A Practical Grammar of the Dutch Language

widow Krap & van Duym, 1893

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Página 73 - The persons speaking and spoken to, being at the same time the subjects of the discourse, are supposed to be present ; from which, and other circumstances, their sex is commonly known, and needs not be marked by a distinction of gender...
Página 358 - IT is not necessary to employ many words in drawing the character of this princess. She possessed few qualities either estimable or amiable; and her person was as little engaging as her behaviour and address. Obstinacy, bigotry, violence, cruelty, malignity, revenge, tyranny ; every circumstance of her character, took a tincture from her bad temper and narrow understanding. And amidst that complication of vices which entered into her composition, we shall scarcely find any virtue but...
Página 6 - A syllable is a sound either simple or compounded, pronounced by a single impulse of the voice, and constituting a word, or part of a word; as, a, an, ant. Spelling is the art of rightly dividing words into their syllables; or of expressing a word by its proper letters.* WORDS.
Página 334 - Well fare thy heart, quoth the abbot ; and here in a cup of sack, I remember the health of his grace your master. I would give an hundred pounds, on the condition I could feed so heartily on beef, as you do. Alas ! my weak and queasy stomach will hardly digest the wing of a small rabbit or chicken.
Página 150 - ... acts upon itself, and is, at the same time, the agent and the object of the action. Reflective verbs, therefore, have always, besides the subject, another personal pronoun, viz. : me, te, se, myself, thyself, himself, herself, itself, for the singular ; nous, vous, se, ourselves, yourselves, themselves, for the plural.

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