The history of England, from the Roman period


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Página 118 - I am come here. If I would have given way to an Arbitrary Way, for to have all Laws changed according to the Power of the Sword, I needed not to have come here ; and therefore I tell you (and I pray God it be not laid to your Charge) that I am the Martyr of the People.
Página 100 - Be of good comfort, master Ridley, and play the man. We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
Página 110 - ... your attendance at this parliament : for God and man have concurred to punish the wickedness of this time. And think not slightly of this advertisement, but retire yourself into your country, where you may expect the event in safety. For though there be no appearance of any stir, yet, I say, they shall receive a terrible blow this parliament, and yet they shall not see who hurts them.
Página 87 - The earl smiled, and confessed that his fortune was too narrow for such magnificence.
Página 103 - ... by her pretended ones. Few sovereigns of England succeeded to the throne in more difficult circumstances; and none ever conducted the government with such uniform success and felicity.
Página 162 - I rejoice that the grave has not closed upon me, that I am still alive to uplift my voice against the dismemberment of this ancient and most noble monarchy.
Página 122 - You are no longer a parliament : I tell you, you are no longer a parliament: the Lord has done with you." Sir Harry Vane exclaiming against this conduct : " Sir Harry," cried Cromwell, with a loud voice, " O ! sir Harry Vane, the Lord deliver me from sir Harry Vane.
Página 181 - Buonaparte entered that capital in the evening of the same day, and resumed the government without opposition. His first attempt was to conciliate the allies, to whom he proposed to maintain the peace on the terms which had been lately settled with Louis. But the allies unanimously rejected the proposition, and began immediately to put their armies in motion, with the resolution of once more displacing this unprincipled disturber of the world. The English and Prussians were first in motion.
Página 229 - Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, born Nov. 9, 1841. Alice Maud Mary, born April 25, 1843. Alfred Ernest Albert, born Aug. 6, 1844. Helena Augusta Victoria, born May 25, 1846. Louisa Caroline Alberta, born March 18, 1848. Arthur William Patrick Albert, born May 1, 1850. Leopold George Duncan Albert, born April 7, 1853. Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, born April 14, 1857.
Página 104 - She then prepared for the block, by taking off her veil and upper garments ; and one of the executioners rudely endeavouring to assist, she gently checked him, and said with a smile, that she had not been accustomed to undress before so many spectators, nor to be served by such valets.

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