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Ne quid falfi dicere audeat, ne quid veri non audeat.




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well known, a formal preface every year is not neceísary; we therefore chuse to drop that article at present, rather than repeat what has been already said, or tell what every reader knows; intending to resume it afterwards as often as there hall be occation. We ihall always entertain a grateful sense of the public favoar, woich we have the pleasure to find still upon the increase ; and our correspondents shall always have our peculiar regard. We inay occasionally pay our day in an annual compliment, or we may omit to do it; but our utmost care to merit the continuance of that favour which we have so long, and so liberally enjoyed, thall never be wanting.)

The Names and Characters assumed by the Speakers in the Political CLUB.

Marias, Farl of Abingdon, deceased. A. Cornelius Cofres, Velters Cornewall, Esq;
T. I at:as, Giles Farle, Efq; deceased. Cn. Cornelius Lentulus, Lord Lovel, now Earl of
T. Ættias, 1755, Thomas Potter, Esq;

P.Ejas, Earl of Aylesford. (ceased. M. Craffus, Edward Wortley Montague, Esq;
L. ilius Mamercinius, Mr Alder. Perry, de deceased.
1. Emas Paalus, Duke of Argyle, deceased. P. Curiatius, Edward Coke, Esq; late Lord Coke.
Afraaias Barrhus, Lord Barrington. (ville. Decius Jubellius, Lord Donerayle, deceased.
M. ngipu, Lord Carteret, now Earl of Gran P. Decius Mus, Edward Digby, Efq; deceased.
Agrippa Menenius, George Fox Lane, Esq; Sex. Digitius, Sir Francis Dathwood.
Alius Titullas, Edward Walpole, Efq; Cn. Domitius Ænobarbus, Joseph, afterwards Sir
C. Arraus, Henry Archer, Esq;

Joseph Danvers, deceased.
Arrianus Meturius, Dudley, now Sir Dudley Cn. Domitius Calvinus, Duke of Newcastle.
Ryder, Lord Chief Justice.

Jul. Drufius Publicola, Lord Dupplin.
Ajantas Pollio, Lord Polwarth, now Earl of C. Duillius, Sir Charles Wager, deceased.

L. Duronius, Lord Delawar Aulas Gabinius, Philips Gybbon, Esq;

M. Ebutius Elva, Welbore Ellis, Esq; L. Bebers Dives, Mr Alderman Baker.

M. Fabius Ambustus, Henry Baihurst

, Esq; now & Betius Sulca, Mr Alderman Bethell. Q. Fabius Maximus, Lord Bathurst (a judge. M. Bedias Tamphil's, Lord Baltimore, deceased. 2. Fabius Vitulanus, Thomas Bramston, Elq; A. Becalenius, William Beckford, Efq; C. Fabricius, Lord Viscount Falconberg. L. Bortius Nolanus, John Bance, Esq;

Cn. Fulvius, Henry Fox, Esq; L. Bellienus, Jonn Bond, E'q;

2. Fulvius Flaccus, Thomas Fonnercau, Esq; Boj ris, George Bowes, Efy;

M. Furius Camillus, Sir William Wyndham, deC. Cecilus, Charles Yorke, Efq;

P. Furius Philus, Sir John Philipps. (cealed. L. Cacilius Metellus, Earl of Malton, afterwards Cn. Gavillius, William Grant, Efq; Lord AdvoMarquis of Rockingham, deceased.

cate, now Lord Prestongrange. Caja Fotos, Nicholas Fazakerley, Efq;

L. Goginius, Lord Gage, deceased. C.Cilturnius Piso, John Campbell

, of Pembroke. M. Geganius Macerinus, Lord Gower, afterIhire, Ela:

wards Earl Gower, deceased. Sp. Carvilius, Earl of Carlisle.

T. Genucius, Richard Grenville, Esq; now Earl Sp.Caffius, Richard Beckford, Esq; (Powlet Cn. Genucius, George Grenville, Esq; (Temple. L. Cajji:s Linginus, Lord I linton, now Earl of C. Helvius, Lord Hervey, deccaled. M. Cats, Wiliam Pulteney, Esq; now Earl of M. Helvius, Lord Hervey, now Earl of Bristol L. Catulas, Lord Cadogan.

(Bath. App. Herdonius, Nicholas Hardinge, Esq; Chris Albinovanus, Hon. Alexander Hume C. Herennius, Edward Hooper, Efq; Campbell, Esq;

T. Herminius, George Haldane, Esq; C. Cicer ejus, Earl of Chulmondeley.

A. Hirtius, Earl of Hyndford. e Cuero, Lord Walpole, afterwards Earl of & Horatius Barbatus, Earl of Halifax. Ortord, deceased.

Horatius Cocles, Sir John Hynd Cotton,

deceased. Claudus Marcellus, Earl of Sandwich.

M. Horatius Pulvillus, Philip Yorke, Esq; C. Claudis Nero, Earl of Winchelsea.

L. Hortensius, John Howe, Efq; afterwards Lord Q. Conidias, Henry Conway, Efq; (deceased. Chedworth, deceased. A. Cornelius Arvina, Lord Visc. Cornbury, A. Hoftilius Cato, Robert Hucks, Efq; deceased. Cr. Cornelius Cetbegus, George Cooke, Esq; A. Hutilius Mansinus, Earl of Holdernelle.

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