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arf Eliel the Mahavire, and Jcribai, and' Josliaviah the sons of Elnaam, and Ithmah the Moabite,

47 Elid, and Obed, and Jasiel the Mcsobaite.

CHAP. XII. I The companies that came te David as Zik}ag. rj The armies that came ta' him at Hebron.

NOw these are they thateameto David to Ziklag while he yet kept* himself close, because of Saul the son of' Kifh: and they Here among the mighty men,helpers of the war.

i They were armed with bows, and" could use both the right hand and the left, in hurling stones, and Jhoeling ar— rows out of a bow, even ot Sauls brethren of Benjamin.

3 The chief tvM Ahiezer, thenjoash, the sons of Shemaah the Gibearhite, and Jeziel, and Pelet, the sons of Azmaveth, and Eerachah, and Jehu the Antothite,

4 And Isinaiah the Gibeonite; a mighty man among the thirty, and over the thiTty, and Jeremiah,- and Jahaziela and Johanan, and Josabad the Gcderathite,

J Eluzai, and Jerimoth, and Bealiab« and Shcmaria, and Shephatiah the Ha ruphite,

6 Elkan«h, am) Tesiah, and Azareel, and joezer, and Jalhobeam, the Ko:~ hites,

7 And Joelah, and Zebadiah the for.'! of Jeroham of Gedor.

8 And of the Gadites there separated themselves unto David, into the hold s<?the wilderness, men of might, and men of war fit for the battle, that could hand ,? shield and buckler, whose faces verr likr the faces of lions, and were as swift »* the roes upon the .mountains:

9 Eztr the'first- Obadiah the sesonc, Eliab the third,

10 Mifhmannahthe fourth, Jeremiahthe fifth,

11 Attai the sixth, Eliel the seventh, Is Johanan- the eighth, Elaabad thS

ninth, \.

13 Jeremiah the tenth, Machbanai the eleventh.

it These were of the sons of Gad, captains of the host: one ot the least iv<>« over an hundred, and the grtaiest over u thousand.

15 These are they that went over Jordan in the first month, when it had overflown all his banks, and they r to flight -*1I them of the YaJleysi 'E_JS

son of a valiant man of Kabzeel, who had done many acts, he stew two lionlike men of Moab; also he went down and flew a lion in -a. pit in a snowy day.

13 And he flew an Egyptian a man of great stature, five cubits high, and in the Egyptians handl'w<n a spear like a weavers beam, and he went down to him with a ftast', and plucktthe spear out of the Egyptians band, and slew him with his one spear.

24 These things did Eenaiah the son os Jehoiada, and had the name among the three mighties.

25 Behold, he was honourable among the thirty, but attained not to the first three: and David set him over hisguard.

26 f Also the valiant men of the armies were Asah-el the brother of Joab, Elhanan the son of Dodo of Berh-lehem,

15 Shammoth the Harorite, Helez die Pclonite,

28 Ira the son of Ikkcth the Tekoite, Abiezer the Antorhite,

29 Sibbccai the Hufhathite, Ilai the Ahohite,

30 Maharai the Netophathite, Heled the son of Baanah the Netophathite,

31 Ithat me son of Ribai of Gibeah, that pertained to the children oi Benjamin, Benaiah the Pirathonite,

3 2 Hurai of the brooks of Gaafli, Abiel the Arbathitc,

33 Azmaveth the Baharumite, Eliahba the Shaalbonite,

34 The sons of Hasttem the Gizonite, Jonathan the sod of Shage the Hararite,

35 Ahiam the son of Sacar the Hararite, Eliphal the son ofUr,

36 Hepher the Meeheratbite, Ahijah the Pclonite, ■

37 Hezto the Catmelite, Naarai the son of Izbai,

38 Joel the brother of Nathan, Mibhar the son of Haggeri,

3? Zelek the Ammonite, Naharai the Berothite, the armour-bearer of Joab the son of Zeruiah,

40 Tra the Ithrite, Gareb the Ithrite,

41 Uriah the Hittite, Zabad the son of Ahlai,

42 Adina ■ the son of Shi-sa the Reubenite, a captain of the Reubenitcs, and thirty with him,

43 Hanan the son of Maachah, and Jostiapbat the Mithnite,

44 llzziah the Afhterathite, Shama and Jehiel the sons of Hothan the Atocrite,

45 Jediael the son of Sbimri, and Jobfi bis brother; t'.ie Tizite,

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hitherto the greatest part of them had kept ward of the houleofSaul. I

jo And of the children of Ephraim, twenty thousand and eight hundred, mighty men of valour, famous throughout the house of their fathers.

31 And of the half-tribe ofManasleh, eighteen thousand which were expressed by name, to come and make David king.

31 And of the children of Islachar, whish were men that had understanding os the times, ro know what Israel ought to do: the heads of them were two hundred, and all their brethren t/ere at their commandmenr.

33 OfZebulun, such as went forth to battle, expert in war, with all instruments of war, fifty thousand, which could keep rank: ibey were not os doable heart.

34 And of Naphtali a thousand captains, and with them, with shield and spear, thirty and seven thousand.

"3 5 And of the Danites expett in war, twenty and eight thousand and six hundred.

36 And of Asher, such as went forth to battle, expert in war, forty thousand.

37 And on the other side of Jordan, ofl the ReubenitC5, and the Gaditcs, and of j the half-tribe osManasseh, with all manner of instruments of war for the battle, an hundred and twenty thousand.

38 All these men of war, that could kef prank, came with a perfect heart to Hebron, to make David king over all Israel: and all the restalfo of Israel, were of one heart to make via king.

39 And diei. they were with DaviV three days, eating and drinking: for their brethren had prepared for them.

40 Moreover, they that were nigh them, evm unto Islachar, and Zcbulun, and Naphtali, brought bread on asses, and on camels, and on mules, and on oxen, ar.ti meat, meal, cakes of figs,and bunches of raisins, and wine, and oyl, and oxen, and sheep abundantly, tor there win joy in Israel.

CHAP. XIII. I David selchetb the ark, from Kirjat'f jeatim. 9 Uw beiia smitten, the ark. is lefr at the house os Obed-edem.

ANd David consulted with the captains of thousands, and hundreds, and with every leader.

a And David said unto all the congre-: gation of Israel, If it seim good unto vou, and (ha it 1 c os the Loan our God, |tt]i

toward the east, and toward the west.

16 And thetecame of the children of Benjamin, and Judah, to the hold unto David.

17 And David wentoutto meetthem, and answered and said unto them, If ye be come peaceably unto me to help me, mine heart shafl be knit unto you: but if ye be come to betray me to mine enemies, seeing there u no wrong in mine hands, the God of our fathers look thereon, and rebuke it.

18 Then the spirit came upon Amasai, who w chief of the captains, aud he said, Thine are we, David, and on thy fide, thou son of ]eife : peace, peace be unto thee, and peace be to thine helpers; for thy God helpeth thee. Then David received them, and made them captains of the band.

19 And there fell feme of Manasseh ro David ( when he came with the Philistines against Saul to battle, but they helped them not, for the lords of the PhtUltmcs, upon advisement, sent him away, saying, He will fall to his master iaul, to the jeopards osout heads)

Jo As he went to Ziklag, there fell to him of Manasseh, Adnah, and Jozabad, and Jediael, and Michael, and Jozabad, and Elihu, and Zilrhai, captains of the thousands tliat were of Manasseh.

ai And they helped David against the band o f the roveri: for they were all mighty men of valour, and were captains in the host.

2i For at that time day by day, there came to David to help him, until it wot a great host, like the host of God.

23 f Arid these are the numbers of I the bands that were ready armed to the war, and came to David to Hebron, to turn the kingdom of Saul to him, according to the word of the Lord.

14 The children of Judah that bare shield and spear, wire six thousand and t ight hundred, ready armed to the war.

25 Of the children of Simeon, mighty »en of valour for the war, seven thousand and one hundred.

26 Of the children of Levi, four thousanJ and six hundred.

17 And Jehoiada vat the leader of the Aaronites, and wi-n him were thtee thousand and ieven hundred.

28 And Zadolt a young roan mighty oi valour, and of his fathers house twenty and two captains. 19 And of the of Benjamin kindred of Saul, three cheusanct; tor

set us tcn5~iSToiS unto our brethren" every where, that are left in all the land of Israel, and with them also to the priests and Levites which are in their cities and suburbs, that they may gather themselves unco us.

3 And let us bring again the ark of our God tons: for we enquired not at it in the days ot Saul.

4 And all the congregation (aid, that they would do so: for the thing was right in the eyes of all the people.

J So David gathered all Israel together, from Shihor of Egypt, even unto the entering ofHemath, to bring the ark of God from Kirjath-jearim.

6 And David went up, and a! I Israel to Baalah, that is, to Kirl'ath-jearim, which belonged to Judah, to bring up thence the ark of God the Lord, that dwelleth between the cherubims, whose name is called on it.

7 And they carried the ark of God in a new cart, out of the house of Abinadab: and Uzza and Ahio drave the cart.

8 And David and all Israel played before God with all their might, and with singing, and with harps, and with psalteries, and with timbrels, and with cymbals, and with trumpets.

9 ^ And when they came unto the threshing-Boor of Chidon, Uzza put forth his hand to hold the ark, for the oxen stumbled.

to And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzza,andhefmorehim, because he put his hand to the ark : and there he died before God.

Ii And David was displeased, because the Lord had made a breach upon Uzza; wherefore that place is called Perezuzza to this day.

1t And David was afraid of God that day, faying, How shall I bring the ark of God home to me }

13 So David brought not the ark home to himself to the city of David, but carried it aside into the house of Obedcdom the Gitcite.

14 And the ark of God remained with the family of. Obed-edom in his houre three months. And the Lord blessed the house of Obed-edom,andall that he had.

CHAP. XIV. 1 Hirams kindness to David. i Vavids felicity tn people, wives, and children: 8 His two victories.

NPw Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David, and timber of cedars, with masons ana carpenters, to build him an house.

KW. liavtdsviStrtti.

"T~And Davi"d"peraIveTmartITL"oRb had confirmed him king over Israel, for his kingdom was lift up on high, because of his people Israel.

3 f And David took mo wives at Jerusalem: and David begat mo sons and daughters.

4 Now these are the names of his children which he had in Jerusalem; Shammua, and Shobab, Nathan, ana Solomon,

J And Ibhar, and Elifhua, and Elpalet,

6 And Nogah, and Nepheg, and Japhia,

7 And Elifhama, and Beeliada, and Eliphalet.

8 % And when the Philistines heard that David was anointed king over all Israel, all the Philistines went up to seek David: and David heard ofit^ and went out against them.

9 And the Philistines came and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim.

to And David enquired of God, saying. Shall I go up against the Philistines? and wilt thou deliver them into mine hand? And the Lord said unto him, Go up, for I will deliver them into thine hand.

11 So they came up to Baal-perazim, and David smote them there. Then David said, God hath broken in upon mine enemies by mine hand, like the breaking forth of waters: therefore they called thenameof chat place, Baalperazim.

11 And when they had left their gods there, David gave a commandment, and they were burnt with fire.

13 And the Philistines yet again spread themselves abroad in the valley.

14 Therefore David enquired again of God ; and Grid said unto him, Go not up after them, turn away from them, and come upon them over against the mulberry-trees. ,

15 And it shall be, when thou shalt hear a sound of going in the tops of the mulberry-trees, that then thou (hale go out to battle: for God is gone forth before thee, to smite the host os the Philistines.

irS David therefore did as God commanded him : and they smote the host of the Philistines from Gibcon even to Gazer.

17 And the fame of David went out into all lands, and the Lord brought

the seat of him upon all nations

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I David brinteth the ark from Obededem; 2 J He performethit with great joy: 29 MichSl despijelb him. \ Nd David made him houses in the

f l city of David,and prepared a place

for the at k of God, and pitched for it a


1 Then David said, None ought to carry the ark of God, but the Levites: for them hath the Lord chosen to carry the ark of God, and to minister unto himforener.

: And David gathered all Israel together to Jerusalem, to bring up the ark of the Lord unto his place, which he had prepared for ir.

4 And David assembled the children of Aaron, and the Levhes.

5 Of the sons of Kortarh: Uriel the chief, and his brethren an hundred and twenty.

6 Of the sons of Merari; Asaiah the chief, and his brethren two hundred and


7 Of the sons of Gershom: Joel the chief, and his brethren an hundred and


8 Of the sons of Elizaphan: Shemaiah the chief, and his brethren two hundred.

9 Of the sons of Hebron: Eliel the chief, and his brethren fourscore.

10 Of the sons of Uzziel: Amminadab the chief, and his brethren an hundred and twelve.

i r And David called for Zadok and Abtathar the priests, and for the Levites, for Uriel, Asaiah, and Joel, Shemaiah, and Eticl, and Amminadab,

12 And said unto them, Ye are the chief of the fathers of the Levites : sanctifie your selves both ye and your brethren, that you may bring up the ark of ti e Lord God of lirae], unto the place that I have prepared for it.

13 For because ye did it not at the first, the Lord our God made a breach upon us, for that we sought him not after the due order.

14 So the priests and the Levites sanctified thcmlclves to bring up the ark of; the Lord Godofllrael.

15 And the children of the Levites bare the ark of God upon their shoulders, with the staves thereon, as Moses com minded, according to the word of the] Lord.

16 And David spake to the chief of the Levites, to appoint their brethren to

ti e singers with instruments of mil

sick, psalteries, and harps, and cymbals, sounding, by lifting up the voice with joy.

17 So the Levites appointed Heman d e son of Joel: and of his brethren, Asaph theson of Berechiah: and of the sons of Merari their brethren, Ethan the son of Kufhaiah.

18 And with them their brethren of the second degree, Zechariah, Ben, and Jaaziel, and Shemiramoth, and Jebicl, and Unni, Eliab, and Benaiah, and Maaseiah, and Mattithiah, and Elipheleh, and Mikneiah, and Obed-edom, and Jeiel, the porters.

19 So the singers, Heman, Asaph, and Ethan, were appointed to sound with cjmbals of brass;

20 And Zechariah, and AzTel, and Shemiramoth, and ]chit!, and Unni, and tliab, and Maaseiah, and Benaiah, with psalteries on Alamoth;

21 And Mattithiah, and Elipheleh, and Mikneiab,and Obed-edom, and Jeiel, and Azaziah, with harps on the Sheminith to excel.

zi And Chenanfah chief of the Levites was for song i he instructed about the song, because he was skilful.

23 And Berechiah, and Elkanah *.-; 1 doorkeepers for the ark.

14 And Shebaniah, and Jehofhaphat, and Nethaneel, and Amasai, and Zechariah, and Benaiah, and Elitzet the priests, did blow with the trumpets before the ark of God: and Obededom, and Jchiah wm door-keepers for the ark.

25 ^So David and the elders of Israel, and the captains over thousands, went to bring up the ark of the covenant of the Lord, out of the house of Obed-edom with joy.

26 And it came to pass when God helped the Levites that bare the ark I of the covenant of the Lord, that they offered seven bullocks, and seven rams.

27 And David was clothed with a robe of fine linen, and all the Levites that bare the ark, and the singers, and Chenaniah the Master of the song, with the singers: David also had upon him an ephod of linen.

28 Thus all Israel brought up the ark of the covenant of the Lord with (homing, and with' sound of the cornet, and with trumpets, and with cymbals, making a noise with psalteries and harps.

29 f And it came to pass at the ark


city of David, chat Michal the daughter of Saul looking out at a window, saw king David dancing and plating: and flic despised him in her heart.

CHAP. XVI. 1 Davids festival sacrifice :t4 Hi order

eth a quirt to fin* thanksgiving, 7 The

psalm of thanksgiving. CO rhey brought the ark of God, and vj set it in (he midst of the tent that David had pitched for it: and they offered burnt-sacrifices, and peace-offerings before God.

2 And when David had made an end of offering the burnt-offerings, and the peace-offerings, he blessed the people in the name of the Lord.

3 And he dealt to every one oflftael, both man and woman, to every one a loaf of bread, and a goed piece of flesh, and a flagon of Ktne.

4 % And he appointed certain of the Levitts to minister before die ark of che Lord, and to record, and to ehank and praise die Lord God of Israel:

5 Asaph the chief, and next to him Zechariah, Jeiel, and Shemiramoth, and Jehicl, and Mattithiah, and Eliab, and Benaiah, and Obed-edom: and Jeiel with psalteries, and with harps: buc Afaph made a found with cymbals.

<S« Benaiah also and JahazicI the priests with trumpets continuity before the ark of the covenant of God.

7 ^ Then on that day, David delivered first this psalm to thank the Lord, into the hand of Afaph and his brethren.

8 Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among che people.

i> Sing unto him, sing psalms unto film, talk you of all his wondrous works.

10 Glory ye in his holy name, let the heart of them rejoyce that feck the Lord.

11 Seek the Lord and his strength, seek bis face continually.

12 Remember his marvellous works that he hath done, his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth.

13 O ye seed of Israel his servant, ye children of Jacob his chosen ones.

14 He u the Lord our God, hii judgments are in all the earth.

j 5 Be ye mindful always of his covenant: the word which he commanded to a rhouland generations 3

•i< Even of the covenant which he i made with Abraham) and of his oath into Isaac; ■ '" |

Jacob for a law, and co Israel fir an everlasting covenant,

18 Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of yout inheritance.

19 When ye were but few, even a 'sew, and strangeri in it:

ao And when they weht from nation to nation, and from one kingdom to an: other people:

a 1 He suffered Bo man to do them wrong : yea, he reproved kings for their fakes,

12 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm •

23 Sing unto the Lord all- the earth: sliew forth from- day to day his salvation.

24 Declare his glory among the heathen: his marvellous works among all nations.

lj For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised: he also it to be feared above ail gods.

2(5 For all the gods of the people an idols: but the Lord made the heavens, 17 Glory and honour are in his presence, strength and gladness are In his place.'

28 Give unto the Lord, ye kindreds of the people, give unto the Lord glory and stength. *

29 Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering and come before him, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

30 Fear before him all.the earth: the world also shall be stable, chat it be not moved.

31 Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoyce: and let men fay among che nations, The Lord reigneth.

32 Let the sea rote, and the fulness thereof: let the fields rejoyce, and all chat 0 therein.

3 3 Then (hall the trees of the wood fing out at che presence of the Lord, because he cometh to judge the earth.

34 O give thanks to che Lord, for he is good : for his mercy endurith for ever.

35 And fay ye, Save us, O God of our salvation, and gather us together, and deliver us from the heathen, that we may give thanks to thy holy name, and glory in thy praise.

\6 Blessed be the Lord God os Israel for ever and ever: and all rhe people said, Amen, and praised rhe Lord. 37 \ So be left there before the ark

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