The Modern Traveller: Maundrel's Travels to Jerusalem. Shaw's Travels to the Levant. Description of Palmyra. Pococke's Description of the East. Drummond's Travels to Greece. Keysler's Travels into Germany, &c

T. Lowndes, no. 77, in Fleet-Street, 1776

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Página 11 - ... that permits them to go away as soon as they please ; and the sooner after this ceremony the better. By this means you may, at any time, without offence, deliver yourself from being detained from your affairs by tedious and unseasonable visits ; and from being...
Página 41 - ... of ground ; their convent and gardens taking up all that part of Mount Sion which is within the walls of the city. Their church is built over the place where, they fay, St.
Página 105 - Niger, without seeing* the persons they trade with, or without having once broke through that original charter of commerce, which, from time immemorial, has been settled between them.
Página 30 - ... than to see the two pretended mourners bend down the arms, which were before extended, and dispose them upon the trunk, in such a manner as is usual in corpses. " The body, being taken down from the cross, was received in a fair large winding sheet, and carried down from Calvary ; the whole company attending, as before, to the stone of unction.
Página 93 - I met with no houfes of entertainment, thro' the whole courfe of my travels. The furnifhing ourfelves with tents would not only have been attended with expence and trouble, but would have railed the fufpicion of the Arabs : if therefore in the courfe of our travels, we did not fall in with the hovels of the Kabyles, or the encampments of the Arabs, we had nothing to...
Página 28 - Amongst the other crucifixes there was one of a very large size, which bore upon it the image of our Lord, as big as the life. The image was fastened to it with great nails, crowned with thorns, besmeared with blood ; and so exquisitely was it formed, that it represented in a very lively manner the lamentable spectacle of our Lord's body as it hung upon the cross.
Página 31 - The clouds of the former morning were cleared up, and the friars put on a face of joy and serenity, as if it had been the real juncture of our Lord's resurrection. Nor, doubtless, was this joy feigned, whatever their mourning might be, this being the day in which their Lenten disciplines expired, and they were come to a full belly again.
Página 250 - ... of cuftom and of fimple diet, to which they alfo owe their uncommon longevity, many of them attaining to an hundred years of age. Their ufual drink is milk, and they feldom tafte any wine. The better to fecure their footing, their fhoes are without heels, and the foles rubbed with wax and rofin. The machines in which travellers are carried down-hill...
Página 72 - Bab el ived, the gate of the river, and Bab Azoona : where it is ftill of little confequence or defence. But towards the fea it is better fortified, and capable of making a more ftrenuous defence. For the embrafures, in this direction, are all employed : the guns are of brafs ; and their carriages and other utenfils in good order. The battery of the Mole-Gate, upon the eaft angle of the city, is mounted with feveral long pieces of ordnance, one of which has feven cylinders, each of them three inches...
Página 26 - ... down several parts of the rock, and by elevating others. But in this work, care was taken, that none of those parts of the hill, which were reckoned to be more immediately concerned in our blessed Lord's passion, should be altered or diminished.

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