A letter to ... the lord archbishop of Canterbury ... president of the Societies for promoting Christian knowledge, and for the propagation of the Gospel in foreign parts; on the present state of those societies, by a layman, Volumen1


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Página 19 - The Societies for promoting Christian Knowledge, and for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, had committees, but no Missions or Missionaries.
Página 24 - Mompesson, and the following particulars of him are extracted from the European Magazine, July, 1793. " Mr. Mompesson, who appears to have been an ailing man,, never caught the Plague, and was enabled, during the whole time of the calamity, to perform the functions of the Physician, the Priest, and the Legislator of his afflicted parish, assisting the sick with his medicines, his advice, and his prayers. — This fatal disease visited seventy-six families, out of which two hundred and fiftynine persons...
Página 12 - As the disease is, in my mind, neither more nor less than a moderate effervescence of the blood, arising from the heat of the preceding summer, or from some other exciting cause, I leave the blood as much as possible to its own despumation, and to the elimination of the peccant materials through the pores of the skin.
Página 16 - Sydenham himself, who laid more stress on the malignant influence of the atmosphere than any one else, observes, in his treatise on the Plague of 1665 and 1666, " But besides the constitution of the air, as a more general cause, there must be another previous circumstance to produce the Pkgue, via.
Página 23 - Eham, (Eyam) in the Peak of Derbyshire, being brought thither by means of a box sent from London to a tailor in that village, containing some materials relating to his trade.
Página 23 - ... but in doing it, was seized with the Plague, and died : the same misfortune extended itself to all the rest of the family, except the tailor's wife, who alone survived. From hence the distemper spread about, and destroyed in that village, and the rest of the parish, though a small one, between two and three hundred persons. But notwithstanding this so great violence of the disease, it was restrained from reaching beyond that parish by the care of the rector ; from whose son, and another worthy...
Página 9 - Knowledge and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Madras, Higginbotham and Co., 1881, pp.
Página 23 - There being several incidents in this latter instance that will not only serve to establish in particular the precepts I have been giving in relation to goods, but likewise all the rest of the directions that have been set down for stopping the progress of the Plague from one town to another, I shall finish this chapter with a particular relation of what passed in that place. A servant, who opened the aforesaid box, complaining that the goods were damp, was ordered to dry them at the fire...
Página 24 - The clergyman advised that the sick should be removed into huts, or barracks built upon the common ; and procuring, by the interest of the then Earl of Devonshire, that the people should be well furnished with provisions, he took effectual care that no one should go out of the parish and by this means he protected his neighbourhood from infection with complete success."* According to Dr.
Página 7 - ... Pestilential, before the arrival of these goods. But no such fever has any indisputable right to the title of Pestilence, as I have before shown — on the contrary, these two, the real Pestilence and such Pestilential Fevers, must carefully be distinguished, if we design to avoid all mistake in reasoning on these subjects. Some such fever of uncommon malignity, I say, might perhaps be in Marseilles before the arrival of these goods. There might likewise be an instance or two of fevers attended...

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