A Voyage Round the World, in the Years 1740, 41, 42, 43, 44

Ingram, Cooke, and Company, 1853 - 128 páginas

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Página 1 - A voyage round the World, in the years MDCCXL, I, n, in, iv. By George Anson, Esq ; Commander in Chief of a Squadron of His Majesty's Ships, sent upon an Expedition to the South-Seas. Compiled from Papers and other Materials of the Right Honourable George Lord Anson, and published under his Direction. By Richard Walter, MA Chaplain of his Majesty's Ship the Centurion, in that Expedition.
Página 108 - For there are, in all parts of the Island, a great number of ruins of a very particular kind ; they usually consist of two rows of square pyramidal pillars, each pillar being about six feet from the next, and the distance between the rows being about twelve feet ; the pillars themselves are about five feet square at the base, and about thirteen feet high ; and on the top of each of them there is a semi-globe, with the flat part upwards ; the whole of the pillars and semi-globe is solid, being composed...
Página 4 - Stay, traveller, awhile, and view One who has travelled more than you. Quite round the globe, through each degree, Anson and I have ploughed the sea, Torrid and frigid zones have passed, And safe ashore arrived at last. In ease, with dignity appear He in the House of Lords, I here.
Página 71 - In this march (though performed with tolerable regularity) the shouts and clamours of threescore sailors, who had been confined so long on shipboard, and were now for the first time on shore in an enemy's country, joyous as they always are when they land, and animated besides in the present case with the hopes of an immense pillage — the huzzas, I say, of this spirited detachment, joined with the noise of their drums, and favoured by the night, had augmented their numbers, in the opinion of the...
Página 113 - Gloucester's man, and got before him to the commodore, who, on hearing this happy and unexpected news, threw down his axe with which he was then at work, and by his joy broke through, for the first time, the equable and unvaried character which he had hitherto preserved...
Página 45 - On the .40th of May we had a view of the continent of Chili, distant about twelve or thirteen leagues ; the land made exceeding high and uneven, and appeared quite white ; what we saw being doubtless a part of the Cordilleras, which are always covered with snow.
Página 119 - Chinese, in other instances, furnish us with continual proofs of a similar turn of mind : it may perhaps be doubted, whether this cast of temper be the effect of nature or education ; but, in either case, it is an...
Página 72 - And those, who came latest into the fashion, not finding men's clothes sufficient to equip themselves, they were obliged to take up with women's gowns and petticoats, which (provided there was finery enough) they made no scruple of putting on, and blending with their own greasy dress. So that when a party of them thus ridiculously metamorphosed first appeared before Mr. Brett, he was extremely surprised at their appearance, and could riot immediately be satisfied they were his own people.
Página 45 - And now having cruised in vain for inore than a fortnight in quest of the other ships of the squadron, it was resolved to take the advantage of the present favourable season and the offing we had made from this terrible coast, and to make the best of our way for the island of Juan Fernandes.
Página 82 - ... full seventy leagues from the coast, which plainly shows, that the trade-wind doth not take place, but at a considerable distance from the Continent. After this, the wind was not so favourable to us as it had been : However, we still continued to advance, and, on the 26th of January, being then to the northward of Acapulco, we tacked and stood to the eastward, with a view of making the land. In the preceding fortnight we caught some turtle on the surface of the water, and several dolphins, bonitos,...

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