Record book of the Scinde irregular horse [ed. by J. Jacob].


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Página 246 - Resolved, nemine contradicente, That the thanks of this house be given to the Rev.
Página 28 - To have punished the treachery of protected princes ; to have liberated a nation from its oppressors; to have added a province, fertile as Egypt, to the British Empire ; and to have effected these great objects by actions in war unsurpassed in brilliancy, whereof a grateful army assigns the success to the ability and valour of its general ; these are not ordinary achievements, nor can the ordinary language of praise convey their reward.
Página 15 - General cannot forgive a treacherous attack upon a representative of the British Government, nor can he forgive hostile aggression prepared by those who were in the act of signing a treaty. It will be the first object of the Governor-General to use the power victory has placed in his hands in the manner most conducive to the freedom of trade, and to the prosperity of the people of Scinde so long mis-governed.
Página 267 - I AM directed by the Right Honorable the Governor in Council to...
Página 16 - Beloochees, first discharging their matchlocks and pistols, dashed over the bank with desperate resolution, but down went these bold and skilful swordsmen under the superior power of the musket and bayonet.
Página 28 - Europe. The Governor-General regards with delight the new proofs which the army has given of its pre-eminent qualities in the field, and of its desire to mitigate the necessary calamities of war by mercy to the vanquished.
Página 246 - Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of this court be given to the Most Noble the Marquis of...
Página 224 - Kalra, the left one of those of that name, in which the enemy had concealed a large body of infantry, and which was apparently the key of their position, lay immediately in the line of Major-General Sir Walter Gilbert's advance, and was carried in the most brilliant style by a spirited attack of the...
Página 200 - Shah-Ke-Chuck, and his left on the furrowed hills before described. The day being so far advanced, I decided upon taking up a position in rear of the village, in order to reconnoitre my front, finding that I could not turn the enemy's flanks, which rested upon a dense jungle extending nearly to Hailah, which...
Página 16 - ... regiment forced the bank, the 25th and 12th did the same, the latter regiment capturing several guns, and the victory was decided. The artillery made great havoc among the dense masses of the enemy, and dismounted several of their guns. The whole of the enemy's artillery, ammunition, standards, and camp, with considerable stores and some treasure, were taken.

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