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Why bilious juice a golden light puts on,

And Moods of chyle in silver currents run;

How the dim speck of entity began
-Hanc veniam petimusque damusque vicissim. T'extend its recent form, and stretch to mans,

HOR. de Arte Poet. To how minute an origin we owe

Young Ammon, Cæsar, and the great Nassau;

Why paler looks impetuous rage proclaim, SPEAK, Goddess! since 'tis thou that best canst And why chill virgins redden into flame; How ancient leagues to modern discord fell; (tell, Why envy oft transforms with wan disguise, And why physicians were so cautious grown And why gay mirth sits smiling in the eyes; Of others' lives, and lavish of their own;

All ice why Lucrece; or Sempronia, fire;

50 How by a journey to th' Elysian plain

Why Scarsdale rages to survive desire;
Peace triumph’d, and old Time return'd again. When Milo's vigour at th' Olympic 's shown,

Not far from that most celebrated place, Whence tropes to Finch, or impudence to Sloane;
Where angry' Justice shows her awful face; How matter, by the vary'd shape of pores,
Where little villains must submit to fate,

Or idiots frames, or solemn senators.
That great ones may enjoy the world in state; 10 Hence 'tis we wait the wondrous cause to find,
There stands a dome?, majestic to the sight,

How body acts upon impassive mind;
And sumptuous arches bear its oval height; How fumes of wine the thinking part can fire,
A golden globe, plac'd high with artful skill,

Past hopes revive, and present joys inspire;
Seems, to the distant sight, a gilded pill:

Why our complexions oft our soul declare, This pile was, by the pious patron's aim,

And how the passions in the feature are; Rais'd for a use as noble as its frame;

How touch and hartnony arise between Nor did the learn’d society decline

Corporeal figure, and a form unseen; The propagation of that great design;

How quick their faculties the limbs fulfil,
In all her mazes, Nature's face they view'd,

And act at every summons of the will;
And, as she disappear'd, their search pursued. 20 With mighty truths, mysterious to descry,
Wrapt in the shade of night the goddess lies, Which in the womb of distant causes lie.
Yet to the learn’d unveils her dark disguise,

But now no grand inquiries are descry'd,
Lut shuns the gross access of vulgar eyes.

Mean faction reigns where knowledge should preNow she unfolds the faint and dawning strife

side, Of infant atoms kindling into life;

Feuds are increas'd, and learning laid aside.

70 How ductile matter new meanders takes,

Thus synods oft concern for faith conceal, And slender trains of twisting fibres makes;

And for important nothings show a zeal: And how the viscous seeks a closer tone,

The drooping sciences neglected pine, By just degress to harden into bone;

And Pæan's beams with fading lustre shine. While the more loose flow from the vital urn, 30 No readers here with hectic looks are found, And in full tides of purple streams return;

Nor eyes in rheum, through midnight-watching, How lambent fiames from life's bright lamps arise, The lonely edifice in sweats complains [drown'd; And dart in emanations through the eyes;

That nothing there but sullen silence reigns. How from each sluice a gentle torrent pours,

This place, so fit for undisturb’d repose, To slake a feverish heat with ambient showers;

The god of Sloth for his asylum chose,

80 Whence their mechanic powers the spirits claim; Upon a couch of down in these abodes, How great their force, how delicate their frame;

Supine with folded arms he thoughtless nods; How the same nerves are fashion'd to sustain

Indulging dreams his godhead lull to ease, The greatest pleasure and the greatest pain;

With murmurs of soft rills, and whispering trees:

The poppy and each numbing plant dispense

Their drowsy virtue, and dull indolence;
Ver. 19.

-they still pursued. They find her dubious now, and then as plain,

VARIATIONS. Here she's too sparing; there profusely vain.

Ver. 53. Why Atticus polite, Brutus severe, i Old Bailey.

a College of Physicians. Why Methwin muddy, Montague why clear.

No passions interrupt his easy reign,

But see how ill-mistaken parts succeed; No problems puzzle bis lethargic brain;

He threw off my dominion, and would read; But dark oblivion guards his peaceful bed,

Engag'd in controversy, wrangled well; And lazy fogs hang lingering o'er his head. 90 In convocation language could excel;

As at full length the pamper'd monarch lay, In volumes prov'd the church without defence, Battening in ease, and slumbering life away; By nothing guarded but by Providence; A spiteful noise his downy chains unties,

How grace and moderation disagree; Hastes forward, and increases as it flies.

Ånd violence advances charity.

First, some to cleave the stubborn 3 flint en- Thus writ till none would read, becoming soon
Till, urg'd by blows, it sparkles into rage:, [gage, A wretched scribbler, of a rare buffoon.
Some temper lute, some spacious vessels move; “Mankind my fond propitious power has try'd,
These furnaces erect, and those approve; Too oft to own, too much to be deny’d.
Here phials in nice discipline are set,

And all I ask are shades and silent bowers,
There gallipots are rang'd in alphabet. 100 | To pass in soft forgetfulness my hours.
In this place, magazines of pills you spy;

Oft have my fears some distant villa chose,
In that, like forage, herbs in bundles lie;

O'er their quietus where fat judges dose, While listed pestles, brandish'd in the air,

And lull their cough and conscience to repose: Descend in peals, and civil wars declare,

Or, if some cloister's refuge I implore, 170 Loud strokes, with pounding spice, the fabric Where holy drones o'er dying tapers snore, And aromatic clouds in spirés ascend. (rend, | The peals of 6 Nassau's arins these eyes unclose,

So when the Cyclops o'er their anvils sweat, Mine he molests, to give the world repose. And swelling sinews echoing blows repeat; That ease I offer with contempt he flies, From the volcanos gross eruptions rise,

His couch a trench, his canopy the skies. And curling sheets of smoke obscure the skies. 110 Nor climes nor seasons his resolves control,

The slumbering god, amaz'd at this new din, Th’equator has no heat, no ice the pole. Thrice strove to rise, and thrice sunk down again. With arms resistless o'er the globe he dies, Listless he stretch'd, and gaping rubb'd his eyes, And leaves to Jove the empire of the skies." Then falter'd thus betwixt half words and sighs: But, as the slothful God to yawn begun, 180 “ How impotent a deity am I!

H shook off the dull mist, and thus went on : With godhead born, but curs'd, that cannot die! “ 'Twas in tbis reverend dome I sought repose, Through my indulgence, mortals hourly share These walls were that asylum I had chose. A grateful negligence, and case froin care. Here have I rul'd loog undisturb’d with broils, Lull'd in my arms, how long have I withheld

And laugh’d at heroes, and their glorious toils. The northern monarchs from the dusty field! 120 My annals are in mouldy mildews wrought, How I have kept the British fleet at ease,

With easy insignificance of thought. From tempting the rough dangers of the seas! But now some busy, enterprising brain Hibernia owns the mildness of my reign,

Invents new fancies to renew my pain, And my divinity's ador'd in Spain.

And labours to dissolve my easy reign." I swains to sylvan sulitudes convey,

With that, the god his darling phantom calls, Where, stretch'd on mossy beds, they waste away And from his faltering lipe this message falls: In gentle joys the night, in vows the day.

“Since mortals will dispute my power, I'll try What marks of wondrous clemency I've shown, Who has the greatest empire, they or I. Some reverend worthies of the gown can own: Find Envy out, some prince's court attend, Triumphant pienty, with a cheerful grace, 130 Most likely there you 'll meet the famish'd fiend; Basks in their eyes, and sparkles in their face. How sleek their looks, how goodly is their mien,

VARIATIONS. When big they strut behind a double chin! Ver. 170. Sometimes among the Caspian cliffs i Each faculty in blandishments they lull,

creep, Aspiring to be venerably dull;

Where solitary bats and swallows sleep; No learn'd debates molest their downy trance, Or, if some cloister's refuge 1 implore, Or discompose their pompous ignorance;.

Where holy drones o'er dying tapers snore, But, widisturb'd, they loiter life away,

Still Nassau's arms a soft repose deny, So wither green, and blossom in decay;

Kerp me awake, and follow where I fiy. Deep sink in down, they, by my gentle care, 140 Since he has bless'd the weary world with peace, Avoid th’inclemencies of morning air,

And with a nod has bid Bellona cease; And leave to tarter'd4 crape the drudgery of I sought the covert of soine peaceful cell, prayer.

Where silent shades in harmless raptures dwell; “Uriin Ś was civil, and not void of sense, That rest might past tranquillity restore, Had humour, and a courteous confidence:

And mortal pever interrupt me more.
So spruce he moves, so gracefully he cocks,
The hallow'd rose declares bim orthodox :

Ver. 183. Nought underneath this roof but damps He pass'd his easy hours, instead of prayer,

are found, In madrigals, and phillysing the fair;

Nought heard but drowsy beetles buzzing round. Constant at feasts, and each decoruin knew, Spread cobwebs hide the walls, and dust the floors, And, soon as the dessert appear'd, withdrew; 150 And midnight silence guards the noiseless doors. Always obliging, and without offence, And fancy'd, for his gay impertinence.

Ver. 196. Or in cabals, or camps, or at the bar,

Or where ill poets pennyless confer, 3 The building of the Dispensary.

Or in the senate-bouse at Westminster. • Sce Boileau's Lutrin. 5 Dr. Atterbury.

6 Sec Boileau's Lutrin.


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Or where dull critics authors' fate foretell; Then blazons in dread smiles her hideous form;.
Or where stale maids, or meagre eunuchs, dwell; So lightning gilds the unrelenting storm. 60
Tell the bleak fury what new projects reign Thus she-“ Mankind are blest, they riot still
Among the homicides of Warwick-lane; 200 Unbounded in exorbitance of ill.
And what th'event, unless she straight inclines By devastation the rough warrior gains,
To blast their hopes, and baffle their designs." And farmers fatten most when famine reigns ;

More he had spoke, but sudden vapours rise, Por sickly seasons the physicians wait,
And with their silken cords tie down his eyes. And politicians thrive in broils of state;

The lover 's easy when the fair-one sighs,

And gods subsist not but by sacrifice.

“ Each other being some indulgence knows :

Few are my joys, but infinite my woes. 70 Soon as the evening veil'd the mountains heads, My present pain Britannia's genius wills, And winds lay hush'd in subterranean beds; And thus the Fates record my future ills. Whilst sickening fowers drink up the silver dew, “A heroine shall Albion's sceptre bear, (prayer. And beaux for some assembly dress anew; With arms shall vanquish Earth, and Heaven with The city saints to prayers and play-house She on the world her clemency shall shower, The rich to dinner, and the poor to rest : (haste; And only to preserve exert her power. Th’officious phantom then prepar'd with care Tyrants shall then their impious aims forbear, To slide on tender pinions through the air.

And Blenheim's thunder more than Ætna's fear. Oft he attempts the summit of a rock,

Since by no arts I therefore can defeat And oft the hollow of some blasted oak; 10 The happy enterprises of the great,

80 At length approaching where bleak Envy lay; I'll calmly stoop to more inferior things, The hissing of her snakes proclaim'd the way. And try if my lov'd snakes have teeth or stings.” Beneath the gloomy covert of an ýew,

She said; and straight shrill Colon's' person That taints the grass with sickly sweats of dew; In morals loose, but most precise Jook. (took, No verdant beauty entertains the sight,

Black-friars' annals lately pleas'd to call But baneful hemlock, and cold aconite;

Him warden of Apothecaries-hall; In a dark grot the baleful haggard lay,

And, when so dignify'd, did not forbear Breathing black vengeance, and infecting day, That operation which the learn'd declare But how deform’d, and worn with spiteful woes, Gives colics ease, and makes the ladies fair. When Accius has applause, Dorsennus shows. 20 In trifling show his tinsel talent lies;

90 The cheerful blood her meagre cheeks forsook, And fornu the want of intellects supplies. And basilisks sate brooding in her look;

In aspect grand and goodly he appears,
A bald and bloated toad-stool rais'd her head; Rever'd as patriarchs in primeval years.
The plumes of boding ravens were her bed : Hourly his learnid impertinence affords
From her chapp'd nostrils scalding torrents fall, A barren superfluity of words;
And her sunk eyes boil o'er in floods of gall. The patient's ears remorseless he assails,
Volcanos labour thus with inward pains,

Murders with jargon where his med'cine fails.
While seas of melted ore lay waste the plains.
Around the fiend in hideous order sate,

VARIATIONS. Foul bawling Infamy, and bold Debate;


Ver. 60. Then she: “ Alas! how long in vain have Gruff Discontent, through Ignorance misler, And clamorous Faction at her party's head;

Jim'd at these noble ills the Fates deny? Restless Sedition still dissembling fear,

Within this isle for ever must I tind And sly Hypocrisy with pious leer.

Disasters to distract my restless mind? Glouting with sullen spite the fury shook

Good Tenison's celestial piety Her clotted locks, and blasted with each look;

At last has rais'd him to the sacred see. Then tore with cariker'd teeth the pregnant scrolls, Somers does sickening equity restore, Where Fame the acts of demigods enrols;

And helpless orphans are oppress'd no more. And, as the rent-records in pieces fell,

Pembroke to Britain endless blessings brings. Each scrap did some imunortal action tell. 40 He spoke; and Peace clapp'd her triumphant This show'd, how fix'd as fate, Torquatus stood,

wings. That, the fam'd passage of the Granic food;

Great Ormond shines illustriously bright The Julian eagles, here, their wings display,

With Llazes of hereditary right. And there, like setting stars, the Decii lay;

The noble ardour of a royal sire This does Camillus as a god extol,

Inspires the generous breast of Devonshire. That puints at Manlius in the Capitol;

And Macclesfield is active to defend How Cocles did the Tiber's surges brave,

His country with the zeal he loves his friend. How Curtius plung'd into the gaping grave.

Like Leda's radiant sons divinely clear,
Great Cyrus, here, the Medes and Persians join, Portland and Jersey deck'd in rays appear,
And, there, th' immortal battle of the Boyne. 50 To gild by turns the Gallie hemisphere.
As the light messenger the fury spy'd,

Worth in distress is rais'd by Montague;
Awhile his curdling blood forgot to glide:

Augustus listens if Mæcenas sue; Confusion on his fainting vitals hung,

And Vernon's vigilance no slumber takes, And faltering accents flutter'd on his tongue :

Whilst faction peeps abroad, and anarchy awakes." At length, assuming courage, he convey'd

Ver. 95. In haste he strides along, to recompense His errand, then he shrunk into a shade.

The want of business with its vain pretence. The bag lay long revolving what might be The blest event of such an embassy:

*Lee, an apothecary. VOL. IX.


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The fury thus assuming Colon's grace,

And to that dire misfortune listen well, So slung her arms, so shufid in her pace. Which thou should'st fear to know, or I to tell. Onward she hastens to the fam'd abodes, 100 'Tis true, thou ever wast esteem'd by me Where Horoscope 2 invokes th’infernal gods; The great Alcides of our company: And reach'd the mansion where the vulgar run, When we with noble scorn resolvid to ease 170 For ruin throng, and pay to be undone,

Ourselves from all parochial offices; This visionary various projects tries,

And to our wealthier patients left the care And knows that to be rich is to be wise.

Aud draggled dignity of scavenger; By useful observations he can tell

Such zeal in that affair thou didst express, The sacred charms that in true sterling dwell; Nought could be equal, but the great success. How gold makes a patrician of a slave,

Now call to mind thy generous prowess past, A dwarf an Atlas, a Thersites brave.

Be what thou should'st, by thinking what thou It cancels all defects, and in their place 110

Fivds sense in Brownlow, charms in lady Grace; The faculty of Warwick-lane design,
It guides the fancy, and directs the mind; If not to stori, at least to undermine.
No bankrupt ever found a fair-one kind.

Their gates each day ten thousand night-caps So truly Horoscope its virtues knows,

croud, To this lov'd idol 'uis, alone, he bows;

And mortars utter their attempts aloud.

191 And fancies such bright heraldry can prove, If they should once unmask our mystery, The vile plebeian but the third from Jove. Each nurse, ere long, would be as learn'd as we;

Long has he been of that ampbibious fry, Our art expos'd to every rulgar eye; Bold to prescribe, and busy to apply.

And none, in complaisance to us, would die.
His shop the gazing vulgar's eyes employs 120 What if we claim their right t' assassinate,
With foreign trinkets, and domestic toys. Must they needs turn apothecaries straight?
Here muminies lay most reverendly stale; Prevent it, gods! all stratagems we try,
And there the tortoise hung her coat of mail; To crowd with new inhabitants your sky.
Not far from some huge shark's devouring head 'Tis we who wait the Destinies command, 190
The flying fish their finny pinions spread; To purge the troubled air, and weed the land.
Aloft in rows large poppy heads were strung, And dare the college insolently aim
And near, a scaly alligator hung;

To equal our fraternity in fame?
In this place, drugs in musty heaps decay'd; Then let crabs-eyes with pearl for virtue try,
In that, dry'd bladders and drawn teeth were laid. Or Highgate-bill with lofty Pindus vie!

Aninner room receives the numerous shoals 130 So glow-worms may compare with 'Titan's beams, Of such as pay to be reputed fools.

And Hare-court pump with Aganippe's streams.
Globes stand by globes, volumes on volumes lie, Our manufactures now they meanly sell,
And planetary schemes amuse thë eye.

And their true value treacherously tell;
The sage, in velvet chair, here lolls at ease, Nay, they discover too, their spite is such, 200
To promise future health for present fees; That health, than crowus more valued, costs not
Then, as from tripod, solemn shame reveals,

much; And what the stars know nothing of, foretels. Whilst we must steer our conduct by these rules,

One asks how soon Panthea may be won, To cheat as tradesmen, or to starve as fools." And longs to feel the marriage-fetters on:

At this fam'd Horoscope turn'd pale, and straight Others, convinc'd by melancholy proof, 140 In silence tumbled from his chair of state = Inquire when courteous fates will strike them off. The crowd in great confusion sought the door, Some, by what means they may redress their And left the magus fainting on the floor; wrong,

Whilst in his breast the fury breath'd a storm, When fathers the possession keep too long. Then sought her cell, and re-assun'd her form. And some would know the issue of their cause, Thus from the sore although the insect flies, 210 And whether gold can solder up its flaws.

It leaves a brood of maggots in disguise, Poor pregnant Lais his advice would have,

Officious Squirt in haste forsook bis shop, To lose by art what fruitful Nature gave;

To succour the expiring Horoscope. And Portia, old in expectation grown,

Oft he essay'd the inagus to restore, Laments her barren curse, and begs a son: By salt of succinum's prevailing power; Whilst lris his cosmetic wash would try, 150 Yet still supine the solid lumber lay, To make her bloom revive, and lovers die. An image of scarce-animated clay; Some ask for charms, and others philtres choose, Till Fates, indulgent when disasters call, To gain Corinna, and their quartans lose. By Squirt's nice hand apply'd a urinal. Young Hylas, botch'd with stains too foul to name, The wight no sooner did the stream receive, 290 In cradle here renews his youthful frame:

But rouz'd, and bless'd the stale restorative. Cloy'd with desire, and surfeited with charms, The springs of life their former vigour feel; A hot-house he prefers to Julia's arms.

Such zeal he bad for that vile utensil. And old Lucullus would th' arcanum prove,

So when the great Pelides Thetis found,
Of kindling in cold veins the sparks of love. He knew the sea - weed scent, and th' azure god-

Bleak Envy these dull frauds with pleasure sees, dess own'd.
And wonders at the senseless mysteries. 161
In Colon's voice she thus calls out aloud

On Horoscope envirould by the croud :

Ver. 202. Whilst we, at our expense, must per• “Forbear, forbear, thy vain amusements cease,

severe, Thy woodcocks from their gins awhile release; And for another world, be ruin'd here. .8 Dr, Baruard.

Dr. Barnard's man.


Fly with what haste you usd to do of old,

When clyster was in danger to be cold; All night the sage in pensive tumults lay, With expedition on the beadle call,

70 Complaining of the slow approach of day; To summon all the company to th' Hall." Oft turn'd him round, and strove to think no more

Away the friendly coadjutor dies, Of what shrill Colon said the day before.

Swift as from phial steams of harts-horn rise. Cowslips and poppies o'er his eyes he spread,

The magus in the interim munibles o'er And Salmon's works he laid beneath his head, Vile terms of art to some infernal power, But those bless'd opiates still in vain he tries, And draws mysterious circles on the floor. Sleep's gentle image bis embraces fljes:

But from the gloomy vault no glaring spright Tumultuous cares lay rolling in his breast, Ascends, to blast the tender bloom of light. And thus his anxious thoughts the sage exprest. 10 No mystic sounds from Hell's detested womb « Oft has this planet rollid around the Sun, In dusky exhalations upwards come.

80 Since to consult the skies I Grst begun:

And now to raise an altar he decrees, Such my applause, so mighty my success,

To that devouring harpy callid Disease: Some granted my predictions more than guess. Then flowers in canisters he hastes to bring, But; doubtful as I am, I'll entertain

The wither'd product of a blighted spring'; This faith, there can be no mistake in gain.

With cold solanum from the Pontic shore, For the dull world must honour pay to those, The roots of mandrake and black hellebore; Who on their understanding most impose.

The griper senna, and the puker rue, First man creates, and then he fears the elf; The sweetener sassafras, are added too; Thus others cheat him not, but he himself; 20 And on the structure next he heaps a load He lothes the substance, and he loves the show;

Of sulphur, tarpentine, and mastic wood; 90 You'll ne'er convince a fool, himself is so:

Gums, fossils too, the pyramids increas'd; He hates realities, and hugs the cheat,

A mummy next, once monarch of the east; And still the only pleasure's the deceit.

Then from the compter he takes down the file, So meteors flatter with a dazzling dye,

And with prescriptions lights the solemn pile. Which no existence has, but in the eye.

Feebly the flames on clumsy wings aspire, As distant prospects please us, but when near

And smothering fogs of smoke benight the tire. We find but desert rocks and fleeting air;

With sorrow he beheld the sad portent, From stratagem to stratagem we run,

Then to the hag these orisons he sent: And he knows most, who latest is undone. 30 “ Disease! thou ever most propitious power,

“ Mankind one day serene and free appear; Whose kind indulgence we discern each hour! 100 The next, they're cloudy, sullen, and severe: Thou well canst boast thy numerous pedigree, New passions new opinions still excite;

Begot by Sloth, maintain'd by Luxury..
And what they like at noon they leave at night.

In giided palaces thy prowess reigns,
They gain with labour what they quit with ease; But flies the humble sheds of cottage swains.
And health, for want of change, becomes disease. To you such might and energy belong,
Peligion's bright authority they dare,

You nip the blooming, and unnerve the strong. And yet are slaves to superstitious fear.

The purple conqueror in chains you bind, They counsel others, but themselves deceive;

And are to us your vassals only kind. And though they 're cozen'd still, they still believe.

“ If, in return, all diligence we pay “So false their censure, fickle their esteem, 41 To fix your empire, and confirm your sway, 110 This hour they worship, and the next blaspheme.

Far as the weekly-bills can reach around, “Shall I then, who with penetrating sight From Kent-street end, to fam'd St. Giles's pound; Inspect the springs that guide each appetite;

Behold this poor libation with a smile, Who with unfathom'd searches hourly pierce

And let auspicious light break through the pile." The dark recesses of the universe;

He spoke; and on the pyramid he laid Be aw'd, if puny emmets would oppress;

Bay-leaves and vipers-hearts, and thus he said: Or fear their fury, or their name caress?

“ As these consume in this mysterious fire, If all the fiends that in low darkness reign

So let the curs'd Dispensary expire! Be ifot the fictions of a sickly brain,


And as those crackle in the flames, and die, That prospect, the Dispensary they call,

So let its vessels burst, and glasses fly!" 120 Before the Moon can blunt her horas, shall fall." Put a sinister cricket straight was heard;

With that, a glance from mild Aurora's eyes The altar fell, the offering disappear’d. Shoots through the crystal kingdoms of the skies.

As the fam'd wight the omen did regret, The savage kind in forests cease to roam, And sots , o'ercharg'd with nauseous loads, reel Squirt brought the news the company was met.

Nigh where Fleet-ditch descends in sable bome;


streams, Drums, trumpets, hautboys, wake the slumbering To wash his sooty Najads in the Thames; Whilst bridegroom sighs, and thinks the bride less

There stands a structure on a rising hill, fair;

(spread, Where Tyros take their freedom out to kill. Light's cheerful smiles o'er th' azure waste are

Some pictures in these dreadful shambles tell, And Miss from inns of court bolts out unpaid; 60 How, by the Delian god, the Python fell; 180 The sage, transported at th' approaching hour, And how Medea did the philtre brew, Imperiously thrice thunder'd on the floor;

That could in Æson's veins young force renew; Officious Squirt that moment had access, His trust was great, his vigilance no less.

VARIATIONS. To him thus Horoscope:

Ver. 101. Thou that would'st lay whole states and “My kind companion in this dire affair,

regions waste, Which is more light, since you assume a share; Sooner than we, thy cormorants, should fast,

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