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And for Sale by Booksellers generally in the United States.

THE following books are particularly adapted for family reading, and we do hope, as our political troubles are ended for awhile, that our friends will now settle down to their "sober second thoughts," and as "knowledge is power," and "information capital," that instead of being satisfied with the periodical trash of the day, they will store their minds with something more solid, and for that purpose make a selection from the following list:

MASON'S POPULAR SYSTEM OF FARRIERY; comprising a general description of the noble and useful animal the Horse, together with the quickest and simplest mode of fattening; necessary treatment_while undergoing excessive fatigue, or on a journey; the construction and management of stables; different marks for ascertaining the age of a Horse: also, a concise account of the diseases to which the Horse is subject; with such remedies as long experience has proved to be effectual. By Richard Mason, M. D., formerly of Surrey Co., Va. Ninth edition, with additions. To which is added, a Prize Essay on Mules, and An Appendix containing observations and recipes for the cure of most of the common distempers incident to Horses, Oxen, Cows, Calves, Sheep, Lambs, Swine, Dogs, &c. &c. Selected from different authors. Also, an Addenda, containing Annals of the Turf, American Stud Book, Rules for Training, Racing, &c.

The publishers have received numerous flattering notices of the great practical I value of these works. The distinguished editor of the American Farmer, speaking of them, observes-"We cannot too highly recommend these books, and therefore advise every owner of a horse to obtain them."

THE STOCK RAISERS MANUAL; a Guide to the raising and improvement of Cattle, being a Treatise on their Breeds, Management and Diseases. By W. Youatt, author of a "Treatise on the Horse," with numerous Illustrations. Complete in 1 vol. 8vo.

This work will be found of the greatest importance to Farmers and Cattle Raisers throughout the United States, and should be in the possession of every Farmer, as it is the most complete work on this subject ever published.

HIND'S POPULAR SYSTEM OF FARRIERY, taught on a new and easy plan, being a Treatise on all the diseases and accidents to which the Horse is liable. With considerable additions and improvements, adapted particularly to this country, by Thomas M. Smith, Veterinary Surgeon, and Member of the London Veterinary Medical Society. In 1 vol.



LETTERS FROM A FATHER TO HIS SONS IN COLLEGE. By Samuel Miller, D. D., Professor in the Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey.

The writer of this volume has had five sons trained and graduated in the College of New Jersey. These Letters, not indeed precisely in their present form, but in substance, were actually addressed to them. There is, probably, not one idea contained in this manual which was not, during their course in the Institution, distinctly communicated to them, either orally or in writing. The influence of these counsels on their minds, it is believed, was not wholly useless. May they prove still more useful when presented in this revised and more public form.

THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY RELIGION; with a Selection of Hymns and Prayers, adapted to Family Worship, and Tables for the regular Reading of the Scriptures. By the Rev. S. G. Winchester, A. M., late Pastor of the Sixth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, and the Presbyterian Church at Natchez, Miss. In 1 vol. 12mo.

The subject is one of incalculable practical importance, and is treated in a masterly manner. It contains an able, elaborate and highly instructive Essay on the obligation, nature and importance of Family Religion; and we hope, ere long, it will be found in the Library of every family.

BOOK OF POLITENESS.-The Gentleman and Lady's Book of Politeness and Propriety of Deportment. Dedicated to the Youth of both sexes. By Madame Celnart. Translated from the Sixth Paris edition, enlarged and improved. Fifth American edition.

THE BEAUTIES OF HISTORY, or Examples of the Opposite Effects of Virtue and Vice, for the use of Schools and Families, with Questions for the Examination of Students. 1 vol. 12mo., with plates.

This work is introduced into our High School. It is particularly adapted for a Class Book in all our male and female Seminaries, &c.

"We have received from the publishers, Messrs. Grigg & Elliot, a very neat duodecimo volume, entitled The Beauties of History; or, Examples of the opposite effects of Virtue and Vice, drawn from real life.' After a careful examination of this book, we can conscientiously recommend it to parents and teachers as a most meritorious performance. There are here collected, within a narrow compass, the most striking examples of individual virtue and vice which are spread forth on the pages of history, or are recorded in personal biography. The noblest precepts are recommended for the guidance of youth; and in the most impressive manner is he taught to conquer the degrading impulses which lower the standard of the human character. We have not lately met with a volume which, in design and execution, seemed so acceptable as this. The book, moreover, is handsomely got up, and illustrated with wood engravings."

GRIMSHAW'S LADIES' LEXICON, and Parlour Companion; containing nearly every word in the English language, and exhibiting the plurals of nouns and the participles of verbs, being also particularly adapted to the use of Academies and Schools. By William Grimshaw, Esq., author of the Gentlemen's Lexicon, &c.

THE GENTLEMEN'S LEXICON, or Pocket Dictionary; containing nearly every word in the English language, and exhibiting the plurals of nouns and the participles of verbs; being also particularly adapted to the use of Academies and Schools. By William Grimshaw, author of the Ladies' Lexicon, History of England, of the United States, &c.

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The public are again indebted to the talents of Mr. Grimshaw, for the very useful books which he has called The Ladies' and Gentlemen's Lexicon.' The peculiarity and advantages of these works may be collected from the following



portion of the preface. They differ from all preceding works of the kind in this, that they exhibit the plurals of all nouns which are not formed by the mere addition of the letter S, and also the participles of every verb now generally used, and unless accompanied by a particular caution. No word has been admitted which is not now of polite or popular use, and no word has been excluded which is required either in epistolary composition or conversation." "

A DICTIONARY OF SELECT AND POPULAR QUOTATIONS, which are in daily use: taken from the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish, and Italian languages; together with a copious collection of Law maxims and Law terms; translated into English, with illustrations, historical and idiomatic. Sixth American edition, corrected with additions. 1 vol. 12mo.

In preparing this sixth edition for the press, care has been taken to give the work a thorough revision, to correct some errors which had before escaped notice, and to insert many additional Quotations, Law maxims and Law terms. In this state it is offered to the public in the stereotype form. This little work should find its way into every family library.

MALTE-BRUN'S NEW AND ELEGANT QUARTO ATLAS; containing forty coloured maps.

The Atlas is particularly adapted for Colleges, Academies, Schools, and private families. There is no work that ever was published in this country which has received more numerous and flattering recommendations.

THE AMERICAN CHESTERFIELD; or "Youth's Guide to the Way to Wealth, Honor, and Distinction," &c.: containing also a complete treatise on the art of Carving.

"We most cordially recommend the American Chesterfield to general attention; but to young persons particularly, as one of the best works of the kind that has ever been published in this country. It cannot be too highly appreciated, nor its perusal be unproductive of satisfaction and usefulness."

SENECA'S MORALS-By way of abstract to which is added, a Discourse under the title of an After-Thought, by Sir Roger L'Estrange, Knt. A new fine edition, in 1 vol. 18mo.

A copy of this valuable little work should be found in every family library.

THE DAUGHTER'S OWN BOOK; Or Practical Hints from a Father to his Daughter. In 1 vol. 18mo.

This is one of the most practical and truly valuable treatises on the culture and discipline of the female mind, which has hitherto been published in this country, and the publishers are very confident, from the great demand for this invaluable little work, that ere long it will be found in the library of every young lady.

GOLDSMITH'S ANIMATED NATURE, in 2 vols. 8vo., beautifully


"Goldsmith can never be made obsolete, while delicate genius, exquisite feeling, fine invention, the most harmonious metre, and the happiest diction are at all valued.'

This is a work that should be in the library of every family, being written by one of the most talented authors in the English language.

THE WORKS OF LAURENCE STERNE, in 1 vol. 8vo., with a life of the author, written by himself.

The beauties of this author are so well known, and his errors in style and expression so few and far between, that one reads with renewed delight his delicate turns, &c.


JOSEPHUS'S (FLAVIUS) WORKS. By the late William Whiston, A. M. From the last London edition, complete.

As a matter of course, every family in our country has a copy of the Holy Bible -and as the presumption is, the greater portion often consult its pages, we take the liberty of saying to all those that do, that the perusal of the writings of Josephus will be found very interesting and instructing.

All those who wish to possess a beautiful and correct copy of this invaluable work, would do well to purchase this edition. It is for sale at all the principal bookstores in the United States, by country merchants generally in the Southern and Western States.

SAY'S POLITICAL ECONOMY. A Treatise on Political Economy, or the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Wealth. By Jean Baptiste Say. Fifth American edition, with Additional Notes, by C. C. Biddle, Esq., in 1 vol. 8vo.

The editor of the North American Review, speaking of Say, observes, that "he is the most popular, and perhaps the most able writer on Political Economy, since the time of Smith."

BENNET'S (Rev. John) LETTERS TO A YOUNG LADY, on a variety of subjects calculated to improve the heart, to form the manners, and enlighten the understanding. "That our Daughters may be as polished corners of the Temple."

The publishers sincerely hope, for the happiness of mankind,) that a copy of this valuable little work will be found the companion of every young lady, as much of the happiness of every family depends on the proper cultivation of the female mind.

BURDER'S VILLAGE SERMONS, or 101 plain and short Discourses on the principal doctrines of the Gospel; intended for the use of families, Sunday schools, or companies assembled for religious instruction in country villages. By George Burder. To which is added, to each Sermon, a short Prayer, with some general prayers for families, schools, &c., at the end of the work. Complete in 1 vol. 8vo.

These sermons, which are characterized by a beautiful simplicity, the entire absence of controversy, and a true evangelical spirit, have gone through many and large editions, and been translated into several of the continental languages. They have also been the honored means not only of converting many individuals, but also of introducing the Gospel into districts, and even into parish churches, where before it was comparatively unknown."

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"This work fully deserves the immortality it has attained."

This is a fine library edition of this invaluable work, and when we say that it should be found in the possession of every family, we only reiterate the sentiments and sincere wishes of all who take a deep interest in the eternal welfare of mankind.

NEW SONG BOOK.-Grigg's Southern and Western Songster; being a choice collection of the most fashionable songs, many of which are original, in 1 vol. 18mo.

Great care was taken in the selection, to admit no song that contained, in the slightest degree, any indelicate or improper allusions, and with great propriety it may claim the title of "The Parlour Song Book or Songster.' The immortal Shakspeare observes

"The man that hath not music in himself,

Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils."

FAMILY PRAYERS AND HYMNS, adapted to family worship, and tables for the regular reading of the Scriptures. By Rev. S. C. Winchester, A. M., late Pastor of the Sixth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, and the Presbyterian Church at Natchez, Miss. 1 vol. 12mo.



BYRON'S WORKS, complete in 1 vol. 8vo., including all his Suppressed and Attributed Poems.

This edition has been carefully compared with the recent London edition of Mr. Murray, and made complete by the addition of more than fifty pages of poems heretofore unpublished in England. Among these there are a number that have never appeared in any American edition; and the Publishers believe they are warranted in saying, that this is the most complete edition of Lord Byron's Poetical Works ever published in the United States.

COWPER AND THOMSON'S PROSE AND POETICAL WORKS, complete in 1 vol. 8vo., including two hundred and fifty Letters, and sundry Poems of Cowper, never before published in this country; and of Thomson a new and interesting Memoir, and upwards of twenty new Poems, for the first time printed from his own Manuscripts, taken from a late edition of the Aldine Poets now publishing in London.

The distinguished Professor Silliman, speaking of this edition, observes, "I am as much gratified by the elegance and fine taste of your edition, as by the noble tribute of genius and moral excellence which these delightful authors have left for all future generations; and Cowper especially, is not less conspicuous as a true Christian moralist and teacher, than as a poet of great power and exquisite taste.' THE POETICAL WORKS OF MRS. HEMANS, complete in 1 vol.


This is a new and complete edition, with a splendid engraved likeness of Mrs. Hemans, on steel.

"As no work in the English language can be commended with more confidence, it will argue bad taste in a female in this country to be without a complete edition of the writings of one who was an honor to her sex and to humanity, and whose productions, from first to last, contain no syllable calculated to call a blush to the cheek of modesty and virtue. There is, moreover, in Mrs. Hemans' poetry a moral purity, and a religious feeling, which commend it, in an especial manner, to the discriminating reader. No parent or guardian will be under the necessity of imposing restrictions with regard to the free perusal of every production emanating from this gifted woman. There breathes throughout the whole a most eminent exemption from impropriety of thought or diction; and there is at times a pensiveness of tone, a winning sadness in her more serious compositions, which tells of a soul which has been lifted from the contemplation of terrestrial things, to divine communings with beings of a purer world."




"Among the beautiful, valuable, and interesting volumes which the enterprise and taste of our publishers have presented to the reading community, we have seldom met with one which we have more cordially greeted and can more confidently and satisfactorily recommend, than that, embracing in a single, substantial, wellbound, and handsomely printed octavo, the poetical works of Bishop Heber, Robert Pollok, and the Rev. George Crabbe. What a constellation of poetic ardor, glowing piety, and intellectual brilliancy! Such writers require no eulogy. Their fame is established and universal. The sublimity, pathos, and piety of all these writers, have given them a rank at once with the lovers of poetry and the friends of religion, unsurpassed perhaps by that of any other recent authors in our language. A more delightful addition could scarcely be made to the library of the gentleman or lady of taste and refinement. The prize poems, hymns, and mis

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