Inquisitive Jack and his aunt Mary, by Peter Parley (revised by T. Wilson).


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Página 73 - Of every flower and herb there set in order ; Now this, now that, he tasteth tenderly, Yet none of them he rudely doth disorder, Ne with his feet their silken leaves deface, But pastures on the pleasures of each place.
Página 78 - Of mellow fruit, the nameless nations feed Of evanescent insects. Where the pool Stands mantled o'er with green, invisible, Amid the floating verdure millions stray. Each liquid too, whether it pierces, soothes, Inflames, refreshes, or exalts the taste, With various forms abounds. Nor is the stream Of purest crystal, nor the lucid air, Though one transparent vacancy it seems, Void of their unseen people.
Página 100 - LET dogs delight to bark and bite, For God hath made them so; Let bears and lions growl and fight, For 'tis their nature too. But, children, you should never let Such angry passions rise ; Your little hands were never made To tear each other's eyes.
Página 145 - Nought she spied Save wide, dark waters, and a frowning sky, Nor found her weary foot a place of rest. So, with a leaf of olive in her mouth, Sole fruit of her drear voyage, which, perchance, Upon some wrecking billow floated by, With drooping wing the peaceful ark she sought.
Página 55 - A young girl of my acquaintance was greatly afraid of bees, but was completely cured of her fear by the following incident. A swarm having come off, I observed the queen alight by herself at a little distance from the apiary. I immediately called my little friend, that I might show her the queen ; she wished to see her more nearly ; so, after having caused her to put on her gloves, I gave the queen into her hand We were in an instant surrounded by the whole bees of the swarm. In this emergency I...
Página 43 - The second sort are the drones, they are of a darker colour, longer, and more thick, by one-third, than the former; they are supposed to be the males ; and there is not above a hundred of them in a hive of seven or eight thousand bees. The third sort is much larger than either of the former, and still fewer in number, some assert that there is not above one in every...
Página 45 - ... the hive. The belly of the bee is divided into six rings, which sometimes shorten the body, by slipping one over the other. It contains within it, beside the intestines, the honey-bag, the venom-bag, and the sting. The honey-bag is as transparent as crystal, containing the honey that the bee has brushed from the flowers ; of which the greater part is carried to...
Página 113 - He used to go singing and whistling about the whole day long. He was always merry, and scarcely anything could make him sad. One day, little Dick thought he would have a ramble in the forest, at some distance from his home. So off he set in high spirits, singing and whistling, till he made the woods ring again. At last he reached a clear brook that ran through the wood; and being thirsty, he stooped down to drink.
Página 145 - Two and two, Of beasts and birds, and creeping things he took, With food for all ; and when the tempest roared, And the great fountains of the sky poured out A ceaseless flood, till all beside were drowned, They in their quiet vessel dwelt secure.
Página 142 - His muscles are as interwoven fibres ; the membrane round his bones as interior bark, which is closely fixed ; his bones are as the hard pieces of wood within : their marrow is composed of pith.

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