Christie Redfern's Troubles

LULU Press, 2008 - 328 páginas
Margaret Murray Robertson (1821-1897) was a Scottish author. She lived most of her life in Canada and many of her novels describe Canadian life. Her works include: Stephen Grattan's Faith (1865), Christie Redfern's Troubles (1866), The Orphans of Glen Elder (1868), Shenac's Work at Home (1868), Janet's Love and Service (1869), The Inglises; or, How the Way Opened (1872), David Fleming's Forgiveness (1879), Frederica and Her Guardians (1880), The Two Miss Jane Dawsons (1880), Allison Bain; or, By a Way She Knew Not (1887) and Eunice: The Story of Domestic Life in New England (1887).

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