Piloting directions for the Cattegat and Baltic, or East sea; also for the Sound and Belts


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Página 11 - The highest land is 1,760 feet above the level of the sea, and may be seen in clear weather at a distance of 10 or 12 leagues.
Página 27 - Ocean, the first thing which strikes us is, that, the north-east and south-east monsoons, which are found the one on the north and the other on...
Página 52 - Both lights were exhibited for the first time on the evening of the 1st of October, 1844, and are kept burning from sun-set to sun-rise.
Página 36 - It gives a strong flash every two minutes, but shows, during that interval, a continuous though much weaker light, and each flash is preceded and followed by a momentary darkness. The height of the lantern being for.
Página 43 - E. from Faro, about 2} German or geographical miles south from the castle of Kungsholm, near Carlskrona, in which tower has been placed a revolving light, which gives three equal clear flames within a period of six minutes, with equally long intervals of darkness. The height of the tower is 32 feet above the rock, and the light 58 feet above the level of the sea ; consequently the latter ought, in clear weather, to be seen 2J geographical miles distant or more from a vessel whose deck is ten feet...
Página 41 - Christiansoe is computed to be 94 feet above the level of the sea, and visible at the distance of 14 miles, in clear weather.
Página 20 - GROUNDS." The Danish government have notified the following to Lloyd's, respecting buoys laid down in the channel of the " Grounds :" — Notice is hereby given to the seafaring public, that the buoy over the middlemost wreck of the middle ground, the color of which has hitherto been half black and half white, will now be painted green, like that which lies over the wreck of the ship of war Infodsretten ; and furthermore...
Página 60 - Riga, that ships, lighters, &c., ascending or descending the river with a side wmd, keep the starboard side of the channel, and are not to anchor in the narrow parts, nor on the bars. In beating up or down, every captain or pilot on the starboard tack, has the right to keep the wind; whereas, those on the port or larboard tack, must fall off.
Página 59 - ... explanation of the officers. He may also, within the next 24 hours, without incurring any penalty, rectify any error; and if he has omitted any thing in his declaration, correct it. If a shipmaster has reason to believe that his cargo is in any way damaged, he must, within 24 hours of his arrival, make his protest before a notary public, and state his having done so in his declaration at the custom-house. 10. Under particular circumstances, the captain may immediately make his declaration at...
Página 59 - For every seal, either accidentally or intentionally broken, the fine is 100 roubles silver. 7. All letters, opened or sealed, which the master, crew, or passengers may have with them, must be given up forthwith to the Custom-house Officer who takes the ship's papers; but such letters may be returned, if required, after being sent to the Bolderea post-office, the postage paid, and the letters stamped.

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