Strathallan, Volumen2


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Página 157 - But earthlier happy is the rose distill'd Than that which, withering on the virgin thorn, Grows, lives, and dies in single blessedness.
Página 308 - With merriment, and song, and timbrels clear, A troop of dames from myrtle bowers advance ; The little warriors doff the targe and spear, „ And loud enlivening strains provoke the dance,' They meet, they dart away, they wheel askance ; To right, to left, they thrid the flying maze ; Now bound aloft with vigorous spring, then glance Rapid along : with many-colour'd rays Of tapers, gems, and gold, the echoing forests blaze, The dream is fled.
Página 296 - ... but labour would wear him out, and the purpose of it be defeated, if he had not intervals of pleasure ; and unless that pleasure be innocent, both he and society must suffer. Now what pleasures are more harmless, if they be nothing else, than those afforded by polite arts and polite literature; love was given us by the Author of our being as the reward of virtue, and the solace of care; but the base and sordid forms of artificial (which I oppose to natural) society, in which we live, have encircled...
Página 108 - Maiden! a nameless life I lead, A nameless death I'll die; The fiend, whose lantern lights the mead, Were better mate than I! And when I'm with my comrades met Beneath the greenwood bough, — What once we were we all forget, Nor think what we are now.
Página 361 - As made the things more rich : their perfume lost, Take these again ; for to the noble mind Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind.
Página 46 - She said, and told the woesome tale, As sooth as shepherdess might tell. XXIV. The heart that, sorrow doomed to share, Has worn the frequent seal of woe, Its sad impressions learns to bear, And finds full oft its ruin slow. But when that seal is first imprest, When the young heart its pain shall try, From the soft, yielding, trembling breast, Oft seems the startled soul to fly. Yet fled not Owen's — wild amaze In paleness clothed, and lifted hands, And horror's...
Página 31 - Playful and artless, on the summer wave Sporting with buoyant wing, the fairy scene With fairest grace adorning, but in woe, In poverty, in soul-subduing toils, In patient tending on the sick man's bed, In ministerings of love, in bitterest pangs Faithful and firm ; in scenes where sterner hearts Have cracked, still cheerful and still kind.
Página 321 - Di questi fior la mia donna coperse. Giove benigno, di letizia pieno, Gli umani orecchi quel bel giorno aperse A sentir la celeste melodia, Che in canti, ritmi, e suon, dal ciel venia. Dear are those bonds my willing heart that bind, Form'd of three chords, in mystic union twin'd ; The first by beauty's rosy fingers wove, The next by pity, and the third by love. — The hour that gave this...
Página 167 - ... trocaste por la vida trabajosa, la blanca seda y púrpura preciosa por áspero cilicio y toscos paños; tú que, viendo del mundo los engaños, al puerto te acogiste presurosa, cual nave que en la noche tenebrosa teme del mar los encubiertos daños; canta la gloria inmensa que se encierra en el alma dichosa, ya prendada del amor que se enciende en puro celo; que si el piloto al divisar la tierra alza la voz de gozo acompañada, ¿qué debe hacer quien ya descubre el cielo?
Página 137 - ... even the courtly train, Anxious the dregs of pleafure's bowl to drain. When, fully fated with each fplendid (how That elegance and grandeur can beftow, To rural folitude they fly, will there This faint reflection of amufement (hare. When from SOUTHAMPTON'S or from BRIGHTON'S fhorej Which cbarm'd when LONDON'S revelry was o'er, The fading beauty of autumnal hours, Recalls the fportfman to his native bowers...

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