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Earth, GOD took thereof, and formed the Fishes and Fowls, and created them ANIMALS or Moving Creatures, by communicating to them LIFE, or Soul.

And GOD saw that they were Good, good in their kind, and well adapted to their proper Elements; and GOD blessed them.


Again, (ver. 24.) GOD said, Let the Earth bring forth the LIVING CREATURE after bis kind, CATTLE and CREEPING THING, and BEAST of the Earth after his kind ; and it was so; that is, it was so that the

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ch. ii. 19. and therefore, it is most likely it was part of the substance of Fishes, though the writer does not mention them in that place, because the Fishes were not brought to Adam.


Earth brought forth or yielded substance or matter for the divine Hand to work upon, and for the Spirit of Life to quicken and animate ; for we read in the next verse, that GOD MADE the BEAST of the Earth after his kind, and CATTLE after their kind; and Every THING that CREEPETH upon the Earth after his kind. The EARTH brought forth the substances; but GOD shaped them and gave them Life, and so Made them to be ANIMALS or Living Creatures. And GOD saw that they were Good..

From this account of the Creation it plainly appears, that the Fishes of the Sea, and every Crea


ture that moveth in the Waters; the Fowls of the Firmament, and every Creature that flieth in the Air; the wild Beasts of the Earth, and the tame Cattle of the Earth, and every Thing that creepeth upon the Earth; all and every Brute Animal, from the Great Whale to the Creeping Worm, were MADE and CREATED by the Divine Appointment, and by the Operation and Power of that GOD, who in the Beginning created the Heaven and the Earth.

I observed above, that every Animal was a Creation as well as a Production. And this is no less true of MAN (the last made and created, but the most perfect and most eminent of all the terrestrial

Animals,) Animals,) than it is of Brutes. For we read (ch. ii. ver. 7.) The Lord GOD formed MAN of the Duft of the Ground, and breathed into his Nostrils the Breath of Life, and MAN became a LIVING SOUL.

Distinguished and exalted as Man is above all the other Animals, there is nothing recorded of Him as to his Origin that is not applicable to Them likewise, The Lord God formed MAN of the Duft of the GROUND. And the fame is said of the Beasts and Birds, (ch. ii. 19.). Out of the GROUND the Lord God formed every BEAST of the Field, and every FOWL of the Air. As to Substance then Men and Brutes are ; alike, Of the Dust of the Ground. And to the same purpose faith the Royal Preacher (Ecclef. iii. 20.). speaking of Men and Beasts, All are of the Dust, and all turn to Dust again. The truth of the last part of the sentence is indisputable, that all turn TO Duft; and daily Experience demonstrates it. Therefore we have reason to conclude that the former is equally true that All are Of the Dust. And this is confirmed to us by the Declaration of GOD unto ADAM, (Gen. iii. 19.) Thou shalt return unto the Ground; for out of it waft Thou taken; for DUST Thou art, and unto Duft salt Thou return.

· It is further said of MAN, and GOD breathed into his Nof


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