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A committee, consisting of, M. Rauch, J. Y. Metze, J. MoEspich, Heinecke and Wagenhals, ser, J. Wingard, J. G. Schwartz, W was appointed to correspond with our D. Strobel, J. D. Sheck, J. C. Hope brethren in Europe.

Seven lay delegates were present On Tuesday evening, Rev. Mr. Rev. J. Bachman was elected PreSharrets, a delegate from the Westsident; Rev. C. F. Bergman, SecrePennsylvania Synod, preached in the tary ; Rev. G. Dreher, Treasurer. English language, from Matthew v,

Much important business was trans16.

acted, and such measures were adopOn Wednesday morning, a planted, as will in some degree provide for the publication of a religious pa-l the destitute districts with the preaper, in the German language, was ched gospel. Whenever a fifth Sundiscussed and adopted. It is to be day occurs in the month, it is recomentitled “ The Evangelical Lutheran mended to ministers living in the adVoice from the West.

joining districts, to hold a meeting of We cannot omit expressing our three days, for the purpose of preachgratitude to God, that such zeal anding the gospel, and uniting their exactivity pervades our brethren inertions and efforts, for the promotion Ohio. Until a few years, they la- of religion and the prosperity of our bored under many and great difficul-church. ties were few in number, and una- The funds of this Synod, are conble to extend their operations to suchsiderable, and are to be appropriated as were unacquainted with the Ger- for the education of young men for man language. The minutes shew the ministry, and missionary purpohow different the state of things is at|ses. The Female Lutheran Society this time.

of Charleston, contributed $185.43, The treasury contains $501•33, which, with the sums heretofore conwhich is to be expended in sending tributed by our sisters in Charleston, out missionaries, and aiding pious prove that they are ardently devoted and gifted young men, to prepare to the cause of the Lord and Lutherthemselves for the gospel ministry. anism. The whole sum raised at

The next Synod will convene at this meeting, amounts to $490.06, Zanesville, Ohio.

which, with what was in the treasuAfter the business of the Synod|ry at the last meeting of the Synod, was transacted, the brethren united places at the disposal of the Synod, in prayer, and supplicated the great $1764.21. Shepherd, Jesus Christ, to continue According to the parochial reports, his grace and blessing upon them- were baptised during the past year, selves and the flocks committed to|400, of which 10 were adults, contheir charge, and then adjourned. firmed 142, communicants 1444:

The Synod, by a resolution, requires From the same.

each minister to make a full paroEVAN. LUTH. SYNOD OF SOUTH chial report at every future meeting CAROLINA

of the Synod. A few days ago, we received the On Sunday, the Lord's Supper minutes of the Synod of South Caro-was administered, and sermons were lina, from a brother, of said Synod, preached in the different churches of to whom we would here present our Savannah. The texts were, Matt. unfeigned thanks.

4, 16—Matt. 9, 13—Heb. 13, 14 The Synod convened on the 20th | Luke 14, 18-Acts 20, 21-Heb. 4, of November, A. D. 1829. The cle-1111. rical members

Rev. J. Bachman, It was resolved, that a theological G. Dreher, S. A. Mealy, C. F. Berg- seminary, under the auspices of this judicatory, would greatly advance the effectual. How shall men believe interests of our church, and measures in him of whom they have not heard ? were accordingly adopted to obtain | And how shall they hear without a funds for that purpose.


preacher, and how shall they preach We would add the following ex-except they be sent ?' tract, from the address delivered at « At our last annual meeting, I rethe opening of the Synod, by its pre-commended the encouragement of sident:

the publication of tracts, and of works “ The number of vacant congrega- on practical and doctrinal subjects, tions that are calling upon us for as- which would enable our people, and sistance, the many districts in our the public generally, to judge for country, that would gladly hear the themselves, of the nature of our docministers of our church, and the trines, and compare them with the wants of the vast tract of missionary Holy Scriptures. I have been reground from Georgia to Missouri, cently informed, that at the last meewhere not a solitary herald of the ting of the Synod of New York, a cross of our denomination is known, committee was appointed to superindemand increased exertion on our tend publications of a similar characpart. Until very recently, no way ter. From the intelligence and zeal appeared to be opened for us, to ex- of that committee, I doubt not but tend the doctrines of our church, into that the publications they may superthe settled portions of our country. intend, will be of a character deservThe work appeared to us to be in ing of a general circulation, and I reother hands, and as it is not the ge-commend to my brethren of the clernius of our religion to make prose-|gy, this cheap and efficacious mode lytes, we felt no disposition to inter- of imparting to their people, a knowfere with other societies, and remain- ledge of the doctrines and discipline ed comparatively inactive. But from of our church. the calls that are now made upon us “ It is a circumstance deeply to be from so many quarters, we feel assu- lamented, that the clergy of our red, that to disregard them, would church receive, in most cases, a very betray a criminal indifference to the inadequate support, and that when spiritual wants of our perishing fel-| they are removed from this world, low creatures. From the nature of their families are, in many instances, our climate and domestic institutions, left in very destitute circumstances. it is not very probable that missiona- A society for the relief of aged and ry aid can be obtained from our nor-infirm ministers, and of the widows thern Synods, and the only prospects and orphans of such as have been left of supplying the wants of our church in destitute circumstances, would proin this southern section of our coun-|| bably be instrumental in relieving try, is by encouraging young men of many afflictions to which the families talents, zeal, and piety, to engage in of the clergy in our communion are the study of Divinity, according to often subjected. I do not propose the doctrines and forms of our church. | that this subject should be immediSeveral of our zealous young minis-ately acted upon, as in the infancy ters have of late years been brought of our Synod, it might be considered up into our church, by these means, premature ; but it is a subject of so and similar exertions at present in qurmuch importance, that I have vendifferent congregations, might be pro-tured to hint it to you, in hopes that ductive of similar results. Of all the you might revolve it in your minds, means which God has blessed to the and that in due time, we might be conversion of our fellow men, the able to suggest some remedies for preaching of the gospel has been most the evils complained of."

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,From the Missionary Herald. ing me to be one of the slave-traders, GERMAN MISSION TO LIBERIA. for till recently they had seen no oth

The late visit of some German er white man; but bye and bye, missionaries to the United States, on when they, by my love towards them, their

way to Liberia, was mentioned were convinced to the contrary, they in the number for January, p. 28.- became as confiding as little chilOne of these, Mr. Sessing, belonged dren. They would say in their bro to the first company of missionaries ken English, “white man be too sent to Liberia by the Basle Mission-fine, white man likes black people, ary Society. He returned to Europe white man comes to teach them in consequence of the severe illness book, white man cannot die.?” They of his associate, Mr. Hegele, whose frequently brought to me their chilrecovery demanded a change of cli-||dren, “ to teach them book and white mate, and whose state was such as toman's fashion.?! But my chief atrequire the attendance of some one. tention was drawn to the first king,

While Mr. Sessing was in Phila- Joseph Harris, a good-natured old delphia, in November last, he deli-| man, who was extremely anxious to vered a public address, since pub-have me settled on his own ground. lished in the African Repository, He said “ If no other king will take from which the subjoined notice is you, I will. You come from white taken, of the German mission at Li-Iman's country to sit down with me, beria, in Western Africa.

to do my people good. You be my The German Mission. friend, and me be your friend.” And As it was the opinion and advice when he showed to me some of the of Mr. Ashmun, the late lamented | finest places on the river St. John, governor, with whom I lived about one of which I was to choose, he half a year, that our society could said, “ Here, white man, is a place most advantageously direct their for you to sit down ; my people must views to the Bassa nation, about 80|come to build you house, and to make miles down the coast, in a south-east- you a farm. You make a school erly direction, two of us, who felt here, and I will send you my boys most strong, (Mr. Hegele and my- and my girls; they will and must self,) left the colony for Grand Bas- learn book.” sa, after the rainy season of last year, My time does not allow me to say during which we all suffered much more about this first visit to the Basfrom the country fever. But as Mr.||sa country, but it is enough to enHegele, in consequence of the stroke courage us. A large field is opened of the sun on our way down, was to missionary labors at Liberia, and unfit and unable to assist me, I was the surrounding country. Therefore, left alone in the Bassa country, to my dearly beloved friends, if you feel see where our Heavenly Father would the love of Christ in your hearts, conopen a door to our missionary labors./sider that there are millions of souls My stay amongst them was only 8 in Africa, whom Christ has ransomor 9 weeks, when it became neces-led with his precious blood, but who sary for me to accompany my dear have no means of becoming acquaintbrother to Europe. During that time ed with their beloved Saviour. Slave I looked at the country, went up and traders do not hesitate to go to that down the river, seeking for a conve- dangerous coast for mean earthly gain's nient place to begin a mission settle-sake ; and should we christians be ment. I conversed and spoke with slow and backward to save souls the natives, kings, and chiefs, about whom Christ has redeemed with his my coming and staying amongst them. I precious blood, and to preach him They at first were distrustful, think-crucified to a nation we have abused and injured for centuries? Will they conscience and worship. We know not stand against us before the tribu- | not whether it was for this purpose, nal of God, and accuse us of having that Mr. Curtat sent Dr. Hahn's letrobbed them of their earthly bodily ter to the government, but it is at freedom and happiness, and what is least certain, that this object was not more, with not having given them an attained; for the Council of State opportunity to become acquainted communicated to him, through Mr. with their Redeemer, that they might||Gaudin, with whom he lodged, an save their souls by his blood and en-order to leave the Canton within ten joy him in yonder life of true liberty days at farthest. Dr. Hahn was deforever; while we have and enjoy sirous of possessing the means to justhis blessed privilege in abundance ?|tify himself before the Consistory, to No, my dear friends, we will take which he was amenable, respecting our lives in our hands, and follow the causes of his banishment; and Him our Master, We esteem it the hence, not being satisfied with a mere highest favor to be sent out to those verbal order, he wrote to the Syndic degraded beings, to tell them of the of Lausanne, requesting a written orlove of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.der, and also a testimony of his cha

But, humbly, I would entreat you,racter and conduct during his resiif you can, to help our Society, that dence at Lausanne. He received they may be able to send out more the following reply: missionaries to Africa, because the

The Syndic of Lausanne to Mr. field is great, and there is a great|C. A. Hahn: “ Lausanne, 25th April, number that long to go to that place.1829. Sir, You will find inclosed a

copy of a letter, which I have just SWITZERLAND.

received, with which you will do From the Archives du Christianisme of De-l well to act in conformity. Accept,

Sir, my salutations,

SECRETAN, Syndic.” Banishment of Dr. C. A. Haha.-

The enclosed letter is as follows: C. A. Hahn, Doctor of Philosophy, and a Minister of the Gospel, of Stutt- Circle of Lausanne, to the Syndic of

The Justice of the Peace for the gard, was residing for the year past the Corporation of Lausanne: at Lausanne, connected with a public school, or institution; and having

Lausanne, 27th April, 1829. been solicited to furnish information

Mr. Syndic-You are requested,

in the name of the council of state, to respecting the religious commotions in Switzerland, for the Darmstadt signify to Mr. C. A. Hahn, of StuttEcclesiastical Gazette, (Allgemeine gard, who calls himself a Doctor of Kirchen Zeitung,) he read all the Philosophy and a Minister of the Gospamphlets which this excitement had pel* and who resides with Mr. Gauoccasioned, and especially the writ-Idin, at the Petit Chateau, the order ings of dean Curtat, in which he be the farthest, counting from the 25th

in at lieved he had found the primary cause

inst. of the persecutions in the Canton.

You will report to me the ex

ecution of this order. The justice of He consequently wrote a letter to

the Mr. Curtat, which we have read, in

for the circle of Lausanne, peace

DE MOLLIN. which he discusses in a tone of mildness, some of the principles main

Duly attested, SECRETAN, Syndic. tained in these works, and concludes by entreating him to employ all his

* The character of Dr. Hahn liad, in the influence with the government to oh. his testimonials, which had been presented

mean time, been sufficiently established, by tain for his country entire liberty of to the corporation.

cember 1829.





How will his majesty, the king of in the Helvetic Confederacy, will Wurtemberg, who has established not be lost upon the others. throughout his kingdom, perfect liberty of conscience, regard this arbitrary banishment ?

The committee of the Missionary CANTON OF NEUFCHATEL.

Society of Lausanne, in connection The council of the city of Neuf- with some members of other societies chatel, has thought proper to take in the Canton de Vaud, have estameasures against the meetings for re-blished a new Missionary Institution, ligious edification held at the houses which was opened on the first of Ocof members of the Dissenting Church, tober, with prayer and thanksgiving. or conducted by them. They have Four students have been admitted. been prohibited from holding any The Rev. Mr. Thomas is its directpublic meetings ; and all private or, or professor. meetings during the hours of service in the national churches, are forbid- GERM OF A MISSIONARY SPIRIT IN den. The whole has been done in a manner as paternal, as a persecu

The Rev. Charles F. Haeggman, tion can be conducted. But the chaplain of the Hospital Church in council of state has unanimously dis- Stockholm, has been employed for approved of the measures adopted by many years, in endeavoring to awake the city council; it has even invited his countrymen to a lively interest in appeals by all those who should con-| the missionary cause in Sweden. In sider themselves aggrieved, or injur- a letter to the editors of the London ed in their rights, by these measures ; | Missionary Register, he says: and has appointed a standing committee for this special purpose.

“For seven years I continued a weekly publication, begun by my

father and an associate, in which I Occasion was taken, on the impri- communicated, chỉefly by translations sonment of a young man, of some re- from such foreign journals as I could putation for piety, but convicted of procure or borrow, such notices of some flagrant crime, to propose some the glorious triumphs of that gospel, general measures against all religious which is mighty to save, and is still meetings, except those held in the spreading with increasing success churches, but a large majority of the even in the darkest heathen lands, council of state manifested themselves as I judged most conducive to the indecidedly against a proposition so in- formation and profit of my countryvasive of liberty of conscience; and men. Its sale, however, scarcely codeclared that they would never per-vering the expense of printing, mit this liberty, which is one of the changed the form of my little work dearest rights of man, to be subject-to that of a monthly journal, of the ed to any restraints in the Canton-same character as its predecessor, but It appears, that it was also stated, with the addition of such religious that the melancholy examples given and literary notices and articles, as by the Cantons de Vaux and Berne, | might render it more useful to the were too recent and too lamentable, general reader. This I continued to be viewed in any other light than for two years ; till the losses which as a salutary lesson. Thus the Can-||I sustained, seemed to call upon me, ton of Basel has associated itself, by my income being limited and my faintelligence, wisdom, and modera-mily numerous, to lay down the tion, with the Canton of Geneva ;l work. and it is to be hoped, the example of

I am resolved, in God's the two most enlightened Cantons name, to begin afresh ; for I cannot


16 But now,

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