.
SN !*. Sine Dubio.
So ■ .. (sc.) Scilicet.
SN P. Sime Periculo.
SN. P. M. Sine Pericu-
lo Mortis.
SIGN. Signum
SS. Suprascriptus.
SPMi. Supra Memoratus.
SCS. Sanctus.
SCA. Sanctæ.
SC. MM. Sanctæ Memo-
S 1' !). Suprä Dictus.
SCD. Secundum.

'TPA. Trans.
TM (tn.) Tamen.

TRNAC. Transactio.

TR. Ter.

TR. P. Tribunitia Potestas.

TAB. Tabulæ.

T. Tom.
T. Tum.

TMiT. Testamentum.

TIT. Testamenti.

TOT. Testamento.

TC. Tunc.

T7. Tur.

TB. M. Tabulæ Matrimoniales.

T. Tunc.

TO. Tanto.

T. Ter.

TP. Tempus.

TP. B. Tempus Bonum.

TR. PL. Tribunus Plebis.

TR. Tribunus.

TBC. Tribunitiae.

T. Tullius.

TIB. Tiberius.

TIB. CS. Tiberius Cæ.

TIB. CL. Tiberius Clau-

TI. Tri.

TM. Terminus.

TMP. Terminum Posuit.

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Tibi Dulci Filio Meo. Adoptivo. TRAI. Traianus.

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CODICE. A. notat CCCCC. Quingenta. - ---. . . . CCC. Tercenta. C. Centum millia. . . . . C. Centum. D. Quingenta millia. . . . . . Quingenta. E. D. - oi • . . . CCL. Ducenta Quinqua- E- neonto quinquinta millia. ginta. F. Quadraginta millia. . . . . XL. Quadraginta. G. Quadringenta millia.

. . . . CCCC. Quadringenta. . . . . CC. Ducenta.

. . . . I. Unum. I. Mille.
- - - §: onto Uliltlin, K. Centum quinquaginta millia.

... • * * * M. ". - L. Quinquaginta millia. O . . . . LXXXX. Nomaginta. M. Mille millia.

. . . . . . XI. Undecim. - T NT • ----
P. . . . . CCCC. Quadringenta. N. Nonagata millia.
Q. . . . . CCCCC. Quingenta. (). Undecim millia.
R. . . . . LXXX. Octoginta. P. Quadraginta millia.
S. . . . . LXX. Septuaginta. Q. Quinquaginta milli
T. . . . . CLX. Centum Sexaginta. to. Quinquaginta millia.
V. . . . . V. Quinque. R. Octoginta millia.
X. . . . . X. Decem. . – ori ----
Y. . . . . CL. Centum Quinquaginta. S. Septuaginta millia. ----
Z. . . . . Il. Duo millia. T. Centum sexaginta millia.

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Seven is composed of the two first perfect numbers, equal and unequal; three and four ; for the number two consisting of repeated unity, which is no number, is not perfect; it comprehends the primary numerical triangle, or trine, and is square or quartile; conjunctions, considered by the favorers of planetary influence as of the most benign aspect.

In six days, creation was perfected, the 7th was consecrated to rest.—On the 7th of the 7th month, a holy observance was ordained to the Chaldees of Israel, who fasted 7 days and remained 7 days in tents—the 7th year was directed to be a sabbath of rest for all things; and at the end of 7 times 7 years commenced the grand

Jubilee—every 7th year the land lay fallow ; every 7th year there was a general release from all debts, and all bondsmen were set free : from this law may have originated the custom of our binding young men to 7 years' apprenticeship, and of punishing incorrigible offenders by transportation for 7, twice 7 or three times 7 years— every 7th year the law was directed to be read to the people –Jacob served 7 years for the possession of Rachel, and also another 7 years—Noah had 7 days warning of the flood; and was commanded to take the fowls of the air into the Ark by 7 and the clean beasts by sevens—The Ark touched the ground on the 7th month; and in 7 days a Dove was sent; and again in 7 days after – The 7 years of plenty and the 7 years of famine were foretold in Pharaoh’s dream, by the 7 fat and the 7 lean beasts; and the 7 ears of full, and the 7 ears of blasted corn—Nebuchadnezzar was 7 years a beast; and the fiery furnace was heated 7 times hotter to receive Shadrach, Meshech, and Abednego–The young of animals were to remain with the Dam 7 days, and at the close of the 7th to be taken away—By the old law, man was commanded to forgive his offending brother 7 times; but the meekness of the last revealed religion extended his humility and forbearance to seventy times 7– If Cain shall be revenged 7 fold, truly Lamech 70 times 7–In the destruction of Jericho, 7 Priests bare 7 Trumpets 7 Days: on the 7th they surrounded the walls 7 times, and after the 7th time the walls fell—Balaam prepared 7 Bullocks and 7 Rams for a sacrifice— Seven of Saul’s sons were hanged to stay a famine—Laban pursued Jacob 7 days journey–Job's friends sat with him 7 days and 7 nights, and offered 7 Bullocks and 7 Rams as an atonement for their wickedness—In the 7th year of his reign, King Ahasuerus feasted 7 days, and on the 7th directed his 7 Chamberlains to find a Queen, who was allowed 7 maidens to attend her —Miriam was cleansed of her Leprosy by being shut up 7 days—Solomon was 7 years building the temple, at the dedication of which he feasted 7 days—In the Tabernacle were 7 lamps –7 days were appointed for an atonement upon the Altar, and the Priest’s son was ordained to wear his father's garment 7 days—The children of Israel eat unleavened bread 7 days—Abraham gave 7 eve lambs to Abimelech as a memorial for a well—Joseph mourned 7 days for Jacob— The Rabbins say that God employed the power of answering this number to perfect the greatness of Samuel; his name answering the value of the letters in the Hebrew word which signify 7; whence Hannah his mother in her thanks says, “ that the barren had brought forth 7”—In Scripture are enumerated 7 Resurrections - the Widow's son by Elias, the Shunamite's son by Elisha, the Soldier who touched the bones of the prophet the Daughter of the Ruler of the Synagogue . The Widow’s son of Nain– Lazarus, and our blessed Lord —The Apostles chose 7 Deacons— Enoch who was translated was the 7th after Adam–And Jesus Christ the 77th in a direct line—Our Saviour spoke 7 times from the Cross, on which he remained 7 hours; he appeared 7 times— after 7 times 7 days sent the Holy Ghost. In the Lord's Prayer are 7 petitions, contained in 7 times 7 words, omitting those of mere grammatical connection—Within this number are connected all the mysteries of the Apocalypse, revealed to the 7 churches of Asia– There appeared 7 Golden Candlesticks; and 7 stars in the hand of him that was in the midst 7 Lambs before the 7 spirits of God! The book with 7 seals—The Lamb with 7 horns, and 7 eyes— 7 Angels with 7 seals : 7 Kings—7 Thunders—7. Thousand men slain—The Dragon with 7 heads, and 7 crowns—The Beast with 7 heads—7 Angels bringing 7 Plagues, and 7 Phials of wrath The vision of Daniel was 70 weeks—The Elders of Israel were 70– There are also numbered 7 Heavens, 7 Planets, 7 Stars, 7 Wise men, 7 Champions of Christendom, 7 Notes in Music, 7 Primar Colours, 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church—The 7th son was considered as endowed with pre-eminent wisdom—The 7th son of a 7th son is still thought to possess the power of healing diseases spontaneously—Perfection is likened to Gold 7 times purified in the fire–And we yet say “you frighten me out of my 7 senses”—The opposite sides of every face on the

Dice make 7; whence players at hazard make 7 the main—.

Hippocrates says, that the Septenary number, by its occult virtues, tends to the accomplishment of all things, to be the Disperser of Hlife, and Fountain of all its changes; and like Shakespeare, he divides the life of Man into 7 Ages. In 7 months a child may be born and live, and not before ; and anciently it was not named before 7 days, not being accounted fully to have life before that periodical day—The teeth spring out in the 7th month, and are shed and renewed in the 7th year, when Infancy is changed into Childhood—At twice 7 years puberty begins: at thrice 7 years the faculties are developed, manhood commences, and we become legally competent to all civil acts—At four times 7 Man is in fuki possession of his strength ; at five times 7 he is fit for the business of the world—At six times 7 he becomes grave and wise, or never— At 7 times 7 he is in his Apogie, and from that time decays—At eight times 7 he is in his first climacteric—At nine times 7, or 63 he is in his grand climateric, or year of danger; and ten times 7 or three-score years and ten, has by the Royal Prophet been pronounced the natural period of human life “ The Shield of Ajax consisted of 7 Bulls' hides”—There were 7 Chiefs before Thebes—The blood was to be sprinkled 7 times before the Altar— Naaman was to be dipped 7 times in Jordan–Apuleius speaks of

dipping the head 7 times in the sea for purification—In all solemn .

Rites of Purgation, Dedication, and Consecration, the oil or water

was 7 times sprinkled—The house of Wisdom in Proverbs had 7 Pillars. * * *

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