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The musick now ceased--all enraptured I Poetry.


No form could I see, and no voice could I For the Lutheran Magazine.

hear, 'Twas once as I mused on the shortness of But as yet time nor care from my mind has

erased time, The frailty of man, and the sorrows and

Those angelic strains flowing sweetly and clear.

S. That are strewed o'er his path in each country, and clime,

From the N. Y. American. A strain thus I heard-'twas the sweetest

LINES of airs.

Suggested by the burial of Bishop Hobart. “ Those dark thoughts dispel, thou lone pil

Hark! from yon consecrated tower, grim of Earth!

At twilight's dim and cheerless hour, And dry those sad tears that so frequently With mournful tone, the muffled bell flow

Slowly tolls his solemn knell. For, why should vain man, a mere insect at birth,

With measured step and streaming eye, Expect to taste bliss in this region of woe? And hearts which heave affection's sigh

Drooping and sad the mourning throng His life is a shadow, quick hastening away, In pensive silence move along. More fleet than the winds in their untiring flight

Their feet ascend the house of prayer, And though he awhile here bewildered may

And Zion's sons assembled there, stray,

With budding youth and withering age, A day soon will break truly glorious and In holy rites their souls engage. bright.

The sacred preacher's voice is heard Then think not, O think not, the soul will Breathing the solace of the word: forever

Praying for Hope's celestial power, Remain in this frail crumbling mansion of

To cheer them in affliction's hour. clay, For death soon its bonds will eternally sever,

Alas! their tears do faster flow

Loud moans attest their heartfelt woeWhen the spirit rejoicing will burst into day.

Their burning and their shining light,

They feel hath set in death's dark night. What is the World all its fancied enjoyments?

But weep not, soldiers of the crossA dream at the best, but far oft'ner a

Thine, not thy captain's, is the loss:

Clothed in the armor of the Son, Alike vain its joys and its idle employments,

He fought the fight—the conquest won. That shortly will vanish like meteors in

And with triumphant hosts on high, air.

Now reaps the fruits of victory; They'll vanish and leave not behind them a

His life approved_his labors done

Salvation crowns her faithful son. C. trace, Saving regret that you clung to them so; Even that dread oblivion at last will erase The Treasurer of the Domestic MissionaAs its waves o'er the relics of time darkly|ry Society of the Lutheran Church in the flow.

state of New York, acknowledges the reSink not under trials, tho' sad and severe,

ceipt of the following sums:Nor once cease to trust in thy Saviour and Donation from Brunswick & SchaghFriend

ticoke churches, towards constituSince thou art immortal, ah, why shouldst thou fear!

ting their pastor, the Rev. I. Z. These dark days of sorrow in triumph will Senderling, a life member,... $16 00 end.

Donation from Guilderland and Bern Then cease, lonely pilgrim, to breathe the

churches, additional payment to deep sigh,

constitute their pastor, the Rev. And dry those sad tears that so frequently Adam Crownse, a life member, .. 11 00 flow

Donation from the church at Sandlake, 6 32 Lo night disappears, beams the day-star on

Education Fund.-From the Fehigh, Sure prelude of joys that you shortly will male Education Society of Canaknow."


$25 00



VOL. 4.]


NO. 7.

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Original. Rev. Thomas Lape, Johnstown.

John Eisenlord, Jr. Minden. PROCEEDINGS

Charles A. Smith, Palatine. Of a Convention of Clerical and Lay

Thomas Kilmer, Cobleskill. Representatives, from different E

LAY DELEGATES. vangelical Lutheran Churches in

Mr. William Mann, Schoharie. the State of New York, held at

« Joseph Borst, Middleburgh. Schoharie, October, 1830.

Charles F. Vogel, Hartwick. ST. PAUL's Church, Schoharie, Tuesday, October 26, 1830.

Peter I. Livingston, GuilderPursuant to a resolution of the Wes

land. tern Conference, adopted at Bruns

« Daniel Wolford, Bern. wick, September 8, 1830, the Min

Lawrence Van Alstine, Sand

lake. isters and Lay Delegates from different Congregations within the bounds

John Sternbergh, Sharon. of the Conference, assembled this

DavidOtman, NewRhinebeck. day in convention, for the purpose of

Michael Swobe, Johnstown.

Albert Lintner, Minden. deliberating on the expediency of forming a new Synod.

Samuel Near, Summit. Gen. WILLIAM MANN of Schoha

Abraham Sternbergh, Stone

Arabia. rie, was unanimously chosen President of the Convention, and the Rev.

The Convention being organized, ADAM CROWNSE of Guilderland, ap- and ready to proceed to business, the pointed Secretary

Rev. G. A. Lintner, chairman of the The meeting was then opened Western Conference, submitted to with prayer, by the Rev. J. Z. Sen-| the convention, a communication from derling, of Brunswick.

the Rev. Messrs. Smith and ThumThe following clerical and lay rep-mel, in relation to the object of the resentatives appeared and took their convention, which was laid on the seats, as members of the Convention, table.

Rev. Prof. Miller having stated his MINISTERS.

views of the objects of the convention, Rev. George A. Lintner, Schoharie.submitted the following resolution :

George B. Miller, Hartwick. Resolved, That in the view of
Adam Crownse, Guilderland. this convention, it is inexpedient to

John D. Lawyer, Sandlake. form a new Synod, under existing “ Philip Wieting, Sharon. circumstances.

Jacob Z. Senderling, Bruns- After some further observations wick.

from different members on the course

viz. :

most proper to be pursued, in rela-1“ The Hartwick Synod of the Evantion to the business of the convention, gelical Lutheran Church in the State it was

of New-York." Resolved, That the convention ad- A committee consisting of Rev. journ until to-morrow, at 9 o'clock | Messrs. Lintner, Lawyer and Lape, A. M.

and Messrs. J. Sternbergh, Van AlPrayer by Rev. Prof. Miller. stine and Livingston, was appointed

In the evening, divine service was to report a form of a Constitution for performed in the church, and a dis- the government of the Synod. course delivered by the Rev. P.Wiet

The convention then adjourned, ing, on Deut. xxxii, 6.

until after divine service, in the eve

ning: Wednesday morning, October 27, 1830. The convention met pursuant to

Prayer by Rev. T. Lape.

At early candle light, a discourse adjournment. Prayer by the Secre

was delivered in the church, by the tary.

Rev. Adam Crownse, on Matt. xxii, 5. The communication from the Rev.

After divine service, the convenMessrs. Smith and Thummel was then read, and the resolution offered tion again met, and the committee

reported the form of a constitution, by Rev. Prof. Miller discussed, un

recommended by the General Synod til 12 o'clock; when the convention

of the Evangelical Lutheran Church adjourned to 2 o'clock in the after

in the United States, for the govern

ment of district Synods, which, with Prayer by Rev. P. Wieting.

some local alterations and amendWednesday afternoon, Oct. 27, 1830.

ments, was unanimously adopted by The convention met according to the convention. adjournment. Prayer by Rev. J. D. The convention then proceeded to Lawyer.

chose officers for the Synod. On The discussion of Professor Miller's canvassing the votes, it appeared that resolution was continued until a late the Rev. G. A. LINTNER was chohour in the afternoon, when the ques-sen President of the Synod; Rev. tion being taken on its adoption, it ADAM CROWNSE, Secretary, and was decided in the negative-ayes 4, Rev. P. WIETING, Treasurer. noes 18.

The business of the convention Whereupon, it was unanimously being now finished, it was dissolved,

Resolved, That it is expedient to and the Synod organized according establish, without delay, a new Sy- to the Constitution. nod of the Evangelical Lutheran The Rev. President having taken Church in this state.

the chair, with a short address to the The convention having determined Synod, it was on the formation of a new Synod, it Resolved, That the Rev. Secretary was further

be requested to write to the PresiResolved, that the Synod estab-Ident of the “ Evangelical Lutheran lished by this convention, be known Synod of the State of New York," and distinguished by the title of land inform him of the organization


of this Synod, and of its friendly ||heart. And while I am sensible of disposition towards the ecclesiastical the honor you have conferred upon Body from which it has separated. me, I have to regret that I cannot be

The Rev. President was appoint- a more active member of your body. ed a delegate from this Synod, to at-|I am encouraged, however, to pray tend the next annual meeting of the for a continual blessing upon the pi“Evangelical Lutheran Synod of the ous efforts of your Society, and shall State of New-York."

take pleasure in contemplating your The Synod then proceeded to fix progress in a good and great work ; the time and place of its next meet-||for I see that the good seed sown in ing; and it was

the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Resolved, That this Synod adjourn, the United States of North America, to meet again in the Evangelical Lu- is daily springing up more and more theran Church at Johnstown, Mont-|-hindrances which were not under gomery county, on the last Saturday our control, are lessening, and many in September, 1831.

able men are engaged in the field, Concluding prayer by the Secre-profiting by the good example of those tary.

who have gone before them, or who A. CROWNSE, Secretary. have trained them up for the sacred

employment. The church is in the LETTER

hands of the Lord, who is God over From the Rev. Doct. SCHAEFFER, of Phi-| all. To him, our all-gracious Save

ladelphia, to the Corresponding Secretary |iour, let us look with humility and of the Domestic Missionary and Education Society of the Lutheran Church in faith, seeking his glory, and he will the State of New-York. [Published by bless us as instruments in his hands. order of the board of directors.]

With such wishes, prayers and exPhiladelphia, July 20, 1830. hortations, I am Reverend and Dear Sir:

Your fellow laborer in Christ, From your letter of the 21st ult., FREDERICK D. SCHAEFFER. I learn, that at the last meeting of Rev. Mr. Lintner, Cor. Sec’y. of the Dom. the Domestic Missionary and Educa- Miss. and Educ. Soc. of the L. C. in the tion Society of the Lutheran Church State of N. Y. in the State of New York, I was appointed an honorary vice-president.

For the Lutheran Magazine. It has pleased a kind providence, A TRIBUTE OF RESPECT TO DEthat for many years past, I should be

PARTED WORTH. employed as a minister of the gospel Departed this life, on the 28th ulof a crucified Saviour, in the Evan- timo, at Schoharie (C. H.) MARIA gelical Lutheran Church. Ready to LINTNER, wife of the Rev. GEORGE employ the remainder of my strength A. LINTNER, aged 33 years. The and time, so long as God shall please subject of this notice, possessed mato continue the same to me, in his ny of the excellencies of the female holy service, I need not assure you character. She was blessed with that your Missionary Institution is an amiable disposition, a cultivated an object of deep interest to my mind, a refined taste, and an affectionate heart. The virtues which1 Redeemer liveth." She called her she exhibited in her intercourse with children to her bed side, and repeatthe world, endeared her to all with|ed those pious exhortations which whom she associated. Her hands she had so often given them before; and heart were warmly engaged in and when they manifested their grief promoting the glory of God, the pros at the prospect of her death, she perity of the church, and the welfare calmly told them, “ Weep not, dear of immortal souls. She stimulated children, I am going to a happier her beloved partner, in the faithful world.” discharge of his duties as a christian Under the influence of her severe minister, and was always ready to afflictions, she uttered not a single encourage him in his devotion to the complaint-not a murmur- escaped interests of his congregation and the her lips. She knew that it was the welfare of his flock.

Lord who had chastened her, and Mrs. Lintner possessed, in an em- she was fully resigned to his will. inent degree, the milder virtues and The nearer she approached the borattractive


of the christian cha-|| ders of the grave, the stronger grew racter. In her religious deportment, her faith in God, and her reliance she was modest and unassuming. || upon his almighty arm for succor. She knew her own weakness and The grave, which appears so dreadinsufficiency. She trusted to the ful to the impenitent, was to her the merits of her Redeemer, and the ful-gate of a blissful immortality-it was ness of his grace. She sought the the valley which her Saviour had forgiveness of her sins, through the passed before her, and she feared not atoning blood of her Saviour, and re- to enter its portals. She knew that joiced in the hope of salvation thro' holy angels guarded its sacred enhis name.

He was her shield-her closure, and hence her willingness to rock-her fortress and strong tower. become an inhabitant of its silent doTo him she looked to be clothed in main. With an eye of faith, she the garment of righteousness, and looked beyond the tomb, and beheld become meet for an inheritance among the glorious prospect of that happy the saints in glory. She knew inland, where the wicked cease from whom she had believed, and He to troubling, and the wearied are at rest. whom she had committed her trust, She appeared anxious, therefore, to did not leave her comfortless when lay aside this tabernacle of clay, and she passed through the valley of the enter that blessed abode. Hence shadow of death. In her illness, her fervent ejaculation, “O my dear when asked whether her Saviour was Saviour, thou standest ready waiting, precious to her, she replied, “He is why do I tarry here?” my all in all—I cast my whole soul On the morning of the day of her upon him." When speaking to the death, she gave additional proof of partner of her bosom, of her approach-| her faith in God. In the course of ing dissolution, she added, " It is the the day, she exelaimed, “ Where is will of God—I feel resigned to it-1|my Saviour ?” and the last words do not fear death I know that my|| she uttered, were, « All is well."

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