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Importance of an Interest in God's Favour, Mrs. Cappe 43

All Things are God's,

Moore 45

Account of the Bee,

Tyerman 46

On Hearing Music,

Scott 48

Fable of the Sun and the Wind,

Dodsley 49

State of some Animals during Winter,

Sturm 49

Appearances of Nature in February,

Dr. Aikin 51

Against Falsehood,

Hardie's Collection 52

Sweetness of Temper necessary to Happiness, H. More 54

Omnipresence of God,

Sturm 55

Anecdote of the Generous Neighbour,

Anonymous 55

Account of the Rein-Deer,

Various 56

Wise and Useful Sayings,

Various 57

Compassion Exemplified,

Miss Aiken 58

Character of Alfred,

Hume 59

The Christian Encouraged,

Bowdler EO

Fable of the Farmer and the Lawyer,

Dodsley 61


Dr. Blair 61

Father William,

Anonymous 63

Christianity, an Internal Principle,

H. More 65

Hurricane in the West Indies,

Moseley 65

Blessing on the Young Implored,

Cowper 66

Appearances of Nature in March,

Dr. Aiken 67

Virtue Preferable to Knowledge,

T. A-Kempis 69

The Banian Tree,

Clarke's Wonders 70

Pleasures of Piety,

Young 72

A Jewish Story concerning Abraham,

Anonymous 72

Account of the Whale,

Hort 73

The Vanity of Wealth,

Johnson 74

Goodness of God Displayed in his Works,

Sturm 75

On seeing Twins Lying Dead,

Montgomery 76

"Anecdoté of Canute,

The Hermit,

Beattie 77

The Scriptures reveal the Way of Salvation,

Hall 79

The Melodies of Morn,

Beattie 80

Appearances of Nature in April,

Dr. Aikin 81

Trust in Providence,

Cotton 82

Benefits attending Men's Natural Wants, M Laurin 83

Fable of the Boys and Frogs,

Dodsley 85

Morning Hymn,

Bishop Ken 85

Account of the Camel,

Various 86

Degrees of Guilt determined by Circumstances,

Law 88

Ode to the Cuckoo,

Logan 89

Habitual Prayer recommended,

Seed 90

The Sluggard,

Watts 92

On Avoiding Evil Company,

Anonymous 92

The Glorious Morn, .

Thomson 93

Christ our Prophet,

Original 94


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Anonymous 129

Description of a Volcanic Eruption, Clarke's Wonders 130

Lowliness of Mind,

H. K. White 133

Incantation of Serpents,

Bruce 133

Moral Influence of Spring,

Thomson 134

Personal Attention,

T. A-Kempis 136

Vision of Mirza,

Addison 137

Christ's Sympathy,

R. Grant 141

Account of the Silk Worm,

Turner 142

Excellence of Christianity,

Dr. Mason 143

The Voice of Divine Compassion,

* Anonymous 144

Appearances of Nature in August,

Dr. Aikin, 145

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St. Paul at Athens,

James 146

Fable of the Daw with Borrowed Feathers, Dodsley 148

Scotland's Sabbath Eve,

Grahame 149

The Gunpowder Plot,

Hume 149


Roscoe 153

Anecdote of a Boy and his Bible,

Anonymous 153

Plain of Marathon,

Dr Clarke 154

Protection and Guidance Supplicated, Montgomery 165

Christianity a Religion of Motives,

* Baxter 156

Wise and Useful Sayings,

Various 157

Sabbath of the Shepherd Boy,

Grakame 158

Account of the Crocodile,

Turner 159


Falconer 160

The Farmer, the Cranes, and the Stork,

Dodsley 161

Advantage of Great Virtues,

Hall 162

Poor but Independent,

Corvper 162

The Plague in London in the year 1664,

Defoe 163

Acting in Character,

Mason 165

Fall of the Leaf,

Horne 166

Appearances of Nature in September,

Dr. Aikin 167

Fable of the Bears and the Bees,

Merrick 168

Isle of Patmos,

Dr Clarke 169

The Martyrdom of Abdallah,

Cl. Buchanar 170

Purity of Intention,

Jeremy Taylor 173


Prior 174

God gives all Things to his People, Bishop Beveridge 176

Mother and Child,

Rogers 177

Anecdote of Robert Bruce,

Anonymous 178

Account of the Echo,

Clarke's Wonders 179

The World Renounced,

H. More 180

Character of Queen Elizabeth,

Hume 181

Christ's Birth Announced,

Campbell 183

Appearances of Nature in October,

Dr Aikin 184

Our Particular Temptations to be attended to, Mason 185

The Village Clergyman,

Goldsmith 186

Account of the Beaver,

Hort 187

Spread of the Gospel,

Heber 190

On Sabbath Schools,

Original 191

The Migration of Birds,

Clarke's Wonders 194

Reflections upon Death,

Foster 195

Pleasures of Imagination,

Akenside 198

Creation Contemplated with Holy Reverence. Gambold 200

Wise and Useful Sayings,

Various 202

Account of the Hooded Snake,

Forbes 203

Fable of the Cameleon,

Merrick 204

Self Denial,

Mrs Talbot 206

Signs of Humility,

Jeremy Taylor 208

H. More 209

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Appearances of Nature in November,

Dr Aikin 210

Poor Man's Funeral,

Grahame 211

Dead Sea,

Dr Clarke 212

Christ our King,

Original 214

Graves of the Poor,

Gray 215

Anecdote of Generous Friendship,

Anonymous 216

The Missionary and Bible Societies,

Original 218

Description of the North Cape,

Clark'es Wonders 221

Evening Hymn,

Bishop Ken 223

Reasonableness of Affiliction,

Barter 254

God is Love,

Anonymous 225

Discovery of America,

Robertson 225

Happiness of Charity aud Piety,

Leighton 230

The Mystery of Life,

Gambold 231

Account of the Elephant,

Clarke's Wonders 232

Banks for Savings,

Original 235

Testimony of the World to Christian Morality, Fuller 238

The Pulpit,

Cowper 239

Appearances of Nature in December,

Dr Aikin 240

The Redeemer's Tears over Jerusalem,

Howe 241

Acconnt of Iron,

Various 243


Herbert 245

Falls of Niagara,

Howison 245

To the Idolaters of Chance,

Campbell 249

Benefit or Friendly Societies,

Original 250

Character of Knox the Reformer,

M'Crie 252

Magnificence of Mountain Scenery,

Wilson 254

Fidelity in Little,

H. Moncreiff Wellwood 255

Divine Service among the Persecuted Cove-


Lights and Shadows 25

0a Dignified Conduct in Humble Life,

Alison 259

Hymn on the Seasons,

Thomson 260

True Christians Happy in every Situation, Dr Erskine 263

Aurora Borealis in Newfoundland,

Anspach 265

It is more blessed to give than to receive,

Chalmers 266

Glory of the Cross of Christ,

M.Laurin 267

Exhortation to be religious in Youth,

Original 269

The Christian's Prospects at Death,

H. More 269

The Last Day,

Milman 270

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