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Missionary operations in Egypt,
210 Rhine song,



Midnight hour,

240 Statistics of religious denominations,.. 16

Missionary and Ed, society,

279 Switzerland,


Schiller's essay on the mission of Moses 73

New Man, a sermon, &c. .

135 Sunday conversation,



229 Singular providence,


Sergeant and his pipe,

23 71, 143 | Sabbath, christian,.

Oberlin, Pastor,
129 Sketch from life,

Original sing.
193 Synod of Maryland,

Old Testament,
207 Sacraments,'.

Orphan house at Halle,
474 | Scape goat,..


lines to an

120|| Star of Bethlehem,

Spells of home,


Poetry, · 94, 48, 72, S6, 120, 144. 168. Storke, Rev. Charles A. G., obituary

192, 216, 240, 264

notice of,.....

Protestantisın in Spain,...

Serampore college,.


Presentation of Augsburgh Copfeesion, 83

Progress of truth in N. Carolina,. 92 Turkish Aga, account of,.


Prayer Meetings,

97|Tract anecdote,..



99 Tribute of respect to departed worth, . 147

Private prayer,

Time of conversion,

164, 241


Theological errors,


Parsee, Jew and Christian,.


Party feeling,

232 | Virginia conforence of Lutheran minis-

Protestants in France, present situa-



tion of,


Voice from the west,

Quanching the spirit, ......


Western Conference,



Roman Catholic church in U. States, . 59 Worth of a dollar,

Reformation in Evan. Luth. churches Woman's religion, philosophy of,..... 200

at Brunswick and Schaghticoke,, 80, 89 | Wingard, Rev. J., obituary notice of,. 262

Kesignation, thoughts on,

103 Widow burning in India,..... 277

184 | Young clorgymen, advice to,

Romans, epistle to,.

209 || Yet hope,...,



.... 259


** The LUTHERAN MAGAZINE is published monthly, at Schoharie (C.
H.) N. Y., and afforded to Subscribers at $1 a year, if paid in advance ;
or $1.25, if payment is delayed more than six months after the publica-
tion of the first number. The profits are devoted to the Missionary Cause.


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VOL. 4.]

MAY, 1830.

[NO. 1.


and liberally patronized. We were Agreeably to the notice contain- I prepared for all this and did not ed in dur last number, we now pre-suffer ourselves to be in the least dissent our readers with the First Num-couraged by the difficulties and ember of the Fourth Volume of the Ma-1 barrassments which we have had to gazine. The Board of Directors of encounter in our past endeavors to the Domestic Missionary Society of promote the objects of this work. the Lutheran Church, New-York, We indulge the hope, that the rehaving completed their arrangements cent arrangements of the Board of for continuing this publication ; we Directors, by which the expenses of again solicit the patronage of the the publication are considerably infriends of our Church, and hope that creased, without extending the terms they may favor us with a liberal sup-l|of subscription, may prove satisfacport.

tory to all who feel an interest in the When the Magazine was commen-successful prosecution of this enterced by the Western Conference, we prise. We are anxious to extend the did not suppose that it would have a circulation of this work, not merely very extensive circulation beyond to meet the expenses of publication, the sphere of its original publishers. but to promote the interests of the Although it was the only religious cause to which it is devoted. periodical in this state, devoted to Did we consider ourselves personthe interests of the Lutheran Church, ally interested in this matter, we it could not be expected, that it would should not so often appeal to our brebe received with universal approba- || thren for their assistance, and beg for tion by the members of our commu-support : But, as we have stated on nion. We were aware of the diffi- a former occasion, our humble labors culty of arranging and executing our are devoted to the cause of religion work, so as to suit the views of some and the interests of our beloved of our brethren, and anticipated the Church. This encourages us not result in certain places, where we only to labor ourselves, but also to have been so severely censured for call upon others for assistance ; and introducing it. We did not expect we sincerely hope, that many who to receive any encouragement from have hitherto refused to listen to our those who deem the Magazine alto-calls for assistance, will now come gether unworthy of their notice be- forward and aid us in the prosecucause it is not as elegantly and taste- tion of a work, which was begun in fully executed as some other publi- the name of God, and is still carried cations which are more extensively on by his blessing.


“ he was sent into the world that he For the Lutheran Magazine.

might save us from our sins, and THE ATONEMENT.

" that through him we might live." It is the design of the writer of Now, if these expressions of the this article, in the first place, to give holy apostles are not to be construed to the reader a correct statement of in a manner totally different from the doctrine of Christ's atonement, as their plain and literal significationit is contained in the holy scriptures; if they were intended to convey any and in the second place, to notice se-| ideas to the minds of those to whom veral of the most important objec- they were addressed—if they are not tions which have been raised against utterly devoid of all sense, and desit.

titute of all meaning ; it is as clear In entering upon the discussion of as language can make it appear, that the first particular, it is asserted, that Jesus Christ did render an expiatory the doctrine of Christ's expiatory sa-sacrifice for sin ; that he did suffer crifice for sin is plainly revealed in the punishment of human disobedithe word of God. To prove this as-ence ; that he died on the

cross, not sertion, the reader is referred to those merely to seal the truth and establish emphatic declarations of scripture, the authority of his gospel, but that which represent Christ's sufferings by his innocent sufferings and death, and death as an offering for sin. The sinners might be released from the writings of St. Paul are filled with condemnation of the law-absolved such declarations. That distinguish- from the punishment of their sins, ed Apostle bears frequent testimony and restored to the divine favor : for to this fact. This is what he con- in the testimony which we have just stantly affirms in his Epistles. He quoted, Christ is not merely exhibitsays, that “ Christ hath given him-led unto us as a fit example for our "self for us as an offering and a sa-limitation under the influence of tem“crifice to God that he died for all, Iporal sufferings and afflictions; he is " that they which live should hence-not merely represented as having sa“ forth not live unto themselves, but|crificed his life to display the firm“ to him, which died for them—that ness of his character and establish “ Christ, our Passover, is sanctified the authority of his religious doc“ for us—that, by his own precious trines; but it is positively asserted, “ blood, he entered into the holy for us he gave himself as an offer“place, having obtained eternal re- ing and sacrifice to God : he is the " demption for us that through the propitiation for our sins, and by the “eternal spirit he offered himself,||“ sacrifice of himself he put away “ and by the sacrifice of himself, put“ sin.” These declarations of This will

appear still more evident St. Paul are supported by the direct from an examination of those scriptutestimony of St. John, who asserts, ral passages which assert, that Christ that “ Jesus Christ, the righteous, I was substituted by infinite wisdom,

our advocate with the Father, is to suffer the penalty, which we, by “the propitiation for our sins--that our offences, had merited. pro

away sin."

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