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be granted to the East India Company, as ing the last year will be reported; and other
shall afford sufficient opportunities to those business connected with the general meeting
benevolent persons who shall be desirous of transacted. The president will take the
going to India, for the purpose of communi- chair precisely at twelve o'clock.
cating to its population tiie blessings of Chris-
tian light and moral improvement;and

also such provisions as shall preveut the ob-
struction of their endeavours for pronioting We have inuch satisfaction in recording
their object in that country, so long as they the formation of an Auxiliary Bible Society
shall concluct themselves in a peaceable and at Wallingford, Berks, on January 7. The
orderly manner.

venerable J. Allnatl, Esq. the mayor, was “ That a deputation of the members of unanimously called to the chair, and he this Society be appointed to wait on his Ma- shortly, but pathetically, stated the lappijesty's Chancellor of the Exchcquer, and the ness he felt in calling the attention of a reEarl of Buckinghamshire, the President to spectable meeting to the important object the Board of Controul, to solicit their sup- of the society. The Rev. Mr. Fisher, a port to the objects of the foregoing Resolu- neighbouring ciergyman, defended his own tion, and the honour of conferring with them views and motives in taking su active a part, on the means of attaining those objects, so and adverted to the great cause of the parent far as this Society is concerned. And also institution with considerable force of arguthat the deputation be empowered to wait

Mr.· Alderman Alluatt followed with on any others of His Majesty's ministers, and an impressive speech, and read several comon any of the Members of either House of munications from the Lord Biskop of SalisParliament, to whom they may deem it ex- bury, who accepted the presidency of the pedient 10) apply.

Wallingford Auxiliary Society; from the “That the Governors and Treasurer of this Bishop of Durham; W. L. Hughes, Esq. Society bue a deputation forthe purposes men- M. P.; Admiral Manley; and Col. Tilson, tioned in the foregoing resolutions, and that who all approved of the proceedings relative they be empowered to avail themselves of to its formation. The London Secretaries the assistance of any other member of the spoke with their accustomed eloquence and Society whom they may think proper."

effect. Mr. Recorder Machiness wondered The above resolutions were moved or how any rational man could entertain an seconded by Henry Thornton, Esq. M. P.; objection against such a society, and which William Wilberforce, Esq. M. P.; the Right met with the full approbation of his heart. Hon. Lord Calthorpe ; Tismas Babington, The Rev. Messrs. Marsh and Stewart, clerEsq. M. P.; C. Noel Noel, Esq. M.P.; gymen, and the Rev. J. Raban, dissenting T. R. Kemp, Esq. M. P.; James Stephen, minister, adver tedto various topics conuectEsq. M. P.; Sir Thomas Baring, Bart. ed with this interesting cause with consider11. P.; and other gentlemen.

able point and effect. The day proved The Anniversary Serinon before the same

extremely unpropitious; but the very re. Society will be preached on Whit-Tuesday spectable company left the town-hall with next, the 191h day of May, 1812, by nie mingled emotions of delight and gratitude. Rev. William Goode, M. A. at bis parish

The subscriptions and donations amounted church of St. Andrew by the Wardrobe and

to nearly 2001. ; and they have since been St. Anne Blackfriars. Service will begin at

much augmented.
eleven o'clock. A collection will be made,
after the sermon, for the benefit of the insti.
tution.—At two o'clock, the Annual General holden at Yurk, which ended in the fornia-

On the 29th of January, a meeting was
Meeting of the Society will be held, at the
New London Tavern, Cheapside; when the

tion of an Auxiliary Bible Society for that Committee will report the proceedings of the city and its neighbourhood. The Hon.

Lawrence Dundas, the Lord Mayor of York, year.

and its representative in parliament, was in BRITISH AND FOREIGN BJBLE SOCIETY.

the chair, and has accepted the office of pre

sident. The vice-presidents are:- R. J. The annual meeting of this Society will be Thompson, Esq., Rev. W. Richardson, Dr. held at the Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Wake, and A. Thorpe, Esq.; the treasurers, Street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, on Wednesday T. Swann, Esq. and J. Tweedy, Esq.; and the 6th of May, 1812, at eleven o'clock, the secretaries, W. Gray, Esq. and the Rev. when the proceedings in the committee dur- J. Graham, Near 12001, had been sub


<scribed in about a month after the formation that had been urged against it by its oppoof the Society.

nents. The usual resolutions were put, and An interesting report of the proceedings curried unanimously. Viscount Anson was of this meet ing has been published in a appointed President; the following noble

separate pamphlet. The speeches delivered men and gentlemen Vice-Presidents, viz. on the occasion are marked by the same Earl Ferrers ; the Earl of Dartmouth; the ardent zeal in the best of causes, and the Earl of Harrowby; Viscount Curzon ; Visa sanue strength of argument in its favour, count Valentia; Lord Grey; Lori Bradford; which we have so often had occasion to Lord G. L. Gowes, M. P.; the Hon. Edward netice on similar occasions. The chief Monckton, M. P.; Sir Edward Littleton, speakers were, besides the Lord Mayor, Bart. M. P.; Sir William Wolseley, Bart.; Martin Stapylton, Esq.; the Rev. John Sir John Wrottesley, Bart.; Sir John ChetRichardson ; ille Res. Julia Overton; the wode, Bart. ; Sir George Pigot, Bart; Sir Rev. J. Graham; Mr. G. Smith; W. Grey, Oswald Mosley, Bart. M. P. ; Sir Robert Esq.; Dr. Wake; R. J. Thompson, Esq.; Peel, Bart. M. P.; Sir John Edensor HeathJ. Pemberton, Esq.; MIr. H. Tuke; and the cote ; the Archdeacon of Stafford ; Robert Rev. C. Welbeloved. And we only regret Peel, Esq. M. P.; Walter Sneyd, Esq.; Rithat our limits, and the press of important chard Dyott, Lsq.; Jolin Lane, Esq. ; Thoreligious intelligence, should prevent our mas Lister, Esq. ; Thomas Swinnerton, Esq.; even attempting to do justice to them. William Philips Ioge, Esq ; George Tollet,

Esq. ; W.H. C. Floger, Esq.; John Sparrow, BRADFORD AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. Esq.; William Sneyd, Esq.; Edward Jervis

An Auxiliary Bible Society was lately Ricketts, Esq.; Edward Grove, Esq. ; Theoformed in the town of Bradtord (Yorkshire) philus Levelt, Esq and its vicinity, by the united exertions of G. Chetwynd and T. Mottershaw, Esquires, all classes or the inhabitants. No symptom were chosen joint Treasurers; and the Rev. of any diversity of opinion discovered itself. E. Whitby, the Rev. W. Harding, the Rev. All denominations joined together“ as one G. Harris, and Mr. J. Hurball, Secretaries. Ipan,” in the glorious object of assisting to By the particular desire of the meeting, distribute the pure word of God at home communicated to him by the Chairman, Mr. and abroad.' The Rev. J. Crosse, vicar of Gisborne has been prevailed on to publish the parish church, was unanimously chosen the substance of the speech which he delį. as the president ; John Hardy, Esq. kindly vered on this occasion. We have been so undertook the office of secretary, and a furtunate as to receive a copy of it in time committee was formed, consisting otininisters' to add a few extracts which cannot fail to of various denominations, and a select num- prove highly interesting to our readers, and ber of the gentlemen resident in the town whicb, we trust, will serve as an inducement and neighbourhood. The subscriptions were to them to peruse the whole extremely liberal.

In proof of the deficiency of Bibles exist.

ing at home, one of the main points now at STAFFORDSHIRE AUXILIARY BIBLE issue between the Biblists and Antibiblists,

Mr. Gisborne produced the fact, that in conOn the 8th instant, a numerous meeting was sequence of an actual enumeration of the faheld in the County Hall at Stafford, for the milies in the diocese of Durham in want of purpose of forming an Auxiliary Bible So. Bibles, which was made by desire of the Bi. ciety for Staffordshire. The High Sheriff, shop, it appeared that the number amounted Mr. Mottershaw, proposed that Thomus Lis- to 5300. If this be considered as a fair ground ter, Esq. should be called to the chair, which of computation for all the other dioceses in was unanimously agreed to. Mr. Lister the kingdom, the number of families in Eng. opened the business at considerable length; land and Wales in wait of Bibles will and in a very able, perspicuous, and eloquent amount to more than 350,000, or nearly two speech, franglit with the noblest sentiments, millions of individuals. Now considering recommended to the meeting the institution the local circumstances of Durham, and the of the proposed society. He was followed character and knowu muuificence of its Biby the three Secretaries of the Parent So- shop, there will be no reason to suppose cie.y, by the Rev. Mr. Gisborne, and many that it is in a state, as to the diffusion of others, who distinguished themselves by a

the Scriptores, inferior to the average condi. luminous exposition of the benefits accruing tion of England and Wales.- Mr. Gisborne from the British and Foreign Bible Society, and a convincing refutation of the objection * It is published for Cadell and Davies,


stated some farther facts which equally tend be filled, additional means, 'new wéans, to this conclusion, that “ the actual defi- means more large, more comprehensive, more ciency of Bibles in this kingdom is of such efficacions are indispensable. magnitude as no common apprehension had " It is here that the British and Foreign anticipated."

Bible Society stands forward. In dascussing the important question how " Some persons, Sir, bave been disposed to this vold is to be filled, Mr. Gisborne adverts, occupy themselves in speculating, whether with becoming expressions of commendation, equal good with respect to the distribution to the beneficent labours of the Society for of the Scriptures among our poor might not promoting Christian Knowledge, of which have been accomplished by a farther increase he himself has been a member for twenty- of subscriptions to the Society for pronioting six years. He then proceeds thus.

Christian Knowledge, as by the institution of u That the Society for promoting Chris- the British and Foreign Bible Society. That tian knowledge is altogether incompetent to good will result frora every addition to the furnish to the poor of this country the requi- income of the Society for promoting Chris. site supply of the Scriptures, is demonstrated tian Knowledge, I am persuaded. Bot, in by the actual state of the poor at this mo. my judgment, there is not the shadlow of ** ment with respect to the Scriptures ; a slate doubt on the conclusion, that it would be which I have receutly laid before you; a vain to anticipate an equal amount of good state which is subsisting when the society from an enlargement of the funds of that in question has been employing its exertions Society, as from the real and the energy of during one hundred and ten years; when an institution formed on the broad and har. during the last tiglit years those exertions monizing principle of uniting, in one line of have been vigorously seconded by the ope. exertion, Christians of every description, rations of the British and Foreign Bible Son Christians who, setting apart the matters of ciety; when during more than thirty of the opinion in which their sentiinents may differ, last years those exertions have been suc- co-operate with hand and heart in the grand

coured by the labours of yet another so- object in whigh they are all agreed, the dis-, , ciety, to which I shall speedily have ucca- semination, through this country and through

sion to advert. In declaring these facts, in every couutry, of the pure word of God. drawing the inevitable conclusion from them, Bat such speculations are idle; they are am I imputing blame to the Society for pro. worse than idle. They are idle, because the moting Christian Knowledge? If I am im- question is decided : the British and Fo. puting blame to that society, I am imputing reign Bible Society is in existence. They it to myself. No idea is more remote from are worse than idle: because they delay and my mind, than that of imputing blame 10 discourage us from entering instantly on the the society. It has been powerfully and ex. great and glorious work which demends all tensively beneficial. But a very large pore our exertions. The British and Foreign tion of its revenues is necessarily absorbed in Bible Society is not in speculation, but in erthe other objects which belong to its institu- istence. It is not in possibility, but in enertion; the distribution of Prayer-books, the getic operation. The acorn is sowni ; it has circulation of religious tracts, and the encou- put forth its root; it has shot up its stem; ragement of charity schools. And though it it has risen into a majestic oak, whose top has of late obtained, and I rejoice that it has daily ascends nearer and nearer to the skies, obtained, an extraordinary accession of suh- and whose branches are stretching themscribers and of annual income; yet I appre, selves across the world. The question is not, hend that if we contemplate the very great whether the tree shall be planted : It is augmentation of the number of the people, planted. The question is not, whether the and the increase which has taken place in tree may fourish : It does flourish. The the price of paper, and in all the articles only question is, whether we shall take to and expences of printing, it will be found ourselves a portion of the honour and of that the existing reveuues of the Society, the delight of watering its roots, of instro. under the existing prices and the existing mentally forwarding its growth; of contripopulation, will not enable it to effect buting to the expansion of its branches, till more in proportion towards the supply of all the unprovided poor, the scripturally una the Scriptures for the poor, than it was ca- provided poor, at home and abroad, shall pable of effecting twenty years ago with its rest and rejoice under its canopy." former revenue, under the fornier prices and Mr. Gisborne noticed and disproved the The former population.

unfounded objection which has been raised " It is manifest then, that if the void is to to the Bible Society, as if it were opposed to the Society for promoting Christian Know- are associated with Dissenters. Are Dis. ledge." I understand not,” he adds, “ this senters then a body of men with whom no jealousy between my right band and my communication can be held? Are they a left. The two societies are two sisters, body of men with wbom a Churchman is party having one object in common, partly in no instance to have intercourse? Are they having each of them an object peculiar to a body of men to be interdicted from the herself. Let them proceed throughout the use of fire and water? Are they a body of kingdom hand in hand, from county to men, who, if they engage in a good work, county, from village to village, from cot- pollute it? Are they a body of men with tage to cottage, scattering the sacred vo- whom is a Churchman engages in a good lume. And when for a season they sepa- work, he is polluted? Or is it only in the rate, each for the discharge of her peculiar distribation of the Scriptures, that we office; when the one, turning inland, be- are to fly from the possibility of contact gtus her distribution of the Liturgy, and of with them? Are we to unite with them in her smaller religious publications, and in- subscribing to an infirmary; are we to cospects the state of her schools of charity: operate in establishing a soup-shop; are we and the other, bearing to the coast, ascends to join our exertions in the support of all lothe vessel and crosses the ocean to commu- cal charities; are we to desire the aid of nicate the Gospel to both hemispheres, from their bayonets in our battles on shore, and the north to the south, from the east to the of their cutlasses on the decks of our ships ; West; each may well bid the other God are we to go hand in hand with them in speed ; each may well look after the other every circumstance, except in the donation with a complacent eye; each may well re- of a Bible? Is this reason, is it equity, juice when again they meet on British is it candour, is it common sense? But ground, and pursue their united labours as this intercourse, it is said, will endanger before."

the Church, and forward the progress of * The charges advanced against the British dissent. Were I a Dissenter, possibly I and Foreign Bible Society at different pe- might think that there is something in the riods of its progress, were they not likely argument; but in the mouth of members of to be occasionally mischievous, might fure the Establishment, the proposition is indeed nish considerable entertainment. At one marvellous ! Am I to conceive, that, in protime it was clamorously alleged ; • Notes portion as more shall be known of our tenets and comments and interpretations will be and of our proceedings by those who differ iaserted into your Bibles. You will ander- from us, the worse those tenets and those mine the Church of England by the expo- proceedings will appear? Is it by keeping sitions which you will interweave into the ourselves out of the way of observation that sacred volume.'--' It is impossible,' replied groundless prejudices against us are to be the Society. It is a fundamental law of removed ?” our constitution, that neither note nor com- Mr. Gisborne then repels the grand obment shall ever be added.' Then succeeds joction brought forward by Dr. Marsh in rean accusation from the opposite quarter of spect to the omission of the Prayer-book. the sky; Why do you send forth the After adverting to the strictly analogous naScriptures without an interpretation? The ture of the Naval and ilitary Bible So Established Church will be ruined by your çiety, which adopts “ the identical principle, dispersion of the Bible without note or com- the very principle in spirit and letter on ment? I leave these two classes of objec. which the Bible Society is founded ; "here" tors to settle accounts each with the other. he observes," is a society, which during more For the overthrow of the Bible Society both than thirty years has been existing, has been classes are equally anxious. And when they in active operation, exclusively on that prinhave determined whether it will be more ciple, on the principle of distributing the conducive towards the effecting of the ship- Scriptures without note or comment, and wreck, that the wind should blow from the without the Liturgy;# society so dangerous, east, or that it should blow from the west, or according to the arguments of those persons that it should blow from the east and from who oppose the British and Foreign Bible the west at once; it will then be sufficiently Society, to the Establishment, that after the carly for the pilots of the vessel to deliberate existence and operation of such a society what measures may be needful, in order to during such a period, the matter of surprise avoid the rocks on the one side, and the is that our Constitution in Church, and in quicksands on the other.

State as connected with the Church, should "A tbird objection is, that in the Bible So. at this moment survive! And where, through ciety members of the Established Church out this long season of pecil, have been the CHRIST, OBSERY. No. 124,

2 L

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writers, who of late have pressed forward bers of the Society for promoting Christian
with so much eagerness to exercise their knowledge under any constraint to distri-
hostility against the British and Foreign bute Prayer-books with their Bibles ? Not
Bible Society ? Were they acquainted with under the slightest constraint. The society
the existence of the Naval and Military furnishes at certain prices Prayer-books and
Bible Society? If it was known to then, Religious Tracts, as well as Bibles, to its
where has been their zeal, where their members who apply for them. But its inem
watchfulness, where their fidelity, where bers apply for Bibles without Prayer-books,
their impartiality? How. is it that they have or for Prayer-books without Bibles, or for
slept upon their post? If, as I believe to Religious Tracts without either Prayer-book
be the case, it was not known to them, or Bible, exactly as they deem expedient.
the circumstance may instruct them in Are the nienbers of the British and Foreign
a profitable lesson ; that it is advisable to Bible Society under any prohibition, under
obtain information before we pronounce any impediment, as to adding the gift of a
judgment, that it is expedient to inquire Prayer-book when they bestow a Bible? Not
hefore we condemn. But I must not yet under the shadow of a prohibition : not un.
dismiss this tremendous Society. Who is der the smallest impediment. The gift is
its Patron? A brother of the Prince Re- added continually: and may be added
gent; His Royal Highness the Duke of wherever it is needed and will be accept-
York! Who is ils Vice-Patron? I ani cons able! The whole of the difference concern-
strained to state the fact as I find it-an ing which this turmoil of prejudice, this mist of
other Duke of Royal blood, His Royal sophistry, has been raised, amopnts simply
Highness the Duke of Gloucester! But to this circunstance--that. the members of
Patrons and Vice. Patrons, it may be thought, the Society for promoting Christian Know.
are a sort of slecping partners in public in ledge procure their Bibles and their Prayer-
stitutions. • The President,' it inay be said, books from the same warehouse; the mem-
• is the organ of the Society. He is the effi- bers of the British and Foreign Bible So-
cient man.' Who then is the President of cicty procure their Bibles from one warebonse
this Naval and Military Bible Society? I and their Prayer-books from another. And
read the name from their own report:--His that man must be little concerned for the dis..
Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury.” tribution of the Liturgy, who, after having

The sequel of Mr. Gisborde's speech is so obtained Bibles from one warehouse, will truly eloquent, as well as excellent, that we not walk five steps across the street, or write are induced to give it almost entire. a letter of five lines, to obtain Prayer-books

" To what event, I would ask, is it that we from the other. are indebted for our Liturgy? To the ciz “ The justification of the British and Foreign culation of the Bible. Where was our Pray- Bible Society is found in its conduct: its reer-book before the days of Henry the Eightii, commendation, in the immeasurable good while the Scriptures were a dead letter in the which, under the blessing and the grace of land ? Parts of it undoubtedly were subsiste Gud, it is effecting. Like the first preacliers ing: for parts of it have existed from the early of that divine word, bearing which in its times of Christianity, perhaps even from hand, it goes throughout the world, it may the Apostolical age. But they were buried be misconceived, it may be misrepresented, under the rubbish of ignorance and super, it may be calumniated. Every accusation stition. When the light of reformation ap- it will meet with the reply which those peared, when the Bible was circulated, then preachers of the Gospel enjoined by precept came forth our Liturgy: then came forth and by example. It will reply, by faithful the pure gold, separated from baser metals: perseverance in the path of duty: .by well then was it compacted into its present form, doiug putting to silence the ignorance of to be a wwdel for the devotions of that day. foulish men, that they who are of the con. a model for our own devotions, a model, I trary part may be ashemed, having no evil trust, for the devotions of distant genera- thicg to say of it.' tious. The Prayer-book of the Church of “ It appears to be the purpose of ProviEngland is the daughter of the Bible. The dence, in its ordinary dispensations, that daughter possesses no authority, nor energy, countries and individuals entrusted with large nor efficacy, besides that which she derives portions of its bounty should be its instrufrom the parent. But are we to say that ments to impari its aid from their fulgess to the parent cannot sustain itself, cannot be regions and persons left in need of supply. etlicacious, unless sbe is accompanied and Those parts of the world, where tbe knowupheld by the daughter? What, however, ledge of our great Redeemer has not been is the real, the simple fact? Are the mem: communicated, or is scantily possessed, are

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