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RELIGION Bigotry, if I understand it, is a blind

Religion ! what a glorious theme and inordinate attachment to one's to dwell upon ! what an opportunity opinion's. If we be attached to prin-| to celebrate! thou hast been trampled ciples on account of their being ours, upon and despised, but retainest still or because we have adopted them, thy loveliness and perfection! Giganrather than because they appear to tic have been the efforts to root thee us to be taught in the holy scriptures; out of the land, but the gates of hell if we be attached to some peculiar have not prevailed, and shall never principles to the neglect of others, or prevail against thee! Thy ministers so as to give them a greater propor-have been reviled, insulted, and option in the system than they require ; pressed, but they have been supportif we consider things as being of led by their gracious master, and have greater importance than the scrip- proved themselves to be the truest tures represent them; if we obsti- |friends of those whom they are apnately adhere to our opinions so as pointed to instruct. Look at bleedto be averse to free inquiry, and noting France, and ask (the inhabitants) open to conviction; if we make so how they have succeeded ;—without much of principles as to be inatten- a revealed God-without the acktive to holy practice; or if a differ-||nowledgement of a Saviour—with ence in religious sentiment destroy or the declaration of an eternal sleep damp our benevolence to the per-| after death! Have they been happy? sons of those from whom we differ-Have they received the promised rein

any of these cases we are subject wards from their reforms and alterato the charge of bigotry.

tions? I will not attempt to describe But we may consider a belief of the miseries which they have endurcertain doctrines as necessary to sal-led—they are sufficiently known.vation, without coming under any || But see how joyfully they return to part of the above description. We the God of Christians ! how eagerly may be attached to these doctrines, they fill his opened temples! In vain not because we have already embra- did the all destroying sword cut down ced them, but on account of their||the ranks of mankind-it could not appearing to us to be revealed in the murder religion? In vain they sought scriptures; we may give them only for obligations to bind man one to anthat degree of importance in our other, to unite their jarring interests ! views of things, which they occupy they could not do it without religion ! there; we may be so far friends to From her they trace the strongest free enquiry, as impartially to search|cement of society--its advantages the scriptures, to see whether these and comforts ; and rejoice at her rethings be true; and so open to con- turn. May she return to that lately viction, as to relinquish our senti-| suffering people more free from error, ments when they are proved to be and find them more disposed to emunscriptural. We may be equally| brace the truth.--[Adkin. attached to practical goodness, as to the principles on which it is founded; and, notwithstanding our ill opinion

APOSTACY. of the religious sentiments of men, and our apprehensions of the danger A son of Lord Spencer, a Clergyof their condition, we may yet bear man of the Church of England, has good will to their

and wish

resigned his living in the establishfor nothing more than an opportunity of promoting their welfare, both for ment, and is about to be ordained a this life and that which is to come.

Roman Catholic Priest.

Lutheran Magazine.ligious liberty? Have we all en

tered into the liberty of children of WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1830. God? Do we enjoy the spiritual Evangelical Christianity.--We Liberty of real evangelical christians ?

Has the Son made us free? We cannot too highly appreciate our privileges and blessings, as Evangeli-venerate the names of those devoted cal Christians. We enjoy religious servants of God, who have labored liberty. We are not compelled to diligently and suffered faithfully in believe or do any thing against the the cause of true Christianity. But

how do we follow their example ? word of God, or the dictates of our consciences. No man, or set of men,

Do we know what true christianity have the power of imposing upon us

is? Have we ever experienced it?

Have we ever seriously enquired intheir religious creeds, without our approbation and consent. In this

to it? Do we possess that faith, for

which our forefathers so earnestly country, we owe no allegiance to an established church. In no ecclesi

and zealously contended? We hon

or the character of those fearless adastical authority, do we acknowledge | vocates of the truth, who rendered the right of dictating to us, what we


sacrifice for the salvation of shall believe or do, in order to be

their souls; but what sacrifices have saved. The word of God is our only

we ever rendered ? Have we faced rule of faith and practice. To this

danger, and encountered temptations, infallible standard we, as Lutherans, and overcome obstacles, and surhold the Augsburgh Confession, and mounted difficulties, so as to exhibit every other symbol of our church, lour moral courage, and display our subservient. And although we ven-christian devotion? What have we erate the names of Luther and his co- done to deserve the approbation of the adjutors, in the glorious work of the


in which we live, and establish reformation, and establishment of

our claims to the gratitude of postecur church ; we venerate them as

rity? These questions we solemnly men merely,who deserve our respect

urge upon the consciences of all Eand confidence, but not our blind

vangelical Lutherans, and we humadherence to whatever they may bly trust, they may be seriously and have proposed. We consider our-devoutly considered. selves subject to no authority, in re

We enjoy the privilege of reading ligious matters, but the authority of the word of God, and exercising our the gospel. In all our spiritual con

own judgment in religious matters. cerns, we are to exercise our judg- This, indeed, is a great privilege.ment and satisfy our consciences. There was a time, when the circulaThis we believe to be the will of|tion of the Bible was prohibited by God, and the unalienable right of

an order of the Supreme Head of every protestant christian.

the church; when the reading of the But how are these privileges and Scriptures was considered a perniblessings improved ? How have we, cious encroachment on the authority, Evangelical Lutherans, used our re- || and a flagrant offence against the dig

lave we

nity of Christ's vice-gerent on earth.||with the word of God. We are diBut blessed be God; that period of rected to worship God in spirit and delusion and darkness has passed-in truth-to dedicate our hearts to the pride of the beast has been hum- his service, and glorify his name in bled, and Babylon has fallen. We our daily walk and at a time, when the bible may||This is what the Lord requires of not only be generally read, but when every one who would worship him, it is universally distributed. Wein an acceptable manner. inhabit a country, and belong to a rendered this reasonable service ?church, in which the treasures of the Have we ever presented our bodies Gospel are richly unfolded to us.-- | a living sacrifice, holy and acceptaWe enjoy every opportunity of be-ble, unto God? We profess to be coming enlightened in the principles free from the dominion of Romish and duties of Evangelical Christians. l'ignorance and superstition—but is But are we thus truly enlightened ?||not the very ignorance which we so Do we diligently read the word of readily condemn in the adherents of God ? Have we ever experienced the Pope, the foundation, on which its enlightening influence on the too many of the professed disciples mind? Do we faithfully attend the lof Luther build their religious hopes preaching of the gospel ? And if so,|| and prospects? Do not many who have we ever felt its renovating call themselves evangelical christians power? For it is a fact, which byllevince, by their daily walk and conmany is not sufficiently realized, that versation, that they are entirely igwe may search the scriptures, and norant of the principles of the gosyet remain ignorant of the true pel? Are there not hundreds and knowledge of God. We may attend thousands of professors of religion to the preaching of the Gospel, and in our church, who posses- none of yet place all our hopes of salvation the characteristics of true christians ? upon forms and ceremonies, which Are there not many protestants who, have been handed down from one like the Roman Catholics, cherish generation to another, and are of mistaken notions of christianity ?themselves wholly insufficient for Are there not too many Lutherans the salvation of the soul.

who dishonor the name and disgrace In our church, we are permitted to the profession of evangelical religion? worship God according to the direc- On this subject, it must be confessed, tions of his word, and the dictates of we have too much reason to indulge our consciences. In our devotional in humiliating and painful reflections. exercises, we are not bound to ob- But we feel no inclination at present, serve a tedious succession of rules to pursue this subject, and indulge and ceremonies, which dazzle the in these reflections. We would, eye, and please the imagination, with | however, exhort our readers to humout enlightening the understanding, ble themselves in the dust, in view improving the heart, and benefitting of the state of religion in our church, the soul. Our system of doctrine and earnestly pray to God, that he and forms of worship are consistent might pour out his holy spirit upon us, and revive his work in our midst. | The General Synod has adopted a Let us all endeavor, with the help of form of Discipline which will, in all God, to live more consistent with the probability, be generally introduced profession of evangelical christian- among the churches in its connexity. Let us act more worthy of our ion. Several of our District Synods illustrious descent, and our high and have also taken the subject into conglorious calling. While we vener-sideration. We regard these meaate the names, let us follow the ex-sures as favorable indications of the amples of Luther and the founders future prosperity of our Zion--and of our church. And while we thank|we believe, that the day is not far God for the establishment and pre- distant, when the Lutheran Church servation of our Evangelical Luther-l in the United States, will have a an Zion, let us labor and pray, that regular and uniform system of Church she may arise and shine in the splen- Discipline, which shall be univerdor of her former glory.

sally approved and generally intro

duced. Church Discipline. We invite the attention of our readers to an article Synodical Agent.-In a notice of on this subject, which we have se- the proceedings of the West Pennlected from the Evangelical Luther-sylvania Synod, published in the an Intelligencer. It is a subject of Evangelical Magazine of the Lugreat importance, in which everytheran Church in the United States, christian congregation should feel awe perceive that the Rev. BENJAdeep interest. Christians may differ Min Kurtz has offered his services, in their views of the forms of Church for a short period, to the Synods of Discipline, and the manner in which| Maryland and West Pennsylvania it should be carried into effect; but as their Agent, to visit vacant conwe believe, that all who are desirous gregations and destitute districts withof préserving order in religious so- in their bounds, for the purpose of cieties, will readily acknowledge its forming new congregations, encournecessity and importance. For our-aging the people to hold regular selves, we can sincerely say, with meetings for public worship on the the writer of the article to which we Lord's day, and collecting subscrihave referred, “ it appears to us to bers for the periodical publications of be absolutely impossible for a reli- Jour church. The offer was readily gious association to flourish for any and gratefully accepted; and from length of time, in an eminent de- what we know of the character and gree, without the enforcement of a qualifications of the Rev. Mr.

Kurtz, discipline"; and we have often re- we are led to anticipate the most fagretted, that in some of our church-vorable result from his disinterested es, this duty is not more regularly | labors in this undertaking. and faithfully observed.

We are glad, however, to perceive, that this

POPULATION OF CHINA. subject is beginning to excite more

The follor ing article, extracted from the general attention in our own church. (Canton Register of Oct. 3, 1829, and believe

ed to have been written by Dr. Morrison,||Lord Macartney arrived at the cour has been transmitted by Mr. Bridgman. of Pekin. “In 1793, Lord Macartney carri

" The increase is so enormous ir ed to Europe the report given him a period of about 82 years, that som by a Chinese officer, that China con- error in the figures might be suppo tained 333,000,000 “ of mouths,” sed. However the emperor makes that is, of human beings. It


a remark, that the increase had been however, thought by many that the about fifteen fold, which shows there amount thus stated originated in the was no mistake; for 15 fold would pride or the carelessness of the indi-make the amount 345,000,000. Ani vidual who presented it, and of late if the statement be correct, it show: in Europe, it has been generally dis-that China has doubled its population believed.“ A foreign gentleman of every twenty years since the T'a-tsing great talent and research, in an arti-dynasty ! if this be the fact, i cle on the population of the globe in seems to speak a great deal in favo the Oriental Herald of April last, says: of the Tartar government in China The numerous estimates respecting After the war of the conquest, the the population of China, vary from work we have quoted from

says 50,000,000 to the mystical number that there was large tracts of un of 333. The great imperial map of occupied lands, the owners of whic! the Celestial Empire, published in had been destroyed or dispersed. 1790, fixes, he says, the population Their lands were given as a perpet of China proper at 143,000,000 of Jual inheritance to any one who wouli taxable persons, to whom may be ad-undertake to cultivate them.

Gov. ded 7,000,000 of untaxable inhabi-sernment even gave cattle and impletants. They will make altogether/ments of husbandry to the poor and 150,000,000 of persons.”

destitute. And subsequently to thai “A few days ago, however, we period, every encouragement has stumbled on a passage, in the Ta-l|been given to carry cultivation to the tsing-hwuy-teen, which was never in- utmost possible extent. tended for the eye of a European,

“The emperor Kein-lung said, he that fully establishes the report given looked with great anxiety to the futo the English ambassador; and it ture, for the land did noi increase, shows, moreover, that his Imperial although the mouths to be fed by the Majesty Kien-lung preceded Mr.increase did. He then calls upon all Malthus in his fears of the human his numerous subjects to use with “mouths” exceeding the means of great economy the gifts of nature. subsistence. The passage may be It is strange that with these facts befound on the 38th page of the 141stfore its eyes, the Chinese governsection or book of the work above ment should punish emigration as a named.

crime." “Kein-lung remarks, that in the

Mr. Bridgman says it is the pre-, 49th year of the reign of Keing-hevailing opinion of the residents at

Canton, that the statement of 333,which had terribly thinned the pop-000,000 for the population of China, ulation, the number of inhabitants in China was only 23,312,200 ; but last year, he adds, the amount made out from the returns sent in from all

MISSION OF THE CHURCH MISSIONthe provinces, was 307,467,200.

ARY SOCIETY IN LOWER EGYPT. The emperor wrote in the 58th year The labors and journies of the of his reign, (A. D. 1793,) so that Missionaries of this mission, for the the census was taken the year beforellpurpose of distributing the Scriptures

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