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lowed Christ--the Saviour made himsions, but that they shall so enjoy an apostle-he saw the miracles of them, “ as though they possessed Christ—he was one of those to whom them not.” 1 Cor. vii, 30. Neither Christ gave power over all devils—|| do they require that believers shall Luke xix, 1; but when he suffered not “ use this world,” but that they the love of money again to take pos- shall not abuse it. Ibid. v, 31.session of his heart, then Satan also Christ nor his apostles demand not entered and persuaded him to betray that we shall accept of no place or the Lord Jesus ; which when he had honor, but in every such station maindone, he fell into despair, cast the stain an humble heart. They ask not accursed price of blood from him, and that we should entirely neglect the went and hanged himself. Demas body, Col. ii, 23, but that we shall long followed Paul, and assisted him so make provision for the flesh, as not in preaching the gospel ; yet after to fulfil the lust thereof. Rom. xiii, all, St. Paul complains of him, 2 14. And as many as are thus mindTim. iv, 10, “ Demas hath forsakened, to them we may say,

1 Cor. iii, me, having loved this present world." 21, 22, "all things are yours, wheThe same apostle mentions of others, ther the world, or things present, or. i Tim. vi, 10, that the love of mo-things to come ; alļ are yours.” But ncy caused them to err from the faith. || at the same time, the things of eter

Happy, therefore, are they indeed,nity must continually gain more and who can at length firmly resolve, more the preponderance in our hearts, though it should be difficult at first, and our longing for them become to tear off their hearts from the things more ardent. Though every real of this world ; who, when they dis-child of God may not be able to say, cover that there is no alternative, with full consent of his heart, like a that they must either give up Christ, Paul, “ We are confident and wilor forsake those things which are a ling rather to be absent from the hindrance to their salvation, choose body, and be present with the Lord;" the latter course, And the very or, “I desire to depart and to be same that has been said of riches, with Christ, which is far better;" holds good of every other species of yet, contrary to such as are carnally earthly things, whether it be honor, minded, it must ever be true of all ease or pleasure, or whatever else. the children of God,“ Ye are not in

Believers in Christ Jesus, are, in- the flesh, but in the spirit, if so be deed, not all alike, in respect to this that the spirit of God dwell in you. subject, some having made greater Now, if any man have not the spirit progress therein than others; yet of of Christ, he is none of his." And the very weakest in the faith, who again, we read in Phil. iii, 19, 20, are truly regenerated, we must be of those who are earthly minded, yet able to say, that they “ seek first the of believers it is said, our converkingdom of God, and his righteous-sation is in heaven." Still it is neness. Jesus Christ and his apos- || cessary to exhort believers in Christ, tles do not require of believers, that for their continual encouragement: they shall have no earthly posses- If ye then, be risen with Christ,


seek those things which are above, upon us. But thou, says he, when where Christ sitteth on the right thou wouldst pray, retire to thy clohand of God. Set your affections onset; and having shut the door, pray things above, not on things on the to thy Father; and thy Father, to earth.” Col. iii, 1, 2. As soon as whom, though he is unseen himself, Moses, Heb. ix, 25, 26, considers nothing is secret, will recompense the recompense of reward (in hea-|| thee. ven) he will no longer be called the Thiş holy exercise is one of the son of Pharaoh's daughter, but rather simplest, the plainest, and the strongchooses to suffer affliction with the est evidences of real piety of heart, people of God, than to enjoy the which we have in all the duties of pleasures of sin for a season. Then the christian. The motives which he esteems the reproach of Christ urge one to practise it, are, either greater riches than the treasures of the conviction of sin, of righteousEgypt. Lord, for this, grant us thyness, and of judgment to come; or holy spirit !

the sincere and unfeigned expres

sions of the heart to Almighty God, For the Lutheran Magazine. for his goodness and favor towards PRIVATE PRAYER.

him. Otherwise he would not take This holy exercise is recommend so much labor and pains to worship ed to us by the saints of God, in all his God; otherwise he would not reages. Among the venerable patri-| tire from the busy scenes of the archs, we especially read of Jacob in world—pour out his complaints and his secret intercourse with God at his sorrows into the bosom of the Bethel, and also at Periel. The pro- Most High, and plead for reconcileaphets also, from Samuel to Malachi, tion and peace with him. 'Tis true, were engaged in this duty of devo- we can pray to God in the true spițion : Daniel, in particular, worship-rit of devotion, in the assembly of ped God in his own chamber. And the saints, either in the sanctuary of Christ, our divine teacher, has sanc- the Lord, or at the family altar; but tioned it by his own example, and in both instances, there may be much enjoined it in his sermon on the hypocrisy mingled in our worship. Mount. We are told by Matthew There is more ground for suspicion, that he, on a certain occasion, that our hearts may not be right in having dismissed the multitude, re- the all-seeing eye of Heaven, than tired by himself to a mountain, to when engaged in private devotion. pray, and remained there alone, till Our prayers may be mere lip serit was late. Mark, on another occa-| vice-we may attend to them, either sion, informs us, that he, on the mor- out of custom, or wishing not to aprow, having risen before the dawn, pear singular in the company of chriswent out and retired to a solitary tians. But a man, who engages in place, and prayed there. In addi-private devotion--a man, who shuts tion to his example, he himself, in himself up in his closet, or retires to opposition to the hypocrisy of the a place of silence and solitude, and Pharisees, solemly enjoins this duty there wrestles with God in prayer

there pours out his soul to Him, who which is necessary for the repose of is in secret ; reason dictates, that the the night. motives which influence him thus to There are occasions, when chrisact and live, thus to think and pray,||tians should be much in private praymust originate from the conviction of er. For instance, when it goes ill his sins, and his anxiety of becoming with Zion, and Babylon triumphs— prepared for heaven, through Christ when in times of great affliction and our Redeemer. When the christian public calamity--when our hearts approaches God in secret prayer, with are cold and languid and lukewarm such motives, let him accompany his towards God—when the hand of

prodevotion with meditation. We are vidence is upon us, either in removtold in Genesis, that Isaac went outing some one out of the circle of our to meditate in the field, in eventide. kindred, or when we ourselves are No doubt, but that his principal ob- the subjects of much mental or bodiject was secret prayer, accompanied ly pain. Christians should be much with meditation on the wonders of in private prayer, when commencing creation and providence. No doubt, some important business, or entering but that he took the advantage of al upon some new calling in life.

Of beautiful evening, and a retired walk, such, we have some striking examto hold communion with God; and|ples recorded in holy writ: one in judging from his piety and general the case of Solomon, when the Lord character, that it was his regular ha-|| appeared to him in Gibeon ; he praybit to live, having God always in his ed for an understanding heart, to gomind, whether rising in the morn-vern with discretion the people over ing, whether engaged in his daily whom he was placed : and the other avocation, or retiring at night on his in Jabez, who, when setting out in pillow of sleep. Pious souls love life, called upon the God of Israel, retirement and solitude-they there that he might bless him—that he can hold a free and unrestrained in-| might enlarge his coast--that his tercourse with their Maker, without hand might be with him, and that having any earthly object to engage he might be kept from evil, so that their attention—they there can raise it might not cause him great grief. their thoughts and affections from na- But the particular occasion on ture's works to nature's God. They which christians should be much in have an inexhaustible subject to oc-private prayer, is on the Lord's day. cupy

their minds, and fill them with Then it ought to precede, accompany love and gratitude to the great ruler and follow their attendance at the of all. The exercise of such devo- sanctuary of the Most High. They, tion, is the refreshmennt and enter-with the dawn of that hallowed morn, tainment of the christian, after the should commence the religious obhum and business of the day are clo- servance of the same.

As the sun sed, to relieve the fatigue of the of the natural world ushers in the same-to alleviate the mind-to calm sacred day, they should think, that every passion of the heart, and give this was the day on which the sun that peace and serenity to the soul, lof righteousness rose triumphant over

death and the grave, scattering the and honor and eternal life, through shades of that moral darkness, which our blessed mediator. Christians, shrouded our religious horizon, and when the public assembly is dismisgiving life and light to all who are sed, and each one, in solemn silence, willing to be guided by his heavenly returns to his respective home, will light. On this sacred day, chris-retire either to their secret chamtians should call in their wandering bers, or to some solitary place, to thoughts-make an inquiry on the pour out their hearts in sincere grastate of their souls, and sit in stricttitude to God, for having blessed judgment over their own hearts.—them with the means of grace, and They should exclude all wordly ob-given them the institutions and ordijects from their view, and retire in nances of his house-they then will themselves—call to mind the num-ponder in their minds, the great ber and the heinousness of their sins truths they have heard, and pray -place them openly before them- that the sanctifying influence of the go to the fountain, Christ Jesus, and|holy spirit may accompany the words in earnest prayer seek to be washedspoken by the voice of persuasion to and sanctified by his blood. every soul within its hearing, that

The works of creation and provi- they may become the more enlightdepce appear, on this hallowed day,||ened, and fitted for uniting in the to be heightened to a degree of beau- great congregation and general asty and holiness and grandeur, which sembly of the first born in heaven. are not observable on the other days; Again-Christians ought at all this calls forth the warmest and most times, but especially on the Lord's devout aspirations in prayer to God. day, encircle all mankind in the The din--the noise—the hum of ac- arms of benevolence, and present tivity, has ceased; all around-above them to God, in their secret approachbeneath, reigns solemn silence, es to Him, that he may come over the save when the church-going bell mountains of their transgressions, and sounds, to invite the worshippers of be near to them—that he may melt God to his temple : then the high their strong hearts into the soft reand the low, the rich and the poor, | lentings of godly sorrow for sinthe mighty and the ignoble, are upon that he may lead and guide and dian equality—they mingle their voices rect them in the way everlasting, so together, in chanting hymns of praise that the song of praise and thanksgiv--they unite hearts, in acknowledg-ing may be heard from the “ cliffs of ing their dependance on God—they | the north, and the isles of the south lament together, their failings and from the shores of the east, and short comings of the commandments the wilderness of the west ;” and all of their heavenly father-they joint-may, in one harmonious strain, like ly, supplicate the God of grace, to the sounds of many waters, arise, pardon their sins through the atoningchanting, Hallalujah, for the Lord blood of Christ-they plead with God omnipotent reigneth! But parhumble, though accordant souls, to ticularly, we ought then to remezbecome fitted and prepared for glory liber those, who are connected to us


by the endearing ties of love and

Selected. friendship, that they may be the objects of God's peculiar care, and that ANNIVERSARIES OF RELIGIOUS AND as we drop this dying flesh, we again

BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES IN may, in the realms of unfading bliss,

The Archives du Christianisme for unite, where we can mingle our songs of praise together, without one anniversaries of the several religious

May, contain detailed accounts of the discordant note ; and as eternity rolls and benevolent societies, which were its immeasurable rounds, become the recently held at Paris. The followmore glorified, and participate in the ing is an abridged view of the propleasures and joys around the throne ceedings at the meetings, with some of God.' And oh! what a soothing their reports.

of the principal facts contained in reflection is it to him, who is separa- Society for Elementary Instruction. ted from kindred and home, when

The annual meeting was on the remembering in his private orisons to|7th of April, Count Laysterie presiGod, his fellow beings before the ding. Baron Gerando read the rethrone of mercy, his thoughts travelport, which gave a hasty view of the to the place of his nativity, where, several institutions in Paris and the under the direction of pious parents, concert with the society. Honora

departments, which were laboring in he was first taught to lisp out the'en-||ble mention was made of the society, dearing name of-Saviour. A sa-for encouraging primary instruction credness is spread over that place— among Protestants, and of the many

Sabbath schools which had been orevery object there appears hallowed to him—the friends of affection come

ganized and fostered by the Protesin grateful remembrance to his mind per Éthiopia, redeemed from slave

tant pastors. Six children from Up--the tear, falling on account of se- ry, are now receiving an education paration, is wiped away by angels' from the society, near Paris. The hands, and the throbbing bosom is society has three female schools in hushed into peace, on the reflection, Paris, and another is to be establishthat though absent in body, yet pre-are in Paris, 28 free schools, on the

ed immediately. Besides these there sent in spirit, serving the Lord. A plan of mutual instruction. The sopleasing emotion steals over the mind, ciety's house at St. Marceau contains and calls forth our most devout thanks daily 1000 children, with 12 schools to God, that he is thus mindful of us

for gratuitous mutual instruction, and

one class of adults. Food is fur--that he tenderly regards us in ournished for the necessitous. low state, and gives us the privilege The receipts of the society were of coming before Him, to unbosom 50,197 francs, and the expenses 48,ourselves in the greatest confidence, 207. for a blessing on each other's head- Religious Tract Society. that our whole lives may be devoted The meeting was held April 20th, to his cause, and that we may obtain and was attended by great numbers. the salvation of our immortal souls, M. Henry Lutteroth read the report, so that when death shall finally se- which stated that eleven new French parate us here, we may have the tracts, three German, and three handpledge of a happy union in heaven, bill tracts, had been published durthe christian's home. NOEL. lling the year, besides the Almanac

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