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a concerted trio, the burthen of which is pro- i privations, or respect for honourable scars, the bably Hamlet's splenetic exclamation, “ Frailty, decrepid and selfish sexagenarian repulses the thy name is woman!” The fair “ poacher upon application and turns his back on the petitioners ; nature's manor," who hides her face in her and at the same moment the sagacious watchapron, and her partner in delinquency, under dog, guided by the tone of his master's voice, the special care of the constable, tremble before gives to this rebuff all the support in his power. the dread tribunal with all the consciousness of guilt, and passively listen to the sage's harangue with a semblance of attention and humility that may be charitably construed into repentance and

The Seventh Age. resolutions of amendment.

......"Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion;

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans every thing."
The Sixth Age.

The closing scene of man's brief history is . .. “The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipper'd pantaloon;

now before us, and exhibits him, having survived With spectacles on nose, and pouch on side ;

all his faculties, in the extremity of decay and His youthful hose, well sav'd, a world too wide For his shrunk shank ; and his big manly voice,

helplessness; and thus incapable of any enTurning again toward childish treble, pipes

joyment, of any participation in or even percepAnd whistles in his sound."

tion of what passes around him, nothing is The dominion of avarice and the approaching wanting but the merciful stroke of death to redotage incidental to this stage of mortality, move him from the stage where he has played hinted at by the poet, has been dexterously am- his part. Having outlived the companions of plified for bis purpose by the painter, who has his youth, those connected with him as well taken as vehicles of expression a disabled soldier, by the ties of kindred as of amity, he is now with his wife and children, and contrasted them consigned to the care of a hired nurse who is with the “lean and slipper'd pantaloon.” The seen fast asleep, while a child, to whom has been greyhaired veteran supported on a wooden leg, allotted the incongruous task of amusing doting opening his vesture, and displaying farther | imbecility, bas seated himself on the floor to honourable proofs of his sufferings in his coun- build a house with cards. The accessories, the try's cause, extends his hand with respectful winged and headless figure, the armorial hoconfidence, as he solicits relief, less for himself, nours hanging on the last peg, the picture of than for the sharers of his poverty, who patiently folly enthronea, &c., are in strict keeping with await the result of this appeal. Feeling neither the story, and sustain and strengthen the moral sympathy for age, compassion for unmerited of the poet and the painter.




As, as if Abate, to depress, sink, subdue,

Ascaunt, askew, sideways. A B C, a catechism.

Aspect, countenance.
Abor, to protest against.

Aspersion, sprinkling.
Alts, debased servile persons. As point, completely armed.
Ase, to qualify or uphold.

Assay, test.
Abortive, issuing before its time. Asca part, a giant.
Absolete, complete, perfect.

Assinego, a male ass.
Abuse, deception.

Astringer, a gentleman falconer.
Abesed, deceived.

Assurance, conveyance or deed.
Aby, to pay dear for, to rue, to suffer. Assured, aitianced.
Abysa, abyss.

Ates, instigate from Até, the goddess Acc.te, to cite or summon.

of bloodshed. dcruse, accusation,

Atomies, minute particles visible in Achete, to obtain.

the sun's rays. Aconitum, woirs-hane.

Attasked, taken to task. Acquttance, requital.

Attended, waited for. Action, direction by mute signs, charge Attent, attentive. or accusation.

Atone, to reconcile. Action taking. htigious.

Attest, attestation. Actures, actions.

Attorney, deputation. Addrions, titles or characters.

Attorneyship, the discretional agency Address, to prepare, to make ready.

of another.. Addressed, or addrest, ready.

Attornied, supplied by substitution of instance, favour.

embassies Advance, to prefer.

Audacious, spirited, animated. Advertising, attentive.

Audrey, a corruption of Ethelrea. Adversity, contrariety.

Avgurs, prognostications. Advertisement, admonition.

Aukward, adverse. Adzice, consideration, discretion, Aunts, strumpets. thought.

Authentic, learned.
Advise, to consider, to recollect.

Awful, reverend.
Aery or Aery, a bawk's or eagle's nest. Awless, failing to produce awe.
Agret the letter, to practise alteration.
Afect, lore.
Afection, affectation, imagination. Baccare, stand back, give place.
Afectioned, affected.

Bairn, brushwood.
A Sects, affections.

Baldrick, a belt. Ateered, copormed.

Bale, misery. ASed, betrotbed.

Baleful, haneful. Alfred, joined by affinity.

Balked, bathed or piled up. Afroat, to confront,

Ballase, bullast. 4.), to betroth.

Balm, the oil of consecration. Agtet baby, a diminutive being, not Ban, curse.

exceeding the tag of a point, from Band, bond. digulliettes.

Bandog, village-dog. Agnize, acknowledge, confess, vow. Bandy, to exchange smartly. good, in good earnest.

Bank, to sail along banks. Am, guess, suspicion.

Banning, cursing. an fame, mere verbal eulogs.

Banquet, a slight repast. der befest, best beloved.

Bar, barrier. è merry-meeting.

Barbason, the name of a demon. af, at life.

Barbe, a kind of veil. #, to approve.

Barbed, warlikely caparisoned. Alowance, approbation.

Barker-monger an associate of barbers. muze, to perples.

Bare, to shave. Amazonian chin, a beardless chin. Bare, mere. danes ace, the lowest chaace of the Barful, full of impediments. dice.

Barm, yeast. Amuss, misfortune.

Barn, or bairn, a child. Amort, dispirited.

Barnacles, a shell fish. Aa as f.

Barns, keeps in a baro. Aactor, a hermit.

Barren, ignorant. docent, an ensign or standard-bearer. Base, dishonoured. Aagle, a fshing rod.

Base, a rustic game called prison-base. Aazhat, abe night.

Bases, a kind of loose breeches worn Aasser. retaution.

by equestrian knights. Aathropophagi, cannibals.

Basilisks, a species of cannon. Aatick, the fool of the old play.

Basta, 'tis enough, Antiquity, old age.

Bastard, raisin wine. Aatres, caves and dens.

Bat, a club. Appeach, to impeach.

Bate, strife. Appeal, to accuse.

Bate. to flutter as a hawk. Appeared, made apparent.

Batlet, an instrument with which washApple-joba, an apple that will keep ers used to beat clothes. for two years.

Batten, to grow fat. Apply, to attend to. consider,

Battle, army Appointment, preparation,

Bawcock, a jolly fellow. Apprehension, opinion.

Bay, the space between the main Apprehensive, quick of comprehension beams of a house. Approbation, entry or probation.

Bay curtal, a bay docked horse. Approof, approbation, proof.

Bay window, a bow-window. Approve, to justify, prove, establish. Beadsmen, religious persons, main. Approved, experienced.

tained to pray for their benefactor. Approvers, those wbo try.

Beak, the forecastle. Aqua vitæ, strong waters, probably Bear'a brain, perfectly resemble. esquebangh.

Beard, to defy. Arabian burd, the phoenix,

Bearing, demeanour. Arch, chief.

Bearing cloth, a mantle used at christAspestine, silver.

euings. Arzectise, the goddess Diana,

Beat, (in falconry) to flutter. drier, Algiers.

Beating, hammering, dwelling upon. Arses, ships laden with great wealth Beaver, helmet in general. Argument, subject for conversation, Beck, a salutation made with the head. evidence, proof.

Becomed, becoming Ara to take up in the arms.

Beetle, to hang over the hase. Aratat, avagnt, begone.

Behave, to manage. Aror, successively.

Behests, commands. art practice as distinguished from Beholding, viewing with regard. theory: Alao, theory.

Behowi, to howl at. Atacalate, to enter into articles,

Being, abode. Astacial, ingenious, artful.

Beldamo, aacient motber.

Be lee'd, becalmed.
Belongings, endowments.
Be-mete, be measure.
Be-moiled, bedraggled, bemired
Bending, unequal to the weight.
Benefit, beneficiary.
Bent, utmost degree of any passion.
Benumbed, inflexible.
Beshrew, may ill belall.
Besmirch, to foul or dirty,
Best, bravest.
Bestowed, stowed away, lodged.
Bestraught, distracted.
Beteem, to give, pour out, permit,

Bewray, betray.
Bezoníam, a mean fellow.
Bias-check, swelling out like the bias

of a bowl. Bid, to invite. Bid-the-base, to challenge in a contest. Bifold, two-fold. Biggin, a cap. Bilberry, the hortleberry. Bilbo, a Spanish blade, made at Bilboa. Bilhoes, fetters. Bill, articles of accusation. Bill, a weapon, formerly carried by

watchmen. Bin, is. Bird-bolt, an arrow shot at birds from

a cross-bow. Bisson, blind. Blank, the white mark in a target. Blank and level, mark and aim (terms

of gunnery). Blaze of youth, the spring of early life. Blear, to deceive. Biench, to start off, to fly off. Blent, blended Blind - worms, the cæcilia, or slow.

worm. Blood-boltered, daubed with blood. Blown, puffed-up, swolleu, Blows, swells. Bloody, sanguine, Blue caps, the Scotch. Biunt, stupid, insensible. Blurt, blurted, an expression of con

tempt. Board, to accost. Bobb, to trick. Bodged, boggled. clumsy. Bodkin, a small dagger. Bolted, sifted. Bolting-hutch, the receptacle in which

the meal is bolted. Bombard, or bumbard, a barrel. Bombast, the stufling of clothes. Bona-robas, strumpets. Bond, bounden duty. Bony or bonny, handsome. Book, paper of conditions. Boot, profit,something over and above Bore, demeaned. Bore, the calibre of a gun. Bores, stabs. Bosky, woody. Bosom, wish, heart's desire. Bots, worms in a horse's stomach Bourn, boundary, rivulet. Bow, yoke. Bolds, emboldens. Bolte red, bedaubed. Borne in hand, deceived. Bottled-spider, a large bloated spider. Boulted, sified. Bowlins, or bowlines, tackle of a ship. Bollen, swollen. Bordered, restrained. Bower, a chamber. Brace, armour for the arm. Brach, a hound. Brack, to salt. Braid, crafty, deceitful. Braid's-flow, tears. Brake, an instrument of torture: alan

a thicket, Brands, a part of the andirons on which

the wood for the fire was supportret Brasier, a manufacturer of brass ; nisa,

a vessel in which sharcoalis burbed. Brave, to defy, also to make fino. Bravely, splendidly, gallantly. Bravery, finery. Brawl, a kind of dance. Braying, harsh, grating. Break, to begin. Break up, to carve. Break with, to break the matter to

Breast, voice. | Breath, speech, also exertise.


Breathing-courtesy, mere verbal com geons, eaten by the quality.

Cautei, subtiety.
Breeched, foully sheathed, mired. Cautel or cantle, the corner, or piece
Breeching, liable to be logged.

of anything.
Breathed, ingred by constant practice. Cautelous, insidions, cautious.
Breathe, to wter.

Cearmept. the wrapping of an emBreed-bate, an exciter of quarrels.

balmed body. Bribe buck, a buck sent as a bribe. Cease, decease. Bridal, the nuptial feast.

Censore, to give an opinion. Bring, to attend or accompany.

Centuries, companies of an bundred Brize, tbe gad, or horse-dy.

men each. Broach, to put on the spit, to transfix. Ceremonious, superstitious. Brock, the badger.

Certes, certainly. Brogues, a kind of shoes,

Cess, measure, tax or subsidy.
Broken, communicated.

Chair, throne.
Broker, a match-maker, a procuress. Chaliced, i. e. flowers, with caps, from
Brooched, adorned.
Brought, attended.

Challenge, the right of refusing a jory.
Brow of youth, the height of youth.

man, Brown-bill, a battle-axe.

Chamber, ancient name fo London ; Brownist, a follower of Brown, sec also, a piece of ordnance. tarian.

Chamberers, intriguers. Bruising-irons, an allusion to the an Champian, an open country. cient mace.

Chantry, a sinall chapel in a cathedral. Bruit, report with clamour.

Character, hand-writing. Brush of time, decay of time.

Charactery, the matter with which letBug, bugbears, false terrors.

ters are made. Bumbard, a large drinking vessel. Chares, task-work. Bung, a cut-purse.

Charge-house, free-school. Bunting, a bírd.

Chariest, most cautious. Burgonet, a helmet.

Chariness, cantion.
Busky, woody.

Charitable, dear, endearing.
Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot at shalts Charles-wain, the constellation called

the bear. Buxom, obedient.

Charm your tongue, be silent.
By'rlaken, by our lady.

Charmer, one who deals in magic.
Charneco, a sweet wine.

Chance, fortune,
Caddis, worsted lace.

Chary, cautious. Cade, a barrel.

Chases, a term in tennis, Cadent, falling.

Chandron, entrails. Cage, a prison.

Cheater, for escheatour, an officer in Cain-coloured, yellow.

the Exchequer, Caitiff, a scoundrel.

Checks, probably for ethics. Calculate, to foretell.

Cheer, countenance. Caliver, a musket.

Cherry-pit, a game with cherry-stones. Call, to visit.

Cheveril, soft leather; also, conscience. Callet, a woman, a witch.

Chew, to ruminate, consider. Calhing, appellation.

Chewet, a chattering bird, Calm, qualm.

Chide, to resound, to echo; also, to Camelot, a place where King Arthur is scold, be clamourous.

supposed to have kept his court. Chiding, sound; noisy. Canary, a dance.

Child, a knight, a bero. Candle-wasters, those wbo sit up all Child, a female infant. night to drink.

Childing, unseasonably pregnant. Canker, the dog-rose.

Chopine, a high shoe, Canstick, candlestick.

Chough, a bird of the daw species Cantons, cantos.

Christom or chrisom, the white cloth Canvas, to sill.

put on a new baptized child. Canvas-climber, a sailor.

Chuck, chicken, a term of endearment.
Cap, the top, the chief.

Chuff, rich, avaricious.
Cap, to salute by taking off the cap. Chopping, jabbering
Capable impressure, hollow mark. Cicatrice, the scar or a wound.
Capitulate, to make head against. Circummured, walled round,
Capocchia, a sot.

Circumstance, conduct, detail, circum-
Capon, metaphor for a letter.

locution. Capricious, lascivious.

Cite, incite. Captious, capacious.

Cital, recital. Carack, a shíp of great bulk.

Civil, grave, solemn. Caracts, characters.

Civil, human Carbonado, a piece of meat cut cross Cittern, a musical instrument. ways for the gridiron.

Clack dish, a beggar's dish. Card, à sen-chart, perhaps also the Camour, a term in bell-ringing com pass.

Clap-in, fall to. Carded, mixed.

Clapped i'the clout, hit the white mark. Care, inclination,

Clap, to join hands. Careires, the motion of a horse; to Claw, to flatter.

pass the careires, means to overstep Clean, completely. the bounds of decorum.

Clean kam, awry. Carkanet, a necklace.

Clear, pure. Carl, clown, boor.

Clearest, purest. Carlot, peasant.

Clepe, to call. Carnal, sanguinary.

Clerkly, learned, scholar-like Carowses, drinks.

Cling, to dry, or shrink up. Carriage, import.

Clinquant, glittering. Carried, conducted.

Clipt, embraced. Carry, to prevail over.

Clout, the wbite mark at which archers Cart, a chariot.

shoot. Case, skin, outward garh.

Clouted, hobnailed. Case of lives, a set of lives.

Coach fellow, one who draws witb a
Casques, helmets,

Cassock, a horseman's loose coat. Coasting, conciliatory.
Cast, to empty: also dismiss, reject. Codling, an unripe apple.
Cast, reckoned.

Cob-loaf, a crusty, uneven loaf.
Castilian, an opprobrious term.

Cock, cock-boat. Castiliano vulgo, a cant term of con Cock-and-pye, a vulgar oath. tempt.

Cockshut-time, twilight. Cast-lips, left-off lips.

Cockle, a corn-weed. Jast the water, to find out disorders by Cockle-hat, a pilgrim's hat. inspecting the urine.

Codding, amorous. Catnian, a liar

Cod piece, a part of the dress. Satling, a small lutestring, made of Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie. catgut.

Cog, to cheat with dice, to lie. Cavalero-justice, a cant term,

Cognizance, badge or token,
Cavaleroes, gay fellows.

Cogging, lying.
Caviare, too good for, or above the Coigne of vantage, convenient corner.

comprehension of: so called from Coignes, corners,
a delicacy made of the roe of stur | Coil, bustle, stir.

Coid, naked
Collection, consequence, or collari.
Collied, black, smutted.
Colt, to trick
Co-mart, & joint bargain.
Come of, to pay.
Come of will, to succeed.
Co-meddled, mingled.
Combinate, betrothed.
Comfort, to aid,
Comforting, abetting.
Comma, connection.
Commission, authority.
Commend, commit.
Committed, lain with.
Commodity, self interest.
Commonty, a comedy.
Compact, made up of.
Companies, companione
Compare, comparison.
Comparative, dealer in compsTiLA
Compassed, round.
Compassed cape, a round cape.
Compassed window, a bow-window.
Compassionate, plaintive.
Compose, to come to a composition
Composture, composition.
Composition, bargain; also, const»

Competitors, confederates,
Complements, accomplishments.
Complexion, humour.
Comply, to compliment
Comptible, submissive.
Conceit, imagination, wit, idea.
Conceited, ingenious.
Concent, connected harmony.
Conclusions, experiments.
Concupy, concupiscence.
Condolement, sorrow.
Conduct, conductor,
Coney-catched, tricked.
Coney-catcher, a cheat.
Confession, profession.
Confineless, boundless.
Confound, to destroy.
Conject, conjecture.
Consent, will, conspiracy.
Consider, reward.
Consigned, sealed.
Consist, stand.
Consort, company.
Conspectuity, sight,
Constancy, consistency.
Constantly, certainly.
Contemptible, contemptuous.
Continuate, uninterrupted.
Continue, to spend.
Continent, containing
Contraction, marriage-contract.
Contrarious, different.
Contrary, to contradict.
Contrive, to spend, to wear out.
Control, confute
Convents, agrees, is convenient.
Convented, suminoned.
Conversion, change of condition.
Converse, associate, interchange
Convertite, a convert.
Convey, to steal.
Conveyance, slight of hand, theft.
Conveyers, thieves.
Conveyed himself, derived his title.
Convicted, overpowered, based.
Convince, to convict, to subdue.
Convive, to feast.
Copatain hat, a hat with a conica

Cope, encounter, covering.
Copped, rising to a top or bead.
Copy, theme.
Coragio, courage, be of good chest.
Corinth, a brothel.
Corinthian, a wencher.
Corky, dry, withered.
Corollary, surplus.
Corporal, corporeal.
Corrigible. corrected
Costard-monger, & dealer in costers OF

Cote, to overtake.
Coted, quoted, regarded.
Cotsale, Cotswood in Gloucst.
Couch, to lie with.
Count, to reckon upon,
Countenance, favour; also, false tip

pearance, hypocrisy.
Counter, a hunting term.
Counter-caster, one who reckons uit!

Counter-check, a tern in chess.
Counterfeit, a portrait.
Counterpoints, counterpancs,
Country, count, earl.
Couplement, a couple.
Courses, the mainsail and forest
Court-cnpboard. sideboard.
Court coufect, a spurious neb befridi

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Chata, garlands. Crare small trading vessel. C . to be merry over Crura, a cowardly cock, mean, cowfide Compounded, made up of (drut, credible Cint, account, information, creduCaris, lights set upon a beacon. ( ve, increasing. (st. the summit. Crestless, those who have no right to

armorial beariogs,
Crewel, worsted.
C *. curled, winding.
Critic, cy01c.
Chocal, censorious.
Crus, a very old woman.
Crossrs. money stamped with a cross.
Cru-keeper, & scarecrow.
Crownet, last purpose.
Chartions. cruel.
Crusa , a Portuguese coin.
(wh, to drink

ke a cup, to crack a bottle.
Cm, 4 pack of hounds.
Cu, to encourage.
Cytabs. the. yes.
Cabern, allading to a bear whose

are dry. Cee theatncal term, the last word

of the preceding speech.
esses, armour for the thighs.
1. , a paltry fellow.

" knovledge.
( to bend or truckle.

t.cunousness, finical delicacy. " , scrupulous.

, ostentatiously dressed.
( rats, occurreucr&.
Cund, under the influence of a male-

CA 1393.
C , petalant, ill-tempered, crabbed,

Conness, ill-lamour.
Cra, a little cur.
Cartal, a docked horse.
Cutle-are, a cutlass, broad-sword.
Cuter, a strumpet.
C.1. a borse.

( 4 longtail, poor and rich.
t a knite used by sharpers.
Cina, a transparent stuff.

Der er doff, to put ofl. tride.
D to condemn.
De go, coatroul.
D. & wet.rotten.

krra, zatives of Denmark. D

in the dark.
Dharan, to arrange.
D . to disguise.

be falsehood, counterfeit.
Der be, a couch,
De Leut, broad day.
Das man, dairy maid.
Dent, lought by prory.
Dar, immediate, consequential.
Dearn, direful, lonely, solitary.
Dearb tokens, spots on those infected

ith the plague.
Dead -than, executioner.
Debitor, debtor
Debosbed, debauched.
Detay, poverty, misfortuges.
Lack of cards, a pack.
Dected, sprinkled.
Deiane, to run through (as in gram-

mar, from first to last
Declanel, the fallen.
Ders pion, surnise.
Dret, animals is general.
Default in thei, at a need.
Detal, to frer, to disembarass.
Detratare, alte, ation of features
D. fruce, art of fencing.
Lorrad, lo forbid.
Dolly, adroitly, dexterously.

Demerits, merits.
Deinurely, solemnly.
Denay, denial.
Denayed, denied.
Denier, a coin.
Derude, to strip, divest.
Deny, to refuse.
Depart, to part.
Departing, separation,
Depend, to be in service.
Deprive, to disinherit.
Deracinate, to root up.
Derogate, degraded.
Descant, to harangue upon; also, a

term in music.
Deserved, deserving.
Design, to mark out.
Despatched, bereft.
Detected, suspected.
Dich, do it."
Dickon, Richard.
Die, gaming.
Diet, to compel to fast,
Diffused, wild, irregular.
Digress, to deviate from what is right.
Digression, transgression.
Dildos, the burthen of a song.
Dint, impression.
Disable, to undervalue,
Disappointed, unprepared.
Discandy, to dissolve.
Disclose, to hatch.
Discontentents, malcontents.
Discourse, reason.
Disease, uneasiness, discontent.
Diseases, sayings.
Disgrace, hardbip, injury.
Dishabited, dislodged.
Dislike, displease.
Dislimn, to unpaint, obliterate.
Disme, tenth, or tithe.
Dasnatured, wanting natural aflection.
Dispark, to destroy a park or inclo-

sure. Disperge, to sprinkle. Disponge, to discharge as a sponge. Dispose, disposal, command. Dispose, to make terins. Disposition, frame. Disseat, dispiace, de pose. Dissemble, to glossover, disguise. Dissembling, putting dissunilar things

together. Distained, unstained. Distaste, to corrupt. Distemper, intoxication. Distemperature, perturbation. Distem pered, out of humour. Distraught, distractiei. Distractions, detachments, separate

bodies. Divert, to turn aside. Division, a term in music. Doff, to put ott Dole, alms, distribution, lot. Dolphin, the dauphin Don, to pat on, to do on. Done to death, kilitu. Done, expended, consumed. Done upon the gad, suddenly. Dotant, dotard. Double, full of duplicity. Double vouchers, a law term. Doubt, to fear. Dout, to do out, extinguish. Dowle, a feather. Down gyved, hanging down, like what

contines the Icllers round the

ancles. Draught, the jakes. Draw, to withdraw. Drawn, embowelled. Drawn fox, one which is trailed over

the ground, to deceive the hounds.
Drachmas, a Greek coin
Dressings, appearances of virtue.
Drew, assembled.
Drive, to fly with impetuosity.
Drollery, a puppet-sew.
Drugs, drudges.
Drumble, to act lazíly.
Ducdame, (duc ad me) bring him to

me, the burthen of a song
Dudgeon, the handle of a dagger.
Due, to endue, to duck.
Dullard, a stupid person.
Dump, a mournful elegy.
Dup, to do up, to lift up.
Duil, gentle soothing.
Dumb, to make silent.
Duke, a leader.
Durance, some lasting kind of stuff

Easy, slight, inconsiderable.
Eche, to eke out.
Ecstasy, madness.
Effects, afcctions; also, actions, deeds,

Eftest, readiest.
Egypt, a gipsy.
Eid, old time; also, aged persons.
Element, initiation.
Elf, done by elveg, or fairies.
Elvisb-marked, marked by elves.
Eynballing, distinguished by the ball,

the einblem of royalty. Embare, to expose. Embarquements, impediments. Embossed, inclosed, swollen, pully. Embowelled, exhausted. Embraced, indulged in. Eropericutick, einpirical. Empery, sovereigu power. Emulous, envious, jealous. Eroulation, envy. Encave, to hide. Endart, to dart forth. Enfeoff, to invest with possession. Engross, to fatten Engaged, delivered as an hostage. Engrossments, accumulation. Enkindie, to stimulate. Enmesh, to inclose, as in meshes. Enmew, in falconry) to force to lie in

cover. Enridged, bordered. Ensconce, to secure in a safe place, lo

fortify. Enseamed, greasy. Enseer, to dry up. Enshield, concealed. Ensteeped, immersed. Entertainment, pay; also, being re

ceived into service. Entreatments, favours; also, objects of

Enry, aversion, malice.
Enviously, angrily.
Ephesian, a cant term.
Erning, errant, wandering.
Escape, illegitimate child.
Escoted, paid.
Esil, or Eisel, a river.
Esperance, motto of the Percy family,
Espials, spies.
Essential, existent, real.
Estimate, price.
Estimation, conjecture.
Estridges, ostriches.
Eterne, eternal.
Exen, to make even, or evident.
Even christian, fellow christian.
Evils, jakes.
Examined, doubted.
Excellent differences, distinguished ex.

Excrement, the beard.
Execute, to use or employ.
Executors, executioners.
Exercise, exhortation
Exhale, to breatbe one's last.
Exhaust, to draw forth.
Exhibition, allowance.
Exigent, end, exigency.
Exorcisin, the raising of spirits.
Expect, expectation.
Expedience, expedition.
Expedient, expeditious,
Expediently, expeditiously.
Expostulate, to discuss.
Exsufflicate, bubble-like.
Extend, to seize.
Extent, violence, seizure.
Extern, external.
Extremity, calamity.
Expiate, to end.
Expostare, exposure.
Express, to reveal.
Expulsed, expelled.
Extracting, distracting.
Extravagant, wandering.
Eyas musket, a young hawk.
Eyases, nestlings.
Eyliads, eyes.
Eyne, eyes.
Eyry, a nest of hawks.
Eysel, vinegar.

F. Face, to carry a foolish appearence, Face royal, a privileged face. Facinorous, wicked. Pact, guilt. Factious, active. Faculty, exercise of power. Falge, to suit. Fadings, a dance. Faith, fidelity. Faithfully, fervently.

Pain, fond. 1 Pair, for fairness.

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Paitors, traitors.
Forspent, exhausted.

Guarded, ornamented.
Falsing. falsifying.
Forspoke, contradicted.

Guerdon, a reward.
Falsely, illegally, dishonestly.
Forslow, delay.

Gules, (in heraldry) red.
Pamiliar, a demon.
Forwearied, worn out.

Gulf, the swallow, tbe hawk, Hancies and good-nights, little poems Fox, a sword.

Guiled, treacherous.
so called
Foxship, mean, cunning.

Guinea-hen, a prostitute.
Fancy, love.
Frampold, peevish.

Gun-stones, can non balls.
Pancy-free, clear of love.
Frank, a sty.

Gurnet, a fish.
Pang, to seize.
Franklin, a small freeholder.

Gust, to taste.
Fans, ancient.
Frayed, frightened.

Gyve, to shackle.
Fantastical, imaginative.
Free, artless.

Gyves, shackles.
Fantasticoes, affected persons.
Fret, the stop of a musical instrument.

Fap, beaten, drunk.
Friend, a lover.

Hack, to become cheap.
Farced, stuffed.

Friend, for friendship, to befriend. Haggard, wild; also, wild throat Fardel or Farthel, a barthen. Frippery, an old clothes sbop.

Hair, complexion, or character. Fashions, the farcens a disease of horses. Frize, a Welch cloth.

Halll make room,
Fat, duli.
From, in opposition to.

Happily, accidentally.
Favour, countenance.
Fronted, opposed.

Happy, accomplished.
Favours, features.
Frontier, forehead.

Hardiment, bravery.
Fear, to intimidate, danger.
Frontlet, a forehead cloth.

Harlocks, wild mustard.
Feared, afraid.
Frush, to break or bruise.

Harlot, a male cheat.
Fearfai, timorous; also, formidable. Fulbam, false dice.

Harness, armour
Feat, dexterous.
Fulsome, obscene.

Harrows, subdues.
Feated, made neat.

Furnishings, colours, pretences. Harry, to harrass.
Feature, beauty.
Fustilarian, fusty fellow.

Having, possessions.
Federacy, confederate.
Fulfilling, filling to the brim.

Haviour, behaviour.
Fee-grief, a peculiar sorrow.
Full, complete.

Haught, haughty.
Feeder, a dependant.
Fumiter, fumitory.

Haugboy, elevated.
Peeding, maintenance.
Furnished, dressed.

Halcyon, a bird,
Feere, or pheere, a companion.

Hallidon, doom at judgment day. Feet, footing.

Handsaw, hernshaw, (a hawk.) Fell, skin, Gabardine, a loose cloak.

Hangers, that which suspends or Fell of hair, capilitium, any part co Gad, a sharp-pointed instrument.

vered with hair.
Gain-giving, misgiving.

Harlotry, vulgar, filthy.
Fell-feats, savage actions.
Gamester, a wanton.

Hatch, to engrave.
Pence, the art of self defence.
Gait, passage.

Haunt, company.
Feodary, a confederate.
Galliard, a dance.

Hay, a fencing term.
Festinately, hastily.
Galliasses, ships.

Heat, heated.
Festival terms, elegant phrase.
Gallimaufry, a medley.

Hebenon, henbane.
Fet, fetched.
Gallow, to scare.

Heftod, heaved, agitated.
Few, in brief.

Gallow-glasses, Irish foot-soldiers. Hell, a dungeon in a prison.
Pico, a term of contempt.
Garboils, commotions.

Helmed, steered through.
Fielded, in the field of battle.
Gaping, shouting.

Hence, benceforward."
Fights, clothes hung round a ship to Garish, gaudy.

Henchman, a page of bonour. conceal tbe men from the enemy. Garnered, treasured up.

Hent, to seize.
File, a hist.
Gasted, frighted.

Herb of grace, rue.
Filed, defiled
Gaudy, a festival.

Hermits, beadsmen,
Filed, gone an equal pace with.
Gaunt, meagre.

Hest, command.
Fills, the shafts,
Gawd, a bauble.

Hight, called.
Filths, common sewers.
Gaze, attention.

Hilding, a poltroon.
Finch egg, a gaudy fellow.
Gear, things or matters.

Hiren, a harlot.
Fine, tbe conclusion, to make shewy, Geck, a fool.

His, often used for its. artful. General, generality.

Hoar, hoary, mouldy.
Fine issues, great consequences. Generosity, high birth.

Hob-nob, as it may happen
Pineless, boundless, endless.
Generous, nobly born.

Hoist, hoisted.
Finer, final.
Gennets, Spanish horses.

Hold, to esteem.
Firago for Virago.
Gentle, noble, high born.

Hold taking, bear handling. Fire-drake, will-o'-the-wisp, or a fire Gentry, complaisance.

Hollal a term of the manege. work. German, akin

Holy, faithful.
Fire-new, quite new.
Germins, seeds begun to sprout,

Hoodman blind, blindman's bad.
Firk, to chastise.
Gest, a stage or journey.

Horologe, clock.
First-house, chief branch of the family. Gib, a cat.

Hot-house, a bagnio.
Firstlings, first produce.
Giglot, a wanton,

Hox, to ham-string.
Fit, a division of a song.
Gilder, a coin, value 2s.

Huggermugger, secretly.
Pitcbew, a polecat.
Gilt, gold money.

Hull, to float without guidance.
Fit o' the face, a grimace.
Gimmal, a ring or engine. .

Humming, o'erwhelming. Fits o' the season, disorders of the Ging, a gang.

Humorous, humid.
Gird, a sarcasm.

Hungry, unprolific.
Fives, a distemper in horses.
Glaire, a sword.

Hunt counter, worthless dog.
Fraure, position.
Gleek, to joke.

Hunts-up, a hunting tune. Flap-dragon, inflammable stuff swal Glib, to geld,

Hurty, noise.
lowed by topers
Glooming, gloomy.

Hurtle. to dash against.
Flap-jack, a pancake.
Cloze, to expound.

Hurtling, boisterous merriment.
Flaw, a sudden gust of wind.
Glut, to swallow.

Husbandry, thristiness.
Flecked, spotted, streaked.
Gnarled, knotty.

Huswife, a jilt.
Fleet, for foat.
God 'ield you, God yield you.

Hyen, hyena.
Fleshment, performance.

Gongarian, Hungarian.
Flewed, deep-mouthed,

Good-deed, indeed.
Flibbertigibbet, a fiend.
Good-den, good evening.

Icebrook, temper.
Flickering, fluttering.
Good-jer, the venerenl disease.

Idle, barren
Fligbt, a sort of shooting.
Gorbellied, corpuient.

Isecks, in faith.
Flote, ware.
Gospelled, puritanic.

Igpomy, ignominy.
Flourish, to ornament; also, to sanc. | Goss, farze.

Ill-inbabited, ill-lodged. tion.

Gossamer, atoms that float in the sun Illustrious, without lustre. Flout, to wave in mockery.


Images, children, representatives.
Flush, mature.
Gourds, dice.

Imbare, to expose.
Foernan, an enemy in war,
Gouts, drops,

Immanity, barbarity.
Foin, to thrust in fencing.
Go your gait, go away.

Immediacy, close connexion. Foizon, plenty.

Grained, furrowed, like the grain of Imp, progeny.. Folly, depravity.

wood; also, died mg rain.

Impair, unsuitable, unequal. Fond, foolish. Gramercy, great thanks

Impartial, partial. Fools' zanies, baubles surmounted with Grange, a lone farm-house.

Impawned, wagered,
a fool's head.
Gratillity, gratuity.

Imperious, imperiai.
Foot-cloth, horse covering.
Grats, pleases.

Impetticos, to impetticont, Tim
For, because.
Gratulate, to be rejoiced in.

Force, to ktuff.
Grave, to entomb.

Importance, importunity.
Forced, false.
Grave-man, a man in his grave.

Important, importunate.
Forbid, accursed.
Graves or Greaves, leg-armour.

Impose, injunction.
Fordid, destroyed.
Greasily, grossly.

Impositions, commands
Fordo, to undo.
Greek, & bawd.

Impossible, incredible.
Foredone, overcome.
Greenly, unskilfully

Imp out, to suoply the deficiency
Forfended, forbidden,
Green-sleeves, an old song.

Impress, a device or motto.
Forepast, already had.
Grise or Grize, a step.

Incapable, unintelligebt.
Fore-slow, to loiter.
Grossly, palpably.

Incarpadine, to dye red.
Forgetive, inventive.

Groundlings, those who sat or stood oni Incensed, incited. Porked, horned.

the ground in the old theatres, the Inclip, to embrace. mal, in form.

common people.

Include, to conclude.
T, foremost.
Guard, to fringe.

Inclusive, enclosed.

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