Richmond on the Thames

Seeley, 1896 - 104 páginas

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Página 38 - When he had better far have stretched his limbs Beside a brook in mossy forest-dell, By sun or moon-light, to the influxes Of shapes and sounds and shifting elements Surrendering his whole spirit, of his song And of his fame forgetful ! so his fame Should share in Nature's immortality, A venerable thing ! and so his song Should make all Nature lovelier, and itself Be loved like Nature...
Página 42 - Selwyn (who lived for society, and continued in it till he looked really like the waxwork figure of a corpse), were amongst the guests. We dined early, that some of our party might be ready to attend the opera. The dinner was sumptuous, the views from the villa quite enchanting, and the Thames in all its glory ; but the duke looked on with indifference. ' What is there,' he said, ' to make so much of in the Thames? I am quite tired of it — there it goes, flow, flow, flow, always the same.
Página 59 - Thy hill, delightful Shene * ? Here let us sweep The boundless landscape : now the raptured eye, Exulting, swift to huge Augusta send, Now to the Sister-Hills t that skirt her plain, To lofty Harrow now, and now to where Majestic Windsor lifts his princely brow. In lovely contrast to this glorious view, Calmly magnificent, then will we turn To where the silver Thames first rural grows. There let the feasted eye...
Página 30 - ... to the person . who interrupted him ! Nevertheless, our stout friend of the jack-boots put the affrighted ladies aside, opened the forbidden door of the bedroom, wherein upon the bed lay a little gentleman ; and here the eager messenger knelt down in his jack-boots. He on the bed started up ; and with many oaths and a strong German accent asked who was there, and who dared to disturb him ? " I am Sir Robert Walpole,
Página 39 - Glide gently, thus for ever glide, O Thames! that other bards may see As lovely visions by thy side As now, fair river! come to me. O glide, fair stream! for ever so, Thy quiet soul on all bestowing, Till all our minds for ever flow As thy deep waters now are flowing.
Página 92 - Pope had twisted and twirled, and rhymed and harmonized this till it appeared two or three sweet little lawns, opening and opening beyond one another, and the whole surrounded with thick, impenetrable woods.
Página 28 - Within this ample enclosure are several pretty villas and fine gardens of the most excellent fruits...
Página 30 - He speedily reached Richmond Lodge, and asked to see the owner of the mansion. The mistress of the house and her ladies, to whom our friend was admitted, said he could not be introduced to the master, however pressing the business might be. The master was asleep after his dinner ; he always slept after his dinner ; and woe be to the person who interrupted him ! Nevertheless, our stout friend of the jack-boots put the affrighted ladies aside, opened the forbidden door of the bedroom...
Página 29 - I am contriving here this summer, how a succession of cherries may be compassed from May till Michaelmas, and how the riches of Sheen vines may be improved by half a dozen sorts which are not yet known there, and which, I think, much beyond any that are.
Página 29 - Temple passed the remainder of his life. The air agreed with him. The soil was fruitful, and well suited to an experimental farmer and gardener. The grounds were laid out with the angular regularity which Sir William had admired in the flower-beds of Haarlem, and the Hague. A beautiful rivulet, flowing from the hills of Surrey, hounded the domain. But a straight canal which, bordered by a terrace, intersected the garden, was probably more admired by the lovers of the picturesque in that age.

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