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Acts of Congress.

limits aforesaid, and within the State aforesaid; And t e President of the United States is authorand to appoint a collector, to reside at such port ofized to establish such place at or near Michilientry and delivery as may be established within mackinac to be the port of entry for the district, the same.

as he shall deem expedient; and, also, to establish Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That, in the not exceeding three other places, within the said State of Tennessee, there shall be one district, district, to be ports of delivery only; and a colwhich shall include all the waters, shores, and lector shall be appointed, to reside at the port of inlets, of the river Mississippi, and other naviga- entry, and surveyors, to reside at the ports of deble rivers and waters, lying within the jurisdic- livery, which may be established as aforesaid. tion of the United States, and within the said The district of Massac shall include the lands State ; and a collector shall be appointed, who relinquished and ceded to the United States by shall reside at Palmyra, which shall be the only the Indian nations, at the Treaty of Greenville, in port of entry or delivery, within the said districi, August, one thousand seven hundred and ninetyof any goods, wares, and merchandise, not the five, lying near the confluence of the rivers Ohio growth or manufacture of the United States: and Mississippi, and shall extend from thence to Provided, nevertheless, That the President of the the mouth of the river Ohio, on the northern side United States may, whenever he shall judge it of the said river, and up the river Ohio to the expedient, and for the interest of the United eastern side of the river Wabash, including the States, erect the shores, waters, and inlets, of the said river, with all the waters: shores, and inlets, river Mississippi, lying within the jurisdiction of connected with the rivers Obio and Wabash, the United States, and within the State of Ten- within the boundaries aforesaid. And such place nessee, into a separate district, and appoint a col- at or near Fort Massac, as the President of the lector, to reside at such port of entry and delivery United States shall designate for that purpose, as may be established within the same.

shall be the sole port of entry for the district, and Sec. 17. And be it further enacted, That, in the a collector shall be appointed, to reside thereat; Territory of the United States Northwest of the and it shall be lawful for the President of the river Ohio, there shall be six districts, to wit: United States, if he shall judge expedient, to esErie, Detroit, Michilimackinac, Massac, Illinois, tablish not exceeding two places at or near the and Ohio.

river Wabash, to be ports of delivery only, and to The district of Erie shall include all the waters, appoint surveyors to reside thereat. shores, and iplets, of Lake Erie, within the juris- The district of Illinois shall include all the diction of the United States, and the rivers and waters, shores, and inlets, of the river Mississippi, waters connected therewith, from the west line of above the mouth of the river Ohio, within the the State of Pennsylvania unto the west bank of jurisdiction of the United States, and also the the Miami of Lake Erie, including said river; and river Illinois, with the rivers, shores, and waters, the President of the United States is authorized connected therewith; and a collector shall be apto establish such place at or near Sandusky, or on pointed to reside at such place as the President of the said river Miami, to be the port of entry, as he ihe United States shall designate, to be the port shall judge expedient, and also to establish not of entry, and not exceeding two surveyors to reexceeding two other places, to be ports of delivery side at such places as the President shall see fit to only; and a collector shall be appointed, to reside establish as ports of delivery only. at the port of entry, and surveyors to reside at The district of Ohio shall include all the wasuch ports of delivery as may be established as ters, shores, and inlets, of the river Ohio, on the aforesaid.

northern side, with the rivers, shores, and waters, The district of Detroit shall include all the connected there with, lying to the eastward of the waters, shores, and inlets, of the Lakes Erie, St. district of Massac, as before described ; and a colClair, and Huron, within the jurisdiction of the lector shall be appointed, to reside at such place United States, and the rivers and waters connected as the President of the United States shall desigtherewith, to the westward of the river Miami nate, at or near the confluence of the Great aforesaid, unto the island of Michilimackinac; Miami river and the river Ohio, which place and a collector shall be appointed, to reside at De- shall be the sole port of entry or delivery for the troit, which shall be the sole port of entry for the district. district; and the President of the United States And there shall be a district on the river Misis authorized, if he shall deem it expedient, to es- sissippi. south of the State of Tennessee, which tablish not exceeding two ports of delivery within shall include all the waters, shores, and inlets, of the said district, and to appoint surveyors to reside the river Mississippi, and other navigable rivers thereat.

and waters connected therewith, lying within the The district of Michilimackinac shall include jurisdiction of the United States, and south of the the island of that name, the adjoining lands ceded said State; and it shall be lawful for the Presi10 the United States by the Indian nations at the dent of the United States, to designate a proper Treaty of Greenville, and all the waters, shores, place, to be the port of entry and delivery within and inlets, 10 the westward and northward of the the same, and to appoint a collector to reside Lakes Michigan and Superior, and the rivers, wa- thereat. ters, shores, and lakes, connected therewith, lying And in case the appointment of the several colwithin the jurisdiction of the United States, unto lectors and surveyors for the new districts or ports the northern and northwestern boundaries thereof. I established, or authorized to be established hereby, Acts of Congress.

shall not be made during the present session of dria, Norfolk, and Portsmouth, in the State of VirCongress, tbe President of the United States may: ginia ; Wilmington, Newbern, Washington, and and he is hereby empowered to make such appoint- Édenton, in the State of North Carolina ; Charlesments during the recess of the Senate, by granting ton, Georgetown, and Beaufort, in the State of commissions, which shall expire at the end of their South Carolina ; and Sunbury, and Savannah, in next session; but new appointments shall not be ne- the State of Georgia. Provided, That nothing cessary to be made to any of the offices heretofore herein contained shall prevent the master or comestablished.

mander of any ship or vessel from making entry Sec. 18. And be it further enacted That it with the collector of any district in which such shall and may be lawful to make entry of any ship ship or vessel may be owned, or from which she or vessel, which shall arrive from any foreign port may have sailed on the voyage from which she or place within the United States, or of the cargo shall then have returned. Provided also, That if on board such ship or vessel, elsewhere than at one the President of the United States shall see fit to of the ports of entry hereinbefore established, nor establish a port of delivery at Shell Castle, or Bea. to unlade the said cargo, or any part thereof, else. con Island, near Ocracoke inlet, and to appoint a where than at one of the ports of delivery herein surveyor to reside thereat, it shall be the duty of established. Provided always, That every port the master or commander of every ship or vessel of entry shall be also a port of delivery ; And pro- coming in at Ocracoke inlet, and intending to unvided further, That none but ships or vessels of the lade her cargo, or any part thereof, at any port United States shall be admitted to unlade at any connected with the waters of the said inlet, to other than the ports following, to wit: Portsmouth, come to at the port of delivery which may be estain New Hampshire; Portland and Falmouth, New blished as aforesaid, and there exhibit like reports Bedford, Dighton, Salem and Beverly, Gloucester, and manifests, and perform all other duties reNewburyport, Marblehead, Nantucket, Boston and quired by this act of masters of vessels when arrivCharlestown, Plymouth, Bath, Frenchman's bay, ing at a port of entry in the United States; but Wiscasset, Machias, and Penobscot, in the State no duties shall be paid or secured at the said port of Massachusetts ; Newport and Providence, in of delivery: and the surveyor who may be apthe State of Rhode Island and Providence Plan- pointed to reside at the said port of delivery shall

, tations ; New London and New Haven, in the in addition to other powers and duties granted and State of Connecticut; New York, in the State of prescribed to surveyors by this act, superintend the New York; Perth Amboy and Burlington, in the unlading and discharge of all goods, wares, and State of New Jersey; Philadelphia, in the State of merchandise from the vessels in which the same Pennsylvania ; Wilmington, Newcastle, and Port may be imported, into the lighters or coasting Penn, in the State of Delaware; Baltimore, An- vessels, which may be employed in the transportnapolis, Vienna, Oxford, Georgetown on Potomac, ation of said goods, wares, and merchandise, to Chestertown, Town Creek, Nottingham, Nanje- any port of entry or delivery connected with the moy, Digges's Landing, Snowhill, and Carrols- said Ocracoke inlet; and all goods, wares, or merburg, in the State of Maryland; Alexandria, Kin-chandise, which shall be so unladen into lighters sale, Newport, Tappa hannock, Port Royal, Fred- or coasting vessels, shall and may be secured with ericksburgh, Urbanna, Yorktown, West Point, the necessary locks, or fastenings, or under the Hampton, Bermuda Hundred, City Point, Rock- seal of the said surveyor, and shall be accompanett's Landing, Norfolk, and Portsmouth, in the State ied with permits, describing the said goods, wares, of Virginia ; Wilmington, Newbern, Beaufort, and merchandise, the vessel in which imported, Washington, Edenton and Plankbridge, in the the persons to whom belonging, and the port of State of North Carolina ; Charleston, Georgetown, entry or delivery to which destined. And the masand Beaufort, in the State of South Carolina ; and ters or commanders of all lighters or coasting in either of the ports of Savannah, Sunbury, Bruns- vessels who shall receive goods, wares, or merchanwick, Fredericka, and St. Mary's, in the State of dise, to be transported as aforesaid, shall give tripGeorgia; or to make entry in any other district than licate receipts, describing the casks or packages

, in the one in which they shall be so admitted to containing the same; and in case any goods, wares unlade. And provided, lastly, That no ship or ves- or merchandise, transported under permits, and sel arriving from the Cape of Good Hope, or from for which receipts shall have been given as aforeany place beyond the same, shall be admitted to said, shall not be transported and delivered to the make entry at any other than the ports following collector or surveyor of the port of entry or de to wit: Portsmouth, in the State of New Hamp- livery, to which the same shall be consigned by shire: Boston and Charlestown, Newburyport, the permits aforesaid, the dangers of the seas and Salem, and Beverly, Marblehead, Gloucester, Port- unavoidable accidents only excepted, or if any land and Falmouth, in the State of Massachusetts ; lock, fastening, or seal, placed on the said goods, Newport and Providence, in the State of Rhode wares, or merchandise, shall be broken or destroy. Island and Providence Plantations ; New London ed, the lighter or vessel employed in transporting and New Haven, in the State of Connecticut; the same shall be forfeited, and the master thereof New York, in the State of New York; Perth shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding five Amboy, in the State of New Jersey; Philadelphia, hundred dollars, with costs of suit. And it shall in the State of Pennsylvania ; Wilmington, in the be the duty of the surveyor, who may be appointed State of Delaware ; Baltimore, Annapolis, and to reside at the port of Shell Castle or Beacon IslGeorgetown, in the State of Maryland; Alexan- | and, to endorse on the original manifests of vessels

Acts of Congress.

arriving at said port, all deliveries which may be deposite with the collector of Norfolk and Portsmade as aforesaid, to the masters of lighters or mouth, or with the collector of the port of Hampcoasting vessels as aforesaid; which manifests shall ton, a like manifest; and if bound to the district be exhibited to the collector of the interior port of South Quay, shall, before he pass by the port of entry, to which such vessels may be destined, of Edenton, and immediately after his arrival, dewhere like entries shall be made and like proceed-posite with the collector of ihe port of Edenton a ings had, as are required by the general regula-like manifest; and the said collectors and surveytions and provisions of this act.

ors, respectively, shall, after registering the maniSec. 19. And be it further enacted, That the fests, transmit the same, duly certified to have been master or commander of every ship or vessel so deposited, to the officer with whom the entries bound to a port of delivery only, in any of the are to be made; and the said collectors and surfollowing districts, to wit: Portland and Fal- veyors, respectively, may, whenever they judge mouth, except the ports of North Yarmouth, it to be necessary for the security of the revenue, Freeport, and Harpswell ; Bath, except the ports put an inspector of the customs on board any of Georgetown and Brunswick; Newburyport, ship or vessel as aforesaid, to accompany the same New London, except the port of Stonington; until her arrival at the first port of entry or delivMiddletown, except the ports of Lyme, Saybrook, ery, in the district to which such ship or vessel Killingsworth, Haddam, and East Haddam; Nor- may be destined; and if the master or commanfolk and Portsmouth, Bermuda Hundred, or City der of any ship or vessel shall neglect or omit to Point, Yorktown, Tappahannock, except the port deposite a manifest in manner aforesaid, or shall of Urbanna, or Edenton, shall first come to, at refuse to receive an inspector of the customs on the port of entry of such district, with his ship board, as the case shall require, he shall forfeit and or vessel, and there make report and entry in pay five hundred dollars, to be recovered with writing, and pay, or secure to be paid, all legal costs of suit, one half for the use of the officer duties, port fees and charges, in manner provided with whom such manifest ought to have been deby this act, before such ship or vessel shall proceed posited, and the other half to the use of the colto her port of delivery; and that any ship or ves- lector of the district io which the said ship or sel bound to a port of delivery in any district, vessel may be bound ; Provided, That if the manother than those above mentioned, or to either of ifest shall, in either of the above cases, have been the ports of delivery above mentioned, may first previously delivered to any officer of the customs, proceed to her port of delivery, and afterwards pursuant to the provisions hereinafter to be made make report and entry within the time by this in that behalf, the depositing of a manifest as act limiied; and the master of every vessel arri- aforesaid shall not be necessary. ving from a foreign port, or having goods on Sec. 20. And be it further enacted, That all ofboard, of which the duties have not been paid or ficers and persons to be appointed pursuant to this secured, and bound to any port on the Connecti- act, before they enter upon the duties of their recut river, shall take an inspector on board at Say- spective offices, shall severally take and subscribe brook, before proceeding to such port; and if any an oath or affirmation, diligently and faithfully to master of a ship or vessel shall proceed to a port execute the duties of their said offices, respectiveof delivery, contrary to the directions aforesaid, ly, which oath or affirmation shall be of the form he shall forfeit and pay five hundred dollars, to be and tenor following, to wit: recovered with costs of suit; that the master or I (A. B.) having been appointed (collector or commander of any ship or vessel, bound to any other officer, as the case may be,) of the (district district in Connecticut, through, or by the way of or port of,) (do solemnly, sincerely, and truly Sandy Hook, shall, before he pass by the port of (swear or affirm,) that I will diligently and faithNew York, and immediately after his arrival, de- lully execute the duties of the said office of posite with the collector for the district of New and will use the best of my endeavors to prevent York, a true manifest of the cargo on board such and detect frauds in relation to the duties imposed ship or vessel ; if bound to the district of Hud- by the laws of the United States ; I further son, shall, before he pass by the port of New York, (swear or affirm) that I will support the Constiand immediately after his arrival, deposite with tution of the United States. the collector thereof a like manifest; if

(Sworn or affirmed,) and subscribed, this the district of Burlington, shall, before he pass by day of before me, the port of Philadelphia, and immediately after And the oath or affirmation aforesaid, if taken his arrival, deposite with the collector thereof a by a collector, may be taken before any magislike manifest ; if bound to the district of Notting- trate authorized to administer oaths within the ham, shall, before he pass by the port of Town district to which he belongs; but if taken by anCreek, and immediately after his arrival, deposite other officer, shall be taken before the collector of with the surveyor of said port, a like manifest; his district; and being certified under the hand if bound to the district of Tappahannock, shall, and seal of the person by whom the same shall before he pass by the port of Urbanda, and imme- have been administered, shall, within three months diately after his arrival, deposite with the survey thereafter, be transmitted to the Comptroller of or of that port, a like manifest; if bound to the the Treasury; in default of taking of which oath, district of Bermuda Hundred and City Point, or transmitting a certificate thereof, the party sball, on his arrival in Hampton Road, or at se failing shall forfeit and pay two hundred dollars, wall's Point and immediately after such arrival, 1 to be recovered with costs of suit in any court of Acts of Congress. competent jurisdiction, to the use of the United spirits according to their respective degrees of States.

and to

proof, as defined by the laws imposing duties on Sec. 21. And be it further enacted, That the spirits; he shall likewise examine and ascertain several officers of the customs shall respectively, the quality, kind, and quantityof all wines im. perform the duties following, to wit: Ai such of ported; also the quantity and kind of all teas and the ports to which there shall be appointed a col- sugars imported; and shall grant certificates for lector, naval officer, and surveyor, the collector the said spirits, wines, and teas, and make retures shall receive all reports, manifesis, and documents, thereof, in manner hereafter provided. He shall to be made or exhibited on the entry of any ship also examine whether the goods imported in any or vessel, according to the regulations of this act; ship or vessel, and the deliveries thereof, agree shall record, in books, to be kept for that purpose, ably to the inspector's returns thereof, correspond all manifests; shall receive the entries of all with the perroits for landing the same; and if any ships or vessels and of the goods, wares, and mer- error or disagreement appear, he shall report the chandise imported in them; shall, together with same to the collector and to the naval officer, if the naval officer, where there is one, or alone, any there be. The surveyor shall also superinwhere there is none, estimate the amount of the tend the lading, for exportation, of all goods enduties payable thereupon, endorsing the said tered for the benefit of any drawback, bounty, or amount upon the respective entries; shall receive allowance, and shall examine and report whether all moneys paid for duties, and take all bonds for the kind, quantity, and quality of the goods, so securing the payment thereof; shall grant all per- laden on board any vessel for exportation, corremits for the unlading and delivery of goods ; spond with the entries and permits granted thereshall, with the approbation of the principal offi- for: he shall also, from time to time, and particucer of the Treasury Department, employ proper larly on the first Mondays in January and July, persons as weighers, gaugers, measurers, and in- in each year, examine and try the weights, measspectors, at the several ports within his district; ures, and other instruments, used in ascertaining and also, with the like approbation, provide, at the duties un imports, with standards to be prothe public expense, store-houses for the safe keep-vided by each collector, at the public expense, for ing of goods, and such scales, weights, and meas that purpose ; and where disagreements or errors ures, as may be necessary; the naval officer shall are discovered, he shall report the same to the receive copies of all manifests and entries, and collector, and obey and execute such directions as shall, together with the collector, estimate the du- he may receive for correcting thereof, agreeably ties on all goods, wares, and merchandise, subject to the standards aforesaid ; and the said surveyor to duty, (and no duties shall be received without shall, in all cases, be subject to the direction of such estimate,) and shall keep a separate record the collector. And at ports to which a collector thereof, and shall countersign all permits, clear and surveyor only are assigned, the said collector ances, certificates, debentures, and other docu- shall solely execute all the duties in which the coments, to be granted by the collector; he shall operation of the naval officer is requisite, at the also examine the collector's abstracts of duties, ports where a naval officer is appointed; which and other accounts of receipts, bonds, and expen- he shall also do in case of the disability or death ditures, and if found right, he shall' certify the of the naval officer, until a successor is appointed,

unless there is a deputy duly authorized, under The surveyor shall superintend and direct all the hand and seal of the naval officer, who, in that inspectors, weighers, measurers, and gaugers, with case, shall continue to act, until an appointment in his port ; and shall, once every week, report to shall take place. And, at the ports to which a the collector, the name or names of such inspect- collector only is assigned, such collector shall ors, weighers, gaugers, or measurers, as may be solely execute all the duties in which the co-ope absent from, or neglect to do, their duty, shall ration of the naval officer is requisite, as aforesaid; visit or inspect the ships or vessels which arrive and shall also, as far as may be, perform all the therein, and shall make a return, in writing, every duties prescribed to the surveyors at the ports morning, to the collector, if any, at the port where where such officers are established. And ai the he resides, of all vessels which shall have arrived ports to which surveyors only are assigned, every from foreign ports or places the preceding day, such surveyor shall perform all the duties hereinspecifying the names and denominations of the before enjoined upon surveyors; and shall also vessels, the masters' names, from whence arrived, receive and record the copies of all manifests whether laden or in ballast, whether belonging to which shall be transmitted to him by the collectthe United States, or to what other nation belong. or ; shall record all permits granted by such coling, and if American vessels, whether the masters 1 ctor, distinguishing the gauge, weight, measure, thereof have or have not complied with the law, and quality, of the goods specified therein, and in having the required number of manifests of the shall take care that no goods be unladen or delircargo on board, agreeing, in substance, with the ered, from any ship or vessel, without a proper provisions made necessary by this act, and shall permit for that purpose. And at such ports of de have power, and is hereby required, to put on livery only to which no surveyor is assigned, it board each of such vessels, one or more inspectors, shall be lawful for the collector of the district, ocimmediately after their arrival in his port: the casionally, and from time to time, to employ a surveyor shall also ascertain the proof, quantities, proper person or persons, to do the duties of a surand kinds of distilled spirits imported, rating such veyor, who shall be entitled to the like compensa


Acts of Congress.

tion with inspectors, during the time they shall the United States, from any foreign port or place, be employed. And the said collectors, naval offi- in any ship or vessel, belonging in the whole or in cers, and surveyors, shall, respectively, atiend, in part to a citizen or citizens, in habitant or inhabiperson, at the ports to which they are respectively tants, of the United States, unless the master, or assigned; and shall keep fair and true accounts person having the charge or command of such and records of all their transactions, as officers of ship or vessel, shall have on board a manifest or the customs, in such manner and form as may, from manifests, in writing, signed by such master or time to time, be directed by the proper department, other person, containing the name or names of or officer baving the superintendence of the col the port or ports, place or places, where the goods lection of the revenue of the United States ; and in such manifest or manifests mentioned, shall shall, at all times, submit their books, papers, and have been respectively taken on board, and the accounts, to the inspection of such persons as may port or ports, place or places, within the United be appointed for that purpose ; and the said col- States, for which the same are respectively conlector shall, at all times, pay to the order of the signed or destined, particularly noting the goods, officer, who shall be authorized to direct the pay. wares, and merchandise, destined for each port or ment ihereof, the whole of the moneys which they place, respectively, and the name, description and may, respectively, receive by virtue of this act, build, of such ship or vessel, and the true admeas. (such moneys as they are otherwise, by this act, urement or tonnage thereof, the port or place 10 directed to pay only excepted,) and shall, once in which such vessel belongs, with the name or names every three months, or oftener if they shall be of each owner, according to the register of the required, transmit their accounts, for settlement, same

me, together with the name of the master, to the officer or officers whose duty it shall be to or other person having the charge or command make such settlement; and if any collector, naval of such ship, or vessel, and a just and particular officer, or surveyor, shall omit to keep fair and account of all the goods, wares, and merchandise, true accounts, as aforesaid, or shall refuse to sub- so laden or taken on board, whether in packages mit, forth with, their books, papers and accounts, or stowed loose, of any kind or nature whatsoto inspection, as aforesaid ; or if any collector shall ever, together with the marks and numbers, as omit or refuse to render his accounts for settle- marked on each package, and the number or quanment, for a term exceeding three months after the tity and description of the packages, in words at same shall have been required by the proper officer, length, whether leaguer, pipe, butt, puncheon, hogsin each and every such case, the delinquent officer head, barrel, keg, case, bale, pack, truss, chesi, box, shall forfeit and pay, for the use of the United band-box, bundle, parcel, cask, or package, of any States, one thousand dollars, to be recovered, with kind or sort, describing the same by its usual costs of suit.

name or denomination; together with the name Sec. 22. And be it further enacted, That every or naines, of the person or persons to whom the collector, paval officer, and surveyor, in cases of same are respectively consigned, agreeably to the occasional and necessary absence or sickness, and bills of lading signed for the same, unless when not otherwise, may, respectively, exercise and per- the said goods are consigned to order, when it form their several functions, powers, and duties, shall be so expressed in the said manifest or manby deputy, duly constituted under their hands ifests; together with the name or names of the and seals, respectively, for whom, in the execution' several passengers on board the said ship or vessel, of their trust

, they shall, respectively, be answer distinguishing whether cabin or steerage passenable: that, in case of the disability or death of gers, or both, with their baggage, specifying the a collector, the duties and authorities vested in number and description of packages belonging to him shall devolve on his deputy, if any there be, each respectively, together with an account of at the time of such disability or death, for whose the remaining sea stores if any. And the form of conduct the estate of such disabled or deceased a manifest for goods and merchandise, imported in collector shall be liable; and in defect of a depu- a vessel of the United States, shall be as follows, ty, the said authorities and duties shall devolve to wit: upon the naval officer of the same district, if any Report and manifest of the cargo laden on board there be; and if there be no naval officer, upon of the [here ipsert the denomination and name of the surveyor of the port, appointed for the residence the vessel] whereof, [insert the master's name) is of such disabled or deceased collector, if any there master, which cargo was taken on board at [here be, and, if none, upon the surveyor of the port insert the port or ports, place or places, at which nearest thereto, and within the said district. And the cargo was laden] burden

tons, built at in every case of the disability or death of a sur- in the State of — and owned by veyor, it shall be lawful for the collector of the chants at [inserting the tonnage, where built, district to nominate some fit person to perform by whom owned, and the place or places of resihis duties, and exercise his authorities; and the dence, as particularly detailed in the certificate of authorities of the persons who may be empow- registry) as per register granted at [here inered to act in the stead of those who may be dis- sert the port or place] the [here insert the day of abled or dead, shall continue until successors shall the month, and year when granted) and bound for be duly appointed, and ready to enter upon the [here insert the name of the port

place where execution of their respective offices.

bound to.] Sec. 23. And be it further enacted, That no goods, wares, or merchandise, shall be brought into


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