Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, Volumen9

Includes list of members in each vol.

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Página 471 - And, moved thro' life of lower phase, Result in man, be born and think. And act and love, a closer link Betwixt us and the crowning race Of those that, eye to eye, shall look On knowledge ; under whose command Is Earth and Earth's, and in their hand Is Nature like an open book...
Página 319 - Societies.* 1. Any Society is eligible to be placed on the List of Corresponding Societies of the Association which undertakes local scientific investigations, and publishes notices of the results.
Página 206 - ... that these adhere, grow as hard as stone, and preserve the designs that are made in them.
Página 130 - for the advancement and prosecution of scientific research in its broadest sense, " now amounts to §26,000. As accumulated income will be available in December next, the trustees desire to receive applications for appropriations in aid of scientific work. This endowment is not for the benefit of any one department of science, but it is the intention of the trustees to give the preference to those investigations...
Página 421 - Most of the tribes had men who were expert at flaking, and who could decide at sight the best mode of working. Some of these pebbles would split into tolerably good flakes by quick and sharp blows striking on the same point; others would break by a cross fracture into two or more pieces ; these were preferred, as good flakes could be split from their clean...
Página 319 - Societies during the past twelve months which contain the results of the local scientific work conducted by them ; those papers only being included which refer to subjects coming under the cognisance of one or other of the various Sections of the Association. 6. A Corresponding Society shall have the right to nominate any one of its members, who is also a Member of the Association, as its delegate to the Annual Meeting of the Association, who shall be for the time a Member of the General Committee.
Página 407 - Bonney in his presidential address to the Geological section of the British Association at...
Página 264 - Of coal-mines we have such plenty in the north and western parts of our island as may suffice for all the realm of England; and so must they do hereafter indeed, if wood be not better cherished than it is at this present. And...
Página 293 - Lastly, — that they were generally erected by partially civilized races after they had come in contact with the Romans, and most of them may be considered as belonging to the first ten centuries of the Christian Era.
Página 132 - The Minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. The following papers were read : — 1. By JR Mortimer, Esq., "On the formation of the Chalk Dales of Yorkshire.

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